Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 now available from Sprint

Sprint OS Bold 9650
By Adam Zeis on 23 Dec 2010 09:40 am EST

Bold 9650 users rejoice - the time has come. Sprint has officially released OS for the Bold 9650. Last night the software was made available via the wireless update option for Sprint devices, but now the OS is showing on their software downloads page as well. So if you're not on Sprint or if you didn't get a chance to update OTA, hit the link below to get in on the action. This is the first official version of OS 6 for the 9650, so hopefully Big Red won't be far behind.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 from Sprint
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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 now available from Sprint


I want to know just how snappy this build is before I download it.
I was gonna download it yesterday, but after downloading 5.0 i really like it.

Its an Official build so it is very snappy.

I ran previous OS 6.0 leaks and this is VERY nice. You can always downgrade if you don't like it but it is well worth the attempt. Better web experience as well.

the day s of 5 are over. I have been running a leak for quite a while with virtually no issues. The official is nice and clean... you will like it once you settle in...

Come on verizon! You're suppose to be on top of things. Well congrats to you sprint owners let us know how it works :)

It will work for Verizon phones.

1. Download the .exe
2. Run the .exe
3. Go to C:/Program Files/Common Files/Research in Motion/App Loader
(If you are running 64 bit Windows, it is C:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Research in Motion/App Loader)
4. Delete vendor.xml
5. Open up Desktop Manager

It will show an update is available

I followed your steps and it in fact did show up as an upgrade available but than when i press upgrade it says your device does not require an update? I am on version Any suggestions?

do we still need to delete the vendor file . i thought ıt was only for leaks, when loading to a different carrier do we need to delete the vendor on an offıcıal version?

You need to delete the vendor file on Official OS. As it was explained to me in a previous OS 6 leak comment, every install has the vendor.xml file. On leaks you can usually not bother and it will still prompt you to upgrade.

With Official OS, the carrier puts their own branding in the xml file and outside carriers (Verizon in this case) would have to delete the vendor.xml file. Sprint users do not have to for this because it is a Sprint Official OS.

You need to delete or rename any time you install an upgrade not intended for your phone (ie a leak or an other carriers release)

just download Blackberry Swiss Army Knife (Bbsak). It takes care of that deleting crap for you. Google search for it.

it says i have an available update after following your steps, but after it gets ready to update it says "One or more modules could not be resolved." and wont let me update, any ideas?

No you don't, unless you are waiting on the OTA, this is compatible with VZW Bolds as long as you delete/rename the vendor.xml file.

I have the latest version of DM, deleted the vendor and I still get the module message when I try to upgrade. I'm getting very frustrated about it because my .333 is unbelievably unpleasant.

i downloaded it way early this morning! works great smooth i havent had problems and know exactly how it works...just a heads up your going to be waiting awhile cause it takes FOREVER to download and setup

So did the last version of 5. It's been going over an hour on my device, but it's on the last restart stage. I hear it's worth the wait. What the hell! We've been waiting for months. So what's a few hours.

Just tried this on my VZW 9650. Got the file, deleted the Vendor.XML file and proceeded with the update via DM. Got a message that said update could not be done because some files for Documents To Go were not available. Anyone else seen this? Redownloading the OS file and trying again...

This is great news! So happy Sprint was first to release it. Its posted so Verizon and Sprint customers can enjoy it! Happy downloading everyone:)

Worked for me on VZW 9650 and it shows as Active Theme "Blackberry 6 for Verizon"
How is that if Its for a Sprint phone?

I'm guessing it grabs it from Verizon. Same thing happened when I installed the Official Verizon 9650 OS 5.0 builds.

This is normal. With Blackberry, All carrier specific themes and software are included in the download, the DM knows what phone it is and install the appropriate ones.

