Official OS: For The BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 From Verizon

Official OS: For The BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 From Verizon
By Bla1ze on 18 Jun 2010 05:20 pm EDT

This should make some Verizon Storm 2 owners happy. Verizon, has just made available for download OS We've seen it released from TBayTel but now you can grab the official Verizon version from their download page. OTA updates don't seem to be working at this time but, I'm sure that will come eventually. Thanks to all who sent this in to us. You can check out more in the CrackBerry forums.

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Official OS: For The BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 From Verizon


Is anyone have problems w\ loading bing after update? I tried rebooting for the configuration to set but it keeps telling me to reboot again. I've tried rebooting over 5 times and it still won't work. Anyone have any solutions?

Yes, Happened here too. Open your browser and search for "bing mobile". Click on "Bing for Mobile". it will take you to a window that will allow you to enter your phone number. Before you do go to the bottom of the page and choose your phone from the drop down. Accept the "terms of service" click the go button. This will send you a text with a link to download the updated version. Doesn't take long.

YEAHHH I love Storm2 for Verizon updates. Let's see what others have to say about it.

EDIT: Okay so i finally downloaded the update. I tried doing it through Desktop Manager for Mac but the server wasn't available so i did my first OTA update. It took 4 HOURS while the actual downloading was only about 20 min. After about 5 auto-reboots, most of my data is missing (Weatherbug is asking for the activation key, Facebook and twitter forgot me). So I check if the release notes are true and they are NOT. THE MEDIA APPLICATIONS STILL SUCK THE SAME AMOUNT. THE PROGRESS BAR DOES NOT SCROLL SMOOTHLY. Am i sure i downloaded the update? YES, i checked under options>about. I will never do an OTA update again. PLEASE reply if this update went smoothly for you.

P.S. I did not completely lose my memory. The phone remembers my icon placement and folders.

That bites, man! I did the OTA with no complications at all. This is the second OTA I've done (when .607 was released and now .713) and both went smoothly. The media player runs more smoothly and the BBM keyboard glitch in the messages app has been corrected.
Sorry your experience has not been the same:/

I couldn't get it to work through my Mac Desktop Manager either. Got the same message you did. So I went to my husband's PC, downloaded the PC Desktop Manager, and updated through that. Worked fine through the Desktop Loader. I didn't know how to do an OTA update. I guess I'm glad!

I was able to get the wireless update from Verizon! Try that took about an hour to download it and install. Option>advanced applications>wireless updates.

Still trying out everything and seeing what kinks are gone :)

So what? They are the exact same thing. Literally identical copies of each other. You just got it early.

So what? They are the exact same thing. Literally identical copies of each other. You just got it early.

Most people with the Storm have updated to the Incredible. What a huge improvement it is too. RIM sucks.

Just so everyone knows, I'm downloading right now from Verizon OTA. It just became available in the last few minutes, because I checked about 45 min ago and it wasn't up, and then the notification icon popped up on my homescreen 30 min later.

Verizon has been much better with updates for the 9550 and 9650 then they were with the 9530 and 9630. Good to see them getting better...

I'm assuming this isntany different from the other carriers .713. Once someone has it loaded can you post FULL version? Not just the .713 but all the other stuff too.

The latest .591 OS (non VZW) works decent, but the Bluetooth sucks. Would be nice to have an update soon.

RIM went apple with the storm 1. And by apple, I mean it dropped support after less than a year, whereas apple does it after two.

I just installed it and everything looks the same. However, the stupid keyboard still does not show up in BBM groups, can't believe they did not fix that!

You mean that magically BBM developed this issue when everyone updated from .320 to .607? I'm calling shenanigans...

As a former Storm User, if you are on Verizon and are using a touch screen thats not a Droid INC or Moto Droid. SMH

The Storm series is horrible and everyone knows it, IPHONE killer as the first one was pegged ...HA

If you use a BB on Verizon at least be a tour/bold ...the Storm needs to improve or go away for good.

