Official OS Now Available for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 from Sprint

Sprint OS
By Adam Zeis on 4 May 2010 03:32 pm EDT

If you're a Sprint user and still hanging on to your Tour (maybe waiting on a Bold 9650?) then you're in luck. Today Sprint has officially released OS for the Tour 9630. No notes on whats new and good, but this is a pretty decent upgrade from the carrier's last official OS. You can grab the software from the BlackBerry Software Downloads site, and if you're not a Sprint user, just delete the vendor.xml file and you should be good to go. This is an officiial OS, but as always, use caution when installing.

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Official OS Now Available for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 from Sprint


I came here to tip them but it was on the first page. I got the email from blackberry about an hour ago so I downloaded and installed and it seems to work pretty good so far. Just open DM connect your phone and it will automatically ask you if you want to upgrade if your on Sprint.

For me this is annoying. My wife is out of town on business and I have been sending short videos of our daughter. I have been sending them to her email and to her phone. It looks like sprint has removed this ability through the software. I am still able to upload through ubertwitter.

Doesn't this one have the browser click issue? is the first version that I've heard of that fixes this issue. It would seem that Sprint may be taking lessons from Verizon if this click issue is in this official release.

.624 vs .643 .. i'm running .643 right now and its great, anybody tried the .624 version? or is this a brand new release with no leak?

Does iHeartRadio work? I use it all the time b/c I am always on the road.... The last 2 leaks didn't work with iHeartRadio but the last Sprint release did, just checking thanks!!!!

I connected my phone to my comp to back up and OS pops up to update it on my Desktop Manager so its most likely official. I'm updating now as I type. If there's anything worth noting on this update compared to the last official Sprint update, I'll let you guys know.

Will this update clear my BBM contact list? Last time I updated my OS it cleared my contacts and it was a clusterf*** to get them all back. Thanks.

you could just do a backup of you BBM locally or remotely to an email. then you just have to click restore and it does the rest

i'm back again still with the same problem with my saved pics showing up VERY grainy when i open them on the phone

anyone found a resolution to this yet...or is my phone just nuked lol...


strange, it fixed that problem for me. before, if i open the pix, it would come out grainy and if i did "fit to screen" it came out perfect. just finished the updated about 10 min ago (still testing out other kinks) and i no longer have the grainy picture problem

I am actually writing this comment from my Droid Incredible. Which is on par with a PC. While RIM releases a "fix" that will require another "fix". I cant judge I used to do it.....never again. Lol.

A lot of the people on here are average consumers that love BB benefits but can get them from a Android phone but are under the assumption that blackberry functionality are only in BB phones. Not true I can do everything on this phone I did on my 9630 but with more.
Just sharing my expeeinces.

Glad you like your Android handset but you're being a bit fanboyish. The BB can also do everything your Android handset does.

I've used Android, BB, iPhone, WebOS, Symbian, and WM6. All of the newer mobile OSes are great. I might even get the EVO depending on the price.

say he was being Fan-boyish. He is just enjoying a device that is much more powerful and fun than the one he had. It's sad, actually. Because in a way he's right. These little upgrades push out minor fixes, and sometimes they cause new ones. I cannot lie, the last Sprint update fixed a lot of things, and stopped the crashing, and also allowed me to have more than an allotted amount of apps, but it's just something that's been happening a lot lately with BB and their device limitations.
I think this guy is just happy about his new device, and if you look, at the end you say you even might pick up the Evo, lol.
I know it's bad, and I love Blackberry, but it's just not giving us what we need. And if it is it's only doing so little by little.
For instance, every little thing that's pushed out keeps you entertained for a few hours, maybe even a day, but then falls flat.
I've been waiting for 2 years to get a decent YouTube experience, but nothing. Then I wasted the better part of almost two years waiting for the Skyfire browser, and look where that went.
Now we want a new user experience, and Blackberry 6 is only looking to be a facelift.
Again, the Blackberry is a great communication device, and I use the crap out of my 9630, but after I go and pay my hard earned money and buy this thing, the track ball craps out twice, and then it's obsolete before I even make a year with it? No open GL support? No Blackberry 6 support? (according to the list of devices getting the supposed upgrade). This ticks me off, as I'm sure it does many others.
Sorry I went off on a rant here, but more and more I'll whip my device out and feel loathing toward it. Heck, the freaking G1 was still able to handle the Skyfire Browser for Android, the FIRST ANDROID PHONE! What does that tell you?


