Official OS: For The BlackBerry Bold 9700 released by Rogers

Official OS: For The BlackBerry Bold 9700 from Rogers
By Bla1ze on 17 Jun 2010 02:46 pm EDT

Not feeling loading leaked OS' on your 9700? That's cool. We now have an official version of OS for you all to upgrade to if you have a BlackBerry Bold 9700. Get to it, if you've been holding out. This OS seems to be pretty solid based on my usage from the leaked version.

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Official OS: For The BlackBerry Bold 9700 released by Rogers


I got the Optus Mobile release of .743 a little while ago...assuming this is the same .743, it does work pretty well. I've noticed my UMA call quality is significantly improved relative to the previous build.

I hadn't realized til today (don't talk much; more bbm and texting), but I was on the phone for a good hour and my call didn't drop at all! (Was on UMA) This is very, very, very good for me b/c no matter what OS I had running - including Tmob's stock .330, my calls would STILL drop while at home b/c my signal is just that bad there! Regardless if I was on UMA or 3G! So I LOVE everything about this build and unless some SUPER-NEW improvement comes along in the future leaked/official OS, I'm STAYING PUT! :)

I got the Optus Mobile release of .743 a little while ago...assuming this is the same .743, it does work pretty well. I've noticed my UMA call quality is significantly improved relative to the previous build.

Would there be any differences? Isn't .743 just .743 regardless who is "releasing" it? It all just comes from RIM, correct?

Can someone go thru the steps to download again please? I know there is something that is supposed to be deleted but I forgot the exact steps to download if you're not a Rogers customer. Thank you.

I read numerous posts in the leak thread that .743 breaks VVM for at&t users. Does the official version have this problem?

from what im understanding since this is an official release, everything should be in working order. i have a few friends that have at&t and verizon wireless who have downloaded this and so far they have told me that everything seems to be working great.

About time Rogers did an update, while other provider gets update, Rogers rarely gives update... So... ABOUT TIME!

i always find multilanguage builds to consume less memory than the east asia ones. this one takes 3mb less then the optus mobile release!

hi, this is my first post and am hoping someone can help, ive always downloaded offcial os's and have had no problems so far, but for some reason this does not work, i download the os, install it, and delete vendor file and when i launch the app loader and nothing happens except it just shows if i want to uninstall any apps.

im on .680 and really dont like the build proper battery drain in my case.

network orange UK

Make sure you are offline, go to the folder and delete vendor.xml (you already have done, cool but stay in that folder) run Loader.exe in there.

Make sure you back up first!

followed the instruction went offline and turned my internet off and still got the same result.

any other ideas that you may be able to help with is much appreciated.

just installed it to my rogers 9700 and launched the facebook app that everbody says is garbage. (and i agree) but everything seemed to load much faster. on facebook it didn't take 5 minutes to load a picture and when i closed the app my phone didn't lag when in the menu.
much better os build than the .351

i just updated mine and i agree. everything runs faster and facebook is faster.
and now i have 4 mb more free then before! whoop! looks to be a good build.

I'm on ATT, upgraded to this build and my lock key on the upper left doesn't lock to a password. Is there anyway other then setting one of the side keys to fix this? And application I can download? Phone is so much faster with this build, but not having th lock key lock to a password really is annoying. Someone help, please!

why does it feel like it's been YEARS since facebook did an app update for blackberry? i can imagine how much more efficient it could run on 5.0. are they waiting for 6.0 to come out? or everyone to jump to iphone?

9700, ftw though. can't wait to load this OS update.

Anyone else experiencing this issue after upgrading to .743? I can no longer open or re-install Gmail to my Bold 9700. I now get a message saying that my phone is not supported.

Yep, seems we're not alone. See our posts below.

I'll be paying attention for an answer or workaround as I too use the GMail app regularly.

BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0.0.1014 (Multilanguage)

Package Version:
Consisting of:
Software Platform:
File name: 9700M_PBr5.0.0_rel1014_PL5.1.0.112_A5.0.0.602_AT_amp_T.exe
File size: 136.52MB
Note: The Software Platform and Applications version numbers can be found under Options-About screen on the handheld.

Mirror RS : h**p://

Is it a coincidence that my Rogers B9700 froze and would NOT boot up? This is the first time its ever happened.. I didn't want to use any leaks this time around (used them a lot on my curve) and today at around 5 PM, the phone just locked, and battery pulls would not get the phone past the blackberry loading bar.. and only occasionally freezing at the rogers screen!