I like the Storm 2. Yesterday I spent about 15 minutes with the Incredible at the VZ store and thought it was great... Just not that much better than the S2. S2 is easy to use and does everything that I need and so much more that I will never use. When my contract is up next year I'll see what's available at that time. Otherwise I am quite happy with the S2.

I agree with you both. I'm not bitter, i just wish BB would have come out with a better touchscreen device before I moved over to the Droid INC. I love Blackberry, but i couldn't pass on the INC. because it is some much easier to use in regards to the speed and the OS. I do miss my BB for the email and messaging and BBM. If RIM were smart, they would continue to focus on the Storm series and make it better and focus on the OS.

Then I would go back to blackberry. Hopefully, this happens soon after my next upgrade is due.

You guys should really stop holding out hope for RIM and just switch to a Droid Incredible. You won't be sorry. RIM is stuck in 2000 and late.

If I install this will I need to reinstall or reactivate all of my 3rd party programs? What about activation on a BES server? Thank you.

I am guessing the answer to this it depends on the 3rd party app.

I had a was fortunate to have a very smooth problem-free upgrade to O/S by connecting my Storm 2 directly into my USB using Mac Desktop manager, and all my 3rd party apps needed no additional attention (except Facebook). But the Facebook update was simply a one click deal and Bingo- it was installed.

I have DataViz and all kinds of different 3rd party musician apps on my Storm 2, and everything works fine. But I am reading some guys are having to re-type some of their 3rd party app product codes. That should serve as a warning to all of us to always be sure and SAVE those codes!

I mentioned DataViz specifically because there was an O/S upgrade about a year ago I did on my old Storm 1 and DataViz wouldn't work after that. But Data Viz seems to be working fine on my new Storm 2 after the .713 upgrade.


Everything seems to be the same to me unless my Animated Lighting Storm Theme is hiding some new eye candy on the original Storm 2 desktop. Other then that, I can see no difference at all in this upgrade. Maybe it is all under the hood security stuff.

Just click on options from your phone. Then advance options after that click on wireless update. and you will be able to update your phone over the OTA

BBM group keyboard is not OS issue. It's BBM issue. RIM needs to send out an update for BBM. How do I know? Beta BBM users do not have that issue. Only users on official BBM have that issue. If it's the OS then why would it work for the latest BBM? As well as Opera Mini 5, Opera needs to update it to accept the new keyboard function.

People have said keyboard lag is close to being gone. SO that must mean new keyboard cod files.

Still it's on RIMS part for not updating their BBM.

Doing it now. A bit different from previous updates with the Java and OS loading in. It's been about twenty minuets now.
Linking Java...
Reboot screen has appeared twice.
Still linking Java. Third time.........
Brushing teeth !
Application permissions........
Module Groups 100%
Restore Progress 0%
It's been about fifty minuets now........
Restore Progress 16%
Database Options 80%
39% Overall...........
89% Overall.............
99% Overall................I wanna go to bed....
Update Successful !
YAY !!!!!!!!!!

How is the update? Is scrolling through audio files really smooth or does it still jump in like 3 second increments?

cbo5stang...I really think you need to get a life.
With all that crap you wrote, you said absolutely nothing.

RIM kill yourselves!! I can't get my update on my storm 2 yet!!! I need to borrow a pc!! I already can't get data on it I at least want to upgrade it. SMH!!

I'm rolling back to .607. I installed the leaked update a couple days ago, and I'm having major issues with phone calls.

1. Having trouble answering phone calls...sometimes have to press answer two or three times to pick up.
2. Sometimes if I answer the phone, I can't hear anything. They can hear me, but I can't hear them.
3. When someone is talking on the other end, their voice randomly garbles up for a few seconds at a time. It happens several times throughout the phone call.

Other than that, it seems like the OS runs a lot smoother and is more responsive. Browser is rendering pages quicker, as well.

