Official OS: For The BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 From TBayTel

By Bla1ze on 13 Jun 2010 05:25 pm EDT
Official OS: For The BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 From TBayTel

BlackBerry Storm 9550 owners have sort of been left out in the crowd when it comes to OS' releases. But, here's an official release from TbayTel for you all to check out. Even though it's official, make sure ya back up your data first. Enjoy folks and be sure to leave some comments in the forums and here on the post as to how it's working out for you all. PS: 9520 owners, you can also find the same OS for your device in the forums. Thanks to hydroz_23 for posting it.

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Official OS: For The BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 From TBayTel


Finally some 9550 storm2 love! Can't wait to give it a spin since the evo4g is really tempting me...... BlackBerry6! Come out already!

I've been waiting and waiting. Finally, was getting real tired of Bold, Curves, and Pearl OS's coming out every single day and the Storm 2 not getting a single on since .607. I'm so pumped right now. Thanks!!!

well i'm confused! can't find the download to remove vendor file. app loader has new os but cant find where it is on my computer?????? guess i'll just load it anyway!!!

What a great Sunday! :D:D First I pick my mom up a used Pearl 9100, went on updating that OS, come on CB to check up some stuff I didn't know about the model, and I see an update for my 9550! :D

My bad! I meant 8100. I wish, though actually on Kijiji(like Craigslist) i've seen heaps of 9700's, Sony xperia 10's and even a 9650. Which is insane, either resale or regret. either way, Lol.

I paid 95.00, He was selling it originally for 120(Canadian). Truthfully I really don't justify anything over 100, unless a whack of accessories, chargers etc are included, but i'd say between 80-95(again: depending on what is included & quality).

Of course it can! Just delete the Vendor.xml file from the Common Files folder and you can even install it with Desktop Manager.

in the long wait to finally get another 9550 update, i discovered the fairly consistent world of hybrid OS. this new .713 is merely a higher build on which the guys over at will be able to work upon. i am excited about this, but i am over it.

Except those hybrids won't have the new radio file. Although I agree, hybrids rock, this should make them rock even more!

I totally agree with dscadden. Ever since loading my first hybelrid, I will never run another official os. Hybrids are a ton smoother than an official os.

Really liking it so far. It has the "smaller letters" keyboard like the previous official VZW os. VERY little lag if at all on the keyboard, even when typing fast. Trust me, I type fast. Battery life I'm not sure but I'll report back in a few hours. Everything else so far is the same. Side note, I did a clean install, meaning I wiped the device. See you later!

Browser is significantly faster. Have had to do 3 reset-and-reboots since installing os (for 3rd party COD files, facebook app update, and another one for something else), dropped my battery to 90%, so I'd say that's good so far.

I got .748 hybrid install on my 9550
when trying to upgrade to this .713 build/leak,
there's an option that ask if i want to downgrade file for this build or leave the current files on device (which is the recommended). What DM doesn't know is that those new files are hybrid files.

has anyone choose this option?... cause if you leave the files on the device, it would be considered as a hybrid. I have a felling if i choose that option, i'm going to brick my BB, cause those new files where meant for the .607 build.

let me know.

Too bad word completion re-enables itself under full keyboard under portrait mode. This can be tested by going to the phone screen and then backing out.

I downloaded 3 hours ago and so far so good. Facebook and twitter no problems either. I noticed a comment about the radio? Define please.

Only thing that hasnt been fixed is the "Sms Bug" where you cannot open the most recent message sometimes. Its random and weird, but seems to be happening to alot of people.

os update working good so far on my storm 2. boot time took a little longer than normal. i havent noticed any lag as of yet. browser seems a tad bit faster to me. other than that, im happy with it. now if rim would hurry it up with 6.0 id be happier. hint hint. come on rim. your killing us over here lol

It's been a while since the last 9550 OS update. Its about time! I'm with Verizon and the last official update we had was the worse. Ironically this subpar update was official. Opera mini didn't work and the keyboard wouldn't show up at times while using bbm. I'm surprised Rim didn't leak another OS to fix these problems sooner.

well after toying around with this update i havent noticed any changes if anything at all from .607 to this. other than what i mentioned previously. does anyone know what this update improved/added?

Can everyone who downloads it please leave feedback as to how it works? Have the .607 bugs been fixed? I.e. bbm keyboard bug, sms scroll bug, sms new message bug, keyboard lag, etc? Just switched from .607 to .517 is it worth downloading .713? Thanks in advance!

Verizon unlocked my phone for me. I was told by the techs that did it "new updates will not lock it back". I have used some of the leaks and so far it is still unlocked.

I believe there is the same said update of the 9520. It was released earlier in the day. Try looking on b b leaks . com, scroll down page. No DRM.

Loaded up last night. Was a breeze. Installed, ran desktop manager, didn't even have to remove ven file (odd but oh well) it was in the list of local installations. Working great so far. Actually like it a lot.

Hope it works for your guys.

.451? I think that's the right number because all of the rest that followed were CRAP with all the bugs they had including that excrement that Verizon released as an "official" update WTF.... Along with the rest of the S2 world I would really appreciate it if you early testers would give us some updates on the overall performance and let us know if the bugs have been fixed. I did see a couple of posts alluding to the bugs still being there but is that just a one off or is it confirmed for most users? Come on guys, please post some useful information other than "I'm dl it now".

Thanks in advance and sorry for the rant.

The update seems to have smoothed out some of the lag glitches in SMS and bbm as well. The browser seems quicker, and keyboard seems more responsive. Everyone won't be happy with this version, so try it out and see what you think. And to Zanzin, what do you mean in regards to the radio? Thanx

I don't use opera. But the lock keyboard doesn't seem to be happening. And the bbm keyboard seems fine so far. Try it and if you don't like it, reload your current OS.

