Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 now available from Rogers

Bold OS
By Adam Zeis on 25 Aug 2010 12:42 pm EDT

If you're a Bold 9000 owner and didn't get in on the fun yesterday, today Rogers also released OS for download. This is the newest official 5.0 for the Bold 9000 so hopefully it will run smooth. It's the same version AT&T popped out yesterday, so if you've still got old faithful on your hip then you might want to give it a shot. Hit the link below to download.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 now available from Rogers


This will in all likelihood be THE last official OS 5 build we see for the cult classic that is, the BlackBerry Bold 9000.

but sadly true, i love my bold 9000. it truly is the best phone i've ever had and i don't want to give it up...ever...unless something twice as better in the same/similar form factor comes along

Before you jump on this one check the forums here first. Lots of people including me are having sound profile issues. Basically no rings or notifications. Just saying.

I am surprised that both AT&T and Rogers picked this particular build to go official with, considering how many people are having sound issues as CurlyFatAngry points out. from Azercell (I think that's the carrier I picked) has been great for me so far. Now if someone could find a way to get the webkit browser from 6.0 into this 5.0 build, it would be nearly perfect.

I upgraded to on my bold 9000 (AT&T). And suddenly my sound profile doesnt seem to work. Has anyone faced the same issue? Is there any solution for the same?

Please help.


Unfortunately this is a common issue with this build.

A battery pull seems to fix it, but it's not a permanent fix as the sounds seem to disappear from time to time. I'm not sure if it's related to rebooting or if they just randomly stop working?

is currently downloading it right now, and he has been sitting there for 45 minutes.. still waiting for it to finish lol :p

In the past the 8900 and 9000 have come together so hopefully the 8900 version is coming soon. Although if it has the same issues as are being reported with sounds, I don't need it. I'll be fine with

I can't believe this is the first official 5.0 for the 9000 from Rogers. What took so long? And now it looks like they didn't work everything out anyway. It took soooo long, it better be perfect! on the 8900 doesn't have any sound problems. I don't think the one I have is an "official" version though.

Anyone having a issue with not having enough space..I completely wiped the phone and it still wouldn't allow me to put the OS on...

I had this problem when trying to update the os on a Mac, but using a Windows XP DM to update worked for me.

Put it on my Bold today - as well as the wife's. 30 mins to install on each, then of course, there's some setting up to do. No problems other than the sounds went on my wife's, not mine. Battery pull fixed it but - I thought Rogers super-tested these things to death?

Well I thought I would be the one with no sound issues since it worked perfectly yesterday.... NOPE and I found this out waiting for my daughters school bus to pick her up. Which couldn't get in the gate...SINCE I THE PHONE MADE NO SOUND. The day is going to be great without ringtones yea, right.

I was sick of it. The forum said rogers would release it in august and I thought aug is almost over and rogers was lying. I have no idea why I didn't upgrade before. Beginners paranoia I guess. Smoothest upgrade process. Had issues with the calendar and some apps, but that's easily fixed.

Glad I got a different build. I would be SERIOUSLY pissed if rogers took ages to upgrade their os and then released a buggy build.

I'm going to sound like a common douche, but I wish we had proper cellphone companies in canada. Not those who liked to screw it's customers first and then offer mobile services as a second thought.

I tried the and was very happy, my bold had never run so well. I thought this build would be ever better or at least be the same. Everything seems to be running just perfectly, maybe even a bit faster except for when one of my contacts calls me, it seems the contacts picture and name don't always display. Its a bit hit and miss.

Anybody else having an issue with this? Maybe I need to reset the BBM and contact associations...

I just got this from Telcel (Mexico) as well on my Bold 9000. Looks good so far but I had to wipe my handheld completely to make it happy about installing this version because of memory limitations.

I just upgraded my curve. Profile sound was fine; however, you'll may get double entries for anniversaries and birthdays in Calendar. Reboot didn't fix it. Everything else was snappier and smoother.

As far as the lost ringer volume issue, I found that if I remove the back and place the Blackberry Bold face down on a mouse pad and very carefully push down on the left and right side edges (around the top, on either side of the camera lens) this seems to fix the problem. It appears that if the frame flexes in any way (accidently sitting on it)the contacts that go to the speaker lose their connection and I have to repeat the process.The risk on pushing down is you might break your camera or crack the circuit board. If this method works for other owners then it appears to be an obvious flaw in the physical design. A slight flex in the body seems to kill the electronic contacts. Has this worked for anyone else?