Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8350i from SouthernLINC

By Adam Zeis on 21 Apr 2010 02:04 pm EDT

Great news for the 8350i users as SouthernLINC has just released OS Forums member Mr_Eddie spotted this one, and those of you still haning on to the original 4.6 OS will definitely want to check it out. The latest release is packed with all of the 5.0 goodness and is ready to roll. Be sure to drop a comment and let us know if you'll be upgrading and if so how it goes. While this is an official release, always use caution when updating your OS.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8350i from SouthernLINC


It would appear that SouthernLinc or RIM has pulled a bit of a fast one of sorts. Download Manager sees the update and the vendor.xml file has been removed, however it will not install.

* Only active BlackBerry service subscribers are entitled to install this BlackBerry Device Software upgrade.

I have a full subscription to BIS service so there must be another reason for it not loading. I have tried directly with App Loader and also with BBSAK both with no luck loading it in Canada, any one else have any ideas as to what might have been done. Other users are experiencing the same thing.

Just checking. Have you remembered to switch off your internet connection on your pc when you install. OS 5 is a bugger for that.

Not so much the phone than the fact that all the data is operated on the slow IDEN network rather than a dual mode. For many, like myself in construction, it was great to be able to get a Blackberry device while utilizing the Direct Connect. There have been issue, but I hope this OS fixes them. Do I wish it used the 3g side of Sprint for data and IDEN for the DC, yes. Hopefully there will be a new BB in the future that does just that. For now, it is what it is.

This is the LAST blackberry on the list that was getting a 5.0 update to even see one. The 8330 had a leak (not sure if it worked on the 8330m), even the pearl flip had a leak. So this is our golden moment, until Sprint finally puts their's out.

Well seems the Nextel 8350i still has a chance to get an official 5.0 OS, wouldn't mind getting it as I have one for work, can hope for a smooth cut over to the new OS.

It works, but many apps doesn´t has it original icons; Well now I need some themes for 8350i with OS 5.0, all themes I installed it doesn´t appear to well.
BBM is

I don´t have any errors when install. I have to reinstall BB Twitter, APP World.

Generally, it´s visually sharper and faster than OS 4.7.

Looks like the upgrade worked on my 8350i on Sprint/Nextel. Woohoo! I have been hoping we'd get 5.0. My only gripe so far is that it appears so slow, but it might still be going thru some updates. Still alot of testing to do.

Using a Nextel 8350i here and was able to upgrade just fine. Deleted vendor.xml and then loaded via the loader.exe. Took about an hour. Been playing for about 90 minutes or so--found some new options added to email, bedside mode, and wifi options. Icons look a little bigger. Can no konger open profiles using the "F" shortcut key. App manager did automatically update Facebook and Ticketmaster apps. Sure we will all find some more.

ok folks is there a how to guide for this upgrade?
I'm seeing "turn off internet connection" & "delete vendor.xml" Dont use the desktop manager, but my app loader is in the desktop manager lol, I'm just sort of lost on this one. What's the 12 step program for correct installation? Which guru will assist the newbie's?

I dont know why I am having the most dificult time trying to install the new OS - I have Nextel so Im hoping that is not the reason why.

Can someone give me a quick tutorial? I downloaded and have it on my desktop, but it wont let me just plugin and download and i cant do it from the Desktop manager...

Can someone help?

Desktop Manager will not find the upgrade to the OS. Instead download and install BBSAK (BB Swiss Army Knife). This program will find the upgrade. Just run the program and click "Load OS" and follow the next few prompts. Program is free @ just sign up for a free account. Worked like a charm for me and I am on Nextel also. Most of my programs came right thru with upgrade with exception of a few that I had to reinstall.

When you click LOAD OS, it brings up the Application Loader Wizard and says "the BlackBerry Desktop Software does not have BlackBerry Device Software for the ddevice that you have connected to your computer." I have already installed the southernlink file. What other steps do you take. I tried extracting all the files and manually selecting one of the .alx but I dont know which one to select and any of the ones that I have tried so far come back with an error and say "This application is not comatible with your device and cannot be loaded" using BBSAk v1.5