I can't believe Verizon made this their official OS. .607 has its problems, but nothing major like this. If phone calls don't work properly, what's the point?

I haven't made or received a call yet, but I'll agree the OS seems more stable. Maybe its just in my head, but the screen feels better and I haven't experienced any kind of lag as I've navigated in and out of programs. I haven't done too much with text, but so far I'm pleased. The prompt is more stable. It stops where I want it to, and I've never been able to say that on either Storm 1 or 2. I'm keeping my figures crossed on this one. I'll report back after a full day of use.

Upgrade Question
By: George4073 | Date: Fri, 06/18/2010 - 20:02

If I install this will I need to reinstall or reactivate all of my 3rd party programs? What about activation on a BES server? Thank you.

I have the same question. Also, is there a site, page, or directions on how to do the upgrades to educate someone new to this?

Thanks in advance!

Smoother than past installs. First off, I just plugged my phone into the computer and opened up BB Desktop Software. When my phone came back online after install all of my programs and apps were still in the right place. From there, some of them needed to open for activation, but none of them needed to be downloaded again. I had to look up and re-enter my product code for BerryBuzz, but reactivated with no problem. Quicklaunch needed to re-register, too, but the product key was saved and inserted in the line for me, so no effort required. A few other programs needed an "ok" for user agreements, but all-in-all, my Storm 2 was up and running again with no headaches.

I'm happy.

Sorry, can't help with the BES query...

I used to be on the BES w/ my Employer and YES, you will need to be reactivated after you update the software. Any time you, update your software, wipe your BB, or change your BB, you will need to be reactivated. I telecommute so the Sys admins at my job would always email me a password that would allow me to reactivate wirelessly OTA vs. driving my BB way out of town to the office. All it took was me putting in a support call so you may want to check out that option as well...they made my life and access to my corporate email so simple as a remote employee! :)

I'm on BES, and after the upgrade, the BES initialization was automatic. It took f**k**g forever (as did the whole upgrade), but it was, in the end, the smoothest upgrade I've yet had.

Has anyone else had trouble with Facebook since they installed .713?

It keeps say i have the wrong password. I have tried reinstalling facebook with the same problem.

I just upgraded to the Storm 2 from the Storm 1 a few days ago, and I'm very happy abut this OS update. I tried using DM for Mac but it didn't locate the update, so I did it OTA. Everything went smoothly.

Hello everybody I'm been trying for a long time to fix a problem that I have with the blackberry app world ! I have a storm 2 unlock in Tmobile and I can't access the app the problem is that it can't find the server that I have a problem with my conection settings, I believe the problem is the OS because I was using the .607 and I downgrade to the .34 something I can't remember right now and I was able to access but I could stay in that version becuase it give me problems with the screen! So I update to the .607 again and the same problem, I was hoping that with the next update the problem was solve but is not, I just want to know if somebody have been able to fix it. Thanks for all the help !



I downloaded the .713 update from TbayTel...went smoothly. Got this update last night from VZW and reinstalled it. Both times, I made sure to backup my 3rd party apps just in case. Didn't have any issues with either install (I didn't wipe, just installed over existing OS).

I'm not experiencing any negative drawbacks from either install except that my battery drain seems to be faster on VZW's version than TBayTel (although it shouldn't be since this is an identical release). I'll keep an eye on it and repost.

Downloaded the update w/o any problem...just took a while as they usually do. NO problems so far with the exception that my keypad in GV doesn't work so I can't log in. I don't use it that much so it isn't a huge issue, but still....

HTC Droid - if you hate the BB so much and you're carrying a Droid POS - WHY are you posting here? I tried the Incredible - not so incredible. Crap for Battery life and consistently doubled all of my contacts. 24 hrs later I was right back in my S2!!

Mac Desktop could not connect to server.
OTA install successful albeit took some time.

No obvious radical changes. Looks like the pop up letters when typing seem slightly larger.

