Official OS: for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 released by Sprint

Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9650
By Bla1ze on 26 Oct 2010 03:31 pm EDT

For all you BlackBerry Bold 9650 users out there that only like to run official goodness on your devices and that are with Sprint. You'll be pleased (or disppointed?) to know that OS is now available for download. You can hit up the Sprint BlackBerry download page or go via OTA, although some folks reported that OTA was acting funny. Thanks to many, many folks who sent this in. Even though, most of you all were just ticked off that it wasn't BlackBerry 6 that was released.

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Official OS: for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 released by Sprint


i got the email last night about the update and was sooooo excited cause i thought it was BB6 yeah right what a let down ! i had to download it twice cause my navigation wouldn't work now my ubertwitter doesn't work , why cant they release bb6 its BULLCRAP ! sprint is launching BB Style Sunday what gives , lmao i probably just answered my own question they proably wont release it till way after the stele has launched , just so they sell more styles why buy a new style when you can download it for Bold ... Damn Sprint get it together and show some damn love to your customers ...

AFTER two 6 releases, then they think they can slip another 5 through. Laughable! Keep 5 alive! Keep 5 alive! hahaha!

im running 983 for the last week since it was released from cbeyond. and i have to say that 975 was much more stable.

is overrated. I tried it and until all the bugs are out, I am not going to use it. If I could have the webkit browser but keep everything else as it is on the 5.0 I would like it ok. I happen to like how the set-up is now. I am glad I could downgrade back to the 5.0
My battery life was horrible on the 6.0 I had to charge up my Bold twice a day AND I wasn't using it a lot. I can get two days without charging right now.

why are yall complaining? just install the leaked os6 for 9650 dont kill urself over not having a os6 version officially released

I've been running the leaked OS 6 on my phone for about 3 weeks now and I've had absolutely no problems out of it. I don't usually use any thing leaked over the internet but if u haven't tried it I'd definitely give it a shot.

You must be the only person. I had issues with just about everything, including signal strength, draft messages disappearing in "threaded" view, call-waiting issues, random reboots, battery drain, and no social feeds on the homescreen.

Oh, and scrolling between don't-call-them-tabs was a pain in the arse.

So, yeah, keep 5 alive - because OS6 is a mis-fit for the Bold 9650.

I think this shows that Sprint has no plans to release OS 6 for the Bold 9650, at least not very soon. The leaked builds probably came from Verizon :)

Oh well surely we won't see OS 6 for our Bolds "officially" for another 1-2 months. I want the fugley style anyway. Anyone want a week old Bold? For 399.99? Just playin I know yall are smarter than that

Does anyone know if or where there is a changelog for this release? I'd be interested in upgrading if I knew what changed.

Guys, the leaked OS6 for the Bold 9650 is great. version 280 runs very smooth. Sprint isnt going to release it for the 9650 due to the Style being their big seller for customers dying to have OS6. Same reason ATT will not release anything for the 9700 due to the Torch agreements with Blackberry. In order for these carriers to have exclusive rights to these devices Sprint(Style) ATT(Torch), they have to agree to sell a certain amount per quarter and OS6 is what is going to move these new units. Once these new units are out for a while they will officially release OS 6 for the 9650/9700

My comments exactly. Why let the OS 6 out for an older device when they can't unload the current device with OS 6. The Style is not what anyone wanted in in a BB and the Torch is poor example of getting a touch screen BB to the market. I understand both sides of the fence on the deal. We as end users want the latest and greatest OS, yet the carrier wants to sell as many of the new devices as they can. It’s all about =$$$. If they let the OS 6 out of the bag for the older devices people would not buy the new stuff. Like the post above says we will have to either vote with our feet, wallets or hold tight until RIM/Carrier releases the OS that we all want.

I couldn't have said it better myself. I've been running 6.0 since it was leaked, and I've had absolutely no problems with the .280 version. The first leak (was it .222?) was a little annoying with Pandora not working correctly and a few other things, but .280 is GREAT.

Why anyone who is into their Sprint 9650 enough to be surfing around would still be running any version of 5.0 is beyond me. And while it certainly isn't earth shattering, I think 6.0 is a significant improvement from previous OS releases. Definitely worth a shot.


Can't tell any difference in .983 other than the hourglass showing up and freezing up the side for several seconds. I never saw the hourglass before this update.

Well I did notice after upgrading to .983 that the yellow lightening bolt is no longer solid when you charge the 9650. Personally I don't care for this feature, and I kinda liked the solid icon instead of the flashing indicator. Over all its running pretty smoother than it was before. I have yet to experience any hourglass icons, so we'll see. :)


I've also noticed that the bed side mode feature won't turn on when I charge it to my wall charger. Did a search on CB forums, turns out 9550 users experienced the same thing and have fixed that issue with hybrid file. Any ideas with how to fix this, please PM me to let me know. Turns out its a bigger annoyance than I had anticipated.

Since the update I had four calendars showing and that created duplicates of everything. I got rid of the facebook one but still have my email (outlook) calendar (which I want) but also have a default calendar and a gmail calendar. How do I delete both of these?

A few things before I start to ramble on. The upgrade was not on Sprint's site. They still have the last version up claiming it's the latest. Not available via OTA either. Last but not least, DM did not find it either. So this must be a dirtly little secret. So I downloaded it last night. Everything went fine. A few quirks I've noticed. In the previous version when I placed a call from the previous calls page and I hit the caller I got all the numbers associated with that person, not so any more. I like the old version better. The phone locks now when I put it into the case, did not do that before. I'm not impressed with this release at all. RIM could have done a better job on the OS.

