Official OS now available from Verizon Wireless for the Tour 9630

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jun 2010 04:57 pm EDT
Tour OS 

We posted on it earlier today, and it looks like the short wait is over for Tour 9630 users. OS is available now via the wireless update option and for desktop install. Keep in mind you'll need to be running an official OS to be able to see the update on your device. You can check by going to Options > Advanced Options > Wireless Update to see if you're ready to roll. If you need a hand with the process, check out our BlackBerry 101 on upgrading your device software OTA. The download is also available as a desktop install here.

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Official OS now available from Verizon Wireless for the Tour 9630


Already started teh OTA update. Should be up and running within the next hour or two. Can't wait to check it out.

I saw a lot hitting on this in the previous post but no one had an answer since the update wasn't released. Anyone that has updated: has browser click been fixed?

Good job Verizon! One more to go! Yeah, Hi, remember that flop called the Storm... Yeah, could still use a little work here. =)

I'm still running the .643 leak from a while back... I hope you all have nothing but good things to say about this OS so that I have some confidence in giving it a try. Verizon scares me with every official OS they come out with. Seems like every time that Big Red drops one, it ends up broken (a-thank you...).

I am running legit .591 yet wireless update says there are no updates available. Should I follow the link instead?

It's Being Pushed To People In Diffrent Time Zones I'm Guessing, Just Connect Your Tour To Your PC Or Mac And Update The Software From There.

The browser click was the only issue I had with the last verizon os update. Everything else worked just fine for me. To say every verizon os update is broken is really far from the truth in my opinion. It is not like other companies release os updates that don't have issue as well.

I guess what I should have said was "my experience with every Tour OS". To wait so long for 5.0 and have it finally come with a couple of bugs, then to have an update come a few months later getting excited only to have more issues, requiring another official update days later... just very disappointing. The Tour was my first jump into smart phones and I love being in the BlackBerry world now, I just can only imagine how mad I would be if I was used to things working a bit more smooth before jumping to this phone/situation. My relative ignorance is bliss I assume. Either way, I'm hoping everybody is thrilled with this release and maybe I make the jump when I finally get home depending on the reviews.

The tour was also my first foray into smartphones. I am now on my 5th device after being run around since its almost initial relase and thats a story for another post. : p I just hope my phone finally starts working like it should.. my phone has been acting up lately and i saw on here last week that the 9650 got an update soo hopefully my phone will stop; shutting off randomly, the battery will last more than 5 hours after making a few calls and using gTalk, and now no more browser click issues!! its about time Tour users get some love.. GO CB!! :D

I Hope The Camera On This Official OS Is As Great As The Camera On .662, I Downgraded Back To .419 Because .662 Has Poor Signal Strength On My Tour, And The Battery Was Horrible As Well.

Gesh, they F'ed Up the browser click etc etc etc.

Looks like this upgrade benefits Push 2 Talk....

Hope they improve the poor RF, poor battery and the stupid SMS screen

One more disappointment won't kill me......

After reading the pdf file about what this update fixes, I saw it mostly only fixes Japanese text and PTT. Does it fix anything else?

Nope. I'm sure you pay enough for service as it is... just follow the steps from the BlackBerry Help/101 Lecture Series about upgrading your OS.

This would fix the facebook problem! I'm out running errands now, but will start the download when I get home. Having the browser click issue fixed will be super!

Took awhile but will def report back on my findings... let's see if this one is all that verizon claims it will be.

I'm currently running .643 and I can't get the OTA update check to find new updates. Do I have to have an official version to get OTA or what?

I was running .643 as well. I downloaded the software from Smithmicro, then opened up Desktop Manager and connected my phone and it detected it. OTA didn't come up for me either.

Could it be? Have they finally fixed the browser click issue?

The network is terribly slow right now, but at the moment it seems that the browser click issue has been solved.

They've also pushed the V Cast icon to the phone. Memory improved slightly. No noticeable speed difference.

GPS signals are still an issue, at least for me. Have to reboot my Tour daily if I want GPS to find a satellite.

This might be a "Mr Obvious" post to some, but GPS issues could be because you don't have the location setting on. Options > Advanced Options > GPS > GPS Services: Location On, Location Aiding: Enabled.

