Official OS For The BlackBerry Storm 2 (9550) Released By SaskTel

Official OS For The BlackBerry Storm 2 Released By SaskTel
By Bla1ze on 17 Mar 2010 07:48 pm EDT

BlackBerry Storm 2 (9550) owners can now get in on some update love. SaskTel has just release OS for you all. We haven't got much feedback to offer on this release. So you guys know the drill, let us know in the comments what the deal is with the OS release. And remeber, back up your data and remove any vendor.xml files ya find if SaskTel is not your carrier. Enjoy!

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Official OS For The BlackBerry Storm 2 (9550) Released By SaskTel


Downloading the release now. I'll provide feedback when it's over.

Just to let you know, you forgot the second 's' in SaskTel...
"files ya find if SakTel is not your carrier. Enjoy!"

Maybe I'm just a noob, but what exactly is SaskTel? I've never heard of them before. And why exactly are they asking for my information. It looks like a legit website, but what is this?

sasktel is a canadian company based out of saskatchewan only....

funny thing is they don't even have the storm 2 released yet on their network.. we just go the new curve about 2-3 weeks ago!!!

OMG! I have been checking Crackberry for months everyday for an official OS for the 9550. Thank you crackberry team.

This is my first time upgrading to a new OS. How do I upgrade and can I make the upgrade with my phone or on the computer ? Need help

Ummm.... I know how you feel. I installed a hybrid OS a couple days ago to make myself feel better. But the 9530 is almost a year and a half old. I know how many other devices that RIM has, so it's an endless cycle. One group feels happy (YAY! UPDATE!) and seven others are down (AWWWW.... NO UPDATE).
They haven't forgotten us. I mean, sure, months can go by, but I'm sure we'll have our chance. At least till we can get our hands on a storm (3/4/5/6/7/8/9/S)

Your 9530 has been superseded with the new model(the 9550). Do you really think RIM is going to put time in updating OS on a device that is nearly discontinued? I hope not because that takes resources away from working on current models. Honestly I have no idea why the 9530 phone hasn't already been discontinued already. They are terrible. I went through 7 of them before cutting my losses and getting a Tour.

Well, what us Storm 9530 owners expect is an OS without major bugs. If an OS has major bugs, then why shouldn't RIM fix it? The age of the device is irrelevant. RIM should fix the bugs and then I could care less if they ever "update" the OS ever again.

I have tried to update 3 times now but Desktop manager says I am trying to update to an older version of the OS. Desktop Manager and my blackberry both say I am running what's up? ANY HELP?

Just delete the vendor.xml file located in.....
program files > common files > RIM > ???

It's amazing how many times this question is asked and how many times it's answered whenever ANY OS is released....

I deleted the vendor file and ran the app loader. I then got an error box. It said "There is an XML syntax error on line 1" What does that mean? HELP? Please.

I am assuming you need to use a PC to do these updates. Guess it's time to fire up the old PC and update my OS. I am still running the version it was shipped with.

guys when install the upgrade go to .. my computer/program files/ common files/ research in motion/ apploader .. in apploader delete the file vendor .. after delete double click on the loader icon .. if it tells you to downgrade then click downgrade

I deleted the vendor file and ran the app loader. I then got an error box. It said "There is an XML syntax error on line 1" What does that mean? HELP? Please.

in vista and windows 7, instead of double clicking on apploader right chick and select run as Administrator. had the same problem and this worked for me

The good news...something official...the bad...not Big Red. If they release anything less than this...I'll be ticked!

I'm not 100% sure but, I believe that unless you've got a sasktel phone you won't be doing it from a mac....I know there's no way to install the leaks, it pulls the os direct from the server just like if you were doing it from the website.....

you have to go to your options then go to ur screen keyboard settings and mark "show key indicator" as "always".

you have to go to your options then go to ur screen keyboard settings and mark "show key indicator" as "always".

I went into options and there is nothing at all that says show key indicator in screen/keyboard settings.
I'm on the Storm2 9550.

That's interesting. As of Wednesday night SaskTel does not have the Storm 2 listed as an available device. Storm 1 is on for $25. Maybe this means the Storm 2 is days from release?? Those of us living in Saskatchewan can only hope!