The beauty of Blackberry is that it does not matter what carrier releases it, once the download is available anyone with that phone can download and install it reguardless of carrier. I have been running Sprint software on my VZW BB's for years and TMo and Vodaphone (and other) software on my AT&T BB's. It's all the same except you have to do it via the DM instead of OTA.

its about time this reminds me of last January when I was putting the leaked on my BlackBerry Tour 9630 only that was a month late not before Christmas congrats Sprint for giving us a present finally I forgive for all the other shananigans :)

Just a heads up i had the leaked version of 6.0.333 and i found that i needed to downgrade to 5.0 to start the bb6 update i can't get the 6 to start wirelessly server seems to be busy ...

No need anymore. Just download the .exe file and install it into your pc. Then do the update through desktop manager.

installed on my VERIZON 9650 this morning...took about 30 minutes including backing up first. Used App loader. All is well! this release is a LOT more stable than any pre-release and feels just right.

Does anyone know if VZW PTT will work if u use this build? I'm really think about downloading it...... Tried of waiting on VZW

I can't get ptt to work on mine. The sprint verison will work on your vzw bold but for some reason no ptt. Sorry

That's cool; I'll just wait for the official OS6 release for the 9700 (my sister's). I installed a leak for her & had to downgrade 'cos of the memory leaks, etc.

No, OTA updates preserve your third party apps just fine but sometimes downgrade the RIM add on software (ie facebook) if an older version is bundled with the download.

man this update takes forever ! Things I never seen before in any other update , saying unpacking o/s , unpacking java , linking with java etc... restoring data now and finally I think its done !

Its about time... the last update was the worst and i see Sprint got it together. Their way of saying Happy Holidays. Dowloading now!!!

I decided to reinstall all my apps from My World instead of from the backup because I wanted them "fresh". Big mistake. Install hangs at the end of every download and takes what seems like a small eternity to finish. I didn't even think it WOULD finish but decided to stick it out. I think I'm gonna try reinstalling now that the DM download is available. Hopefully this was residual from downgrading to 5 then OTA back to 6 right away and will be fixed with a freshie...

There is no need to reinstall everything "Fresh". Part of the update process is to back up and wipe the phone, so it is always "fresh". The most worry free way to do an upgrade to let the OTA do it's thing.

Reinstalling from backup is faster than MyWorld true, but I have run into a few situations where MyWorld did not recognize the apps reinstalled that way even though they were AppWorld builds, and if it doesn't then you don't get upgrade notifications..

I've run into issues using DM to restore apps before where I've had to remove them and reinstall them anyways because they just didn't work right. Had to have been some kind of residual settings not compatible with the newer OS. Once the download became available, I used DM to install some packages that the OTA skipped and all seems well again.

And as a side note, the FASTEST way I've come across to install apps is via the web browser plug in. I was shocked at how well it works and doesn't even make you reboot for most apps. It was so easy I almost thought it didn't work lol

Can you elaborate about what this means, entails? I'm not clear what you're referring to about "intalling apps via the web browser 'plug in'." Thanks!

I've installed leaked OS' before and am trying to install this one as well but for some reason I can't find the app loader so I can delete the vendor file because I'm on VZW. This is the first time this has happened. I am using DM6 and updated it last week. Is anyone else having this problem? Some help would be very much appreciated.

i didnt have this problem. i copy and pasted "C:/Program Files/Common Files/Research in Motion/App Loader" into the start menu search and it came up with the App Loader folder and i opened it and deleted the vender file. Give that a try! :D

i downloaded bb desktop 6 and the new os and when i launch bb desktop it says update available is from to i restarted computer and in my programs it does say bb 6 desktop and the os had been saved to my comp. why isnt in coming up as an update? do i need to first uodate to .1030 and then it will come up? please help

Works on my Vzw Bold 9650. I had a cracked version before. Couple of things:

1. I deleted Vendor file.
2. I kept getting error message saying module not found when trying to install. Fix: restarted my phone and pc, still doesn't work. Then checked the verison of DM it was out of date, once updated dm, it worked perfectly, took 28 minutes.
3. My push to talk is NOT working. I keep getting an error message. Honestly i'm kinda over ptt I end up hitting it by mistake all the time anyways, and drains on battery.
4. Conclusion. I really haven't noticed much of a difference between the crack and the sprint official. Hopefully it will just be more stable.