The browser click seems to be fixed but there is nothing really in this for me. This thing is a huge memory hog too!

How do you figure its a memory hog? I gained memory! How did you do the update? I wiped my tour with bbsak first! If you did an ota update then you can go back into the options to where you check for updates push your blackberry button and delete your old os that's saved to your phone! My browser is super fast now and my signal is way better! So far this has been a great os for me

Staying positive that this will fix browser click issue and SMS layout, battery drain, memory leaks ect . . . ect . . . ect. . . Again staying positive during the update process.

That's their plan. They keep giving us updates that take more memory until we upgrade to the Bold. j/k Again staying positive.

We all know that we will get a 4G Blackberry from Verizon within the next 8 months. This is just a patch to the current OS.

i wish..... not gonna happen, we are so far behind on os's we could only dream about a 4g bb anytime soon.

i will be more than happy to sell someone a Tour 9630 that is in really great shape. The only issue with the phone is that software really sucks. I will gladly refresh device to original OS 4.7 which seems to be the only OS that actually worked on the phone.

Man, if all the blackberries are having these problems with the radio and GPS not working like mine, RIM is bout to go under fast. This Tour is my very Blackberry and I loved it until I updated the OS these past 3 times. Now, I think I may never own another one because it seems like they can't get anything right. What is the point of having the largest and most reliable network and the radio in the phone keeps shutting down and GPS can't get a lock on my position.

after i send a txt the last letter, lets say i put a ? at the end ov my txt. it starts the next txt with a V

Using Mac Desktop Manager, backed everything up, began update....

RELOAD SOFTWARE 507 resets.....RELOAD SOFTWARE resets....applications start to load.

Fingers crossed that this actually works. This will hopefully be my last BlackBerry software update, as I'm planning to jump to the Droid ship next month.

Phone was not bricked, updated was completed, however the DM did not restore things properly. It failed repeatedly to restore my Address Book database (thank you GoogleSync for having my back), some applications were not restored or were restored with OLD versions that should not have been present in the backup made during the update, and my own custom theme was somehow reverted to an older version. I am still making sure all of my registrations are functional.

Sorry, RIM, but even with advancements in the OS, installing a pushed system update should never be such an intrusive, intense procedure. Once July 14 hits, I'm gone.

thank you for not leaving us original tour owners out verizon! fixed everything- browser click and freezing when unlocking- phone is fast and smooth!

Just did the D/L for .732. Looks like the browser click issue is solved! No problems in the native BB browser. I don't use PTT, so there's no comment there.

I did the D/L via DM, it reset my phone to MY settings, I only had to clean up two icons. Obviously this wasn't an entire wipe and reinstall, but it was all over in about 30 minutes.

This update went without a hitch from the previous OS update by VZW. I'm still thumbing away looking for differences.

The only issue I had and have (which happens to every BB) is the "hourglass" at the most inopportune times. :-) I think this upgrade was a success though. IMHO

It seems to have fixed the browser click issue for me and I had it bad. Couldn't even use the browser lately. I had to DL this and install via Desktop Manager.

I have been through the entire phone and it seems to be running just fine.

Worth the download. Fixed my browser click issue.

Only thing I hate is have to reregister my Berrybuzz lol

couldn't agree with you more lol! For some reason the bb browser was acting up and I couldn't do it for 3 hours. I kept getting error messages and it wouldn't download... got through eventually

so true. It's not just berrybuzz, it's ALL apps you have downloaded have to be re registered. Irritates me to know end. Why is it that Android can tag your purchases to your email, but BB you have to reregister????? Makes no sense. All the things I used to love about BB are starting to have little quirks that irritate me to know end. If only Android would get exchange Email pushed like gmail and I could finally throw this BB in the river.

yeah true...i had to re-register my Viigo again. I never knew it was gonna be such a hassle signing up again for the programs downloaded. Kinda hard to stand up for RIM as I consider it the best brand. Hopefully by the time I get my upgrade all these issues can be resolved somewhat...

i have a 9650 (mine) from Sprint and a 9630 (employers) Verizon. I have DM installed for my 9650 on both my desktop and laptop can I use the DM for both.(newbie)

Browser click is fixed. AND most importantly for me the voicemail SMS bug is fixed- when you had a sms thread and if the person left you a voicemail it would bug the thread...good update and fix.

the only issue ive continued to see with leaked and official verizon os' is that when you click on a contact to sms them. your default message box flashes then it goes to the sms. its very weird. a much older older official os i was using didnt have this, im suprised verizon or RIM isnt aware of this???