No problems so far. Everything backed up and reinstalled. I have not noticed anything different yet except I had an increase of about 7mb of application memory and I have not deleted anything from the phone yet. So just with that I am happy so far.

Just a quick FYI. If you log back into App world first, most if not all of the 3rd party registrations will restore themselves.

Does anyone know why i just updated my BB storm 2, had to search for activation codes, and re due all my settings?.. Is there any difference in this OS update? I cant seem to find any. But if you know of any i would love to know!! Thank you

I've got everything running so far except for Bing. When it runs, it announces that it's configuring itself and then sits on 0% until I stop it (much more than the 2 minutes suggested).

No upgrade for the Storm 1 CRAP. I had two Storm 1's die and neither time did Verizon offer a free upgrade to Storm 2. No software upgrades to fix the significant deficiencies is unacceptable. BB should have given the Storm 2's away to all Storm 1 users when they realized the Storm 1 problems. I know someone with a 2 year old iTouch that is head and shoulders above my sad Storm 1 accept for the phone and BBM. I to am looking at the Droid Incredible and other Android devices. The BB is a smartphone drawn with crayons compared to the competitors. BB is clearly focusing on emerging markets (China/India) and stop competing in the US. So long BB, it's just business.

Just downloaded the update on my mac with the management system. The download went well. I did have to reregister several of my apps, but that has not been a problem. I really appreciate BB creating software that works with a mac computer. The Droid certainly has not been computer friendly with my mac.


Last update on a storm ever for me can't wait to get my shiny new iPhone 4g thursday to be honest Blackberrys' are pretty legit phones but before people buy them they need to make sure they are looking for what they really want ya a Blackberry is a messaging machine but it has absolutely no Apps which for me was a definite turn off, I had so many problems with my storm 1 that I got 10 replacements befroer they sent me the storm 2 which was just the same with some of the problems fixed I would have much rather had an iPhone the whole time hopefully for those current owners with the new OS and gaming engine rumors being released you will be able to enjoy it more

this is one of the reasons I so love this site!!! I check here often to see what's new for my phone or read the forums to keep up with things blackberry and I now I see that there is another update!! awesome!

Why is it that the "going to" people have to invade every single area of this forum??? I came here to read about the update----------I DON'T CARE WHO is going to an iphone or a Droid. Go already and stop this nonsense.
For those who gave your opinions good and bad about the update- Thank You! I appreciate them and the comments pertaining to the update.

I know it is frustrating, but most of the time it is best to ignore it. Although I do think a message such as yours can occasionally provide a little “teaching moment” for the few that will realize they are violating very basic rules of netiquette and change their behavior. It is a maturity and social skills (emotional intelligence) issue. Although people like that are intensely aware of their experience of the world, they are largely unaware of how the world is experiencing them. Thus, those who have subscribed to a thread hoping for useful conversation instead get the impulsive “I’m first,” “I’m downloading,” “I thought BlackBerry was a toy and it isn’t so I hate RIM” outbursts.
Those are just poor netiquette, with no malicious intent. What always takes me back are those displaying personality disorders who are just rude and mean. Your average BB user is intelligent, valuing collaborative learning. So when there is an exception it is always startling and disappointing. Anyone responding simply reinforces bad behavior and further clogs up the thread.
I very much appreciate all the generous sharing and integrity I find here. I know without it I would not be enjoying my BB as much as I am. It is always a good day when you log onto CrackBerry and discover an OS upgrade. Thanks!


Just started the OTA. It's been about 2 min and it's at 17%. A little slow but not bad for a OS update. Im not going to complain. I am simply going to plug it in a forget about it for a little bit.

Its done, less than an hour to do the whole thing, including all of the permissions again. sad about having to do that again but ohh well. Not a big deal. I do not see a difference at all but that may be jsut me.
Great OTA upgrade. Had ZERO problems. My phone couldnt even charge in the time it took :-)

I am trying to do the update but desktop manager does not see any update nor can i do an OTA. anybody have this issue or know how to get around it? since this is a real update i should not have to do anything with the vendor file. any suggestions?

