Official OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 Available from Verizon Wireless

By Adam Zeis on 5 Apr 2010 06:00 pm EDT


Reports are flying in and the forums are lighting up with the news that OS is now available for some Verizon users via Wireless Update. We knew this was coming today, just not when, but it looks like it the OS is being made available already. If you haven't seen the option to update OTA don't fret, it should pop up on the homescreen (or you can check directly under Options > Advanced Options > Wireless Update). You'll need to be running an official Verizon OS in order to update OTA, so unfortunately for some this means downgrading first. You can also download the OS from the Verizon Software Downloads page for an easy Desktop Manager install. If you need help installing, check out our BlackBerry 101 on using the Wireless Update feature. Leave a comment and let us know if you have installed the update and how it went. 

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 Available from Verizon Wireless


We're not $hit, RIM is $hit. And the Storm 1 is a major Piece-of-$hit. I can't wait to switch to Android too and dump this POS. . Verizon will be getting some really nice phones very soon.

Thank you for allowing me to pay you for the opportunity to beta test your phone and software. Now that enterprise users have extended beyond RIM, once my current contract is up, you can bet I won't be using any variation of a ridiculously laggy Storm.

Both Google Sync and SmrtGuard are running perfectly on my Storm2 with this Operating System installed. I'm not sure what the problem you're having is.

I ran this OS for a while but had to downgrade to my previous OS because of the unstable radio. ITS GARBAGE! I live in the sticks and depend on a strong radio, like the one in .517. The difference is night and day. If I am running .607 and I am on a call any data that gets sent to me drops my call! I have been dealing with this problem for a long time and I make most of my decisions of what OS I choose by which radio works the best. And .607 does not pass the test...better luck next time, I will stick with .517.

I wasn't able to go to a higher os after my recent downgrade. I tried and tried ...and tried, yet I was never able to get this same os on the phone. So I'm thankful that this is loading OTA as I type this.

I agree with cory2107.

I play by the rules. I don't use leaks or versions people have built, largely because I have a Mac and it's very confusing.

I bought my Storm 1 the very first day they came out, and I have to confess I haven't felt much love coming from Verizon or RIM.

For those who don't know, the official version for the S1 is .328. There are tons of us who have this phone; indeed it was being sold until just a month or two ago. I'm happy for everyone else, but these companies shouldn't forget those who made a major investment in buying a product they offer.

Verizon and RIM taught me how little they value a smart phone experience and there customers. I did an early upgrade, because the likelihood of a Storm 1 OS upgrade is near impossible. If the Storm is bugging you that much like it was me, just drop the dough and get something else.

Well hopefully you are wrong about no future update. The fact that there have been OS leaks since the last official update leads me to believe that something is in the works although it is happening much slower than I would like.

I love my storm but my kids all rock drroids. Open source rocks I might me venturing to the android side of life if I don't see any future updates. After this long with a touch screen I don't want any buttons.

Yep, this must mean the S1 is officially dead. I'm willing to buy a new phone. I probably will never enter into a contract again. I'm just waiting on a phone that I like. I'm feeling the HTC droids. I may be switching carriers too.

I am pissed they dropped the S1 like a bad habit. I can't believe I have held on to it this long.

Yup, RIM appears to have completely abandoned the Storm 1. The leaked .419 release is nice, but I had to go back to the official release because some software didn't work.

Not sure about Android yet. Still waiting to see if some of the new 1.6 devices like the Eris get upgraded to 2.1, or if they have been similarly left behind after less than a year.

One thing I can't help but notice: iPhone OS releases work on every model, even the original.

Yup and thats why the iPhone has less complaints and everyone is always at the same level, because EVERYONE gets the newest OS.

From the start Android and RIM should of made the same deal Apple made with their carriers, let the actual phone company release w.e OS they think is ready to go out the door, not have the carriers re-test them and take 5 months to send them out -_-

My friend switched from storm 1 to storm 2 amd said that there was absolutely no difference in the way both function. S1 users should also be happy because as you have probably noticed apps are still being made compatible with s1. And iPhone Os leaks work with every single iphone because there's only one kind of iphone. Bb os leaks only work on their appropriate platforms because there are so many different kinds of bbs. Apple may be ahead of RIM in everything but but when it comes to variety RIM and bb hav the advantage.