Biggest difference I see and appreciate is the Mobile Banking app now works again. it didn't work with leaks, must be something about being official that makes it work correctly

Are you on Verizon? If so its interesting that Mobile Banking would work with an official OS from a different carrier and after the vendor file is deleted.

What was your previous OS version? I'm on .451 and debating if there are other improvements other than Mobile Banking that will make it worth upgrading to this. Seems like a lot of folks are having problems.

Just installed and updated from .451.... this is super snappy... no complaints, but only been running for an hour. I will report back if it messes up on me.... so far so good :D

C/P from Mobile Syrup

SaskTel just released the BlackBerry Curve
8530 and we know the Storm2 9550 is on the list of upcoming devices they are planning to launch… but confirmation is always good!

This time the fine folks over at SakTel have officially released OS for the BlackBerry Storm 2. This is a good move for all the TELUS Storm2 owners though… you can download the upgrade and from what we hear the speed improves! As usual, make sure you back up all your info before doing so… get it here via BlackBerry

So this os is a pre

ok i down load extract it tell it to run it acts like installing then nothing it goes to the compleat page and just gives me a finished option hellllppppp


I have the same error...before it says that mine says that there is a XML syntax error then it goes to say its not compatible.

after opening c drive, program files, common files, research in motion, apploader, (dont forget to delete vendor file) then right click on loader, then run as admin. worked for me

Browser seems a lot faster than .451, memory looks the same, all apps seem to work just fine and berryweather seems improved by a lot on this OS, boot up time is about the same, but hey, if the browser is faster, then it is definitely worth it!!! Can't wait for RIM to insert flash into their browser...

for the people having errors are you deleting the vedor file? you have to go to your hard drive...program files...common files..than research in motion...look for app it and delete the vendor file

did that! still didn't work! got a box that said "There is an XML syntax error on line 1" then i clicked ok and another box popped up saying that said this application is not compatible with my device.

Okay, I've read through the comments and it seems I'm not alone on this. I'm also having trouble updating to the new OS. I've deleted the "vendor" file I've tried several times and I'm still getting the same notice that a couple others keep getting. There doesn't seem to be the correct fix for this problem. Someone please, please help.

I've never done this before but given the directions; I'm doing everything that's been said.

What should I do?

seems to not be updating for me either, I see the update, check it, then hit finish and it searches my storm2 and then says no update available

I did the same thing and it didn't seem to work on desktop manager. you have to enter the same file where you deleted the vendor file.
C:program files- common files- research in motion- apploader

there is a file called loader and it has a little icon on it. double click that and it should open the loader wizard. go from there. good luck!

Not sure if we can post links to other sites here or not, so will do it the long way: Go to the top of this page. Click on link "[BBOS]" to the right of the "Download The Officially Released OS For The Blackberry Storm 2" link; it's in orange font. This takes you to the BBOS website where they are also announcing the release. Click the "Discuss Findings and Fixes in the BlackberryOS Forums" link; in blue font, just below their download link. Go to post #37 on the 2nd page, and there's a link a very nice "All In One Guide" to update your device with videos even. It was the only way I finally got this to work. Good luck!

Ok so I went to site and did exactly what they said to do! still didn't work! I've done this a few times already. I still keep getting an error box that says "XML syntax error on line 1" and that its not compatible with my device. :(

Anyone have a clue when Verizon is going to release an official update? I know there is a leaked one out there but I want the official one for my storm 2. Thanks

I have no clue when they gonna release the offical, just try the leak aint nothing bad gonna happen if you dont like it downgrade it back to the offical OS =)

well no probs to report, actually running realll smooth now. no more mem leakin, the screen is a lot more responsive and ALL my apps work great not. been playin with it several hours now. must have. upgrade went simple BUT i been through the leaked .451 and downgraded to .428 then this update all in one week. so hopefully this one works out for me. Sick of verizon!

