Official OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 now available from AT&T

By Adam Zeis on 5 Oct 2010 05:05 pm EDT
AT&T Os BlackBerry Torch 9800

Following in the footsteps of both Rogers and Telus, AT&T today released OS for the Torch 9800. The update brings some goods and some bads according to users, so give it a whirl and see what you like. This version was leaked a while back with mixed results. As always, use caution when installing any OS. Download from the link below or update through Desktop Manager.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 now available from AT&T


Great! I just downloaded the update from Rodgers 2 days ago and loaded it on my AT&T phone. I must say that in my opinion OS 246 is a much better build than the one that came with my phone (141).

I agree. Left my wifes Torch on 141 just to compare and 246 seems like a better build. Still have the tinny sound, but not quite as bad this time. Overall 246 is snappier and the WIFI issue seems to be resolved.

I wonder how long it will be until the the whining comments start rolling in on how AT&T should've released OS6 for the 9700... or how OS6 for the 9700 should be released already... or how life sucks because OS6 for the 9700 isn't yet released/leaked?

That's all they do is whine & complain about not having OS6. Boo hoo! I've got the storm 9530 & I'm happy w/ it!

I 2nd that. Almost happy, but we do have our difficult moments. Lol.

Its always funny listening to the whiners when you know you have the worst device in your hands. I love my 9530!

Yesterday I was starting to get antsy because I've encountered some goofy behavior on my Torch over the past week and a half of ownership, and knew that Rogers had already released an update. So as soon as I got the email I downloaded & installed it. Of course it was a pain to have to re-enter all the license info but other than that it went smooth (using BBDM).

So far my problem with favorites disappearing at random has been resolved. However, a lot of videos are still going out of sync and pixellating; these worked fine on my Bold 9000 but no longer on the Torch. Not sure if this something that can or will be resolved in a future update. I know some people are reporting spiffier response, but I never thought it was sluggish in the first place so I can't tell a difference.

If anyone has a list of the actual bugfixes it would be great to see it posted.

Wow Adam I don't know why you would make this update sound so luke-warm when it is WAYYYY better than the .141 that many AT&T users are still clinging to.

The mixed reviews are more in comparison to .225 which was, in my opinion, nearly identical to .246.

I've installed the leaked version and now the "official" att version. One thing I've noticed (on both versions)is when I connect to DM and look at the application window, periodically it will show that their is an update for the os that needs to be applied. I'll apply the update and later on it will come up again. I know it's happened after a battery pull, so I don't know if that's what makes the update show up again.

Anyone else having this issue. I don't know that I'm having any problems, but this is just annoying.

Does anyone have a link to where people were posting up mixed results? I've read that the ability to highlight the day in your email and "Delete Prior" has been removed but I haven't heard about anything else.

Assuming one still had an earlier OS 6.0 version on their Torch, would they be able to update via the "Software Updates" option on their device? Or is the only option to update by connecting to BlackBerry Desktop Manager on a computer?

The "Delete Prior" option has NOT been removed. It's available in every menu it's usable! Just personally checked! :)

I did the update based on your information but it turns out your information was wrong. If you highlight the day in your email and click on it, the "Delete Prior" option has been changed to "Mark Prior Opened" and "Delete Prior" is completely gone from that menu. For someone who used that all the time, this isn't a welcome change. I probably wouldn't have upgraded without your advice. Thanks!

I haven't done an OS upgrade in a long time. Will this wipe my device and require a reactivation of my BES account?

Also, I utilized the check for software updates feature and it said my device was current with 141.

My device has gotten really slow and "laggy" in the last week or so.

Well I tried 246 and went back to 141. One change that I didn't like... in 141 on a web page if you are scrolled way to the bottom , by tapping on the top of the title bar it would scroll back up to the top. This functionality is lost in 246. I find this useful when reading things like the ny times. One thing I have learned from using commercial software at work-- just cause it is newer don't mean its better.

A question to Jeffreii and all who are raving about this new version... what specifically is making it better. I would like to hear some concrete things that people say is improved as opposed to just saying WOW what exactly is it that has been improved by 246???

Also apparently for those who are getting a msg that prompts user to trust a new blackberry certificate when connecting to wifi. this is apparently because the wifi session has been cached because of the new upgrade and the torch is using an expired certificate. The resolution of this can be found at blackberry support article id kb15204

"I find this useful when reading things like the ny times. One thing I have learned from using commercial software at work-- just cause it is newer don't mean its better. "

I think you'll find this a matter of taste. I prefer the new functionality - it annoyed me to have to wait for an entire page to scroll up just to see the top toolbar...

"A question to Jeffreii and all who are raving about this new version... what specifically is making it better. I would like to hear some concrete things that people say is improved as opposed to just saying WOW what exactly is it that has been improved by 246???"
For me: you can clear downloads now. the virtual keyboard now displays larger pop-up keys. Fewer incidents of "clocking" in which I can't do anything (though this is hard to measure objectively). CPU spends less time burning my hand, regardless of what I'm doing. Swipe gestures are consistently fast on the home screen. Those are off the top of my head - there are more, but I can't remember specifics as I've been using the incremental leaks along the way, and no longer recall all of the original issues corrected.

One of the things that wasn't working for me in 141 was the Gmail enhancements. It was letting me set it up and sync to contacts, but the email icon did not give me the Label and Filter options... crucial tools for me. Now it's working great. Also, all day yesterday I was getting certificate errors and those seem to have disappeared too.

