Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 now available from Alltel

Alltel OS
By Adam Zeis on 23 Jul 2010 10:56 am EDT

Happy Friday Bold 9650 users - Alltel has just officially released OS This is the newest official software, so if you're rocking a 9650 give it a whirl and see how it is. This beats out the official release of from Verizon a few weeks back, so hopefully a few good fixes/updates in the mix. While this is an official OS, always use caution when upgrading. Hit the link below to download.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 now available from Alltel


thats up to you, its official which means that it should be alot more stable than a leaked version

That's not necessarily true...I've definitely run a Leaked OS that is more stable than an Official release on several occasions.

Two good examples are Verizon's 607 and 320 for Storm2,which were complete garbage, the leaked 428 and 451 were far more stable.

Okay guys I am upgrading as we speak. Wish me luck.
I'm installing this official release on my Verizon's 9650.

I'll report back, stay tunned.

*** UPDATE ***

Okay I am at step 8 of 10 - Connecting to device.

cool, let us know when you done and how it performs/any changes or fixes.. what network are you on?

I'm on Verizon.....

Process completed - Upgrade Successfull.

At this moment my device is synchronizing the DESKTOP since I'm on a BES environment. So far so good. It appears to run faster.

I had to reset my timezone back to my time zone - PACIFIC.
I had to remove unused languages
I had to cancel the Upgrading Wizard.

My device is now recognizing my two web emails account already setup. I was able to send and receive emails from my three emails accounts and so far so good.

Under About it now shows: BlackBerry 9650
smartphone (3G, CDMA, Wi-Fi)
V5.0.0.810 (Bundle 1367, Platform
3G Bands 1
Cryptographic Kernel v3.8.5.85
Branding Version

Wow!!! this thing rocks... moves alot quicker.

I use a 9650 but I think this whole pattern of clawing for leaked updates whose version numbers differ by is ridiculous. No list of improvements is given, so you're just installing it and hoping/imagining things "run better" afterwards.

Can't wait to try this out! Oh nevermind that's right I have a 9630 because the 9650 isn't available on Alltel yet. Maybe this is a sign that the device will be coming soon. I sure hope so.

My upgrade process completed without issues.

It went pretty smooth. I am alredy noticing my device is running alot quicker, not that it wasn't.

I am testing the browser and so far, much much better than before.

I downloaded the Official release from RIM'S website. Once it was downloaded, I executed the attachment by double clicking the attachment to start the install process. Once I received confirmation the install was completed, I manually removed the vendor.xml file from the following location: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader.

Started BlackBerry Desktop Manager, plugged in my device (Verizon Bold 9650), DM acknowledged an update was available for my device. Clicked the update button and bombs away.

I am happy to report the upgrade is worth it.

My only complaint from before is the radio signal...It's fairly well known that many complain about the radio and fluctuating signals, so......

Notice any difference?

I have Tour 9630. I am waiting on the release of the 9650 by Alltel???? No phone released here to update software on...So will someone please explain this?

Just because it hasn't officially been released out to the public yet doesn't mean that it's not being tested. There were OS updates coming out for the Bold long before Verizon or Sprint even announced the phone, let alone released it.

I follow robertkhernandez's steps to the letter but when I plug my Verizon Bold 9650 the DM does not find the new software/update even when i initiate the process by clicking on Application Loader. Any idea.

i did remove the vendor. I'm running windows 7

I am now using a different pc with XP, the BB updating, thanks for your response.

One more thing..

Connect your device first to the USB cable and then run DM.

One more thing what version of DM are you running?

I'm running BlackBerry Desktop Manager v5.0.1, XP environment.

i have tried every combination of cable connection. dm is

I am now using a different pc with XP, the BB updating, thanks for your response.

I had the same issue with Facebook.

Here's what it worked for me:

I removed Facebook and re-installed it.

It's running like a charm....

Yes you can.. Simply follow the steps I outlined earlier this morning.

I'm on Verizon Wireless and my upgrade was a success.

What version of Facebook are you running on your device?

v1.6 o v1.7 ?

Reason I ask, is because there is a difference between them.

I am a Verizon customer, but decided to give it a shot since it is a official OS release, albeit, ALLTel rather than Verizon. Followed the directions above, thank you RobertkHernandez. All went without a hitch. It does seem a bit faster. The Browser seems quicker and more responsive. Not a bad deal. It should hold until 6.0 is released.

hello can someone help i unistall fb and intall it back still saying server trouble any help please thank you

I too have problems with the facebbok app. but i will sit on this OS a bit longer, in the mean time i will use facebook via web browser.

facebook seems to be up and running

I've deleted the vendor.xml file and i'm running windows 7. i understand that some of you have run windows xp and this works for installing the OS....... but it seems impractical to downgrade from windows 7 to windows xp JUST for os update.. is there a workaround for verizon 9650 on windows 7 ?

I use windows 7 to do all of my OS updates and i've never had any problems. Whats the issue you're having exactly?

it won't show there is in an update for my bold 9650 even after i delete the vendor xml file.. i'm using verizon. i've installed/reinstalled the desktop manager several times. hmm

Well I proceeded to download and kick off the install at home and soon after it began I got an "identified error". I then had a red blinking light and no response from a bettary pull, etc.

I had downloaded the upgrade, ran the EXE, deleted the VENDOR.XML, and used APPLOADER directly and not through DM.

Ultimately after trying a number of things I had to reinstall the VZW official .732 and then restore from the APPLOADER backup, which installed the core items like mail, calendar, etc. but not my third party apps!

I then had to download and reinstall all apps like BOLT, CRUNCHSMS, BERRYWEATHER, and many more not to mention I had to resend service books as GMAIL account did not restore!

I have never had a problem before - or I should say on my TOUR 9630 - as it this is my first attempt at upgrading my BOLD 9650. I am envious the rest of you have had much success but for me and my VZW 9650 it was a Friday night full of anxiety, beer, and keystrokes! I love my 9650 but it is not at friendly with upgrading to new OS's!!

For those having problems installing or getting the DM to recognize the new OS, I had to install the newest version of App Installer before it would do the install. Once that was in place the installer showed three different versions of the OS, the latest being the option I wanted. The install went easier than any previous update I have done on a BB. I don't use PTT, so that wasn't a concern. Everything else is running fine. Of course, I had to reset my licenses on all of the software, no biggy. Everything is on the Crackberry site. The browser is faster to load. Bolt jumps on the screen. There aren't a lot of really noticeable differences, but speed which is always somewhat ephemeral does seem to be the main one. It is faster.

So I forgot to delete the vender file but was still able to upgrade no problem. Even with my 30 applications I'm still showing 307 mb of memory!

For all you having issues installing the update do this. Download the files. TURN OFF YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION WHILE INSTALLING THE UPDATE ON YOUR COMPUTER. Delete the vendor file per usual. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION IS STILL OFF when you plug your phone in and start the update. After it starts you can turn on your internet connection. Crackberry hasnt updated their OS install guide and they gotta ass hap

if you're using win 7, you can run the program in win xp compatibility mode, that will need to downgrade your computer.

I use the "My Verizon" application a lot, if I install this OS will that application be deleted? Also, will the desktop manager recognize future updates from Verizon or will it recognize only Alltel?

I just completed the OS update successfully. I did not have My Verizon installed prior to this update. But I have since installed it post-update and it does work.

So i noticed that now my music and ringtones play through the top speaker also not just the side like the previous os so it no longer sounds all low and muffled.