There is a huge difference in the hardware though. I have both, but my s1 is now my spare battery charger.

Definitely use the .517 build. It has a significantly better boot time, longer battery life etc. Also, that stupid BBM bug is not there. Glad Verizon is actually pushing OSs but I chose .517.

-- BTW, there is active development on fixing the .607 BBM bug on a few hybrids.

607 is working perfect on mine (leaked version). everyone with a problem should re-install it. best OS so far....

I re-installed that build three! times. Last two times wiped phone with BBSak. Everything looks good except battery life, its terrible.. Went back to .517, battery is fine now

how do you reinstall because it said something about wipe handle and it didn't get rid of .607 and also can i use .517 with verizon because that os is under sask tel?

it is about time that VZW is doing something besides having a thumb up their @ss' doing the OTA will update when done with any bugs

that is what i am wondering, i am going to sell my 9530 soon and wonderd how do i revert or whipe it totaly then reload 5.0.328??

btw if you update through the desktop to offical like i am in the process of doing, it is avalible to.. i need my bbm back!!

I deleted the leaked version off my computer and then DM updated over the leaked version. It wasn't a very big file but it did do an update to the core files. only took 5 min. I realy like this OS over all the others I have tried and I have tried them all except any hybrids.

I had to manually go into options to update to this new OS.
would of been cool to just check my BB and see that flower update icon. but that was just for applications tho huh. they should make that flower icon a standard default icon.

anyone know yet what improvements this OS has compared to the last official OS?

Does the new .607 update change anything or update anything for the BBM...All i know is im running .517 and my phone is hella fast on the web and my battery life is great,,im not updating.

.517 is more stable and had fewer bugs than .607. I've been running .607 for three days. Today was the first day back at work...miserable...more dropped calls in one day than I've had in the last two months. I don't see any benefits of .607 for all the pain.

this is what I have found coming from .517

better battery life
better signal
updated predictive text
spacing on the keyboard

some lag some times

not to sure what the differences between the leaked and the official is. I have been running the leaked since it came out.just updated to the official.

I don't think verizon is guna give up a storm 1 update since they r discontinuing it. Soooooo that being said, would a storm 2 OS work for storm 1?

If I do this upgrade OTA will my phone be wiped? I guess I can always re-download everything I need... but it would kinda be a pain...

any answers would be appreciated.

...Always backup your BB. Then you can upgrade (it DOES wipe out your memory) and then just go back into DM and restore everything.

I recently upgraded to SaskTel's .517 and noticed immediate improvement in SurePress, signal strength and battery life. Unless someone finds major new features, I'm sticking with what I've got, thankyouverymuch.

Well it adds voice adaptability. For the voice dialing. For some reason Quick Pull failed upon restore. Damn DM. Should have just used App loader. :)Not much for physical changes. I hope mine is more responsive, and signal works better. I know this has been out floating around a while. I sat and waited on it. I thought there would be something a little fresher. Oh Well.... That's BlackBerry for ya !

I had the leaked .607 and it was awful. Battery life was terrible, Start up takes 10 minutes or so, and once it finally gets started its buggy. I think I'll stick with .517

Cant be much worse than I had.I recharged my phone 2-3 times a day. It didn't make me very happy. I think the .320 was garbage. This better be better.

Has anyone else noticed how boring the BB operating system is? It reminds me of the old Palm PDA's. Now I understand why its so easy for Android to capitalize on the Verizon phone market right now.

whats so marvelous about the Android OS djrollerx? please explain.
BB's do tend to seem a bit plain compared to others but then again what are you really missing?
lol what, 2 more home screens?? and for what, just to pile up useless apps and have everything unorganized? smh.

The bug in key sounds still is not working.Anyone else have the key tone issue? The bottom keys beep..but not on pad.

Also, I have to now use the menu/delete all call logs no...before I could do it from main screen and delete individually.

Alright Crackberry nation, anyone wanna help me out? I downloaded the update through DM for Mac and it failed. My phone now shows "Reload Software: 507". Anyone wanna tell me what to do now?