Hey guys, My desktop manager DM) dosnt see this new OS. I installed it like 4 times...and when i launch shows me 320 OS availble only... Help please? :(

go to your "uninstall programs" in your "my computer" and uninstall all your previous "leaked" or older os's first then reboot your computer. install this version (del the vendor file) then run your desktop manager (turn off your internet connection) then check for updates, it will find it. i normally use that JL program to format my device before i upgrade but it is not necessary. good luck

Did any one else loose docs to go when they did this update. I have even Tried putting docs to go on by its self but it says its not compatible.

Any Ideas

Did my first 'unauthorized' install last night. I went from Verizon's latest to this new one. Oh my it works so much better, especially the keypad. My Berryweather displays the updated icon instead of the umbrella on the is good!
It is a pain to have to reset permissions and all...oh yeah, Google App actually has all of the features as well. Before, I could see the other features (gmail, map, news, etc) but only map was clickable. Now, they all are!

I can't say enough good things about this update yet. It made quite a bit of free space as well - about 40 mb of RAM and 45 mb of device memory.

After you install the software and delete vendor.xml, don't forget to disconnect from the internet before doing the update.

Instead of updating through the BB desktop software, (if you have a PC) go to My Computer > C: > Program Files > Common Files > Research In Motion > Apploader > Double click on the Loader application. It should go through an update process. Just follow the instructions.

NOTICE: You must still delete the Vendor.xml file.

If you have anymore questions shoot me an E-Mail

Also, make sure all previous leaked or official software updates are deleted from your computer before you update with v5.0.0.517. Let me know how this works for you guys.

You don't right click on "Apploader" that is a folder. If you need to run it as an administrator, you need to right click on "Loader" which is within the "Apploader" folder.

The last two posts by Justin are exactly how to load this and any other OS on to the Storm 2. Don't use any other way that you've learned before and you won't have any probs. There are many ways to load an OS for many different phones. This is the one for Storm 2. Good post Justin. The only other thing I must add is be sure to do 3- 1 min battery pull outs right after install and will work like a charm. New OS works great. Lots of improvements. Seems much faster and More responsive.

The only issue that I have experienced is that for some reason when I press the lock button at the top of the device it will only lock the screen. I currently have Password Protection on my device and for some reason every other way to activate it works. Timed, holster, the icon on the screen, QuickLaunch shortcut. But for some reason this is the only thing that won't activate it. I have done several battery pulls and still no fix. Even disabled/enabled a few times and yet again nothing. Can anyone try to see if this is an issue on your device as well?!?! I am using the built-in Password protection not a 3rd party.

Thanks in advanced.

scrolls faster, browser faster, using opera mini 5 beta 2.
new menu for home page for icons showing on front screen. 1 line easy to change to now. GREAT!!!! my phone just smoked iphone browsing to same site. In rich va.

no Thank u!! I will update
Oh BTW the typing as others have said screen touch Is better.. The phone as a whole operates way better not as lagging.. OMG we got a winner here!

I am coming straight from .320... and so far, I am enjoying this update. Browser is faster, the keyboard is definitely more accurate/responsive, i have turned on the letter notifiers during typing, the camera zoom actually works now, and my weather app is definitely dynamically updating on the home screen. So far, so good...

So once again I've done what everyone has suggested. When I download the file what should i do with it? should i open it? where do you save it to? Why when i open it it wants to reinstall blackberry desktop manager? then it doesn't nothing else? what am i doing wrong? please someone help. this is so bull$***!

I've used this since last night and just as normal, I unplug my phone at about 7AM in the morning (I use the 2600mAh Seidio battery) and at 1:30PM in the afternoon I'm still at 81% battery life. That's amazing for me! MeterBerry reports 3.1% /hour discharge rate. Normally I am somewhere between 5 and 6% discharge rate. I have had a normal amount of phone usage today; nothing apart from normal.

Now I'm really excited!!!

The new OS runs great, I can tell a huge differnce in preformance. But I am having a issue where the LED starts blinking white, and will not stop untill I reboot. Is anyone else having this issue, are knows what might be causing it.

The new OS runs great, I can tell a huge differnce in preformance. But I am having a issue where the LED starts blinking white, and will not stop untill I reboot. Is anyone else having this issue, are knows what might be causing it.

Hey everyone.

This was my first time ever updating my OS with any blackberry that I had.
After reading some posts I figured it out, and it rocks.

