Official: OS released by Bell for the BlackBerry Pearl 3G (9100, 9105)

By Bla1ze on 26 Jul 2010 09:48 pm EDT
Official: OS released by Bell for the BlackBerry Pearl 3G (9100, 9105)

Yes, it's true. I missed out on this realease when it first came out. For that, I apologize. But, I do have good reason. You see, the OS that Bell made official recently was actually leaked even before the BlackBerry Pearl 3G had even managed to hit any carriers and since I had it loaded, I totally became oblivious to the fact that it had never launched with that OS. In any event, it's here now for anyone who owns a BlackBerry Pearl 3G to download and enjoy. It's a solid OS on a solid device. Remember though, if Bell is not your current carrier you will need to remove the vendor.xml file before installation. Hat tip to everyone who sent this in to us, noting we had missed it. ;)

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Official: OS released by Bell for the BlackBerry Pearl 3G (9100, 9105)


this phone is gay, just like every other berry out there except the new bold 9650 on verizon....RIM obviously knew that OS 6 was going to need more RAM, but instead of packing this pearl 3g with 512 instead of 256, they essentially screwed anyone who bought a berry in the past 8months that wasn't a 9650. Don't get me wrong, i love my tour...but it was outdated before it even came wtf...stop putting out OS 5 for these crappy phones (new curve 9300 included) and give us 1g of memory....RIM is a SCAM and they need to get their act together. Otherwise, within 18months, they will be just an afterthought of how terrible their phones used to be.

Sony is the same way. I bought a vaio laptop with vista installed, couple months later, Windows 7?!?!?!? Sony should upgrade my ish for free! Microsoft should give everyone who bought vista a free upgrade to windows 7 because they knew vista was crap and windows 7 was around the corner, blah blah blah . . . give it a rest man! Rim is no different than every other company out there. They aren't giving refunds or free upgrades, they aren't going out of business, for every customer they lose, they're gonna gain one or two, for every person that says Rim sucks, there's someone else that says they're the greatest. There's no mystery here, the solutions in life are simple, if Rim doesn't have what you want, then move on and quit the bitchin'

listen homo...wake up and smell the roses, RIM has the technology to release better phones....but they don't, this is why they will eventually become an afterthought...their new phones being released should be 3G/4G capable to go along with new upcoming 4G networks. This is the same problem with their memory issues or lack of vision for the future. If you can't think of tomorrow, you're stuck in i said before, i love my berry, but i feel as if we're all getting a little screwed with these tiny incremental updates....take leaps RIM, not steps.

Rim spends 'x' million dollars yearly on market research and another 'x' million on development and again on production and now that the phone is ready for release they should scrap it? Why? Because some crybaby feels that every phone released should be the Rolls Royce of phones? Again, solutions in life are easy, move on and quit the bitchin'

if they're spending sooo much money on market research...why are they always behind the curve then? C'mon, you're so smart...answer that one.

Blackberry's have great hardware. They are among the top for messaging, emailing and number one for security. To say they're behind the curve because they don't excel in the areas that are important to you is silly. If 4G networks and 1ghz processors are that important to you, the solution is simple, move on and quit the bitchin'