Now, does anyone know where we can find some non touch os 6 combat themes?

Every official version I've tried of 5.0, 983 and 1031, have given some kinda of problem. I hope OS 6 will be alright.

The wireless update shows 983. I have .699 currently. I guess I'll wait until I get home

As a VZW 9650 user I can't get it to install. I've deleted the vendor.xml and it finds the update but it says "There was an error updating your software. One or more modules could not be resolved." I've seen that message before and then I just restored the vendor and it worked but not this time. This OS won't load with or without the vendor. Any suggestions?

I had the same problem, kept getting the module error. I restarted my pc. Then my bb. Still had the problem. So I checked my DM and it was out of date. When I got the latest verison of DM the download worked perfectly. Sorry hope that helps.

I do have the latest version of DM. I even just downgraded to a 5.0 to see if it would work after that and it didn't. I'm just gonna keep it on a 5.0 until an official 6 comes out. It better be before new years!

So I had the Style and said I would go back to the Bold 9650 when the official OS6 was available for it. Now that I have switched back to my Bold and downloaded the new software I noticed that there is no Visual Voicemail with this build and it lacks the Social Networking Icon that tied all social feeds together, both of which I got quite used to. Anyone else noticing this or do I need to re-download?

Social Feeds was included in the OTA, but if you didn't get it in Desktop Manager, just go to the Applications area and add it in. It didn't install by default on the leaks either...

Hey I'm a newbie here on CB but all I see is text message and no mms, so I thought ill just add the picture while I send the text msg which makes it a mms but when I send it to my brothers phone he does not get my mms? Any solutions and yes I tried attaching the file and still nothing. No mms wth

RIM combined SMS and MMS awhile ago. All you have to do is insert a picture into your text and it will send just like MMS. If your bro didn't get it, it's prob because his phone doesn't accept pics that way. Not your blackberry's fault, he just needs to upgrade to a more modern device ;)

He has a BB 9700 with a leaked os 6, maybe that's the problem but I am able to send email just fine with attached pics. Do you think maybe I have to do a security swipe. I really dnt know whts wrong nobody is able to get my mms.

My only gripe, with the new OS 6 is with the broswer, there is no column view for web pages. Although the new browser is based on web-kit, for non mobile pages column view came in pretty handy. I hope its re-intruduced in a future update.

I thought this at first too, but there is a column view built in to the zoom. Instead of choosing from the menu (column view or zoom) just click down once when you see your cursor change to the magnifying glass.
The browser will zoom way in at first, but after it finishes loading it will be in column view for almost all pages. There are still a few I've found that it won't work on, but for the most part it's great.

NICE. Just when I was about to downgrade to 5.0 because the OS 6 leak was so laggy and buggy, this comes out. Thanks Sprint!

Now, RIM get us a QNX based OS on a new all-touchscreen BB for 2011! ;)

Hi there! Quick question, I have the leaked version installed on my Sprint 9650 and would like to install this official version, but it's not showing up on the Desktop Manager or on the phone as a OTA. I was wondering if I would have to downgrade first and then install? Thanks I appreciate the help! :)

i have a problem i downloaded the release OTA and im trying to download whatsapp messanger and it will give me the highlighted bar for download and freeze and i cant do anything and have to take out the battery and i tried installing it again and it just freezes when its at a100%

any help

It will install eventually if you have the patience to wait it out (it's a LONG wait). I had this issue at first too, but on EVERY app I tried to install from app world. I also had started with the OTA, but downloaded the package for DM and found that some things weren't installed OTA. The most glaring at me was that "Blackberry Application Center" version was not checked. The name kinda sounds important, so I added it along with some of the games that were missing like Sudoku and Texas Hold Em. Everything seems okay now, but if you're still having trouble, use app world on the blackberry website and the browser plugin will take good care of you.