Ok so I tried to dl the file new os file but that didn't work. I plugged my phone up to the computer and had verizon send it to my phone. No major problems after the new upgrade. I'm never really sure if my phone experiences problems are not. I know one main problem I have and its lagging. My phone is constantly reading with the s like a computer. Is it because I have over 2500 songs on my memory card or a lot of 3rd party game aps?

i would have to give this upgrade an A even....everything seems tad more responsive and everything works fine (pc loaded os update) except for one program....the revolver lol i cant spin the chamber or fire it....but everything else is pretty good (pc works much faster loaded new os and went back to .607, had time to check out all apps (over 20) in under 2 1/2 hrs)

I noticed that when in the bb calculator you could turn the phone to landscape and it would go to a scientific calculator with .607 os and previous. It does not do that with .713 os. Not a big deal for me, just something I noticed. My battery seems to do a little better also.

Since OS 5, I have never been able to select repeat for any videos, I wish they would fix that, and also, we should be able to create a playlist for videos.

I was doing the OTA update and froze on the calendar options part. So it restored back and now freezing on the restore calendar options. Any one know why or what I can do. It's been about a 6 hr update I will NEVER update OTA again.

Gee, wouldn't it be nice if Verizon or BB published what was IN the update before I decide to make the effort ... anyone have info ?

I'm not really sure of what it includes but I know the battery life is GREAT. I was at 100% at midnight and left it off the charger. I woke up at 10AM and it was about 90 - 95%!!!

...didn't like it.

The .607 is more stable, better battery life, and much better phone module performance.

With this release I would get terrible feedback during calls. Batter life was much less.

If you want more info check out the thread for the leaked .713.

I hope I have great news. Maybe the trouble some of you have been having is now fixed and resolved. Well let's at least hope so.

I just plugged my Storm 2 into my MAC and it upgraded to the new O/S flawlessly in about 20 minuets. As far as I can tell, everything works just fine after the upgrade, including all my 3rd party apps and even my very cool 3rd party Blackberry animated lightning screen.

Sorry, I've never liked Bing. I've never seen the point or advantage of it so I remove it long ago so unfortunately I can't report if that issue was ever resolved (for those who were having trouble with it).

The upgrade seemed all automatic and painless. I simply plugged my Storm 2 into my Macbook USB, and clicked on UPGRADE and it did the rest.

At the end of the procedure it took me through the Blackberry Set Up program. I just deleted all the extra languages I don't speak and then ended the Set Up Program, and all my original setting for email and device configurations stayed in tact.

A screen came up to tell me Facebook needed to update, so I clicked on the icon and updated my Facebook app in about 4 minuets. I hope this helps.

There are no more updates for the Storm 1 unless someone is making them. Verizon been took them off the market...

Eighty plus comments so far and nothing about what is actually in this update. We all (including myself) blindly download these updates with no idea what to expect. It's pretty pathetic that RIM, Verizon, whoever, can't publish a list of what has changed from one version to the next. My download went just fine, but I have absolutely no idea what's different. Oh well, can't wait for the next update!

i just download the update yesterday ota , but it finish. now all my fb and games are runing with the lack time . can anyone help with the problem im having?

I was excited to see this release after seeing it for other carriers. I promptly downloaded and updated via desktop manager with no issues. I'm on a BES and it automatically activated itself. I did have to sign back into most apps, which sucked but I can live with that, but everything seemed fine until I tried using Google Maps and Facebook. I got security errors, couldn't post, and couldn't view some new messages within Facebook. I couldn't call phone number lookups or even sign into Google Maps.

I used BBSAK to completely wipe my phone this morning and the load this OS from scratch. I hate doing this but am SOOO happy I did. Google Maps, Facebook, Quick Pull, etc... all run fine without the security setting errors and everything within FB and GM are working better than with either of the previous OS versions.

