Official OS: for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 released by Bouygues

By Bla1ze on 22 Oct 2010 03:09 pm EDT
BlackBerry Torch 9800

We've been hearing about this OS for the past few days and expected it to leak at some point. Well, it didn't but it did come in official form though from Bouygues. BlackBerry Torch owners can hit up the link below to grab the download. Be sure to let us know what's new and fixed, broken in this release in the comments or in the CrackBerry forums.

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Official OS: for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 released by Bouygues


Awesomeness... Especially if there are some noticeable fixes or additions.

I hope to one day have the option to remove a couple of the home screen tabs.

ya i agree. its really redundant. Don't need a favorites, then all and frequent. Would be good if they gave the option to lock to ALL or just eliminate certain unneeded tabs.

I wish we could customize the tabs, but more importantly....

I wish pressing the "Menu" button 1 time when the dock is hidden would make the tray appear. That way you could press "Back" to hide the icons and "Menu" once to make them reappear. If you want to bring up the menu, press "Menu" twice (or once if the tray is alreay open). This would feel MUCH more natural and needs to be changed asap!

But what happend with the OS 6 to 9700 ????? How long we have to wait?? I'm thinking on replace my 9700 with an iphone 4.

you are really not the only one waiting for OS6 for the 9700, but it doesn't help in any way if everyone complains about it all the time. just relax and if you're really obsessed by os6 get yourself a 9800 or a 9780 and not an iphone4..

I agree! we have not even seen an unofficial release of OS 6 for the Bold. what is up with that. Blackberry and the carriers need to get working on that. I got a 9700 last month because it was going to be upgraded with OS 6

Yeah it's seriously ridiculoussss. I don't know what they're waiting for honestly, they act as if os 6 was a crazy huge jump from os 5. It's not that big of a deal, release it already....

Lololololol. You know what the best part is, you seem to think RIM ar AT&T cares if you switch devices. They already got their money from you. If RIM made OS6 for the 9700 then start asking AT&T why they decided it would not be released to you. I'm glad you 9700 owners feel entitled to something that wasn't even known to you when you bought the device. "I'm pissed my computer I bought 10 years ago does not support Windows 7, I should switch to a mac". Sounds like a good comparison to me. Stop whining, if OS6 wasn't released to the 9700 it was for a good reason most likely. For all you know it would run so damn slow on your phone. I hope it does leak to you guys so I can subscribe to the threads about how you deserve a better OS6 experience on your 9700 and you're downgrading to OS5! Haha

Maybe not the carriers, but RIM should care. It may come off as whining, but really 9700 users are just anxious as hell to get OS6 on our devices. The 9700 only came out this time last year (per Wikipedia, I know, I know), so I don't think it's asking too much of RIM to "leak" OS6 to us already. Up until the Torch, the 9700 was the flagship device. We know that it'll be tight, but I've seen a 9000 running OS5, and it didn't seem hobbled or anything.

That's goes for all the 9xxx phones with 256 RAM. Those dedicated users shouldn't be marginalized either. If our devices under-performs, we have two options. We can downgrade, or if we really love OS6 and want better performance, we can go out and buy a new device, possibly unsubsidized. Now that should make both the carriers, and RIM happy.

I truly think that RIM has to realize that some die-hards will only remain such so long as they're happy. We're not asking for a free upgrade to the latest device, but what is going to make a lot of 9700 users happy is a "leak" of OS6, and soon. If that doesn't happen, I may not leave, but there will be a percentage that will. They'll see this as the last straw, throw their hands up and switch platforms altogether. And once a customer has made up their minds to leave you, odds are they might never come back. So they won't purchase a 9780, or a 9800, or Playbook. They've picked up an WinPhone7, iPhone, iPad, or Android device instead.