The tour came out only a few months after the storm. There are now both storm 2 and tour 2. Yet the original tour has more updates than the storm. every OS has so far sucked on storm. OS 4 the browser always said requesting script. OS 5 solved that but now we can't rewind videos played while streaming. Come on RIM. Can't you make and release another OS for storm that solves EVERY problem for a blackberry.

Have you tried any hybrid builds or anything of that nature? All these people on here complaining about browser click.. never had the issue after loading up driphter's hybrids

I haven't used a hybrid yet. I have a Mac I don't think I could install hybrids with a Mac. Are you saying that a hybrid is better than the official OS from Verizon?

The Storm came out November 2008 and the Tour came out in July of 2009. 8 months apart is alot more than a "few" months. I highly doubt there will be anymore updates for the storm 1. It is an end of life device and a waste of time for RIM to work on updates for it. It would also be unfair to those who have newer devices if RIM spent time working on old devices instead of updates to improve current phones.

Downloaded OS, tried to use alt + shift + delete to restart the phone and it no longer works. Anyone else having this problem?

Can anyone who's suffered the Calendar bug (takes forever to display/make changes to agenda view UNLESS "show free time" is switched to "yes") verify that this update provides a fix?


Hallelujah browser click issues are over. Haven't noticed anything else really that different but browser click was the biggest annoyance.

Everything seems to be running great with an OTA load...except now I get a server error every time I try to search for something on the native browser. Batt pull unsuccessful. pfttt.....

is anyone else having a problem with clicking the trackball. I just upgraded, and now i have to push really hard on the track ball in order for it to respond. I though at first it was just some upgrade glitch and did a reboot, but its still there.

I've read in a few of the forums that after the last update when recieving a mms with audio it plays everytime a text comes through, you make a call etc. I'm currently downloading the update now and hope this issue is fixed. It kind of sucks to have to reboot everytime someone sends me a funny file.

YES - this issue has been fixed (thank God - lol)...this was one of the 1st things that I tested this morning with this new OS b/c it was very embarrassing to hear the music from an mms text play on its own when I was in a quiet setting (ex - church, a meeting, etc.) especially if the music that was attached to the text was some type of joke, rap song, etc. And it would NOT stop even if the text was deleted nor if the phone was on vibrate. I figured out a work around when I was using .591 that eliminated the problem, but it was annoying to keep doing a work around each time I received an audio mms when it should've worked properly upon release. But so far .792 has fixed that problem AND the browser clicking issue that was a pain as well! It appears that the battery is even lasting as long as I'm used to with a BlackBerry w/ .792 as well. I've been a BlackBerry user for 5 years now and I've never seen a BB battery drain so terribly as it did w/ .591, but all is well now so far! Way to go with a good release RIM and VZW! I was so fed up w/ .591 that I was considering doing an early upgrade on next month and changing from the Tour to the Bold. But now I believe that I can wait since my Tour is functioning properly with PTT! ;)

It is a great disappointment to my wife though. She thinks it's hilarious to mess with me and kept sending my an MMS that glitched me, and made it play the music from Benny Hill. I like to think I have a good sense of humor, but this got old for me pretty quick since I had to do a battery-pull with 5 minute boot-up everytime... Today when she did it, I gave her the finger!!

I thought I had a good idea of what was going on. I have owned my BB for about 2 years now. My upgrade is complete and life is good. My million dollar question......what the heck is (was) the browser click issue?? I guess it was fixed, but what was the problem? Thanks in advance!

When you were in the native browser, the zoom barely worked and when you would click on a link, if you didn't hit it just right, it wouldn't work. So you had to click on it several times in different places to make it work. ANNOYING!!!!!!!!, but gone thankfully.

Hey I'm all for progress and being up on state of the art. But how come the developers of the updates don't share with us what has changed or should I say been improved?