Overall it was a bit of a pain to get all my apps back but the BES held the settings for most things so it didn't take long to get me back to where I was.

If it is bad hardware then it happened at the same time I upgraded. I have a 9550 using BIS

Okay… The other night I did the upgrade using the OTA. I let it do it’s thing on my night stand while I slept. I kept getting woke up by a bright light, I noticed my screen kept flashing on and off every 10 seconds or so. The next day it kept doing the same thing and sometimes the screen would lock on it’s own an when I tried to unlock (with the power button) the screen would go off and the then the screen would act like there was no power to it (no click). So I downgrade using DM back to .607. Still kept doing this. Today for the heck of I tried .713 with DM and it is still doing it. Any ideas? OH YEAH And sometimes when I move the phone just a little the screen will come on. VERY ANNOYING

I think either your phone or some software in it is hosed... Take it to Verizon and if so they will probably offer to ship you a replacement (if it's still under warranty)

Is anyone having the below issue with the new upgrade? I just upgraded two Storm 2 and they both have this issue.

1. Face Book - Can't comment or leave "Likes" and tells me I don't have permission.

2. Takes 10 minutes to send a picture via email.

If I don't get this fixed, I will have to down grade my OS.

Thanks for any help.

I was having the same problem. Did a full wipe and then loaded the OS via DM and it's all working for me now. Sucks to do it that way but it has been worth it so far.

I can't believe out of all the post I've read about the Storm 2 update that no one has mentioned the fact that the green and red touch buttons still don't work all the time. After 8 phone replacements from Verizon I'm happy to say that I'm dumping that POS Blackberry Storm 2 and moving on. Hello Droid Incredible!

found this list on verizon wireless website

 Enhanced Japanese language functionality
− Text appears correctly while using your Storm2 in Japanese and
the Voice Activated Dialing application recognizes more Japanese
voice prompts.
 Improved international text messaging
− Your Storm2 now includes 011 on all international text messages,
ensuring that messages are sent to the correct international number.
 Improved text messaging
− Improved viewing in text-messaging threads.
 Better calendar functionality
− Having a content-protection IT policy applied to your Storm2 won’t
affect your calendar entries.
 Streamlined music-player control
− The progress bar on your Storm2 music player glides smoothly to
any part of a song or audio file.
 Enhanced video-player library
− Deleting a video file from your video library will eliminate the video
file immediately.
 Improved IP modem tethering
− Improved connectivity when switching between CDMA and
GSM networks.
 Improved compatibility with Mac® computers
− Your Storm2 can connect to an IP modem through a Mac even
after the Mac has gone into sleep mode.
 GlobalAccess Connect support.1
− For international Internet access, you can tether your
smartphone to a notebook.
 Default countries are easier to set and access using the Smart Dialing
country settings.
 Call-duration clock displays the correct call time without affecting the
current time.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am having a HORRIBLE experience with this OS update.

1. The worst battery life. 100% at 8 AM, 60% at 11 AM, dead by 6 PM with very little use. Before I updated I could make it through most of the day with moderate to heavy use.

2. Calls will connect, cannot hear anything others can't hear me.

3. Call will suddenly fail after dialing, and the phone will beep at me for several seconds before allowing me to try to call again.

4. Some applications will NOT close. They just keep running in the background.

I'm glad that many of you are having a good experience with this OS update, but I am really, really regreting updating the other day.

I was having similar problems with my two storm phones, so I got tired of it and down graded my OS. Thanks Verizon!

Why is it that some people have problems with there Storm 2 and others don't?? My battery life is GGRREEAATTT now. F.Y.I next time anybody get a new battery don't charge it yet. Let the battery fully die till the phone shuts off then charge it. I was told this years ago and I've never had any problems with my cell phone batters not holding charges or dying early!!!

