Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 now available from Vodafone Essar Limited

Bold 9700 OS
By Adam Zeis on 6 Jan 2011 10:25 am EST

In the words of Navin R. Johnson: "The new phonebook's here! The new phonebook's here"! Finally the wait is over and we have an official carrier release of OS 6.0 for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. This one comes to us as from Vodafone Essar Limited. This is the first of what wil hopefully be many official carrier releases, so if you're a 9700 user get on it. Hopefully it runs smooth and isn't buggy, so drop a comment in the forums with your findings. Hit the link below to download.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700
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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 now available from Vodafone Essar Limited


I now use the latest leaked os for my bold 9700.
Would this be better than the latest leaked OS?
Like the cursor in bbm or would it be the same as the leaked version of this one?

There is no difference between leaked versions and official versions, they are the same thing. 380 leaked = 380 official. And I can tell you that the 424 leaked version is far better than 380, having used both.

maybe a stupid question, but as an AT&T user, should I wait for AT&T to release, or just download this?

It's 100% up to you. I was rocking 6 on the 9700 for some time on AT&T with very few issues. I've since gone to the 9800.

If you feel comfortable updating to an OS that's NOT supported on your device by your carrier, then do it. Just know that if you ever have any problems with it, AT&T may not assist. Also, it officially voids the warranty.

I personally think OS6 is that much better than 5, so, for me it would be a no brainer... I'd be on 6. But I'm also comfortable wiping the device and reinstalling the official AT&T build if anything were ever to go seriously wrong.

I knew it would be Vodafone. I though it would be UK first though. Either way, yippy! XD

when i plugged in mu phone it told me there was an update
I'm guessing its got to be better than this one.

Ahem Ahem...Vodafone India is an obscure carrier? They have more customers than the parent company Dude!

Just installed - when going through App Loader it did a small update to some system files, but everything else remained the same. Still have the same issue in BBM with no cursor, but haven't had it on long enough to know if the memory leak issue has been fixed (my guess is not considering the lack of update to the phone in general)

I'm pretty sure that all an official is, is a "leak" that ends up being approved by a carrier. There's no difference between a leaked operating system and that of the same build officially released.

Sticking with .424 myself! :)

i think leaked ver 424 more better than this official... just look it, ver 380 official (or 380 leaked) and ver 424 leaked... there is have a big diffrent!! sure the 424 is better, because it last realese!!
just stay with my leaked 424!! and very happy with this leaked :)

ı wouldn' t upgrade but ı thınk ı am going to because ı have had all the 4 leaks up to now they are good, some minor issues. but ı have a curve 9300 running on OFFICIAL and it is faster than ever, faster than all of the leaks up to now. and the mem leak seen on the curve official is really slow so i think ı am goıng to uprade(downgade?) to this official release :)

wow after all this waiting the first official release for the 9700 is a buggy old beta. soo done with rimm

Guess I had always assumed that an "official carrier release" would only come out if it was free from devastating bugs. By most accounts, even the .424 release of OS 6 on the Bold has annoying cursor problems and (more significantly) frequent "602 Application Error" crashes and errors in WebKit trying to load pages (due to memory). I just simply cannot rationalize wrecking everything good about my OS5 phone by "upgrading" to OS6 and risking having dropped calls and frequent crashes while I'm using it for work. Sorry.

Is this an enterprise only release? I cant link my email? It is only letting me set up an enterprise email? is there a way around this?


Go to hard drive then program file, common file, the RIM, delete vendor file. Then use loader.exe ( may just say loader then its pretty easy from there

runs the best ı am glad ı downgraded to 5 then upgraded to this from .424 . everything is just so fast the os is a lot more responsive. best os6 experience on 9700 up to now :) -for me

Point taken, but since this is an official version does this mean that the fb cursor issue will appear now? I can't scroll through fb status and comments without the cursor disappearing.

This is my first time downloading any leaked OS for my bb and i must say that everything on this 6.0 download runs smoothly... no lag, no memory leaks that i reaad about, no cursor issues... this is a must download

I'm from The Netherlands and I also have Vodafone as a carrier. Can i install this on my blackberry? Or do I have to wait until Vodafone NL release a official version?