Easy install and very snappy so far but I realize after installing it that I hate the default theme. I don't need 5 different trays with icons on them, one is more than enough for me. I think the thing I don't like is that it moves too easily from tray to tray. I just want one home screen with the handful of icons that I frequently use.
Anyone know of any good alternative OS 6 themes I could try out.

Whatever you do, use the Crackberry link to download the new OS. Just follow the link and it will take you to the Blackberry site. Click the download button for the appropriate OS, and once loaded, it will take you to the Blackberry Desktop Manager. Connect your device. If you've set it to notify you about updates, just follow the queues. If not set to do it automatically, choose Update Device, under the Device dropdown in the upper left corner of the window. I tried to use Options on my device to download OS 6, and it totally screwed up my phone while rebooting. I had to rush to my nearest Service and have them do a hard reset just to get my phone working again. I was there for almost 3 hours! So take my advice and use the Crackberry link. It's virtually painless (and take less time to complete).

My update was easy. Being new to Blackberry I had never done this before but this was a good experience. Loving Blackberry and OS 6!

I'm a bit hesitatant - I was playing with a "style" with os 6 and I noticed these things - yes, the sliding icons are a bit weird. But when I went into the browser - to say a news page - the text was very small - tried adjusting - couldn't do that very well, also the page seemed to "slide around" on me. Drove me absoluely nuts to the point of I don't want it.

Does this happen on the 9650? Don't want to install it for it to re-act the same way.

The "no theme thing" would be tough too.

Appreciate any answers you can give - also, does it go back into bedside mode?

Thanks all, happy holidays

Lovin' Blackberry 6! Just installed it on my Verizon Bold 9650 and it runs SMOOTH!:) love it so much!! just make sure that you delete vender file when installing on Verizon Device!!

This sucks...I have the 9700 and I know T-Mobile is going to lag to release the official OS6 for my device because if they do no one will buy the 9780! They keep dropping the price of the 9780 and it is even buy one get one free right now! I don't want to do another 2 year contract! Hurry up and release the Torch for T-Mobile and I will! Has anyone used a jail broke Torch on T-mobile?

Downloaded this official OS yesterday via Desktop manager and all went smooth. I was using the leak version previously. One problem I did have was my Hullo mail app would not open on this build. I had to delete the free app and buy the pay application. Memory leak seems to be less than the prior one, but my battery seems to be draining quicker. I will have to watch that. It does seem to be running more efficiently and the lag is greatly reduced.

Hi there! Quick question, I have the leaked version installed on my Sprint 9650 and would like to install this official version, but it's not showing up on the Desktop Manager or on the phone as a OTA. I was wondering if I would have to downgrade first and then install? Thanks I appreciate the help! :)

For Verizon users if you can't load the update through DM b/c DM does not see the update (even after you deleted the vendor file) just find the icon for the app loader .exe file and right click it and select run as administrator. It is usually in the same directory as the vendor file. It should load the update. I always have to do this for leaked and non-official oses for my carrier. It will run and back up everything just like doing it through DM.

I have found that when you have everything installed on the PC. Leave the internet connected til the DM finds the update then remove the internet and it will load everything fine.....also uninstall any os you have installed on the pc and let the update be the only helps

Installed this on my VZW Bold last week, works great but lost my sound. Did a few battery pull didn't work. I've downgraded back to 5 didn't work as well. Now im back to OS6 without any sound. I want my sound back. Is anyone else having this problem. HELP!!!!!!

Loaded it onto my Verizon Bold 9650. It is great minus some problems. The calendar freezes up, unless you open it and wait 10 seconds before using it, even still it still sometimes freezes. Also, sometimes icons will go missing, and I don't see any social feed. Otherwise its a great upgrade from os 5. Although it is not as smooth as os 5. Did not take up much memory at all and battery life seems the same. I'm at 14 hours with moderate to heavy usage and I have about 30% battery left. The search features and enhanced web experience make it a no brainier. Although, the layout of the icons is retarded (media, favorites, all, etc.). After having a droid I find it cute how BB broke up the icons for us as if we are too stupid to be allowed to do it ourselves.