DL this upgrade OTA. Got a little surprise after completion. A Null/pointer exeception locked up solid on all screens. It would hide after 30 screen presses or so, but re-appear if I tried to delete or switch themes. Verizon couldn't remove it. I had to security-wipe the device. Lost 8 themes, over 100 3rd party apps and will be receiving a new Storm from Verizon. Have to waste a mountain of time re-installing all the work I've done over several months. This was a down-date for me. If it wasn't for the pushed email on BB, I'd have a Droid incredible in less time than it takes to throw this piece of junk right into the wall!

I dont care what you people say. The Storm 2 is pretty amazing itself. I wouldnt use any other touchscreen device. The surepress is 'incredible' to me. Granted. Storm 1 was a flop. Lol. Ive been with the Storms since birth, and am still in love. Was my very first BB as well.

I did the ota wireless update and everything was fine...then I plugged up my storm to my deskstop and it did an update again but this time all my contacts are gone...only thing in my address book is global support...can anyone help!!! How do I get my contacts back....aaarrrgggghhH!!

The only way your going to get your contacts back is to restore on desk top mgr. from a successful prior back up...

wish i saw that the storm was finally able to run slingbox, sling player mobile, instead of another update that will end up causing more problems than solutions. ever since the last update i cant use the keyboard in group bbm chat without some fugazi work around and i was no longer able to shuffle songs within an individual folder which i loved doing. dont believe this addressed either of those issues

I thought I could trust the over the air upgrade to 713.. I guess I had one 3rd party software over the limit (I have about 17 add-on apps) and it CRASHED - Took it to verzion - was issued a new phone -> NEW PIN -> means I have to beg 17 3rd party apps' for a new registraion code.. Let not forget all the emails and other stuff, that got losted in the transfer.. But hey what does one expect from a company ran and every bit as good as BP Oil.. Never had a back back plan, never thought about a worst case - with the other 3rd party vendors.. and most of all the Verizon Exec is certainly in tune " Sir.. my answer to the Senate .. " I never hire the jerk who wrote the upgrade, nor did I review the upgrade plans, I know nothing and I am innocent of all LIE-a-Bill-IT-y

I installed this the other day OTA. As usual, some of applilcations had to be registered again.

But what really bothers me is that now I seem to be losing my battery charge much faster. For instance, yesterday I left the phone on but the screen off for 68 minutes (it wasn't doing anything) and the battery dropped by 6%. Anyone else see this?

Hmmmm, Looks like I'll be waiting awhile b4 I attempt an upgrade. Prior to .607 haven't had an issue with an upgrade! Couldn't deal with all the .607 issues & speaking with the clueless reps @ both big red and rim didn't help the situaution either. So for now I'll cost on my hybrid.. & keep reading the comments here in CB!

So I installed .713 and for some reason I couldn't install through Desktop Manager, so I had to go OTA. Before I couldn't get the kb to open when opening a bbm chat through Messages. I'm happy to say that it works now. But the problem seems to have migrated, now when I open the same chat through BBM, I can't get the kb to open there!

I installed the update and had a couple problems, which I have since corrected, but the biggest thing I have noticed since running the new operating system, is that my battery life is now way shorter than what is was running the previous OS. I havent been using my phone any differently since the upgrade, but wonder what is now killing my battery. Any help?

Does anyone else find issues when speaking on the phone? Not all the time but every few minutes or so the person on the other end sounds almost "electronic" and things get all muffled and bumbled up. Then it returns to normal...only to happen again. It sounds odd, I know and it is hard to describe what it sounds like. I have never had an issue with phone calls or my Storm 2 but since I did the OTA Update...YUK!

krourke973 im having the same issue nothing else going on but the retarded sounding robot voices on my phone every few minutes myself i had the telbay or whatever first, then verizons both the same issue.

So glad someone else is experiencing this. Hard to explain how it sounds but it is extremely annoying!!!! You are the only other person I have seen post with this same issue. Other than that, I love my STORM 2!

