Official OS for The BlackBerry Pearl 3G released by Pelephone

BlackBerry Pearl 3G Official OS
By Bla1ze on 22 Oct 2010 01:34 am EDT

BlackBerry Pearl 3G owners, if you're looking for a new OS to check out that's higher then any leak out there for your device then you'll want to grab the latest official OS from Pelephone. OS has gone official and is now available for download. Of course, if Pelephone is not your carrier you'll want to delete your vendor.xml file but, after that you'll be good to go. Are any of you Pearl 3G owners out there just wishing BlackBerry 6 would drop for your device just as much as the BlackBerry Bold 9700 owners? Just curious, if so comment and let us know.



9650?! Isn't this 9105?


Lol!!! When I saw the post on Twitter I was like "HUH?!?!?!!?!".


Ya, my bad.. I have no idea where the 9650 came from in my head.


It's a brand new hybrid model...the Pearl 3G!


Well at least us Bold 9700 owners are not alone when it comes to the BlackBerry 6 wait... And yeah I thought the 9650 was a Bold, not a Pearl -____-



Don't waste your time in releasing 5.x.x.x. just release OS 6 for few other lower model and concentrate in BB Playbook launch..


I love my pearl and would love to have OS 6 on it today!


It's funny, I'm a bold 9700 and a curve 3g 9300 owner. It's twice the TORCHer waiting for OS 6 for either! C'mon rim, let's just stop the teasing and get on with OS6 upgrade already! hahahaha


I am really looking forward to see OS6 hit the 9100!