Official OS for the Storm2 9520 from Vodafone Egypt

By Adam Zeis on 8 Apr 2010 10:58 am EDT

Another official OS popped up a few days back that we seemed to miss. Vodafone Egypt released OS for the Storm2 9520. No word on whats new and improved, so if you give this release a go be sure to drop a comment and let us know. If you're using a 9520 on another carrier, just delete the vendor.xml file before you try installing. As always, use caution when installing even though this is an official OS. Hit the link below to download.

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Official OS for the Storm2 9520 from Vodafone Egypt


Before anyone asks, this is the DRM version.

+ Screen click has definitely improved, feels softer (less stiffness). Keyboard input is more fluid and does not lag much (on .436 some applications like Nimbuzz were horrible to use due to high latency when typing).

+ Smoother operation overall. Applications seem to start faster as do the native functions of the device (phone, messaging, browser). Scrolling through large SMS conversations is not tedious anymore, though could still use some more smoothness.

+ This update includes all languages, including Asian languages and supports Chinese and Korean input (with read-only support for Japanese).

- Can not unlock screen with a password anymore (which previously was possible, including the option to make an emergency call from the same menu, now all it says is that the screen is locked).

- After battery pull device goes through all open apps (need to be hitting the back button multiple times before getting to the home screen)

Thai is supported as a read-only language too. It would be too early now to comment on battery life on my part, I'll see what it is like tomorrow and report back.

*LOL* I'm sure they have divine energy from the mystical pyramids in Egypt to power up any devices if electricity happen to blackout all of a sudden! *LOL*
Sorry lame joke!