"BB can also do everything your Android handset does" I DONT THINK SO. Trying to use the browser is like kicking myself in the nards. WEB Kit is coming out! Too little too late.
I am a former user of a 8310/8330/8530i and currently Tour 9630. I would have bought the TOUR2/Bold if they wouldn't have pulled it to put a Bold sicker on the back. I used to consider myself a pretty loyal berry user but when I saw the specs on the EVO I said enough is enough. I have Installed almost every hybrid possible on most of these phones in desperation of getting rid of that pinwheel and nothing yet. My wife has a Samsung Moment and I rooted that phone, installed 2.1, swype and a whole load of "Unauthorized" apps and that thing blows my berry away. Just being able to load a application by rooting a ZIP file to my SD card and opening it at boot up makes things so easy. For me it's EVO 4G as soon as it comes out. Oh one of the fixes on this new OS is less memory drain with third party apps? Really isn't that a great big "We didn't write this OS as good as we could have" sign? Berry can do everything a Droid can do my arse. My big sticking point on staying with Berry has been the keyboard. Well I am here to tell you SWYPE ROCKS! It has a learning curve but when you start getting the hang of it it blows the berry keypad out of the water.

If you like your droid so much, why are you on the crackberry site discussing blackberries?

clearly you miss what's happening.

There are some of us who just prefer the blackberry over other phones in general. And a lot of us haven't experienced the show stopping glitches others have.

On top of what ever cool stuff my Tour does, its an excellent phone, with awesone call quality and terrific battery life. And that's what's most important to me.

I've got another year and a half before I'm due for my upgrade, we'll see then if I stay with BB's, but right now, I'm more than happy with it.

look at the Application Version

Package Version: has Applications: (NEWEST)

Package Version: has Applications:

I thought the exact same thing when I read this! Until the 9650 comes out, this is the top of the line BlackBerry for Sprint. And then this guy makes it sound like most people have upgraded already... I don't think so. Heh.

The culture its cool... its a bit sad and pointless these OS updates but I am not going anywhere. I am a crack berry head love the new pearl. But extremely pissed by the lackluster effort put into making the tour and the track ball then waiting forever to put out another bold/tour crap.

Since I am a storm/tour user I have ever right to express my love or distaste if they do something cool especially with 6.0 I will be here to cheer and even convert back but when they screw up I am here to voice myself. No different when I was on the Sprint forums airing out the Palm Pre and those horrible commericals.

So yea that BB promo dance video sucked as did the Palm creepy Ad but I am a hater cause I won't role with it....nope I am a consumer with a voice so yea.....I am here to stay.

stop talking about your droid on the post this is for comments on OS finds and fix. Seriously come on.

I've been using the leaked .643 version and it's been working out great so far. If anyone went with the leak, I'd stick with it unless you hear something about a better radio or something with this official release.

I didn't see your post until after I posted. Thank you for that. Glad someone gets it.

I am not being biased or spoiled and in the future I will try and be even more even. Hope this helps. But I will speak my mind.

I totally know how you feel. When you've woke every morning and checked the sites, and Skyfire sites and every little morsel of info feeds you to strive further, thinking, can they actually do this on a BB? Only to be let down... It's sad.

And what's up with the Youtube thing??? You have to do a run around on the mobile version just to get a decent feed? Why dosn't the various Youtube programs coming out have support for this?

Ah, I have one thing to say lmao. DRRROOOOOOOOIIIIDDDDD lmao!

I still love BB, though.


See guys this is what its about...just having fun with this technology thing. So many options, at the end of the day its choices and opinions.

Very cool. Long live the crack berry heads.

Lmao@geocab, same here. And yea I want a droid so bad :(
Never in my life did I think I would regret getting my 9700 but god damn droids kick a lot of ass and they're only getting better, and better, and the span of a few years!!! Rim had a headstart and blew it. In another year another truly amazing droid will come out and I will get it for sure. Hell it might even be called the droid "truly amazing"

I updated my software and it bricked my tour. had to goto the store and get a replacement. Gonna try it on the replacement.

I installed new update and not able to discern any changes. I was hoping it would fix the SMS texting so I could eliminate the callback number that shows up on most of the screen when sending and answering text messages. is there a fix for this.

What is with the Android fruitbooters? You like your phone, congrats, we don't need the PSA about it...jeez. Light some candles, put on some Barry White, crawl into bed with it, and make sweet love till you pass out!!

I could just see it now. I'd be all snuggled in with my Android phone and when things got a little busy, it'd start screaming DDDRROOOIIIDDDD DDRRRROOOIIIDDDD DDDRRRROOOOOIIIIIDDDDDD!!! At a fevered pitch! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


To be honest with you, I didn't have any issues with the previous version of the OS. I thought that it was extremely solid. I didn't find any bugs with it. I am eager to know what this fixed.

update is pretty nice, i like it better than the newest leak i had on my tour. battery life seems pretty good so far.

cant wait till july tho, PALM PRE!!! lol...imma miss BBM

the best thing i like about this update is it increased the size of the signal indicator, so now i don't have to squint to see if 1XEV is 1xev anymore. i guess that's what gets me excited these days. *sigh*

I'm about to start the update. Hopefully this improves battery life! That's my only major issue with the first 5.0 release. I'll post some comments about it once I get a feel for it.