Has anyone noticed if this upgrade modified the bluetooth volume. The 1st upgrade lowered the volume for all bluetooth devices. Any information on this would be great. Thanks

I hope so. I am upgrading now. I am very frustrated that since I upgraded my phone last the bluetooth volume is not as loud as before. Now I struggle to hear in my car but when I first got the phone I needed to turn the volume down from the max. Once again 2 steps forward and 3 steps back!

After being shipped my 5th Blackberry Tour in under a year (the replacement actually showed up with a broken trackball), Verizon threw in the towel on the Tour and sent me a Storm 2. I have been a huge Blackberry fan for years, until the Tour. This is by far the worst phone they have ever made (it is amazing when it works, but it just doesn't work). So far not too impressed with the Storm 2 either. I hate to say it, but RIM you have lost your way and I may have to drink the kool-aid and follow the pack to the Android market. Very sad to see quality of the greatest smart phone manufacturer diminish so quickly. Instead of having to constantly update the phone hoping the latest OS will allow me to click on links, use the trackball, or even open SMS's, why don't you just get the build and OS right from the start?

Verizon issues an OS update, which is nice, but it hoses all or your settings and you have to reload and re-register all of your applications! WTF!! What a pain in the @$$!!!

 Improved audio when accepting a Push to Talk call from a
mobile contact.
 Placing the speaker volume on silent will no longer affect the
earpiece volume when placing a Push to Talk call.
 Updating your device software will no longer disable Push to Talk.
 Device enhancements made when switching from a CDMA to
GSM network.
 Trackball response is no longer affected by launching Push to Talk
while Web browsing.
 Setting a contact alert in the sound profiles application now only
requires one click to save.
 Open voice-mail messages from the text message application
with no issues.
 GlobalAccess Connect support.1
− For international Internet access, you can tether your
smartphone to a notebook.
 Push to Talk alert tone responds faster.
 Push to Talk answering capabilities have been improved.
 The Push to Talk key now responds when receiving
Push to Talk calls.
 Video-message audio and video playback has been improved.
 Improvements to audio when placing a phone call while using
a headset.
 The Voice Activated Dialing functionality now
recognizes Japanese.
Enjoy improved performance with these OS enhancements. Verizon Wireless is
pleased to announce a new software update for your BlackBerry® Tour™ smartphone.
The BlackBerry 5.0.0 Release 1242 (Platform update
includes numerous enhancements and improvements.
BlackBerry Tour
Get the Most out of
Your BlackBerry Tour
 Song progress bars now scroll more smoothly.
 Your device will now connect to GSM/UMTS networks
more easily.
 VZ Navigator® “Say it” menu has been improved.
 Text message display has been improved when using the
Japanese language.

Did it last night off desktop manager. Seemed pretty smooth, but didn't take care of the issue I have with certain themes and a java error when trying to use the browser. Wish that would be fixed. I like the big icons.

Click issue is gone!! Its about freak'n time!!!! I can finally use my phone again. No more therapy for me!!

I used the Mac Blackberry DM to update to the new release, and my phone has yet to be resuscitated after 90 minutes of restarts and restores. At one point there was a lull and my Tour failed to boot and just said "Reload Software 507", meanwhile DM said "waiting for the device to restart...". A couple battery pulls later and a force-quit of DM, it restored my phone from a back up.

Then, after clearing several calendar sync conflicts the calendar and contacts will sync without error messages. (Though I'll believe it when I see it - before this update events created on BB weren't synced to iCal). HOWEVER, tasks now gives the following error message:
"The Tasks database cannot be accessed for synchronization. For help resolving this issue, refer to KB19454 in the BlackBerry Desktop Manager Knowledge Base."


If you have a Mac and ever get the chance to ditch RIM, do it.

Bottom line:
Mac users, you should wait on this one until you have some time to kill and want to be incommunicado.

I was running the .662 hybrid and used DM on my Macbook Pro to upgrade my Tour and all went well. Only took 30 minutes or less. Very smooth and all seems to be working well with this release so far. Have not had it running long enough to notice batter life yet.

I was just upgrading on my Macbook and got up to the last part and my phone failed to restart :(

Time to take this to the PC in the basement and get goin on fixing it lol

Did this update fix the standby issue where pushing the Mute key would not put the Tour in standby mode like it should?