I can't believe some of you won't listen. Trust me and others who have tried out .607, it's not worth it. Stick with SaskTel's .517. My friend has had the .607 leak until today, he just came over to my apartment and got .517 from me (so he doesn't have to wait for the download to finish) because his battery went from full to 0% in 6 hours of medium use. Verizon, you guys choose the worst OSs. Anyway, can't wait for the next leak.

Battery life is superb, why are you people saying the battery life sucks? I guess that don't make sense, memory leak is almost zero. Only thing is I cant delete calls from call log screen as .517.

I, too, lost option to delete call logs from main window. How about your key tones? Do they work on the touchpad or just bottom keys? Thanks

I can't believe .607 is an official release. It's one of the worse versions, if not the worse, of all the leaks and hybrids I've tried since .320 was released. It's not totally Verizon's fault. RIM should be ashamed of themselves for letting this POS of an OS out the door.

The Incredible is looking even better now.

My Storm currently has 320. How do I even get .517. I'm afraid to download .607 because of input here. If .517 is better than .320 how do i install?

I am so sorry that I asked a question. I kinda thought that's what this was all about. Some of you make the new people feel like they shouldn't be here. I've been reading, and just felt like asking would get my question answered sooner. Didn't mean to offend you.

Why did the flash (app memory) on my device went down after update? Before update I was running .323 and my available space was about 100 MB. After updating to .607, my available space went down to 70 MB.

Installed the .607 update and I think it is great. I don't have any problems yet. Native browser is really zippy. I'll see how the battery holds up tomorrow.

Just downloaded the New OS It took 14 minutes to get the download started, and then only took 42 minutes to finish. Thanks for the heads-up on this uppdate. It hadn't even prompted yet on my Storm2.

I downloaded the .607 it I gained a lot of memory back after a couple of battery pulls. The only problem I'm having is that I can't type in my username or password for Gsync, Gvoice and I can't type my registration key in for berryjooze

I was at work when I saw this post come up on twitter. I downloaded it and installed and that took about an hour. Not that bad. I only saw battery problems when I was going through each of my apps accepting the terms and all. However after that my battery has been solid with the .607. I came from the .300's OS and I have noticed that the browser is a lot faster. It is better than my opera mini 5. second, I don't know if its just me but the font looks different. I have never changed it however I could just be crazy. The screen reacts a lot better than before. I will test the battery life tomorrow at work. So far I think its a good OS.

... So good. Things (browser, phone navigation) are faster, but I'm waiting to see if it's because of a fresh install or because of the OS. Time will tell.

The only bad part is that ALL yes... ALL of my third party applications and even Add-on applications got wiped.... (the first attempt to install 607 failed and the backup was bad) So, i've spent the last 4 hours or so surfing on wifi and downloading the apps again. I started the upgrade with 3 bars of battery and just went down to 2 bars. That's after 4 full reboots (which usually kills my battery) IMO, that's not too bad.

First, of all, could we stop with the bashing and offer constructive help for folks like us working through this new upgrade? Very frustrating trying to weed through the bitchy comments to get at real information on this thread. Just a suggestion, please...

I upgraded from 320 (I think) and so far it's been successful. SureType seems to be much improved making typing faster, but we'll see as I type more on it tomorrow. Battery drain is hard to tell so far. I'm running MeterBerry and will report on how that's doing tomorrow. Phone has only been online for an hour, so too early too tell.

What's this BBM bug people are complaining about? I'm not familiar with that. Seems to be working fine so far.

Gmail app is broken. Every time I fire it up it tells me it had to modify some modules and I need to reboot..., over and over again. :(

The feature to separate mailboxes from the main messages folder is now more flexible (I can separate gmail box from messages box--finally). It just seems more intuitive from that stand point.

More info as I play with it tomorrow.

It bricked mine half way through the update. Had to make a run to my local VZ store to get back up and running. They loaded the new OS for me. I'm on a Mac so no bbsak for me.

I'm scrolling through the comments reading peoples opinions and half baked reviews with no one really giving anyone any information. I've been running .607 since it was first leaked. I've probably updated the OS on my phone at least 25 times (all leaked OSs and countless hybrids). This is my experience with .607:

I like it. I prefer it over .517. It seems to me to have a better feel to the screen. I also prefer the suretype changes. The smaller letters and the highlighting of the words as you type them are a much more attractive implementation. I have however noticed I do get more dropped calls which would support many users claims of an inferior radio.

