Official OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700 Released By COSMOTE

By Bla1ze on 1 Apr 2010 03:47 pm EDT
Official OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700 Released By COSMOTE

OS has gone official for anyone who was hesitant to use a leaked OS release. Seems to be a fairly standard thing these days. Leak and then go official on some carrier. This time around COSMOTE was first out the gates with it. Best to read up in CrackBerry forums to see if any issues have been found within this release. Seems a lot of the officials being approved still have prominent bugs in them. Remeber to delete the vendor.xml file if COSMOTE is not your carrier folks.

Source: BBOS

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Official OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9700 Released By COSMOTE


I'll have to wait until the weekend to update, but can anyone tell me the improvements over .545 that this has? Or any bugs the leaked had. Thanks, appreciate it

Downloaded OS = 4 minutes
Initial load time = 60+ minutes
Carrier = AT&T

Major concerns/problems with .545 version:
1 Lag with turning up/down the volume while on the phone.
2 Poor battery life.

Everything is working very fast, no lag when opening apps (googlemaps loads within 3 seconds and GPS locates instantly). Pictures load faster and are crisp.

After loading and configuring the following apps work:
Blackberry World
Poynt At Bat 2010

Haven't used it long enough to comment on the battery, but the volume lag seems to be fixed - awesome.

Can someone try Radiostation.forme and let me know if it works. Wouldnt work properly with the leaked version. Had to go back to (726). The latest does seem to be quicker and would love to run it but dont want to lose support.

I see that the file sizes are slightly different between the official and beta OS releases. Anyone know if there are any differences between the two OSes?

Great OS def improved battery life...apps work great and no lag what so ever!!

Thank you Crackberry!!!

.. Does anyone else hate have ever Os but the stock .330 you have to zoom into a picture you have on your phone in order to see it NOT Pixelated ?

other then that i love this OS its deff. fast

still waiting to see the verdict on the battery , haven't run it long enough

all apps work

is the lock button functioning as a standby button??? and the standby button has no this the case with this update???

Installed the one listed and had 1 app (Quick Pull PRO) did not install.
Else just the re-activation codes for a few purchased apps and so far, so good....

only default email comes up for yahoo ! DO NOT USE !!!! 545 IS MUCH BETTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLUS BATTERY WAS NO BETTER I STOPPED THEIR BECAUSE I WENT BACK TOO .545

I no longer get the option to delete emails from the device OR the device AND mail server. Only from the device now after this Os.
I'm going to try the new leaked Os and see if I get this option back as I do like to be able to delete emails from my pc inbox via my phone!

I've only had my BlackBerry for a day now and I'm not really familiar with this process. Can anyone give me instructions on this? I'm not on COSMOTE, so I guess I need to "delete the vendor.xml file" but I don't know what that means or how to do it...

what do you do after everything is downloaded cus every time i got into my desktop manager to upgrade they tell me i have the lastest update and im running on can someone please help me?!?!