Installing OTA hung after Java giving "App Error 200" and below that "Reset". First time the "reset" did seem to work, then install continued. Got the error a second time, then nothing but white screen for a while. That cleared and it gave same error again, then white screen after trying to reset, then error again, after which no response to reset. Pulled the battery and install started again, then once more an error, though that time indicated pressing any key on the keyboard to reset to previous OS, which I did. It seems to be booting now again, and I hope it resets.

Downloading the software from BlackBerry, though I am not so sure about an EXE file working on my MacOS version of BlackBerry desktop. I will try it that way too, though I have a feeling I might be stuck until the BB OS6 shows up in Desktop Manager.

I managed to reset and get OS 5 back onto my 9650. Then I tried the Mac Desktop Manager, but the update will not show up on that at all. Since I am visiting my mom, I downloaded and installed everything onto her Windows XP desktop. That recognized the phone, so I went through the steps to get the software update recognized. Next I started the OS 6 update, and it looked like it was working fine. Definitely took quite a while, so I decided to go to sleep and let it run.

This morning the computer indicated the update was done, but it was not reading the 9650. The 9650 was going through a boot-up with the progress bar, next it flashed white with a square of some text and "Reset", but too fast for me to read it. Now that is all it does, endless boot-up, followed by white screen with text, then boot-up again. Even tried a battery pull and no difference.

Going to search internet for "hard reset BlackBerry" and see if I can get it running again. Main criticism is that if BlackBerry want to tackle iPhone and Android, their software needs to work better on Mac OS. I like using my 9650, but we will see how I feel after (if?) I can get it going again.

Trying to read the text on the white screen just after continual reboot. Parts I can read include ARM11: Page Fault followed by ARM11: and then Device Error 244. After that line is "Failed Load:" and something with _VM and more text. Too fast to read it. I tried taking a photo of it, but it is real quick before it starts reboot again.

Latest update - kept searching and ran across a website detailing a 507 error, and a way to restore the OS.

So I went through the steps and after two tries it worked. Best guess is that there was a power setting error on the HP desktop I was using, which caused a USB error in the middle of installing BB OS6. It took a while, though I finally have OS 6 installed on me 9650.

Definitely a complete nightmare on an update. I managed to use my back-up restore to put my contacts and settings back on the phone. Also, had to re-install all my music.

Wow! The OTA took a while. Had to hit the hay as I could not wait up any more and finished up the install the next morning!! Finally an official version! Some of my 3rd party apps don't work, but it was time for them to go anyway! This is going to take some getting use to. I did notice my huge selection of OEM ring tones are gone. Only have a handful to work with now. That part could have been worked on a bit. I have also noticed my signal strength is all over the place. Places I've had service before are no longer working now also. What's up with that? I like it, but if I had to pay for this I would not have been pleased! Too many issues for something that should have been better planned out!

Hi guys! Quick question, I have the leaked version installed on my Sprint 9650 and would like to install this official version, but it's not showing up on the Desktop Manager or on the phone as a OTA. I was wondering if I would have to downgrade first and then install? Thanks I appreciate the help! :)

i have a question. my sprint 9650 when i check the OTA update it says latest version is do i get it to show 6.0?

I am trying to download the 6.0, my desktop manager says I am using the latest software. There is no OTA avaialable as well. I am currently using 5.0

Can someone please advise how I can upagrade.

Can somebody please help? I did an OTA update and ever since, I am getting "App Error 200" WTF, how do I fix this white screen?

See my posts on the second page of this thread. I ran into the same problem. My 9650 is working now, but the solution took a while to correct the error. Good luck.

herrbremerhaven thanks for the advise. I have it working on the previous 5.0 software. I attempted to do another OTA using WiFi and again received the "App Error 200" I downloaded it on my PC and it hung up on a "ROM" with only 13 clicks on the status bar for about an hour. I finally gave up. What am I doing wrong? Can anybody help?

I had to try that solution page a few times. First was battery out, though that quit on install. Next was reading about the USB power settings on your Windows computer:


The following are possible resolutions for this issue.
Cause 1

The Power Management feature on the computer turns off the USB ports.