The BBM bug that has been widely publicized only affects uses of Blackberry Groups. There is a bug that prevents the keyboard from appearing. There is however a workaround that you can use until a fix comes out. Enter the Group chat, hit the Blackberry Menu button and select "New Chat". Then hit cancel, the keyboard will remain. The keyboard will not be context sensitive, nor will it shift, but it will work.

Yes, it does take substantially longer to boot, but I find that I do not need to reboot quite as frequently so an extra couple of minutes doesn't bother me.

I am sticking with .607 because in my experience, the pros outweigh the cons. I will wait for the BBM fix because apart from that, .607 appears to be faster, more stable and have better battery life than .517. I hope this helps anyone who might be on the fence about what to do.

Thanks for the positive comments on 607 and much of what you said is similar to my experience. As for the battery issue, mine is running just fine so far. Maybe there is some bug with some common 3rd party app causing high battery drain and that might take some time to track down for folks.

Regarding the radio issue, is this something that can be reproduced? Certain condition causes it to happen more often? How often overall?

I, too, don't reboot often. I can run for 7-10 days easily without a reboot and only lose about 4% of existing RAM due to leakage. I only run a few 3rd party apps though.

I for one appreciate all who take the time to articulately communicate their experience with a OS. Thanks.

Thank you for your comments on the OS. I have to agree. I love the changes they have with the keyboard. Much more attractive. I also think that the keyboard is a lot easier to use. I used to get the n key instead if the space bar all the time

Anyone know what this update entails? I would like to know what kind of improvements this update may have.

Installed OS and seems pretty good. Had problem with uncaught exception javalang but went away when i deleted the QuickLaunch app. Sent an error report to them and hope for a fix soon.I was going to Verizon today to trade my Storm 2 because of keyboard issues but they seem to be resolved.

i dont notice too much difference in the update, i do like how fast and responsive the screen locks when i press the button...when you press the power button, it no longer displays you wallpaper, it stays on the current screen and a box pops up saying the screen is locked. I also noticed that boot time is faster

The keyboard won't work for Google Sync or Google Voice. Those are the only two issues I've seen so far. Hopefully google is on top of it and will soon have upgraded versions of both ready...maybe versions that are more touch oriented and don't require simulating a trackball scroll by dragging your finger up or down the screen...

So quick check of Verizon Wireless website. They will still sell me a brand new Storm 9530 with a 2year contract yet they will never offer another software update?? So they are happy to sell me one but not support it with needed updates??!!

Being on a corporate account, I don't have the luxury of trying leaked OS's, so I had to wait for this. I had zero problems with 320. Loaded this up last night. Boot up now takes about 60 seconds. Device is very responsive. Way to go Verizon!

Did the download via desktop manager. It only took about 45 minutes tops and was painless. Haven't really had a chance to play with it much yet. Typing seems a little easier. Berryweather installed and works except for main screen updates. I am reinstalling that at the moment. Had to reenter a few licenses. Other than that it was no big deal.

I noticed that it defaulted back to unchecking the update home screen icon. I thought I had to reinstall or was an issue, but looked at the settings fro homescreen and saw that "enable homescreen wallpaper" was unchecked, checked it again and works flawlessly.

New OS seems really good. Faster. Slightly different/better keyboard layout and key highlight. A couple background features added. PTT!!!! WTF?

I upgraded last night. I was on the leaked .607 so like a few people have said it was pretty fast, just a few files to update. The screen response is light years ahead of .320. There are a few issues but none that really seem to bother me.

After a full wipe (multiple times) and a system wipe via BBSAK, reloading the OS from scratch, no database imports, everything re-done from scratch, Word Completion STILL MANAGES TO COME BACK ON RANDOMLY EVEN WHEN IT SAYS ITS SET TO "AUTO CORRECTION".

This is since the .451 leak...

How stupid are these developers? This is a pretty bad bug. I mean, what the hell? Do they plan on keeping this "feature" on future builds??

