Official OS released for the BlackBerry Curve 8350i

By Bla1ze on 16 Aug 2010 01:37 pm EDT

If you're still making use of a BlackBerry Curve 8350i, you'll be glad to know that OS updates haven't seemed to stop as of yet for your device. As posted on Berryreview, OS was found on the Sprint BlackBerry download website for anyone wanting it to grab. Be sure to check it out if you're on a BlackBerry Curve 8350i. Let us know in the comments how it works.

Source: BerryReview

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Official OS released for the BlackBerry Curve 8350i


I see it mentions Sprint, but on BlackBerry's page for Sprint it doesn't list an 8350i and the Nextel portion only lists 4.6.1 updates. My work still users the 8350i for their BlackBerry's would love to update to OS5 on this device.

I found a potential problem. So I downloaded the os and opend the file through my cpu/program files/ common files/ research in motion/ loader files. Just like I did to delete the vendor.xml file through the southerlinc updtate and found that this download has a vcast file. Which tells me this is not a sprint update but one for a Curve 8330 through Verizon. Yet another dissapointment for us 8350i users

This was in the SouthernLinc version also. I think it it one of those default files like all the high resolution game files that show also.

To soon to say. I'm still trying to install it. Can never tell if the hangup at the 507 error screen will clear itself or not. I think the last 5.0 install hung there too.

If this fixes the jump to speaker in the middle of the call, locked up DC to the point you have no idea who's beeping you, and consistent delivery of MMS, then I would say it is worth it. Until everyone has toyed with it, I would say it is your call if you want to be one of the guinea pigs or not.

I'm running I haven't noticed the issues mentioned here. The only weirdness I see are the uncaught exception errors on boot up, other than that this version has been pretty stable. Since this is my secondary phone I'll install and test it out.

Same here the DM did not find it either, so I used BBSAK, I over wrote the Southern Link 5.0 without any issues. So far so good. The SL .507 is the same as the Sprint .807. I dont see any difference.

It took about 45min. to the install the update. You need to make sure you have the new/latest BB Desktop manager installed. Then (make sure your BB is plugged into your PC), just went to, select your country (US in my case), click APPS & SOFTWARE, scroll down and click Update today, then click Update. It should find the new software update available. Select install update, installation will begin (it does a backup first as part of the installation so that's good, though I had done one prior just in case). The core App & System icons got a refreshed and updated look. Some of the screens got a refreshed look as well. Overall it is much easier on the eyes and seems to run much smoother.

i Crashed and burned with the update,got the 507 error message lost everything even the back up on BB desk top mgr( had an older version) . Sprint is getting me a New 8350i( yes work related (both jobs) )AS they worked on it all day they did get out of the 507 but nothing else will load and its getting another critical error message of some kind but some of the update did take but they feel the way to go is the new Phone( under insurance and im a month away from up grade) I will have to load back everything from contacts (good luck) to E-mail accounts apps etc>> yahoo another victory for sprint. Make sure you go to sprint to download correct update before you attach your phone to BB MGR for the 8350i DO NOT GET IT FROM BB and if you use BB desk top manger update that first to 6.0 BE SURE to select the correct update in the BB desk Top Manger The "Kid"( with all due respect) at Sprint feels that may have been the cause of my troubles

I upgraded to to and no longer can even find the spot to create a SMS message and cannot receive. I was using or maybe it was not sure which.

I downloaded the os5 and ti works nice and smooth, I also installed it through the BBSAK (nice app "use it") its very easy but takes like an Hour the whole process... I used to run the and now running