Did a back up n wiped device had the latest leak .424 installed official on pc deleted vendor file shrunk my OS using the bbhybrid tool started launcher note: I shrunk out (vocie dialing all other languages beside english all games beside brickbraker size was about 139Md when finished loaded device before restore of apps had about 80mb of free mem thas a plus loaded up my third part apps an restored my device that I made with dm had about 62.2mb free did my logins to face book app world weather app all aps that require bis service fone was lagging a bit so did a battery pull installed 4shared app an was lagging a bit still (hour glass torture) so did another pull and after the OS settled it was a lot responsive no cursor issues bbm or FB one find doh I noticed face book was 1.8 so I was prompted to updated no complaints thus far.......on another note in other to have 4shared workin I had to install the hacked service book to enable unlimited size downloading using your networks apn....all good browser seems a bit faster........

I have a bold 9700 locked on to digicel (jamaica) nd want to upgrade to os6! Add me on bbm and help me pls! Or just say it here! What should I do?

If you have already downloaded the leaked OS version or even the leaked OS There is nothing new that this "official" version offers.

- This official version also has the scrolling problem in BlackBerry messenger (you can't see the cursor while scrolling)
- The device would be recognized as BlackBerry Curve 3G and not as BlackBerry Bold 9700 by many web sites, such as

In general, I found the performance of the leaked OS version to be good without any big problems. I just experience the hourglass-waiting issue sometimes, when the device becomes unresponsive for a few seconds.

I cant for the life of me understand how/why they (Vodafone) would release this piece of crap version as "official". RIM should step in and stop this.

I honestly don't think this one's an official one. I've been running the latest ver which is .424 when this one was released so i think maybe this one is better but boy i was wrong! The "missing" cursor on SMS is still "missing", the memory leak was there too. The device was also recognized as Curve3g on Facebook.

Now, I regret downgrading my Bold to this "official" OS. So now i will be uprading to the .424 version because it so much better than this one. :)

hello ppl plz help me.... i have a blackberry bod 9700 and i had he os 5 so i updated to os and i had the battery problem tht when ever i rech 55 percent% my blackberry turns off.. so i upgraded after 2 weeks 2 the os and still the battery problem and then i downgraded to os and still the prblem is there and now i upgraded to os OFFICIAL and the problem is still there plzzz tell me ppl wht to do i am so confused and i bought my blackberry about a month ago plz help thank u alot :) BB PIN: 228C0611

I have a biiiig question! Im new with this so please be nice. I have ofcurse my BB 9700 from T-Mobile, but i came to Mexico, so now it's on another company, but still kinda of T-Mobile. Now here comes the question, Should i install this OS from Vodafone or wait till T-Mobile release their own?? so can anybody tell me please?

just use the installer delete the vendor file and downgrade... need setting just back up and restore

this official release is just the best i have tried...last time leak .380 was 170 mb and now is 150...i tried facebook with no cursor fix...bbm just no lag,....when i was at 424 facebook still has scroll no more....for mem drain ...i still have to wait 1- 2 days...recommended for this release

.424 is running great on my 9700 with t-mobile, has the cursor issue but to counteract that i just scroll left & right as opposed to up and and, screen seems to stay with the cursor better, small hint until the bug is fixed unless this official has fixed that.

How do installed in a t-mobile?? Because i can't, and here is my problem: i have a t-mobile one, but right now iam in Mexico, and now i have it in another company, but still kinda in t-mobile, and i saw that only people with a data plan can upgrade, but i don't have one, so what should i do??

Here is a quick tip for those who suufer memory is the bbm group the what can you do is in groups press option (the bb key) and option save picture to display msg in seeting to no to all...that's what I did...and the mem stays longer...

hello,im using vodafone essar but with a i need to delete the vendor after download.please let me know?

-Bedside mode doesn't work
-Volume button/ skip doesn't work when phone is locked
-memory leak not fixed (restart to fix it temporarily
-No cursor for fb, msn, messages.
- Browser 'Start up as home page' doesn't work

I downloaded this update but I don't know where to find the Carrier file at in the RIM folder. I have T-Mobile but I don't see any files pertaining to them. I want to delete the file so I can download OS 6 on my BB 9700. Can anyone help?

Installed v6.0.0.424 very happy so var. I have a problem on my BB that i have not seen anybody else mentioned in the forum. That is that i get a "sim card error" on my BB. Dont know if its the OS and if my Sim is faulty. If anybody else have the same problem please let me know. Think im going to get a new sim. just to make sure. I have to switch my BB of and on again to reset the error and recover my cellular network reception.