F these OS'es... I'm so mad. was the best one. The only problem that had was not being able to play certain xvid files...

Only bug so far - the keyboard will not display in BBM Groups. Weather in full, multi, or sure or horizontal or vertical.

If you can't use the keyboard on Google Sync or Google Voice, then go to Options->Applications->Highlight Google Sync->Press the BlackBerry button->Click on "Disable Compatibility Mode". This worked for me on Google Sync and read that it works on Google Voice.

And for those wondering how to turn on Keyboard Pop-Ups...Options->Screen/Keyboard->Show Key Indicator. Options are Off, Always, and On Touch And Hold.

after perusing some of the comments, the bottom line is that RIM puts out a great and at times a superior product. It is only when VZW gets a hold of the RIM product that it becomes troublesome. Bottom line, VZW sucks and it is time that all leave the evil empire they have built and let them know how terrible they have become in the way they treat their customers. I remember a vzw company that actually cared about their customers, but that is long gone now.

Everyone complaining about the Storm 1 being phased out needs to go to school and learn about product life cycles. There comes a time when a product is phased out like the Storm 1. Everyone that bought the Storm 1 should be coming up on a 2 year renewal and will be able to upgrade their phone if they so wish (whether that be to another RIM product or another device altogether). Companies would go bankrupt trying to cater to everyone with old devices, even though Apple's iPhone updates are for every device, certain features are not available on older devices, requiring you to get a more up to date phone.

I am not complaining about the Storm 1, I feel if a company is going to sell you a product they should be obligated to offer updates for 2 years. Not everyone has the money to update to a new phone every 6 months or year. I usually keep my phones for 2 years before upgrading and I am currently still under contract. Therefore, if Verizon no longer supports this device, then my contract should be null as of the date they stop offering updates. I would like to see all of you this time next year when the Storm 2 is no longer updated.

If the Storm 1 is so "Phased Out" then why can you still buy a brand new one with a 2year contract from Verizon?? If they are still selling it then they should still support it with needed updates. So by you thinking if Ford stopped making the Mustang a day after they stopped making them they could keep selling the remaining stock of car but provide no replacement parts, service or warranty coverage?

I am having the problem that the unread SMS icon is dispalying when there are no unread SMS messages. I think it may be caused when SMS come in as BBM for BBM contacts. I reboot eliminates the icon temporarily.

How could they release this as an official. I wonder who tests these darn things. I played with it in the leak and it had so many glitches.

Calling verizon to complain right now lol!

This thing is great. Running well no bugs so far. Much more responsive than .320. Not sure why so many are having many problems.

In the old OS the power button on the top would activate the password lock. In think OS it only locks the screen. There is an icon to password lock. Has anyone found a way to have the power button password lock the phone in stead of a screen lock? As a workaround I set a side convenience key as a password lock.

Downloaded it on my phone from verizon, It works great on my storm 2, the typing improved and phone seams to be quicker!!!!!!!! Very Good improvement!!

So I was very skeptical about doing this OTA as I figured it would break my BES connection, but I was very delighted and surprised to see that it all worked just fine - and without having to get our BES admin involved. Once the upgrade was complete, the Enterprise Activation was already engaged and activating.

I haven't seen too many big differences between 320 & 607...yet. I've only just completed it. The major thing I have noticed so far is I now have 115MB free mem whereas I had 83MB free before the upgrade. Same apps (standard & 3rd party) as I had before. Yes, I did delete the downgrade data - but the 83MB was what I'd been running for weeks.

One question I do have though - when the system is doing a backup of the device OTA, where does it store the data? Is that secure? Do they remove it once they've completed the restore?

Updating now. Will keep you posted. Attempting with BES. Lets see if it bricks it. I'm kind of a pessimist.

No problem with this build for me other then not being able to enter my activation code to reg berryjoose. Anyone have a solve to this?

I just heard back from Jared Co. tech support, and according to them, you will need to disable compatibility mode, before you can enter the activation code for BerryJoose. Here are their instructions for the Storm 2:

Storm 2:

Options-> Applications -> Highlight BerryJoose -> Menu -> Disable Compatibility Mode

The only question I have is what does disabling the compatibility mode do?

