Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8520 and 8900 now available from T-Mobile

T-Mobile OS
By Adam Zeis on 3 Sep 2010 11:39 am EDT

T-Mobile has officially released OS for both the BlackBerry Curve 8520 and BlackBerry Curve 8900. We're seeing a trend now with the ol' .822 as this joins both the Rogers and AT&T Bold 9000 releases. Surely there is some new and slightly improved goodness with this OS, so if you're ready and willing give it a go. Its been a while since we've seen an update for either of these devices, so be sure to drop a comment and let us know how its working for you if you upgrade.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8520 and 8900 now available from T-Mobile


was actually just loggin in to see what new OS was available for my wifes phone and it was right there at the top of the page.

I've downloaded and installed the OS update - it's okay. Device runs smoother and faster. Everything was fine on the day I downloaded the update. Unfortunately a day later, I now have problems with my plazmic themes and I am unable to find an updated reader for my 8900 (T-Mobile). Anyone have an OTA link to the most recent version of the plazmic theme reader? I've searched the Crackberry forums and the only link I can find is for an 8700 device. Really don't want to lose my plazmic themes, but will sacrifice them if I have to. Also having issues with BBM profile pics being blown out and losing their connection to my BB Contacts. Working to see if I can correct the issues on my own before possibly downgrading.

That has to be the most dumbest, out of place comment I ever read. Lets see, you now have a Droid, but still check CB post. But what gets me is that there been leaks for weeks on this OS(oh, I'm sure you seen them on here), or you just wanted to be a troll and diss BB and Tmo to make you feel better for paying too much for your Droid on Big Red. FAIL!

T-Mobile users have been waiting for nearly a year for the OS 5 upgrade for the 8900. The device had a very short shelf life, and we were led to believe that future upgrades were not forthcoming.

It's pretty frustrating to buy a brand new, "top-of-the-line" device, only to worry that the carrier will drop support for future upgrades within a few short months.

I installed the update on my daughter's 8520 yesterday. Device is faster, smoother, and more features i.e. visual voicemail, dedicated sms-mms icon on homescreen, and she reports the browser is faster than 4.6 too.

I've been running this OS for a couple weeks, now that it's official should I reinstall? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

I'm totally astonished that an update from tmo I never see updates from tmo an AT&T there always last I never thought I'd see this intresting

I just installed it from T-Mob's website. It looks and acts stable. The music player app was moved and taken out of the media folder and the icons did change a bit. Also, the Wb2Go icon was changed to one called "My Account". Otherwise, nothing major really in difference.
I have visual voicemail now (not available without 5.0 os).

so how did you solve a goofus, i downloaded the new upgrade, and have no phone ringers ...

guess it is only important when i want to receive a call, and right now i am out of maybe a blessing in disguise...

so what was your solution?

thanks, t

I got this update yesterday morning. Downloaded it immediately and installed it. Installation went fine. No issues. It updated all the apps except Facebook and BB App World so they were not working. I downloaded the latest version again and then had then working. Had twitter before upgrade and after upgrare Twitter was showing as installed in app world but no where to be found. Not even in Options -> Application. So finally used Desktop Manager to install it. Was having some issues with getting visual voice mail activated. SO chatted with Tmob and got it working. Then i downloaded tmobile my account, it worked but later found out that when I was in wifi it does not work. It refuses to give any status if you are on wifi. Havent activated the mobile backup that copies contacts onto tmob server. Since i use google sync for contacts sync so not going to use tmobile mobile backup.
One of the major problem i am seeing is with sounds and profile. When i go to change the profile and set the ringtone for various options such as phone/messages etc and you know how it plays the ringtone when you are scrolling thru them. That play stops after a while and i cannot listen to any ringtone after a while. Even the 'try it' function does not play anything. And this morning my clock alarm did not went off. So when i got up i snoozed it and then restarted the bb by battery pull and then as soon as it came back the alarm started ringing. Even normal phone calls are affected.
So any idea why & what is this?

It's uncanny that you and I had the EXACT same issues upon installing the update. I'm going to try and be patient and work with the system upgrade unless the issues become more annoying. Please post any other issues you may have on this board and I'll do the same - thanks!

I hope someone finds out how to fix the sounds & profile issue and I don't miss my next alarm.!!::))

I heard some Torches have this problem with the player quitting when using MP3 ringers from the SD card. Sounds like somebody at RIM really botched something...

I'm running the leaked version since a month or so and am having the same problem, sometime the device stops producing any sound, have to do a battery pull.

I "upgraded" my T-mob 8900 to .822 using an official release from a different carrier a couple months back. Had the EXACT same issue. Searched around forums, and apparently its pretty common for .822, regardless of carrier.

I couldn't find a solution, and as so, downgraded to .592 (again, another carriers official release), which from all accounts, is one of the best releases in terms of the curve 8900. Works rock solid on t-mobile.

Am definitely not going to upgrade to t-mob's .822 official release knowing other people are having the same issue I was having in the past with that release.