There wouldn't be any automatic update that would cause my phone to freeze would there? I just somehow backed up (i think i had to be in the rogers screen) and was searching for a new OS to download when I saw this LOL.

Does it still have upper mute key de-activated
Only lock key working..
Let me know
I am still on .423

Rogers is actually giving out updates when they should, instead of really late (or not even at all, mmmm bold 9000) compared to other carriers...

What is going on???

From my 7290>8800>8310>9000>8800>9000>8900>9700

Rogers was never the first, actually never released any updates its nice to see finally with the 9700 they are keeping with the updates hhopefully it continues. Wondering though why its not allowing me to do it OTA, any rogers customers get OTA to work?

About the god awful facebook app, I agree other than status updates it pretty my sucks. One of my gfs major refusals to switch to an iPhone was literally the fact that she didn't want to not have Facebook which to me sounds ridiculous but she has a point. She hated the blackberry facebook app.

The update installed fine, and seems better than my recent TMobile update which constantly drops calls.

However, now I cannot install my GMail app. It says GMail is not supported on my 9700! What gives, it worked before. Please let me know if anyone else has this problem.

The new OS release makes my BB very snappy. No hourglass icons, also Facebook freezing has been fixed from .680 version. Overall great release so far. I havent tested it by calling yet however sms, mms, BB and FB msgs are getting through well.

Cheers Rogers!

I'm REALLY looking forward to intalling this new one when i get home from work, but is it worth it? Won't OS 6 be coming out soon for the 9700?

I connected my phone to Desktop manager today but it keeps telling me no update available. I am on Rogers with my 9700. Strange that it doesn't detect there is a new OS and download it? Am I missing something?

So I call Rogers for help on downloading this os to my phone and the Rogers tech tells me its not an official Rogers release cause its not on their website. The lastest one is OS so I tell him to check and see and he would not. Can anyone please explain?

One BB Tech Support agent actually told me RIM was wrong and to call them and have my credit card ready. so when I asked for the number, he actually tried to tell me it was 1-800-RIM(MMMM?) I was and still am insulted by the ignorance.

Hello, can anyone help...

i have deleted the vendor file, and on the update page of of desktop manager, i can choose .743, it tries to update then says: "no software update is required for this device". All this yet it is still at .545. I am with Bell. What can i do?

Turn off all your connections. Delete vendor file. Plug in your phone..then launch the loader through the app loader folder. That should work.

In regards to:

SMS - When I get a txt message I click on the "SMS and MMS" icon on my homescreen...then I see the list of people who have txt'd me. I click on the new one, but here is what I have noticed that is different from the previous OS version. When you click on the new SMS, when it hasn't been read, the typing cursor is located IN the new txt msg INSTEAD of the typing atleast for ME....when I read the txt msg I just like to start typing BUT with this new release you have to type "R" to reply, OR scroll down to put the cursor in the typing box, then start typing. Just an annoyance I found.

Internet Browser - Internet browser in PAINFULLY slow! Took forever to load a simple page of txt ( where in the previous OS Version it was pretty snappy.

So far this is all I have noticed with the new build. If I come across anything else I'll post and other ppl do the same. Would like to find out some new features that may be hidden and so on.

I know this was probably covered in the forums and elsewhere. I just noticed that putting my BB into my holster won't lock the device if you set it to lock upon hostering. It seems the only time it does that is if you enable a password. The MUTE button is now only useful if you use other features and not for standby.

Unless RIM is trying to force people to use a password...

It's a small and petty thing -- but it might be enough to make me want to downgrade OS.

My 9700 has rebooted about 20 times over the last 3 days. Email icon shows new emails but there are none, same goes with the sms, tends to momentarily freeze now & then. I had to remove many of my third party apps. So far, so good; over the last two hours.

Speed - I can't really tell the difference. Memory savings - hard to tell, since I had to remove many apps.

I noticed that Rogers seems to be the only one running .743. Other carriers are running versions that are far behind.

Has anyone else had this issue? Are any of the other recent ATT or TM updates any better? I was on .442 prior to this.

I think I am going to try one of the others or go back to the old .442. The battery heats up and drains alot quicker now. Not feeling that part even though everything else has gotten better. Call quality seems to be up and down at times.