I did the OTA update and it went fine. No problems with my Enterprise Activation. Had to reconfigure a couple apps like Facebook and Ubertwitter. Biggest difference I see so far is how much faster the native browser is. I'm gonna use it for a while in place of Opera.

Looks like everything transferred well. Needed to login to each app account again, which is normal. Gmail freaked out and wanted constant restarts to "update modules". I deleted and am reinstalling now. Google sync seems to work well. Again, just required a login again.

FYI - BES BROKE on mine. Locked up on desktop sync. Hopefully an activation request will be enough to kick it back online.

The screen seems way more sensitive, which I love. Sure-type is more spread out and the letters in both orientations glow brighter, which is great for those of use with big fingers. Love the inbox separation. Something I always wanted. Can't tell radio or battery performance yet, but I'll update again after I test them.

Previous (.571?) was getting the screen freak outs when orientation changed or awaking from lock. Haven't seen it so far with this one. Actually, seems like orientation switching seems alot faster on native apps.

Battery pulls do take quite a bit longer. Hopefully they won't be as frequent. For some reason setup assistant keeps coming up after every batt pull too. Hopefully that will stop.

Easy install using DM. Only thing I needed to reset was BeWeather, as it deleted the activation code, program was still on the phone, once put in the activation code, it was back up, then needed to add my locations back in.

Had to re-log into other apps, but all running smoothly. Compared to .320 the screen is much better, browser's faster, overall very happy with build. I do not use groups in BBM so that was not an issue for me.

It even kept my theme preferences set and location of all the icons in the folders I put them in. SO very happy with that as well. Loaded in quickly through DM, took about 20 minutes from start to finish if that long. And boot up time as far as I can tell is the same.

For me the radio also seems somewhat improved. At work my signal wasnt great due to location of my office in building (center of building), new build seems to have me at 2 bars now in my office, where before it would be at 1 or 0.

I have noticed or encountered pretty much the same events as others have, I like it so far. Has anyone noticed in BBM the Remote Backup feature? after you register an email address you can backup and recover your contact list if you lose, switch or transfer your device. Excellent!

Anyone else having a problem with BerryWeather on the home screen? My wallpaper and icons are gone and I've tried resetting them with no effect.

its been like that for that for the last few updates. You must have been running a fairly outdated version. Did your old version have barcodes?

I have the offical verizon .320 OS currently and when I do "check for updates" to get this new OTA version it says no updates available. Anyone else seeing this? Is there a setting somewhere I need to adjust to allow for OTA installs?

Why is the Storm 1 being neglected on the OS?? Have they really just pushed us to the side?? WOW RIM and VZ, can we get some love too????

Working with the official OS, the upgrade so far is working fine for me. I did have two random reboots from a certain App, but after removing and reinstalling it no problems. I do see the BBM issue others have talked about in the group chats but it is not a problem for me right now because I do not use it. Yet. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next BBM update and is not a OS problem.

is there a noticeable difference betweet .517 and this.... I like the fast unlocking in .517 is it the same in this update?

I upgraded with Desktop Manager for Mac. When I plugged in my device, DM showed an update available and offered a button to start update. I did a full backup first, then replugged the phone and pushed the button. DM backed everything up, downloaded the files and installed them, pretty much seamlessly. The process took about half an hour. I had to re-log my apps, and download App World again. Otherwise, no problems so far.

If you still have a storm 1 I think its time to upgrade. I just got a new Storm 2 for free from Verizon with the on line $100 discount and the "new every 2" $100 discount. Not bad.

Installed .607 yesterday and said it was working fine, but had to check battery drain today. Very pleased with that. Took it off the charger at 7:30 am and still have 80% of my battery left. More than any other OS I have had. Moderate amount of phone calls lots of emails.
So far I really think this one is the best ever for me!!

I notice when you receive an incoming call that the caller ID fonts are slightly bigger than before. I like the regular size fonts before the update but overall the update is nice.

I upgraded and the only issues I have had is that Shazam Encore will not go into setup to complete the install so I suspect they need to upgrade and Ultimate Lock will not execute the lock key. Other than having to reenter activation #'s for some apps, it seems to work a little faster and more responsive that 5*. Anybody having issues with Shaazam?