I agree with some of that. I can understand how you felt as it was like that with me only having the storm 1 for 9 months and then the s2 drops and is running like a phone and not restarting all the time. Biggest complaint about rim is they take these baby steps of progress when releasing phones. In 6 months it is almost obsolete. I'd like a phone from rim that doesn't become outdated before my contract date. Even if it means they only make one model every few years instead of releasing the same model with upgraded components. But just keep in mind rim wants you to have OS6. They worked on developing it after all. But it is up to the carriers to relese it. Leaks do not come from rim, but more often when one of the testers for the carrier get it, they release it early o us.

Agreed, a device should be current for that market segment for at least a year. Preferably all released, or announced with firm dates at the same time regardless of the form factor. Flip, Slider, Full-touch, Full-qwerty (with touch, please RIM), Half-qwerty, should be available on major carriers with the same specs (perhaps 3G networks are helping this?). Let the plans and customer service decide who I'll give my money to. It would also be nice to be able to have at least the next iteration of OS, after that we're on our own.

As for the OS release schedule, RIM should grab a pair and take control (Google needs to do this too) like Apple did. If RIM wants us to have OS6, or 7, whatever, it should be up to them and the hardware limitations. If RIM wants to keep the carriers semi-happy, let them push out all the garbage apps? I just dump it all in a junk folder to get it out of the way.

I always assume that leaks originate from RIM as a way to get around the carriers, and possibly obtain information about bugs and such by watching the forums.

really? are ya that stupid? the 9780 which is the upgrade for yours is around the corner being released in a week and half. of course it won't come out before that because have the 9700 cry babies won't upgrade! =)

please give the rest of us a break and switch. will be one less person crying about the 9700 on a 9800 thread!

It's normal that RIM is not already releasing OS6 for 9700, they want to give it first to the 9800 which is their flagship and I think that as soon as the 9780 will be out, you will get OS6 for your 9700.

Someone should try to load this on their 9700. *** edit*** when I started this there was only one post and noone had complained about the 9700 yet. Sorry about the computer lag and dead joke.

Stop asking where OS6 is for the 9700....

either buy a 9800 or stfu and wait......

they are obviously milking it and only giving it to new phones for the first little while....

no one cares if you switch to an iphone .....

Sure would be nice if they could fix the terrible performance with the WiFi Media Sync. One of my favorite new features in OS6, however I've had to disable it and go back to good ol' USB sync.

Rather than complain about how it's not on the 9700 yet (which tons of people will), I want to ask the Torch users if they see any improvement in the leaked OS versions. I haven't used a Torch personally, but I've heard at least some grumbling that OS 6 is a little bit sluggish in navigation, and I'm curious if the new builds are making it any better.

At first it was as the leaks come along they get better. OS fixed the constant dropping of BIS when leaving a Wi-Fi hotspot. I will alway update to a leaked OS because theres always a chance it is going to be better.

How can you tell which version you have? (I know stupid newbie?)
Might try it later after I back up what I have now when I get home.

Press that with your keyboard out on the homescreen. You'll see which version you have under App Version

Seems like nothing is wrong with .246 on my Torch so I think I'll pass on this one. I'll just wait till Rogers releases an official release and then I'll upgrade. I probably wouldn't even notice the changes in this leaked OS anyways.

i instslled on my Telus torch awesome
- WI- FI signal is strond
- Browser is faster
- the touch is great and way better.

i too was always checking to see when they were going to release the first leak of os6 and i honestly got tired of waiting for it so i decided to buy a torch and i love it honestly.
so i think rim is just waiting for people to either jump ship or just wait a very long time to get the os6 but i honestly loved the os5 on my 9700 and now that i got the torch i honestly feel i love both phones equally... its just wait for it and be pissed or get fed up and buy a newer blackberry that already has os6 or has leaks for matter what way you go you wont be completely happy so you gotta deal with it..

i am at work currently and i can't wait to add this software if it improves the wifi and makes the touch smoother..i will post my findings tonight.. come on 5 o clock!

SMS bug is NOT fixed.

