Official: OS released by Vodafone for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

Official: OS released by Vodafone for the BlackBerry Bold 9700
By Bla1ze on 6 Aug 2010 03:25 pm EDT

Here we go with an official update for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. This time around, Vodafone has rolled out OS which was previously leaked. If you downloaded the leaked version you already you may pass but, if you were wating for an official realease you can hop on over to the Vodafone site and grab it. If Vodafone is not your carrier be sure to check for the vendor.xml file and delete it before loading.

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Official: OS released by Vodafone for the BlackBerry Bold 9700


Can some one please tell me what is new in this version? Currently I am using .602 AT&T release.

.862 has done a few things over .743 that I really like.
1. The memory use option is back in Media player. (It was there for .330, then gone for .743??)

2. Even better battery life, almost 2 days with moderate use. Really.

3. Pictures experience is awesome. A lot smoother. Way less pixelated.

4. And maybe the biggest of all, it saved 10MB on my phone! Nothing missing, just more efficient I guess. That being said, the phone feels a lot snappier and all apps open noticably quicker. ( Those last 2 could be completly in my mind...)

I hope this makes you wanna try out .862. Best we got till BB6. Which I don't think we'll get till after Xmas. That way anyone who just can't wait and HAS to have the newness will go out and pay top dollar for it, then those who don't will eventually get it. Like a sypathy upgrade..... Saucky but better late than never.

Another update for 5... those who don't run out a buy the 9800 are going to be waiting forever for 6, aren't we?

Stupid version 5 leaks. ALL we want NOW is BLACKBERRY 6. Why cant rim just give it to us.

That will make everyone happy.

And to be able to finally watch youtube videos on my blackberry. Right now everything i have tried is a pitiful excuse for a 2010 smartphone.

day one, still got 70% (approx) left
got back a bit over 10 mb on memory
and yes its more snappier than before...

its a must build to install...

Well at least we are getting something here? I'm not sure if there is much difference in the web browsing on this OS but I'm going to load it in a few and cross my fingers that it at least helps out a little bit? Browsing is so painful these days...but I do least pop out an OS 6 leak for us to abuse and try out.

Can someone tell me the correct way to download when you have a different carrier? I forgot how to do it. Thanks.

I'm from asia and obviously under a different carrier but wanna upgrade my OS before OS6 comes out. Would appreciate some info on how to get this upgrade and not screw things up with my phone and carrier. Thanks!

There isn't much doubt that this version of OS5 is the best yet - rock-like stability and excellent battery life. Add a BB6 theme and Opera Mini 5.1 and, to judge from the videos of the 9800 running BB6, you're not far from the BB6 experience to come - with the benefit that you've still got 100MB for applications. I'm fully expecting the version of BB6 we get for the 9700 to be a letdown - after all, the bulk of what we've seen so far has needed a touchscreen and the 9700 screen is too small for fully rendered web pages - so be happy with what you've got and stop hoping for an earthshattering change that isn't coming.

lmao @ earth shattering changes... lol... they will never understand what you mean by that.

But i been running with the leak for about 2 weeks now and i been perfectly fine...

@ljcn What are you talking about? Us 9700 users are waiting on OS 6 for the sheer fact of the better web browsing speed!
Primarily, that's it! :P

Seems Vodafone UK haven't updated the Wireless update option yet, it's still telling me there are no Updates available.

for anyone who isn't using the Google toolbar, it has a Translate feature which will convert the writing in to English or you native language.

to the bottom of the page and click the red button. This basically says you agree to the blah, blah, blah.....

Akzeptieren und herunterladen

that must mean, "you are stupid american, learn our native language if you are highjacking our OS."

I figured out how to remove the vendor.xml file on my Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit, backed up my data, then downloaded and installed. I've got AT&T in the U.S. So far so good, but we'll see how it goes after about 3 days...

Went from 94 MB available (.602) to 111 MB available (.862) for applications. People here are saying the battery can last for 3 days! I'm hoping that's true!

