Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 now available from AT&T

AT&T OS Bold 9000
By Adam Zeis on 24 Aug 2010 11:13 am EDT

If you're still hanging on to that old reliable Bold 9000 you're in luck today as AT&T has officially released OS We don't often talk about the 9000, but I know there are plenty of you who refuse to let it go. By now you are most likely running a leaked 5.0 or one from another carrier, but if you're on AT&T today is your day. Head over to the software downloads page below to get rolling. Thanks Parth!

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 now available from AT&T


I think this is going to be the LAST official OS 5.0 release. It's what AT&T and Rogers were waiting for... and it's done.

I agree. This is prolly the last build for the Bold 9000. However, i dont see the point that AT&T finally give us os 5.0 2 years after the device was released???? In addition, 6.0 is the new thing now while 5.0 is so last season. I don't see any logic in this.

The 9000 barely has enough room for 5.0, so I say better 5.0 than 4.0. In fact, I recall installing 5.0 on my 8800 and how it began running out of memory all the time even more-so than on 4.0. It made it really hard to work with.

It's actually released for Rogers and you can find the download here:
Guess I can't post links. Go to, click support, click downloads, click access your service provider download site, select Rogers Wireless Inc., select the Bold 9000 and you will find the download.

if it took them 2 years to get 5.0 for the 9000, I'm not surprised us 8900 owners don't have it yet. This gives me hope that an official 5.0 will come for the 8900, though. I think if they don't it'll be because it's only a 2G phone.

I checked for available updates from my trusty Bold 9000, and get the mssg that !No updates available. Guess AT&T will get around to letting us know about it in a few weeks. (MAYBE)

Confirmed. The system reports no update available through Wireless Update. They shouldn't release unless it's available through all channels.

If you aren't running an offical AT&T OS (the most recent up until now being, you won't be able to do an OTA upgrade.

This is ridiculous only took a that i get rid of my bold lol RIM is hilarious I have the Torch anyway but god they took a long

It's AT&T that took so long with the update. Still nothing for my 8900...well, nothing official from AT&T.

Wow that was fast!! Next will come bb 6 for the 9700. If it is as quick as this release for the bold we should have it by April!!!! Lol

I give kudos to AT&T for working together with RIM on the Torch... HOWEVER... Dropping support on everything else was not a good idea. Now they are backpedalling on things that should have been done 6 months or more ago.

So wondering if this is going to get pushed to us through our phones Wireless Update because I just checked and it says no updates

I have been rocking this one on my bold 9000 for the past month or so. Really stable. Just I still need to replace my 2 year old battery. That or hopefully win the 9800 CB is putting up. That would be about the only way I can "afford" to upgrade any time soon.

Well, I finally took the plunge and upgraded (outside ATT) to a month ago. The other day I looked at my Options and it said I had This was after I installed DM v.6 to try to solve some Outlook 2010 sync problems. Could it be that ATT upgraded me anyway?

Well, after so much wishing for this on BB9000 forums everywhere, AT & T finally gave in. Might as well because everyone was upgrading outside their system anyway.

So, now that this has happened do you suppose that RIM might come out with a new Bold with all the bells and whistles of a 9700 and the form factor of a 9000? One can only wish further......

Well, glad they did it, but it might be too late. I have been playing with a Moto Droid and with SlideIT keyboard, I may be all set....

lol. After waiting for this to happen for a long time, it gets released after I switch to the Torch. Thanks AT&T

I ran the .822 from Hutchison for about a week and had the same issues with the Slingplayer app that I had on .681. So again I had to revert back to .592. I'd imagine that the versions are the same but can someone tell me if they are able to run the slingplayer app well on this version of .822?

I appreciate the reply back. I am going to give it a try and see what happens. Does anyone have a good idea when Sling will come out with support for the Torch?

No, I dont think sling even came out with a storm support. I tried the torch for a few weeks, great phone, but not enough apps are supported yet, e.g. pandora, slingplayer, OTA apps via webpages.

I wouldnt hold my breath.

u gotta be kidding me if this AT&t's way of making ammends for not only discontinueing the 9000 or is it because so many great 5.0 builds were released and ATT didnt pick it up. well whatever the reason thank god they picked this one up


Software For BlackBerry® Bold (TM) 9000 smartphone

BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0.0.1385 (Multilanguage)

Package Version:
Consisting of:

* Applications:
* Software Platform:
* File name: 9000M_PBr5.0.0_rel1385_PL5.2.0.76_A5.0.0.822_Roger s_Wireless_Inc.exe
* File size: 125.59MB

u gotta be kidding me if this AT&t's way of making ammends for not only discontinueing the 9000 or is it because so many great 5.0 builds were released and ATT didnt pick it up. well whatever the reason thank god they picked this one up

I love the 9000...wouldn't it be GREAT if RIM put the 9700/9650 guts in the 9000 body??? A REAL Bold 2!!!