Upgraded from original .320 using app loader. Went very smooth. Overall much faster. Battery life is much better. Been using the phone and email and internet with and without wifi and battery still has 70% left. Lock screen is lightning fast. Key indicator feature is nice.

I upgraded my operating system through the desktop manager. Honestly have no idea what number I was running before. As I was loading it, I was reading reviews and started to become concerned about the upgrade. After it finished (took forever it seemed), I am SOOOOO happy I did! The typing itself is so much incredibly faster my fingers couldn't even keep up. I don't know about battery life yet, but I ran through almost two batteries a day before anyway so it can't get much worse one way or another.


It's been a full day, and I am quite satisfied with this OS upgrade. The typing is much faster and the OS seems much more stable and responsive. Overall, I am quite happy with it. This is the first upgrade I've done that I did not have to give my Blackberry Storm to the IT guys to reactivate on our Blackberry Enterprise system. Good improvement overall.

After Downloading the new OS, when I go into the BBM Groups I cannot type in them because the keyboard doesnt want to pop up.. Anyone else having this problem?? it was fine before the Update

I upgraded both my S2's via DM. After I logged back in with app world most of my registrations came back. So far I'm really impressed with the typing. And the popup letters is really cool. Upgrade was fast and easy haven't had any problems with any other Apps.

My upload went well and I have had no troubles other than losing the lock icon on my screen. My bb is lightning fast now and I love the new keyboard.

But the download gobbled up over 30 mb of space. Any idea how to gain some memory back? I don't even have that may third party apps on there since I like to run lean. Help?

I bought this phone from Canada so I don't have a V phone number, does someone have the upgrade file on a DL site?

Was having single problem with update and that was bbm keyboard. The only thing that seemed to have worked for me so far is to go into bbm options and uncheck the option that puts bbm messages under messages. Of course this sucks because now i have to put a home screen icon for frequent chatters or constantly go into bbm itself. Called verizon to see what's up, they claimed they are not even aware of the problem which I knew was a lie because he then said they were already getting lots of calls. Way to go. But their solution is to downgrade to .320, the rep didn't even know that bbm was now a core app so it's not like you can roll back to an older version of bbm, (or can you?). I asked him how they approved it as official. I mean come on, what do they do, does testing constitute for these guys, making and receiving calls and after that if the phone stays on, it's good enough?

Im having the same problem where the keyboard disappers in the BBM group chats. I even unchecked the "show show chats in messages application" option and still no change. Im not sure how to fix it aside from downgrading. I'd hate to do that, its such a pain.

Does anyone know another way to fix it?

Was having single problem with update and that was bbm keyboard. The only thing that seemed to have worked for me so far is to go into bbm options and uncheck the option that puts bbm messages under messages. Of course this sucks because now i have to put a home screen icon for frequent chatters or constantly go into bbm itself. Called verizon to see what's up, they claimed they are not even aware of the problem which I knew was a lie because he then said they were already getting lots of calls. Way to go. But their solution is to downgrade to .320, the rep didn't even know that bbm was now a core app so it's not like you can roll back to an older version of bbm, (or can you?). I asked him how they approved it as official. I mean come on, what do they do, does testing constitute for these guys, making and receiving calls and after that if the phone stays on, it's good enough?

It took long to download, but so far so good. I hope stays that way. lol... But I dont know what is new with it, besides the light on my keypad (on my blackberry storm)

So I updated on monday and I had no problems. Love the new speed and the amazing battery life. My only problem is pandora.

I use pandora at work so I can listen to music while getting things done. I first noticed that it would take FOREVER for the first song to load, and then it would take like 5 minutes in between each song. I shut down the app and restarted it a couple of times but still no improvement. Then while waiting for the next song to load, I got a white screen with an app error message. I was wondering if anyone else has had these problems, and what they did. Also, is this an issue with the updated OS??

I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem but after I updated all my themes aren't working the same. The lock screen that themes provide is no longer working what ever screen I am on at the time of me hitting the lock button is the new lock screen this is horrible because I liked my lock screen for all my themes. And now simple things that woudnt make the phone slow down or glitch is like simply adding a picture to a contact will make the whole phone act stupid and freeze they need to rollback until they fix the problem

I can no longer log in to my WLM. I keep getting a connection error code 65. I've called my carrier and resent service books several times. My yahoo and bbm work fine as before. I didn't have this problem with the OS .517 that I had b4 this update. Anyone else having an issue with this?