Loving it so far, especially with the fact that it now enables UMA calling on my phone (a feature previously disabled by my carrier for 9700s).

Aside from that perk, everything else is pretty much the same. Haven't noticed any other optimizations with this OS.

What's up with people spamming the boards with useless ads? Crackberry needs to put a "report" or "flag" option after each post so if someone thinks a post is inappropriate, he/she can let the administrators/moderators be aware.

im running the leaked version of this battery life is excelent. no dropped calls so far and dropped data a few times though but i live in a crappy island without 3g :( but so far so good.

after I upgraded to .862.

Am I the only one with this problem? Did a battery pull maybe 3 or 4 times and my e-mails are still not loading properly -- the hyperlinked text is displaying properly but no images.

This happened before when I went up to .593, which was resolved when I upgraded to .680. No problems when I moved up to .743.


OK, so I downloaded and istalled the Offcial OS 770 yesterday, then noticed there was a leaked 862 out there so I downloaded 862 but did not install it yet. Is there any differences between the 3 OS's? OR any differences between the leaked 862 and the Offical 862. I like to keep up with the latest OS, but am like everyone else and waiting for Blackberry 6. Thanks.

I deleted the vendor.xml file and i cannot update my bold 9700 from att. I currently have .602 and it sucks. please help

Is it a loading issues after you try to run the app loader? If so try this, highlight "loader" and RIGHT click. You should see an option to "run as administrator." Select this option. Hopefully this will solve the problem.

I just got my 9700 the other day and unlocked it so im pretty noobie at this firmware stuff...

If i download and update this will it lock my phone like (iphones previously owned so more familiar) do i have to unlock again or its permenantly unlocked? cuz i rmb from iphones you gotta wait til new unlock/jailbreak is out etc etc. for new firmwares...

i have the .743 version is there any diff with this new .862 one? thanks for the help guys!

Worse upgrade experience I've had, app loader crash in the middle of upgrade had me thinking I had bricked my 9700. Worked through it with a couple of battery pulls and reconnects. Had to reinstall most programs, and the OS started out really sluggish. Bottom line is I'm glad I upgraded, this is most responsive OS with a faster web browser, and all apps work very well

my goodness this is a slow download, even after an hour it's only now at 68 of 399 modules and that's using Broadband. at this rate it may not be done when I go to bed. just hope it will speed up within next 5 hours. this is gonna be an expensive OS update! though judging by hte reviews it will be worth it. update 3 hours in and only just reached 185

this is my first time upgrading my software, and it went smoothly ! i love this new OS, its a lot faster and there are a couple of different aesthetic updates. didn't take long to download either.

sooo only one negative hopefully someone can help me out with... i love everything about the upgrade. faster apps, browser, and more memory. only issue is my stand by mode no longer exists. how do i get it back?

Did anyone else get an error message? I was about 3 hours into the update and it said to check my internet connection or something? But my internet connection is fine...

I started at about 7:15 pm and this happened around 10:30. Help?

found 1 problem since I updated to this rom, my incomming hotmail does not seems to work, removed the email account several times, but it did not help :S
I CAN sent out email.. weird huh?

Hey crackberry users!

Really new to the BB world.

Need help =)

1.Downloaded the new OS (Currently using 5.0.0351 - I know its a disgrace =)
2.Ran the set-up, installed successfully without any hiccups.
3.Deleted the vendor.xml file
4.Plugged my bb to the usb, started the DM (DM Ver
5.Clicked on update my device
6.Checking for updates
7.Update Available - Get Update
8.Connecting to your BB
9.Yellow window pops up mentioning how long will the process takes and to back up the files
10.Clicked on Install Update on the same Pop Up
11.There was an error updating your software, ONE OR MORE MODULES could not be resolved?????? =(

Please advise, after reading everybody's comments, I so want to update to this OS.

I actually launched the crappy BB Desktop Software and was prompted to update.

After reading about how great it is after the update i'm in the process of updating!

can't wait!