I would say there's way too much instability in 141 to warrant going back to it for one or other feature. I was having really weird things happen with my favorites, and in one case it actually created duplicate folders in my All screen. I also had apps with no icons (but they were in the installed apps list), so there was no way to run them except reinstall, etc. Then I had duplicate instances of the same app in my app list too. I really think 141 was beta material. So far 246 looks like an actual 1.0.

So here is some concrete info on why I think this updgrade is better than .141. The first is that the Favorites is fixed, as you are done installing it it goes back to the order that you had it in prior to you popping out the battery to reboot when you were running .141. I checked to verify that this was for real by popping out the battery after the install also prior to that I added some more icons to the Favorites and moved them around. When it rebooted it was exactly the way I left it prior to popping out the battery. The second is that the lag that you used to have with the touch screen when you used your fingers to navigate seems to be snappier. The verdict is still out but for now it seems to have fixed my two common problems.

I'm 99.99% sure that my battery life has become worse, I'm not sure by how much, but I'm sure it is worse after doing the update...

I'm 99.99% sure that my battery life has become worse, I'm not sure by how much, but I'm sure it is worse after doing the update...

Hey, the upgrade seems to have completely erased all my apps, emails, contacts, settings, etc...

Is there a way to get them back? It it means anything, I installed via desktop manager...

there is a button you should click before each upgrade. as well when you do the upgrade there is an option to backup all data before it starts and then will move it all back on after the install is done. you should be able to do a restore if you did that.

I just downloaded and installed and to be honest i have no idea what the difference is. Also, when i rearrange my apps, email, sms, bbm changes back to its original spot on its own. When i get a new email, the notification doesn't show on the home screen, you have to hit the menu button and then it shows. At one point one of my email accounts showed twice in the place of the twitter app. Not too sure what is going on.

This OS is much better. Nothing big fixed, lots and lots of little fixes. Particularly in the browser and user interface. On screen keyboard is a ton more responsive too. This is the Torch I've wanted!

as what was posted above, i had it lagging when i used the touch screen and some of the apps took forever to load, but it's not doing that now.

Here is a few things I've noticed.

Boot time is faster (although some may not notice a difference)
Touch screen is much more responsive to typing
Typing experience on touch screen has improved. (Has anyone noticed that the pop up bubbles when you press a key are now bigger)
Wifi issues are gone as far as I can tell.
Universal Search is much snappier
Browser is faster and address bar is always accessible.

The only thing that didn't work for me was the favorites, which not all programs I tagged as favorite showed up

How can I install the new software version? I follow the steps on executable file from rim and when I connect the device to the computer, it doesn't update the software, neither from applications nothing is shown, it say that there is no new version and the one my device has is the 141.

I'm using the torch with a qatar service provider, guess that has nothing to do.

What can I do? any help please

I am running .225 without any issues and as of now I have no reason to move on to .246, I not sure what the improvements are but from what I see listed here for .246, I saw the same improvements in .225.

Also my battery life improved in .225 unlike what I read stating that battery life decreased in .246

141 sucks period! and there is no reason anyone can justify by keeping the .141 os on their torch.

My wife and I both are sticking with .225 for now, we are happy with it.

Can anyone tell what are the differences between the 246 OS from Rogers, trelus and AT&T?

What languages are included in either versions? Do the have same language pack or different?


It is available wireless from AT&T too. You never even have to plug your phone into your computer. I would make sure you back it up before had JUST IN CASE!

Always backup your device before changing the OS. Even if you do OTA, I'd always back it up. I've never been able to do an OTA update.

Last night from the device I checked for new software and it said I was current. Today I checked and it said this upgrade was available. I did the OTA upgrade and it went pretty well. Initially it said device may be unusable for up to 2 hours but it took about 45 minutes and retained all my data.

So far touch screen seems WAY more responsive and smoother. No more lags when unlocking device and on screen keyboard seems much better. Prior to doing this upgrade my Torch was getting to be unusable - it is much better now.

I'm trying to update my OS from my device. I have to save the update to my device. Where do I go from there? How do I open what I just downloaded and have it affect my device?

OK I found it in files however when I go to open it it says 'Unable to display file/media card/9800 etc. I am determined to use my device to update the OS. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Since upgrading the firmware I cant get my bluetooth audio streaming to work. Bluetooth handset still connects, but stereo audio does not. I have tried with my in car JVC radio and my motorola DC800 BT audio receiver and no go. Anyone else having this problem?


Same problem here. I did not download it from this site but its the same version # that shipped with my new phone.

It pairs with my vehicle and motorola s305 rockr for phone calling but NO music. It was working on my previous Blackberry curve 8900 but not with this new Torch 9800. Why? Have you done anything to fix it?

Hi, I updated my OS via OTA 3 days ago. AT&T sent out a notification that said the device HAD to be updated by November 14th. Now I'm having the following problems:
1 - Timer. Every 15 seconds the little timer shows up and my screen freezes. It also does it when I get a phone call.
2 - When I get an SMS text I get an alert that I have a Social Feed as well.
3 - Periodically decides that it doesn't want to connect to the internet.
4 - Battery Life is HORRID! I usually only have to charge the phone once a day. Yesterday I had to charge it three times! I was actually using the phone LESS!
5 - The icons on any of the screens will periodically decide to NOT work.
I've done multiple reboots. Taken it into the store and had them look at it only to shrug and say, I'm sure they'll send another update soon to fix the "little" bugs.

Anyone else?