As I stated in an earlier post, Opera still has the problem with the keyboard not disappearing and you have to use the quick workaround, which is still a pain. Also, I forgot the other thing I didn't like in .607 was how long it took my pictures to load and .713 still has that issue as well. Don't use BBM so not sure on the keyboard issue on that one. Seems all too similar to .607 to me. As someone who always installs whatever comes out on my S2, .607 was the first time I ever decided to go back to a previous OS and I might be headed back to .517 again. .517 is a really solid build IMHO and I just use one of Lyricidal's hybrids, which are always on point.

As mentioned before, I have no issues with my upgrade. Yeah I had to reactivate my berry weather and trapster as well as Facebook and twitter, but I am all good. Don't see how that can be avoided on version upgrades. Zanzin mentioned something about the radio. Can someone explain that to me? Thanx

in this os, I found that keyboard did not show on group message. Also I had same problem inos .Did someone found too?

yes, i also found that the keyboard issue is not fixed with this os. when in bbm and groups and you hit the 'show keyboard" the keyboard does not pop up. very frustrating
i went back to 517 its the best OS so far.

My contacts are all a mess. Facebook contacts are all wrong! Anyone with this problem and anyone know how to fix this!!! I have wrong names with other peoples contacts and missing people as well....

I've had no problems with this new update, none at all. What I have experienced is that the screen lock button works correctly now. No need to hit it 10 different times to try and unlock the screen. Battery life seems much improved. I start my day at 5am and now its 3pm and I still have more then half my battery, normally at this time Id be on 1 1/2 bars. Signal quallity seems to be better, and the phone may be running more smoothly. Normally Id disagree with everone about web browser speed on previous builds, but i do agree with this one. Much faster..

Verizon Storm 2

Installed this update and I can say the radio file is worse than what I was running. Signal is very low and messages take longer than normal to be sent. Cannot do enterprise activation. At first I thought it was due to the weak signal so I drove closer to town and had five bars and still could not successfully activate wirelessly. I went back home and connected my Blackberry to my desktop and activated through desktop manager. Messages were not flowing out like they were supposed to. -- May work for some people but this did not work correctly for me and I will be going back to the previous version that I was running. I even reloaded it to make sure there was not a fluke and still the same results with not being able to do EA.

First, hope an admin deletes the stupid ad posts above this.

As for the OS, I am unable to tell a performance difference from the 607 official Vz OS. Browser and screen responses are about the same.

I had BES activation problems, and one of my BIS mailboxes was duplicated. Thanks to CB forums I was able to delete the service book and re-install it.

The big problem I'm having is with the phone module. I get strange feedback on calls. I had lots of trouble with my headset operating correctly. And now I can only activate the headset tru the menu. While on a call the speakersphone icon is displayed but greyed out. I just can't get past that feedback, which only I hear...the other person doesn't.

Battery performance, for the way I use my phone and running apps, is worse with this OS than 607. I'm running out of juice around 5 PM, with 607 I could truck all the way to 11 PM.

I think I'll return to 607. Always up for trying a new version, thus far this is the only time I've downgraded.

everything about this build is better for me except one thing. i get nasty feedback during phone calls. it is like a fax/robot sounds. it cuts out the voice of who i am talking to, but they can still hear me just fine. also if i get a message while on the phone it makes the same awful noise in my ear. i restarted since last phone call and hope it goes away. if it doesn't then i will have to downgrade. which is sad because everything else is working much better.

Downgraded to the Vz official 607 and the phone flaw is gone.

I had trouble downgrading, and was reminded of the answer in the CB forums. Make sure you configure Desktop Manager to stop auto update OR turn off your Internet connection. DM and the AppLoader will assume the device software installed on your computer is the same on your phone and will not install. My guess is it compares the computer version to the carrier website.

Once I got past that everything went well back to 607.

I can't wait for 6. Shouldn't it come out this month? June is the 6th month, great marketing for RIM!

Has anybody had any issues with app world with this update? I installed it last night and everything works fine but I cannot log in to app world. I even deleted app world rebooted then reinstalled still can't log in. Any Ideas, I have a verizon 9550.

It appears as if this software is just as big of a disappointment as .607 it that hard for one of the largest cell phone producers to get their own software right? Looks like I'm sticking with .517

I dont know if I am the only lucky guy here, but for me it works perfect! Better signal, faster in every way, and deffinately longer battery life. I am very satisfied with it ;) Im in Peru using an Unlocked 9550 VZW on Telefonica net.

it seems that when i am on a call, i get this robotic voice coming out on my end of the phoned. i went back to .607 and all is good. we shall see about BB6

When I first updated to this OS, I had no problems. Everything worked fine. No feedback on phonecalls( which is important being my work is sales) no issues with BBM,Facebook, etc. Until yesterday. I noticed my email and message ringtones were not working. I went to fix it and got error messages that said "invalid ringtone" and these were the factory tones. So I pulled the battery and the boot up indicator remained at 3/4. I did this 4 times and the same result. So I went to my carrier( Verizon) and exchanged the Blackberry for a new( or refurbish. one never knows) After spending a good part of my afternoon and evening trying to re-coop all of my apps. I reloaded the new OS and everything seems to be working fine. I am sticking with the new OS because it has some suttle improvements, and those improvements works for me.

I did the upgrade, it was automatically sent to my phone and now my phone locks by itself, it takes awhile to finally unlock, I cant see who is calling, only my ring tone works, screen saver is still there, I can only press the talk button if the phone was not locked before the call. If its not locked I can hit the answer key and talk to the person, but I have no idea who it is, help