What about the battery.

Has anyone noticed improvement to the battery life.

Someone told me that it's common for the Tour to leak battery.

I did my update last night via the DM. I had no problems with the update, I did although get that error "Reload Software 507", but it went away very quickly. I love the fact that the Browser Click issue has been resolved, and I personally have seen an improvement in my battery life.

Slinging still doesn't work perfect on this version. I wish I wasn't the one to always post this first, because then I would upgrade it if I knew that my slingbox would work right.
It's the same issues as the other 5.0 versions, it connects fine, but when you try to change channels it goes blank or even disconnect. It seems there is some issue with the flow of traffic inbound and outbound on the tour that prevents it from being able to both at the same time.
Where's the Blackberry love from slingbox?? Can they do some R&D to fix this??

I downloaded the update, proceed to install it, everything starts to backup and after that finishes it says that the "rollback is complete" and then nothing happens, it goes right back to the download update screen. I've attempted to install the update twice with no luck and even restarted my tour to see if that would help and it didn't. Anyone else experiencing this?

version .624. When I check for updates under wireless update it says there are no updates available. Any suggestions? I also downloaded the 103mb file to my desktop, but i am not sure what to do with it from there. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

In order for your device to detect an official OS release via the Wireless Update, you must be running one of the Verizon OS releases, ie .591 running in order to see .732 on your device. You can download the file from Verizon's download page and install the file on your PC running Blackberry Desktop Manager and then install. Make sure you backup first.


To all who are having issues with this install: Don't worry! Obama and his government will soon own and run Big Red, RIM, and everything else. He'll fix it. He promises!

I noticed duplicate calendar entries after the update, however a battery pull resolved the duplicates.

iheartradio runs like greased lightning. So far it looks like s good OS. I have not noticed a difference in the radio signal compared to .662


So far the new OS works great! Slightly snappier, small memory increase, and thank heavens no more browser click issue!!!

1. Voicemail alerts in your Text message folder show up again

2. Bluetooth volume seems to have increased, but I won't promise results for others

**EDIT** This also corrects the bluetooth connectivity problem many of us have had getting the Tour to see your device.

3. Battery life seems the same to me, I wish I could say improvements. But battery life on my Tour has never, ever, been any good, regardless of the OS build installed.

4. Boot up times are averaging about 5 minutes with my Tour. To some, this will be an improvement and for some of you that have terrific times, this will piss you off if you install.

5. For those of you on BES...for some reason, the enterprise activation didn't start automatically when I installed, hence I had to get a new password. For those of you like me that own your own business, that means $$ for passwords. Just an FYI.

6. BROWSER CLICK ISSUE IS STILL PRESENT ON MY TOUR. No change or fix for me. I use Bolt Browser for 90% of my web surfing anyways, so it's not a major issue for me.

To sum it up, I'm fine with this. Nothing earth shattering, but for those that receive a lot of calls during the day and the small white vm notification wasn't doing it for you, you should be happy. It would be nice for a change that an official OS update would actually fix known issues, but I guess we shouldn't y'know..expect things like that.

I've never done an OTA or 'traditional' upgrade of my Tour OS. I always backup, wipe clean, install the OS, install apps, restore data, etc.

If I use the OTA, or desktop manager, is the process simpler? Will it preserve existing apps and their data?

Sorry for 'post-jacking'.


I took out the VENDER.XML file and I updated a leaked OS for my BB tour for Verizon.

Do I have to get the VENDER file back in order to download this or what should I do? Because I dont have an OTA download.

I have updated my US Cellular Tour with this update and everything has gone pretty smooth. I am at 110 mb of memory as I installed the App Store update. The OS feels quick. Battery life feels ok nothing too big that I have noticed and reboots are in the 3 - 4 minute range. I did notice the fix on the browser click which seems to run a bit quicker too. Overall I am happy.

I did the update using DM. when it was done i had like 5 or 6 duplicates of every email and cannot delete them. my phone also takes about 30 min to restart now when i do battery pulls! has this happened to anyone else?

how can i fix it?


Upgraded with .732 and it caused my calendar to sync with my bb group calendar. Spent an hour on the phone with RIM and Verizon. The fix was to downgrade my OS.