Amen, for us guys who are used to holding bigger and more substantial things. :)

I've skipped 9700 and Torch for a new Bold. Still hoping.

damn im with ATT and i got a 9000, ive been having 5.0 for a very verrrry long time, i saw this and i felt ATT slap all of us bold 8000 owners like they were mocking us

I was pretty close to buying a torch this weekend, but resisted until more time has passed..maybe a month to 6 weeks. lol. It's good to know I'll be upgrading after I've exhausted the possibilities on the bold 9000. :-)

What if I just downloaded the Hutchinson 822 a few weeks ago? Would it make sense to download the "official" AT&T version since that is my carrier??

Never had a 9000 (although i do love the design). I CAN NOT believe that it just got 9000 this late in the game.

Good for all the Bold OG's

The couple of times I "lost" my vvm, I had to log into my AT&T account and disable the feature. Once this was confirmed, I just went back in and activated it again. It seemed to work for me. Good luck!

FINALLY! I've been waiting WAY too long for this. Course, I have the Wind Hellas OS 5 currently installed, so I guess I'll have to upgrade manually.

I upgraded and lost my visual voice mail icon after spending 3 hours online with ATT & Blackberry I decided to downgrade

With how long AT&T took to release 5.0, anybody holding their breath on them releasing 6.0 for the 9700 this century? :D

That's so sad. I waited for this update and it never came. I finally gave up and got a new phone and it arrives. Figures. The lack of progress from RIM and at&t pushed me to Verizon and the Incredible. It's too bad since I really liked the Bold while it was around.

Come on AT&T what about the 8900. Also when will AT&T add VVM to the 8900 because the other 5.0 builds support it. I hate these carrier side blocking BS.

This OS from AT&T is way better than the one that came out from Hutchisons. I don't know about you guys but this one from AT&T doesn't eat that much battery life not like the one from Hutchisons..(every battery pull i do with my last OS Hutchisons.. eat's the heck out my batt. From a full bar down to half.) Plus it doesn't screw up my settings for my tones. :) Both my Bolt and BB browser are faster now. Still testing this one from AT&T. But this OS seems solid. :)
Thank you CRACKBERRY! :)

Figures...I upgrade to my Torch and now this comes out...WTF ATT! Get your act together! Why does it take them longer than ANY OTHER CARRIER to release this stuff....Such BS...I guess my mother (rocking my old 9000) can have 5.0 now....

Bold 9000 seems faster, some improved graphics, but ringtones would not work until after a battery pull. Totally lost Visual Voice Mail. Seems not so ready for release.

Also took around five hours to "upgrade".

I didn't really care about visual vm, but it took me about 5 hrs too.

I installed the software, and it then told the system to open desktop software. Now grant it, I didn't upgrade to 6.0, I was rocking 4.6. And I got almost all the way to the end when it was trying to reconnect to the jvm.

I then got an "application loader error" telling me to reconnect my berry and enter a password if required.

I couldn't get past it. Basically it bricked my phone. I called AT&T 3 times and worked on desktop software downloads and other stuff before getting transferred to RIM.

After about an hour on the phone with RIM, they got my phone back up and running, but none of my apps where there. I did my backup and restored my messages/contacts etc, but had to dl/reinstall all my apps.

Pretty shitty ordeal.

I have a Bold 9000 branded AT&T but unlocked and being used on the Cellcom Israel network. I want to upgrade to 5.0 - but which one should I use? The AT&T one? The Cellcom one?
Will using AT&T's re-lock my BB?
The Cellcom version is v5.0.0.1137.
The AT&T version is v5.0.0.1385.
Advice? Guidance?


AT&T should have released this long ago. Absolutely ridiculous that we had to wait until BB 6.0 came out.

Also, ridiculous that it took 8 FREAKIN' HOURS to complete the upgrade via DM. If you have not done the update yet, make sure you give yourself plenty of time. I was thinking it would be an hour or so, but I was sorely mistaken.

Now...for the OS itself, it seems buggy. The ringer seems to mute by itself. Of course, the mute button no longer puts the device into stand-by. And, as far as I can tell, there is no option now for stand-by. It also seems like it doesn't like to play with the newly released BlackBerry Podcasts app, the BlackBerry Twitter app or the BlackBerry Facebook app. For all of those apps, I had to delete and re-install 3 times before I could get them to work.

BlackBerry is the right phone for me...but between AT&T and RIM continually disappointing, I may have to re-think what is right for me.