There's a new bug where, in the notifications screen, you cannot select messages. If you tap them with your finger you will open the first calendar appointment.

Otherwise it's running smoothly. Seems like an extra 3-4MB free memory which is honestly not worth caring about.

That's all I've noticed so far.

OK why can't they make the process of upgrading simpler? I can't seem to get it to update...really frustrating.

This leak is for the torch 9800. Stop hogging the bandwidth whining about 6.0 not available for the 9700. We don't care!

Buy a 9800 Torch or just wait for a release for your phone... If you need to vent, contact RIM not us, cause we don't give a flying rats azz about your 9700 not having 6.0 released for it.

just my two cents worth.....

No need to get testy....

And no need to say "we" speaking on behalf of 9800 owners cuz I personally don't really should be saying "you" don't care....don't get all Steve Jobso on everyone and start a war...between 9700 owners and 9800 owners.

Everyone here uses a Blackberry so can't we all get along?

This thread is about the new version of os6 on the torch. So you should only post here if you want to comment about this topic. Posts should be informative so that other 9800 owners can make a decision on wether they want to install this leak to their devices.

why is it these days we think that everyone wants to hear us whinge, take me back to the days were people could take it on the chin. Do no post about 9700 stuff in this post , create a new one or go to the old threads.

Back on topic.... For those running .246, do you see a major difference with this upgrade?

I currently find slight lag in the browser and sometimes between the different screens.

The difference between .141 and .246 is night and day (Faster, smoother, etc)... All the reviews should be redone on .246. Would have put the torch in a better light. (Sorry for the bad joke)

on the official site it doesn't say any thing about this version * OS can you guys let the new pll what is improve in this version.
So far my OS is very good as well as my BBT 9800

Thank you

...I can't believe that this is an official carrier release. The home screen navigation/swipe functionality is more laggy than .246 and when using the trackpad this has worsened too which I thought was quite good previously. After numerous battery pulls and resets I still get no response from a lot of the touchscreen icons when trying to open up my programs/applications and noticeably in bb app world and the camera. The only plus is that the browser does seem a lot smoother and pages appear to render quicker but overall for me on my device .284 is a downgrade...very disappointed

Is anybody else experiencing the same?

um... honestly.. marginally faster maybe...not anything really were it is noticed.. i don't have any problems with touch or icons.. web pages seem a little bit quicker but not lightning.. still playing around with it to see if there is anything that i can truely notice..

as of now.. i think your could live with or with out it..

I've got it running on my Torch from Rogers and things are working great. No major noticeable improvements but no problems to report. Some things seem to be working smoother then the previous version. No issues installing the new OS to the phone either.

Working great, had a smooth upgrade process (remember to delete the vendor.xml file)

Browser is more responsive, as is multitouch when you flick your finger to scroll a page, the checkerboard goes away quicker, renders text much faster than .246.

Worthwhile update, especially if you care about the webkit browser performance.

Apparently 624MHz is fast enough!

the notification bar is messed up. It keeps taking me to the top calendar item. No noticeable difference in speed/response so I am going back to 246.

On Rogers btw.

Does anyone know if they fixed the problem with the favorites menu and the problem with SMS how it would open in the middle as oppse to the latest text. Also, is the battery life any better?

Battery seems better on it but I've only had it for a few hours so far. I haven't had sms messages open in the middle yet or I haven't noticed at least

Sadly when you go to the screen on the home page that shows the message, calendar, twitter, facebook list...there is a BIG BUG on that page.

I can ONLY open my first Calender item but nothing else from that drop down list. I used to be able to open everything. I'm very disappointed.

If anyone knows what to do let me know. thanks.

Additionally, on a good note, the web browser runs much faster even with script. :-)

I have the Blackberry VM-605 and everytime I try to activate voice control the bluetooth connection drops. When running BlackBerry traffic and playing a podcast frequent skips and disconnects from the bluetooth. Not really a big improvement going back to