So happy that the battery life issue was fixed! Apart from that there were small tweaks, like font size. Running smoothly for me so far, except for calendar. Very laggy! I hope this fixes itself.

I noticed more headings in the options menu...does anyone else have with a "enable" or "disable" option??I haven't seen this before.....

Looks like the biggest update to this is the Additional language support. Sprint recently launched international Texting support for their devices. It only follows that you will see increased interest in foreign language support on devices. And the Biggest addition is Added input language support including the highly coveted Japanese Romanji input.

You must install the all language version for this support.
The Blackberry site just be sure to choose the AllLang version.

Browser opens faster, got about 14 megs more RAM, boot up seemed faster...on the down side the "You have been registered with the network" message still shows up after a battery pull.

I think the Sprint 9630 device automatically provisions after a hard restart and battery pull. I get the same.

After spending 12hr's of tinkering, this is what I've come up with.

1. Picture quality on viewing pictures has been fixed. Previously when I opened a picture or put it on slideshow, it would look grainy. This problem started when I had updated to and the only way to look at it clearly was after I had opened the picture to set the option "Fit to Screen". Now that problem has been addressed.

2. Connections to Sprint TV seems to be faster.

3. I think the blackberry browser has been updated but I don't seem to see any changes.

4. It did free up some space, but I'm just going to assume that updating it cleared out all the used memory from before that I wasn't going to get back.

5. When I updated, it rolled back my bbm to 5.0.0 so I had to reinstall back in

Aside from these 5, that was it. Nothing major changed and previous problems like music stopping when the phone does an alert is still there. I do believe this OS update is going to be for the Bold 9650 since looking at the properties of the BB OS Core Applications, I noticed a module for wi-fi named, "net_rim_api_wlan_hotspot"

If anyone else notices any changes than the ones mentioned above, feel free to just reply to this post to add more.

PS. Please don't reply about your ramblings of your love for Android OS and how you love BB too. This is about the BB OS update so stick to whats relevant.

I was not sure whether to do it or not. I haven't seen much difference for the good aside of gaining about 15 meg of space. I have noticed that my battery kind of compares to that small oil leak in the Gulf. I was running .419 hybrid before this update and never changed to sprints last update but i think i may go back to .419.

Calendar seems to be extremely slow since the update.

I think data speeds were improved overall on this build, because I noticed that browser and Facebook were faster, and you noticed Sprint TV.

Battery life is back to normal!! 484 killed my battery. That was really all I wanted out of the update and thankfully I got it. :)

If I feel my battery has a leak now but most everyone seems to think its better I guess 484 must have been horrible.

I'm just adding more to my review since I can't edit it no more so I gotta go thru this.

-Rebooting (where you see the black screen) & initializing (after you see the Sprint logo to the main screen to where you can start using the phone) seems to take a little longer by a minute but still faster than the OS 4.7 version.

-I'm more convinced that the 3G connection is stronger, which makes it a little faster but by no means 4G (I'm in Los Angeles-Non 4G city) speeds. The office I work at uses the Sprint Mi-Fi's (our office building in a weird location that can't get DSL/Cable & T1 is too expensive for 5 employee's *shrug*) and I use Tether since I don't wanna share bandwidth with anyone. When I used Tether before the update, my peak download speeds where somewhere around 1.0mbps with average 600kbps; now I'm peaking at 1.2mbps with average 800kbps. These speeds are actually faster than the Mi-Fi which peaks around 600-800kbps. When I use ubertwitter, it seems to update faster too when I refresh or clear the cache.

-As some stated, battery life is improved by 5-10%

If anything else pops out, I'll keep this post updated.

last night I did the upgrade & this morning after my flight to Chicago my tour did not change time zones. After making sure my settings were set for automatic & Auto Update Time Zone "ON" it still shows Eastern time zone. The network time is correct but device time does not change. Anybody else notice this or have a fix????

I updated last night, everything running a bit smoothly EXCEPT for sms message notifier keeps on popping up. There's nothing unread and I deleted almost all of my texts too to no avail. Had to do some hard restarts and battery pulls because of it (which caused some errors at times) but everything is pretty smoothly.

Anyone have any tips? I'm hesitant to redownload the os but if that's my ONLY option, I might take it.

It seems that now on incoming and outgoing calls the graphics (Name and number) are larger. Also the phone number of the person you text is on the left side (one line, area code + number) instead of in the right corner (two lines, area code + number) on text msg screen. Berry Weather future temps are not as "bunched" together, much clearer. Browser seems a little faster too. My Yahoo mailbox was a Yahoo icon it is now a standard mailbox with globe just like the Gmail mailbox.