I just got this update and now I'm having the same issues with the sound and profiles. Even when I turn vibration off it still vibrates which is annoying. I also really miss the "do not disturb" feature that the last OS had. I really hope there is a solution to this soon!

Think they waited long enough? I was shocked when I synced through DM and it acutally said there was an update.

Been running the leaked 822 on my Javelin since July sometime. Have had no ill effects and it does seem slightly faster. Battery life is about the same for me as the 411 I was running previously (I don't like to update with each minor release if I'm not having any issues).

Would have really liked to have the new browser that comes with OS6. Still haven't gotten over the fact that my 1 1/2 year old phone is to old for the new OS and browsing is the one thing that the phone sucks at.

I think that I had to go get BBM after the update and there appears to be more useless Rogers icons arriving that I need to keep in my hidden Unused folder.

Make sure that you have a theme that supports OS5 if you have never upgraded. My old Carbon8900 theme did weird things on 411 and was still strange when I tried it with 822. Blackberry Pro 4 and 5 work great, are both free and are as good as any premium theme out there.

So I'm not able to provide a phone # in order to download the file... Where else could I download it directly? Please help, I would really like to upgrade to .822! I'm currently running .681

i downloaded it for my wifes phone from an asian carrier. i think it was hutchison. i found the link here on crackberry somewhere, just use the search bar for it.

Come on blackberry doctors and experts!! Iam facing the same prob as the others!! No tmobile phone number!! I feel so left out!!!! Will my bb ever get the new OS!!!

It would appear that there's a bug in BB OS . After updating our 8900's to BB OS we noticed the 'Keypad Lock' icon was missing. Upon attempting to use the keypad lock convenience key located on top (left) of the 8900 we discovered that while our keypad locked, the owner information is not visible, instead the display instantly goes black (standby?). The mute call convenience key also located on top (right) of the 8900 used to function as a standby convenience key (except during a call) in previous OS versions, until now. Unfortunately, since the owner information is not visible, this will prevent lost devices from being returned to the owner, as a person who finds the device will not be able to see the locked device's owner's contact information to return the phone.

It's a shame on how long it took Tmo to get this out there which is one of the many reasons why I may leave to another carrier for a android device. I like to be able to have my device up to par with the rest of the world. Maybe Tmo and RIM will do something to convince me otherwise by Feb but I'm not going to hold my breath on it.

It's about time that the 8900 got some love. I hope that they get more on the ball when the 9780 come out. Hell they should see about getting the new 8900 that was mentioned.

I was ready to give up on T-Mobile at the first opportunity since they seemed to neglect my device, but thay just bought themselves a little bit more time...thanks.

Hey BB lovers... I have what I think its a good question regarding this topic... I have bb 8530, from a Mexican cvarrier... I would like to know someone here can tell me when is the 5.0 available heree... Or where to inquire about this... ?

Kudoos.. !!

que tal, al igual que tu vivo en mexico, la version 5.0 esta disponible desde que cualquier otro carrier la tenga, no necesitas esperar a q tu compañia saque su version, simplemente busca la nueva version para tu modelo independientemente del carrier e instalala usando el app loader previa eliminacion del archivo vendor.xml de tu pc.
tengo un curve 8900 con os

I downloaded it for my wifes phone from an asian carrier. I think it was hutchison. I found the link here on crackberry somewhere, just use the search bar for it.

my first update bricked the device so i had to clean out the phone and do a fresh install and then restored my programs from the backup. after a second try at the update everything has been smooth sailing. the phone is running faster, the additions and updates a welcome sigh of relief, the old OS was almost unusable save for a phone and email device, i can now get map directions extremely quick, web sites load up at a much faster rate and my apps have been given a turbo boost even with the same amount of storage space as i had on the older OS.

i had almsot given up on my 8900 and was waiting for the contract to run out and get an android, now i think i'll be happy with this little baby for a little while longer...

In response to neokuji's post about the 8900 lock convenience key...I have the same issue with my 8900. I have noticed, however, if your phone goes into the security timeout, the lock icon will be s shown at the top left as well as owner information. Unfortunately, the lock key doesn't work exactly like it used to, but the owner information hasn't gone away completely.

downloaded and installed 822 on curve 5820 now themes won't install either with bjavaloader or apploader on desktop manager it shows they r there, but not available in themes don't see them on the phone also media explorer is missing.

might go back to b082 wind hellas

I've been using it for a day now and haven't had any of the problems/bugs the other users are reporting above, so far so good. I went for the "all languages" version since I need my crackberry to display japanese and chinese characters.

Do I use that link on my bb or can I use it with my laptop? Im on tmobile so I don't understand why I can't perform the wireless update.

I just upgraded my tmobile 8520 to I had the same experience with the ringtones going silent. removing the battery will turn on whatever ringtone I select but it doesn't fix the selection process. Therefore I have to remove the battery every time I change the ring tone to see what the new one sounds like

the one i downloaded from tmobile is buggy (no sound could be heard at all!). i then downloaded the same version from and it works fine and faster. :)

Downloaded it early this morning, and I have the same sound issues, it just shuts after a little while and have to reset it to make it work again. I'll keep with the .681 version as it worked good for me.