Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9780 from AVEA

By Adam Zeis on 6 Dec 2010 10:34 am EST

Bold 9780 OS

Happy Monday Bold 9780 users. A fresh official OS comes your way today courtesy of AVEA. This latest release is OS and is ready to roll. This is a decent jump over the stock OS that shipped on most 9780's, so install and give it a go and let us know how it is in the comments. As always, use caution when installing any OS on your device. Hit the link below to download.

Download OS for the Bold 9780 from AVEA

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9780 from AVEA


Minute ago: Forum post:

It doesn't address any of the bbm/sms issues. I used it in the beta version and no difference between that and stock that I could tell.

what bbm/sms issues are u facing currently!?
also, did anyone check with the themes on 9780!? since i haven't installed any as of yet, i'm wondering if new themes actually work on 9780.. as a friend of mine reported some glitch about it.. wonder what though!!

I have been running the leak of those for past week or two now and love it. only thing i find if that there is some lag when scroll through contacts on bbm or when typing out longer msg in bbm. i think bbm just needs and update. besides that it runs great!

first thing i checked was the whoole scrolling issue that was happening within txts and it is fixed! yay, can now use the 't' and 'b' to go from top to bottom.

Hey what exactly was your scrolling issue? Mine auto scrolls to the right every time I try to type something. It is sporadic. Wonder if you had the same issue?

Nothing exciting for Bell users... That't the one shipping on their current line of BB 9780... Can't wait for an update though, i find .359 slow compared to .337 on my colleague's BB Bold 9700!

I see this is a multi-language, not an all-language release. Now that we've got 512MB of memory on board, esp. for a GSM phone, the difference in installed size between the two would seem to be so negligible, they should be deprecating the multi-language version.

@miroul : I think Bell is shipping .285, aren't they? That's what I've got on my Bell 9780, and that's what they've got available for download.

For some reason, when i try and load it through desktop manager with the vendor.xml file deleted, it keeps coming up as an error

I installed this after wiping my 9780 with BBSAK 1.8. Worked like a charm first time round. I have NO problems with this. Everything is working spot on so far. UMA connects well too.

This release could be incompatible with T-Mobile 9780.
It installed on my machine but it did not have any theme running. It had only the black & white icons.

I've been running it for a week on my T-Mobile 9780 and it fixes a few things that weren't quite right in the T-Mobile build. The cut and paste feature is back in the Contacts area and QuickLaunch works correctly with this build. I was having problems before with the QL compose SMS feature before. So I'm glad to see that this version is official.

P.S. If you're on T-Mobile, you have to delete the T-mobile themes or you end up with tiny icons. Check the previous posts for loading OS 6 on the 9700. The same is true for the 9780.

This is certainly not worth the hassle at all.
It is very laggy in scrolling and doesn't have any changes what so ever.
Poor stuff by blackberry. Quite dissapointed.
Leave your phones at the stock version for now.
Can't wait to downgrade from this crap!
Bought this phone 3 days ago and its already lagging.

Has anyone had issues with posting on Facebook within the BB Browser??? And how do you delete the theme files from the new OS update?