Official OS now available for the BlackBerry Curve 8530 from Verizon Wireless

By Adam Zeis on 8 Sep 2010 03:39 pm EDT
Verizon 8530 OS

The latest official OS comes from Verizon for the BlackBerry Curve 8530. OS was made available yesterday and is ready to roll. Hopefully some new fixes to tweak up the remaining bugs and get things running smooth. As usual, use caution when installing even though this is an official OS. If you get it up and running, be sure to leave a comment letting us know how it is. Verizon users can head to the link below to download.



Think any other os's are coming out for other phones. Like he storm 2. :)


Is it just me or have there been a lot of official 5.0 OS lately for devices that won't be getting 6??? Could that mean that RIM and carriers are doing these purposely before rolling out BlackBerry 6 to newer devices? As a consolation perhaps?


As much as I would like for the 8530 to get OS 6, I know that's not realistic. But I do feel that we at least deserve the Webkit Browser.


Idk how I like it I've had a lot of service issues since before that outage a week or two ago and have been changing OS's in hopes of a fix. Today is the first day my Blackberry hasn't had fluctuating signal all day long. I'm on with a Sprint BlackBerry hopefully things stay stable. I think .886 is good to though. And yeah RIM is basically trying to screw us into buying new phones the only difference in hardware of the 8530 and the 9330 is color and model numbers (what jerks!!)


121.3 mb of memory...7 3rd Party Apps...drew10 theme by D.R.e.W...NOW fast just got faster!!!!


Its a good one.stable...

US Cellular "officially" released and pushed this
over a week ago. It was not a leak, see the link below.

Not sure why Verizon got the headlines US Cellular
shot it out the door first and folks have been downloading it via the Forums for over sometime now.

Either way it works well.



I thought that the 8530 was capable of running OS 6? If the Curve 3G can, why can't the 8530? They have identical specs?


Curve 2 8530 256MB Flash/256MB RAM
Curve 3G 9330 512MB Flash/512MB RAM

They don't look identical to me.


The Curve 3G 9330 has the same amount of memory as the 8530 which is 256MB. From what I've seen the difference is in the processor, the Curve 3G has a 624MHZ processor while the 8530 has a 528MHZ processor.


Doesn't look identical to me either, but the Curve 3G doesn't have 512 MB of flash or RAM so your smart ass reply is irrelevant. Thanks nikki for knowing what you're talking about.. Oh well either way I'm bummed :(


When are they going to give the 8330 an update to 5.0. I have seen someone using a boost mobile upgrade on their verizon phone but I don't think it is a good plan. Any ideas?


You realize that US Cellular released .866 earlier than Verizon, right?


Wait can't u load OS6 onto the curve 8520 and 8520 using the Curve 3G version? I mean they have the same specs and screen res the only difference is that the 8520 doesn't have 3G so what's holding u guys back from doing so?.


Downloaded it but it seems slow! Any ideas?? I'm not a  expert lol


I'm having the same issue, it's taking forever to download, I'm really thinking that this download won't be done in the morning...guh!


Yeah it took like a hour seriously !?! But still seems slow ugh


dont understand why they would do this when they also put an eol (end of life) on it. wish they would put these things out when you will have time to enjoy, but its still good in a way for the ones who are waiting for something different from bb, i have a storm anyway wish they give us more love, i know this post is contradicting but i was just venting.


I agree mrmojr1, I'm just gonna enjoy the next year with my S2 and next Aug. should have plenty of nice new devices out by then. Hopefully the LTE Storm.


I was wondering the same thing! I will probably do the update anywaybut it still makes you wonder.


Storm 2 should get a new update in the next week or so, always do. My wife has the 8530 and I have the 9550 and its almost like clockwork.


Hi all, any difference between the two OS's? I updated a week ago when USC came out with .886.

Can we get a sticky in the BlackBerry Curve 8520/8530 Forum for this?




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Started the download yesterday at 1:30. It said it could take over an hour--okay, I'm here until 5:30--HAH! The download did not finish until 9:30. What's up with that?


I applied this upgrade yesterday but since have not been able to receive SMS or send an SMS. Does anyone else have this issue? My wife is having the same problem.


Have you found a fix for this?


Having the same problem. Have spent hours on phone with Verizon


Has anyone figured this out yet? My wife got the OTA and since then has been having a horrible time with SMS and BBM.


The download was a sucess


I downloaded this update. To LESS then 2 hours...of course I DO have a lot of free memory (96% device)...and GREAT 3G coverage here in Vero Beach, FL.


I don't know if it's this update or the Blackberry Desktop Manager update that I did earlier today but it has been 4 hours and counting and my 8530 is just now getting to the reboot mode after the install. Whew I still crossing my thumbs while waiting for it to restore all the apps. Ok, finally finished. It took exactly 5 hours from backup to finish. Talk about a slow process.


My update was quick and under 2 hours. The only changes I can see so far is my AOL email icon has changed and when I open my sound profiles the icons do not match the mode listed beside it. But on the home screen and BB menu screen they show correct.


Any OTA links anymore? I'm on sprint but would like to get this update


I downloaded the new software through the desktop manager yesterday on my 8530, it took a 5 hours! no noticable changes.although i havnt really took the time to go through the whole phone to check everything.


OTA download coming up in wireless update under advanced options in case anyone still having problems with DM...


I downloaded the OS on my 8520 last night and now all of the contacts in my address book have been duplicated. ACK! I am assuming I didnt read something carefully but this has never happened with any other upgrades.

Besides the duplications, I've noticed no differences.


super fast, much less buggy and more streamlined with certain icons and so forth. OS speed and reboot is much faster as well.