Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 from StarHub Ltd.

By Adam Zeis on 20 Dec 2010 03:12 pm EST

OS Curve 3G 9300

Some keen eyed members of the forums spotted a nice present for Curve 3G owners. It looks like StarHub Ltd is the first carrier of the Curve 3G (9300) to drop an official version of OS 6.0. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come for other 6-less devices, but don't get too excited just yet. If you're a lucky Curve 3G 9300 then fire up the ol' App Loader and get ready for some OS 6 lovin'. No reports on how it's running yet, so be sure to swing by the forums and let us know. As always, use caution when installing any OS.

Download OS for the Curve 3G 9300
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Why install .418 when you can install .380!

Sorry didn't realize this was an Official Version. Awesome for 3G owners!


418 is still better. I downloaded the official 380 and im pretty sure its exactly the same as the leaked version.

I still got the cursor issue where it disappears when scrolling through the drop down menus.

This issue was not present on the 418 leaked version.


Get on the ball and release it already.don't forget to backup ur data first!!!


Let's see something official for 9700 owners


Does Starhub LTD.carry the 9650, we need a new build!


Do I use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager program to install this on my 9300?

And where do I find the vendor.xml file?

That is the way to intall this still isnt it?


Now, how long before AT&T drops an official 6.0? I'm gonna guess Q2 of 2011! Ha.

I'm not exactly sure that BB6 has convinced me to go to it yet, so until I see more positive reviews and/or an official release from AT&T, I think I'll stay with OS5.


how can i update my device,

my curve 9300 is running Leaked but when i'm
installed the wizard and i start Desktop Manager,
there comes nothing with

i've deleted the vendor file


Can you use OS6 from a Curve 9300 on a Curve 8520?


Will this work for a 9330...? lol im a noob


An OS is device specific. So this is only for the 9300. They most likely have an OS that is the same version number for the 9330, however. That one would be a leak, though, not an official.


Can't wait to see the OS6 on 9700. Getting bored with the leaked. But I guess it will take long time until the sales of 9780 meet the expectation.


You hear that Sprint? be ready.


what is the real difference between leaked and an official release not from your carrier? I picked up a 9300 end of September and within a week had whatever first leaked of OS6 on it. OS6 much better than 5 except for the native sounds i like less. Couldn't care less that it wasn't official only that it works fine. If you care to have OS6 don't wait, If you don't care, well you probably aren't browsing a site called crackberry...


they say its the same, but ooh i douth that, officials are for carriers specific's and file sizes are not the same. as for languages mutli and non there will be size difference.


starhub 3g rocks very solid sweet thanks.


I installed this yesterday everything is working except the dropdown menu on the manage connections the cursor disappears. other than that works great. does anyone know a solution to this problem??


ive been using this update for about a week and ive been having the same issue. but besides for that everything works great.