The build that Verizon released of 5.0 was higher than Sprint's release. Later builds are usually less buggy than those before, so an update may not be as imperative for Verizon just yet.

I've noticed 4 Differences.

1. It added an additional theme
2. When someone calls my phone, their name and number is larger.
3. It defrag everything, so now I have more memory.
4. Power-Up seems slightly longer (give & take 90 seconds)

I am going to wait T-mobile release on May 11. a friend of mine..just tried this leak and no much to report in terms of feautures.

I downloaded this after i called sprint. I asked was this better than the version i was using and was told it is better than the previous. So far no trouble, operates like a charm with out the headaches i had be4. On my older version. I was having trouble sending out picture's, was not able to send out text messages, and would at times not be able to surf the web. I am happier with this newer operating system

downloaded the .624 and so far no problems had to reset berry buzz but besides that everything ok.The battery life is better now with this download its lasting longer very happy

Is it just me or does this upgrade not have the keypad lock option anymore? I had the .419 before this and that had the keypad lock but it didn't have music listed under my media card. Same goes for this upgrade. It doesn't have the music option either.

I've only been a BlackBerry user for 3 months. Sprint is my carrier. Not sure what to do. My Tour came pre-loaded with .484 and it works just fine, no problems, and the battery life is a lot longer than my friends who have iPhones & Androids. Should I update anyway? What would Jesus do?

What i notice with the update, is that all my calendar entries are now link with my BB group calendar. Which means all the people in my groups can see my personal calendar entries. Has anyone else had this problem?

Also do anyone know how to delete Facebook out of your calendar, I dont wanna see my facebook friends birthdays?

I upgraded to this version and Twitter for BB does not work. I was able to download it, however, my phone is stuck on the "Logging in..." screen. Anyone else have this problem...?

i downloaded it on the first day it came out and im having horrible browser click issues that i never have had before. and my radio seems to be worse... everthing isnt for everyone i guess. downgrading tomorrow

It now supports East Asian Input Methods!! I had just given up my search for a way to input in Chinese and WHAMO here it is. Thrilling to me since I will be heading to Beijing shortly. Now to resolve the whole SIM card/international plan issue...

I went ahead installed the new upgrade. It was my first time to do so on a BlackBerry.

Here are my thoughts of the experience:

* It was easy to do. I just openned up BlackBerry Desktop Manager on my laptop PC, connected my BlackBerry Tour, and Desktop Manager did all the work, I just answered a few questions.

* The download and install went smoothly. No hicups during the process.

* After the process was finished, I noticed I had picked up an additional 25 MB of free space.

* So far, I have noticed no differences at all in the appearance or performance of my BlackBerry.

* There has been one main unexpected negative. I lost all my personal settings for ALL of my third-party applications. It's as if I'm starting over brand new with each one of them. None of the third-party applications even recognizes that I've used them before. Thank goodness I had written down my activation code for BerryWeather, because I had to key it in as a new user to even access the application. I have not been able to open my AP Mobile application since the upgrade. It gets stuck on an opening screen that says it's "loading my news". That screen never goes away, until I close out the application. I suppose I'll delete it and reinstall from BB App World.

* A minor inconvenience has been that several of my icons were rearranged for me, and my main email icon was even hidden, until I figured that out and un-hid it.

Maybe this is standard stuff after a smartphone upgrade, but it was a surprise for me. But in the long run, will not be any big issue. I already got great battery life out of my Tour, much, much better than my friends who use iPhones & Androids, and if I get even longer life after the upgrade, then that'll really be welcomed.

By the way, I have no idea what the previous poster is talking about when mentioning "browser click"? My browser worked fine before the upgrade and it works fine now.

Im not digging this new OS at all. Both of my browsers (both the native and OperaMini) are acting funny, and my LED has gotten into a habit of spontaneously blinking for no reason. Ive reset it multiple times and it's still doing it.

I don't know about you all but this has been the WORST Official Update Ever. I have never experienced so many issues. My BB freezes up for no reason. On top of the numerous other bugs that I have run into. What was this a Leaked spawn or something? OMFG Everything seems to be screwed up

After downloading 5.0 to my phone (and assuming it was completing installed) I do not have the text messaging thread like everyone else. Mine still shows up like regular text messaging. Does anyone know why this is or what I can do to fix it? Thanks!

i'm also having the click-through browser issue, it's taking me on avg 4-7 clicks or zoom for it to respond. def like the new aspects of sms and cleaner memory, but also have notifications that are never clearing after every fix i've tried. it's driving me crazy.