Resolution 1

Modify the USB power management settings. Please see KB13331 for more information. After preform a clean reload of the BlackBerry device software using KB11320"

So after I changed the power settings on USB ports on the computer, my 9650 was recognized. I tried one more without battery, and same quit during second install segment. So then it was one more try with the battery in the 9650, and it actually worked.

I think what is happening is that the install process needs to power off and on the USB connection in order to go from one part to another. It seems like such a bizarre issue that I have to think Sprint or BlackBerry got something really wrong with the installer.

Thanks again for your help, I appreciate it. I finally got it downloaded. It's okay. It lags a little and there is only one theme. Does anybody know of any good themes to run on the OS6?

Just downloaded 6.0 on my 9650 and when i go to place a call the numbers I eneter are not on the screen as normal. There located in the little search box at the top of the screen. Is there anyway to change where my numbers are normal size like in 5.0?

How long should the install be hanging on "connect to the device rom" in Ap loader? I'm trying to update my Verizon Bold 9650 using Parallels. So far so good but it's been hanging on this step with the progress bar full for nearly 20 minutes...

I havent found it OTA yet, but did download it from both BB site, and Sprint site. One problem though. It is only in .exe form and Im on the mac. Yeah I know I could try to install it via parallels or fusion, but for some reason, I can't get BB desktop to recognize my 9650 via usb. Go figure. (havent used it on fusion since they started the BB desktop for mac, but it worked fine on my old curve a while back.)

I found thie upgrade by mistake while upgrading some other apps on my BB. Since I did not know it was coming and it was so slow I searched this website to determine if it was 'LEGIT'! Boy! Was it ever LEGIT. I downloaded yesterday night. I'm not sure how long it took (a long time) because I fell asleep. When I woke up the download was complete and I approved it to install! It looks great. I love the new UI and changes they made to the file and apps list and allows you to make favorites. I like the new look of the Address/Contact List too. All my old Apps and info carried over except my BBM Messages because I did not have them 'to be saved' on the media card. But that's okay. So far so good! Only bad things is the amount of space it took up on the device card. I had 300MB before the download. Now I have only 190MB. WOW...A real space hog! It won't leave me much room to download many more Apps with so little space left! But I guess its worth it.

Hello friends out here.

I'm downloading the OS6 now. but I don't know how to install it. Should I download it directly on my phone or can I also download it on my pc and then install on my Blackberry?
Please help

Install it on your PC. Then in Desktop Software (version 6) select device, update my device. It should then show version 6 as an option. Note, you may have to select radio button "view other versions".

Then just follow the instructions.

Hope that helps.

I have an unactivated Sprint 9650 with version OS 5. I installed OS 6 on my PC. I select version 6 in desktop software and it tells me that "There was an error updating your software..." and instructs me to visit Probably because it does not show the PIN as activated???

Any suggestions on how to upgrade it (until I switch my Pearl service over to it)?

Well I ended up activating the 9650, loading OS 6, used the phone about 18 hours and switched back to my Pearl.

Nothing against the phone and OS 6, but I will probably put the phone on the Bay for sale. I use my BB for work (BES and Off Comm)and simple OS 4.5 with my 8130 works just fine for me.

There is some great information here regarding the using of the OS6 posted for Sprint on my VZW 9650...... only 1 problem. I can't download and walk through the process like I could on my old PC. I just bought a MAC last year so I have no clue how to use the Application Loader with Mac and finding the vendor. xml file so it can be removed!! Does anyone know how to install the Sprint OS6 upgrade to a VZW 9650 using a MAC? Any help will be GLADLY taken...

COMMENTING ON MY PREVIOUS POST: Or should I just use my daughter's laptop PC, which by now, could be riddled with bugs and all kinds of things since I bought it for her 4 years ago. Maybe even scrap it all and wait until I renew next September '12 and get the OS 6 then...

Someone please help me with this decision of the day.. Thank you