A month ago a poster wrote:

"I'm rolling back to .607. I
By: embj | Date: Sat, 06/19/2010 - 04:07 | reply
I'm rolling back to .607. I installed the leaked update a couple days ago, and I'm having major issues with phone calls.

1. Having trouble answering phone calls...sometimes have to press answer two or three times to pick up.
2. Sometimes if I answer the phone, I can't hear anything. They can hear me, but I can't hear them.
3. When someone is talking on the other end, their voice randomly garbles up for a few seconds at a time. It happens several times throughout the phone call."

I'm having the same issues stated here and in the last few previous posts. I purchased the Storm 2 just under a month ago and downloaded all of the updates, including .713 the day of purchase. I had the call quality issues
from the get-go. Finally, I went to the Verizon store just last weekend thinking this was a device issue. I was given a brand new handset, made a call in store and it sounded great. Went home did the updates and the problem came back.

Just spent all day trawling the internet for a fix and over 2-3 hours on the phone with Verizon and Blackberry reps who all said that they had never heard of the issue. I told them that I had found a discussion of the problem on this forum.

Anyway, I had the Blackberry rep show me how to revert to .607, as I was convinced it must be a software issue (not a network issue as they wanted to believe) based on my experience and what I found here, and the problem seems to have gone away. The Blackberry technician said he would let his superiors know about the issue with .713. Maybe that will actually make a difference, maybe we'll have a fix in the future? One can hope, especially if we get 6.0. I'd hate for the Storm 2 to be passed over for 6.0, but I think I'd hate it more if it was available but I couldn't use it for fear of not being able to use my phone as well a PHONE.

*crossing fingers, but not holding breath*

My 1st question is if all you guys hate BB's so much and get stiffies over Android, why on earth are you on this site making negative comments? Do you have a life? Sheez.

Also, how on earth do you guys "lose" your emails and contacts? Do you ever sync your BB's? That is the beauty of these things - it doesn't matter if you lose or damage it (other than the money of course).

My contract was up on my Storm 1 and I upgraded to the Storm 2 last weekend. When I connected it to my computer to sync up my contacts I was surprised to see this upgrade. I performed it on the factory fresh Storm 2 and it took hardly any time at all. Then I spent the rest of my evening downloading my apps and syncing it with Outlook.

Dang, I don't know why I didn't upgrade earlier. I am quite impressed with the performance of the keyboard, I really like the Wi-Fi which is super fast and I haven't had to use QuickPull even once yet. The battery life is much better than my Storm 1 (and I recently got a new battery). Google Maps is the only app that kills it in no time.

I tried the Incredible at the VZW store and it seemed pretty nice, but that cheap plastic screen was already scratched at the store. I also wanted to stay with BB (okay, I like the underdog and the price was right).

I guess my point is maybe if you wiped your Storm 2's clean and started from scratch with the new OS you wouldn't run into these problems. I love my new Storm 2.

I sold my Storm 2 for an iPhone 3GS. I was soooo miserable. People told me that I just needed to give it more time and become familiar with Mac's and not PC's. The icons and phone felt like a toy. Maybe I'm techno-challenged, but I love the Storm 2 touchscreen. It is very tactile and responsive. I also found that I couldn't live without the BlackBerry dedicated buttons. Dare I say that once you go Black you can never go back. And when I did finally get a new Storm 2, the OS had been updated to This phone is wicked fast and so accurate when typing. Music and photos are great and the camera is sooooo much better than the 3GS. Maybe phones are like cars and some are Monday and Friday models. But mine was made on the perfect day. No hangovers and no one in a hurry to get out. lol Anyhow, I have no desire for the Torch and this Storm 2 will last me a good 2 to 3 years. Sorry for everyone having problems with your Storm 2, but when it works is smokin' hot!

MY DM v5.0 will not recognize the OS upgrade for my 9550. I'm currently running .312 and want .713. Any suggestions?