Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 now available from U.S. Cellular

Bold 9650 OS
By Adam Zeis on 18 Aug 2010 09:33 am EDT

Nicely timed with their release of the Bold 9650, U.S. Cellular has made available OS for download. This is a later version than what shipped on both Verizon and Sprint devices, so if you are on a different carrier you may want to give it a go. Users picking up a Bold from U.S. Cellular today can grab it as well and get a head start on things. Head over to the link below to download.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 now available from U.S. Cellular


I'm not sure why this is even knews. This build has been out for months from Alltel. But with more carriers I guess it increases the chances of an early OS 6.

I am in no rush for 6.0. So this could be important to me. My Bold seems to be running just fine. Would love to know what is identified (if anything) as changes. Might consider making this my first attempt at loading something other than the OS that came with the phone......

How will installing the US Cellular ROM upgrade affect my Sprint 9650 Bold?
Will I still have access to my Sprint-specific apps? Are there any negative side effects?

You would be fine. Just before hooking your phone to your pc, delete the vender.xml file from common files>research in motion> etc. All else should be smooth sailing.

is it worth down loading i mean what does it do my phone runs fine will it up size it or down size in what way or should i stay where am at?

I installed the .810 from Alltel and my battery has never lasted longer. I'm generally at 55+% after 15+ hours of moderate use. Good stuff.

I just got my Sprint Bold 9650 this past Saturday. I'm very new to blackberry stuff, but I think it's a pretty neat device. I was a previous Palm Pre owner. I was able to upgrade to (US Cellular release) with no problem.

I initially backed up my device (Desktop Manager 6). Closed out of Desktop Manager.

Downloaded the new OS update. I ran the update file (.exe). Deleted the xml file, then proceeded with App Launcher.

Installation went very smoothly. Restoration was without a hitch and Facebook works great (I actually updated this earlier in the evening prior to the OS update. I just know there was a vast improvement on the speed when I updated the FB software itself).

Installed with Windows 7 Pro (32-bit). Also no problemo ;)

Since I had the previous version for only a few days, I will need some time to see if this new version does anything cool. Let's see about this battery life thing. Otherwise, Sprint people, I think we're good!

I have been running this version on my Verizon 9650 since it was released as an official release from one of Big Red's competitors. It is rock solid. I am, however, looking forward to 6.0 having seen the demo of it running on a Bold yesterday. Nice.

I love it! Just recently got into rpgs! Making my way through FFVII right now! I'd love to get a free copy please! (=

i am trying to upgrade my bold 9650 with the new os and I am getting error messages. I deleted the .xml file as instructed but it says the one or more modules could not be resolved. Am I missing anything?

i have the same problem, would love to know if anyone has a fix for this problem or knows how to work around it

Yes. Never use BB Desktop to load the new OS. It always wants to check for Carrier updates and most times won't recognize the OS. App loader in the common files folder is the best option.

cant get updates for any other blackbery,but sure quick for the new one huh?? of course they dont care if all us ith the new curve are satisfied! whats sad is my old pearl was better than the "new curve" so from all of us loyal blackberry fans r.i.m. said oh well.thanks for the updates for my new berry us cellular???????????

Check back on the posts from the 17th! You already have one there. Not from your company perhaps but still or your 8530!

You can verify this comment by checking out the link posted in Blackberry 6 OS forum.

Dont you just love Monday mornings when a tip comes in and your able to share that tip with your users? Thanks to one of our VZ informants we received a nice tip yesterday, actually, and waited until today to verify some of the information.

We know there are lots of you out there that use a BlackBerry, maybe because its company provided, but this should make all of you happy. Verizon is looking to push out OS6 for not 1, but 3 devices, by the end of the year. The Storm2 refresh (which we still dont have a final model number designation yet), the Bold 9650, and the Curve 9330. From what we were told, the Storm2 refresh will drop in November, pretty much around the Black Friday time frame, while we are hearing the Curve 9330 will hit the market in December. Both the Storm2 and Curve 8530 will hit end of life around October.

Whats nice is we are told the Bold 9650 SHOULD see an OS6 upgrade somewhere between the Storm2 refresh and the release of the Curve 9330.

Hopefully this all pans out for you BlackBerry folks! We look forward to seeing what VZ has in store this holiday for everyone.

Verizon BlackBerry Testing Update: OS for Storm2 Refresh and Bold 9650
This information provided by GizmoFusion...

As I had posted on my Twitter account late last night, I wanted to verify some info before we got this posted up on GizmoFusion. Thanks to a second source, we can now confirm that Verizon is testing BlackBerry OS6 version for the Storm2 refresh and Bold 9650. As always there is good and bad news. The good is the fact they seem to be a little more aggressive in testing and hope to have a release for those devices before the end of the year. The bad, is like most builds on ANY device, Verizon finds many reasons to fail them. We definitely do not expect this build to pass, and will most likely see much much higher builds in testing closer to release.