Sprint now has the update posted on it's web site. Only a day late and dollar short! Idiots! I figured out the call log snafu. Once you place a call to one of the callers on the call list it will populate the other numbers for that name. The clock shows up like it did before without fail. The camara is a bit crappy, but it's a cell phone camera and I would not expect anything more out of it. Could care less abaout the charger lightning bolt, as long as it charges who cares what it says it or looks like.

thanks to all who posted their comments and results - i'm sure many people like myself appreciate them and didn't do the download. I wouldn't know how to go back to .699 myself.

sorry that you are having these problems and have to go thru the mess of correcting it


I've not seen any improvements. I’m disappointed totally!! I suspect they just wanted to keep up with Verizon’s latest update as the natives were getting restless. Sprint has long been behind the power curve on everything. From infrastructure to support they lack in every department.

This update has caused me several problems. I can't get BBM to open and CrunchSMS won't send or receive since the installation of this new update. When trying to open BBM I get the message: uncaught so I'm considering reverting to .699, but I'm not sure how to do it.
Barry Heath

One step up two steps back, I see no real use to this upgrade--at least not worth the time and bother of the cumbersome BlackBerry OS process. I have thirty apps and for some reason my security settings were not entirely respected and I spent an hour during the opening NBA game resetting several settings for each and every application--AFTER I re-registered and reset the basic settings for about twenty of them.

RIM and Blackberry are great companies, and my Sprint service has been exemplary, but for some guys who talk some nice trash about those punks at Apple, we need SOLUTIONS to this retarded thing of baby step updates that are the equivalent of buying a new phone in terms of applications.

Remember my damned security settings in DM and put em back the way they fricking were or I'm not buying any more of your phones.

Why is this so difficult for you in this day and age?


I'm not the type of geek who whines about his phone and OS bells and whistles and blah blah, but waiting over half a year for the 6.0 features that we deserve and then being offered this ill-defined patch is pretty insulting... especially after I searched all over the Sprint site for documentation and got none.

Again, this is EXACTLY how to lose a customer.

We deserve an explanation on all of the above.

All of a sudden BBM crashed and when trying to reopen it all I get is "Uncaught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException".

what a joke, downloaded monday night, contacts and calender wont sync, sprint tech support worthless all day tues trying to make work, tues night reverted back to prior software finally back to the way it was before. what a pain!!!

I've got the unit on Verizon and have the leak installed already anyways but these lingering OS 5 releases are pathetic already.

Give us the (official) goods. NOW.

The camera now takes pictures like it's a 1.3 megapixel camera with this latest update. One thing i noticed when running a leaked OS6 was the real time camera image on screen was clearer and was not as distorted when moving the phone prior to snapping a pic. Also the ring tones were a lot louder using OS6. Some of my own are very hard to hear on OS5.

Anyone noticing better battery performance with this release? I just got a replacement yesterday prior to this being released. I don't know if its just a new battery but my other 9650 was only a few months old.

For all of the comments! So glad that I have NOT downloaded this so-called "upgrade". Unless there are SIGNIFICANT changes (like OS 6), seems pretty worthless to me. I'm satisfied with what I have. Plus I don't have the time (or energy) to re-customize my phone for a minimal update.

I put this update on my bold and the 1st thing i notice is while charging my display clock dont show. even after checking the setting under clock. same issue. and i notice the flashing charging symbol. really dont care about that but my clock while charging i do care about. doing a downgrade as we speak

Got excited thinking it was an official os6
But what do you know its not.
Sorry sprint official update
But I'm staying with the leaked os6 on my phone
Works great. Love it

Other than the clock not coming on with the charger, everything is working fine. The 9650 is my first BlackBerry, so I wanted to try this little step to see how an upgrade functioned. Mostly agree with a few other people here that I would prefer the new 6 system, though my financial apps are not all updated to that yet.

First thing I have noticed is that battery life is slightly better. I don't have any explanation for that, but perhaps there is some background process doing a bit less to drain down the battery. WiFi performance also seems a little better.

I noticed I needed to re-enter information for several password protected apps I use. In a way I have used this for the move to BB6, as a practice run. Now I know what information I need to keep handy before I upgrade.

After downloading this update, my Sprint TV won't open. When I went to sync the following day, my Blackberry Desktop Manager told me to downgrade to the previous version.

Just give me OS6.

I've had my 9650 for about 3 months and have had email and plenty of uncaught ex's on my phone,this seems to have fixed what problems I had,so it might be worth doing it if you have similar problems.

...well it does actually, but only when I plug the phone into my computer with a usb cable. If I plug the phone into the power outlet, the clock doesn't come on automatically. Oh well

I'm a new Blackberry user so please forgive my lack of knowledge!
Just downloaded OS .983 update yesterday and have had a number of issues:

- phone has rebooted 8 times in last 12 hrs
- upper right side reads X instead of showing bars...but I can make calls (?)
- after reboots, try to set up email (again!) only to get "your connection to the mobile network is turned on, but you are not in a wireless coverage area"

List goes on but these are the main issues. Saw that people have gone gone back to previous OS which is looking like a good option. If these issues can't be fixed, how would I do that?