It didn't brick my phone. I love the fact that i can type a lot faster. I also have the BBM group problems but the work around seems to be working for now. I will play with it and see how it works out.

I ended up with 2-3 of each contact and some people where listed under the wrong name. How do I wipe my contacts so I can just sync to what is on my pc?

After I downloaded this the Icon to lock the phone that was on the screen disappeared. I know you can lock the phone with the button on top but what an inconvenience when your used to hitting the button on the screen. Someone needs to fix this and fast.

I downgraded back to my previous OS Version. Much more reliable. Who cares what's improved, if particular STANDARD features become broken... The update looks cool...but is NOT...I repeat: NOT WORTH IT.


Installed the new OS yesterday and only had one major snag, when I reinstalled the facebook mobile app it f#$%ed up my contacts AGAIN when it tried to automatically connect fb profiles to my contacts. I read that someone else had this problem too. A word of warning, if you reinstall facebook make sure you uncheck the "connect to bb contacts" option.

The only other thing is that I liked the smileys from the older BBM, these new ones are of the same sterile and lifeless style as the SMS messenger.

But my phone runs faster and there has been a huge improvement in my battery life so barring any catastrophic system failures I think I'll stick with it.

After I updated I went to use Bing and now my keyboard won't show up. i can click on the screen where it should be and it will work but its a lot better when you can actually SEE what letters you are pressing. Is anyone having this problem or just me??

Both the wife and I did he bogo last March for S1; she now has the S2, loves it but I'll think long and hard when my ne2 is up in Oct about the Evo on Sprint. Think I'm burned out on BB's for a while. Their quality of build has been going down for some time. This is my 2nd BB and probably my last; I'll miss the BBM but not the problems.

failed mid update.. BRICKED.. app523 error.. i was updating it using Desktop Manager for Mac..

i wonder if any of the apps i bought will be replaced free of charge.. plus it may be a hassle to retrieve them all..

i love BB but i think after this... it may be time to move on.. a verizon approved/pushed alert of an OS update shouldn't be bricking phones.

Does anyone have a stereo bluetooth device that still works with the media player. Mine shows connected but the music stays on the speaker and not in the headphones no matter what I tried.

I had to delete ALL MY devices add pair them again. same thing happened in pandora and xm radio. do not forget to list device under options device properties TRUSTED=YES

No major difference beside the numnbers in your platform. Nothing but issues. A lot of these jerks are fanboys. Lol. Thank God I don't pay my bb bill. Love my iphone.

I notice with this upgrade, my Storm 2 (which is fantastic compared to my Storm1 which is nothing more than a spare battery charger with a 2 year contract) .......whoops!..... Anyway, my Jabra BT620 bluetooth headset does not work properly with the built-in media player whereas my Motorola HT820 works and plays perfectly. The Jabra works with Slacker (in terms of playing over the headset instead of over the PDA) and even with the media player, I can advance the song, pause, etc with the Jabra but the sound ends up coming out over the PDA instead of the headset. Again, the Motorola works perfectly just as the Jabra used to before OS upgrade (and still does with slacker). Any ideas? Thanks!

I have 451 on my Storm2 and was about to install 517 when in the Desktop, while updating it, it showed the new 609 as an option and I was able to download it, and in the process now of installing it using the Desktop. So you may not need to downgrade first, just try using the Desktop if you don't have an OTA option.

where can i find my verizon wireless number? and what is verizon wireless number and whre can i find it? and should i delete the file vendor if i'm using storm2 9550 from verizon?
thx a lot. really appriciate for your help.

I don't see an article about this most recent update. What's the word? I personally am having feedback issues, at least that's how I can describe it. When talking with someone, I get this digital "feedback" when noise occurs from both ends at the same time. The louder the noise, the louder the feedback. I met someone around here that had camera issues with the update. I have also read on Verizon's community forums that I am not the only one having the digital feedback issue, so I know it's not just my phone or area.
Any "official" news?