The most exciting thing for me is the snappy response from the "lock" button. There is no more waiting and black screen/frozen screen.


I know I'm dumber than a rock, and this question has been answered at least 1000 times.
Please be patient; where do I find the vendor files and how do I delete them.
Patience with me, please

mycomputer- C: -Program files- common files- research in motion- apploader- scroll all the way to the bottom. delete the vendor file and then scroll up and click on the "loader" file. it will open up the wizard. good luck!

When I tried to load the new OS, I got a message that said "The system applications that are currently installed on your device are newer than those available with this version of the BlackBerry Device Software.

Click Options if you want to install the older applications."

Did anyone else get this message, and what apps were older?


Okay I have downloaded this os and deleted the vendor file and I still am not able to load it.DM doesnt see it and the apploader doe not either. PLEASE HELP

can anyone tell me if it supports other languages other than the usual 3? I am looking for italian.
Thanks a lot.

the multilanguage doesn't even have the english(USA), only (uk). I am installing it anyway..... it is really frustrating to see that this "smartphone" can handle only 3-4 languages. I called Verizon and they say to ask the enterprise service, the enterprise service doesn't have additional languages.
I hope one day I will be able to get rid of this stupid phone, of RIM and of Verizon. Am I the only one that is frustrated with this phone? (I had the storm one and moved to storm two)

I'm on a 9550 and with verizon as my carrier. I did the upgrade removing the vendor file and it worked like a breeze, no hiccups! After the upgrade I gotta say the typing factor is significantly better and a lot snappier! Which was a big gripe for me when I first bought this phone. Second is the browser is day and night faster than my old .320 OS. Loading this site and others is wayyy faster than before. Plus scrolling and accessing apps in the menu are noticeably quicker. All in all, awesome OS update! No cons found yet!

With all respect and thanks to Justinva87

For PC users:

Go to your "uninstall programs" in your "my computer" and uninstall all your previous "leaked" or older os's first.
Not your Blackberry Desktop Manager, just the installed older OS's

Then reboot your computer.

Install the new downloaded version

Reboot your computer

Delete the vendor.xml file located in.....
program files > common files > RIM >

Connect your Storm2 to the PC at this point. Wait for it to be recognized and connected (you know the two-tone sound)

Instead of updating through the BB desktop software,

go to My Computer > C: > Program Files > Common Files > Research In Motion > Apploader >

Double click on the Loader.exe application.
It should go through an update process.

Just follow the instructions including backup when it asks

It will take the better part of a hour to complete, be patient...


in vista and windows 7, instead of double clicking on apploader right chick and select run as Administrator. had the same problem and this worked for me

If you need to run as administrator, you need to right click on "Loader" which is within the "apploader" folder.

My Computer > C: > Program Files > Common Files > Research In Motion > Apploader > RIGHT click "loader" application. It should have a little phone icon next to it.

I have heard some people have also found this folder in a folder called "Common Files x86". If this applies to you, it should still basically be the same path of folders.

If anyone has questions regarding the install of v5.0.0.517. Email me


Did everything that i was suppose to and still it wont load once i click on loader.exe it finds my blackberry, goes through the 3 checks and to device app selection. Click next and it says No actions are required. I hit finish and it takes 2 seconds and its done but no OS. USING windows 7

in vista and windows 7, instead of double clicking on apploader right chick and select run as Administrator. had the same problem and this worked for me

I successfully download and installed the new OS last night and everything seems to be working great with one exception:
When I get emails from, I am unable to open them. I click on them and nothing happens. Click again, and the screen goes white. I back out of that, back to the main email screen, and then I'm unable to select any messages by touching them. I have to back completely out of the email screen, go back in, and then I can usually select other messages, but not from Flickr.
I tried turning off html emails, and then I could read the Flickr mails, but obviously I don't want to leave html turned off.
The Flickr mails open with no problem on my PC.

Is anyone else having this problem, or does anyone have any potential solutions?


I give up. I've done at least 6 leaks since the storm 1 and this damn thing will not load right on my computer. WTF verizon, how about giving us something we want instead the other crap software you push on our phones!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys, ok ive installed the new os, but its still saying that im on I upgraded straight from .320 to .517. The homescreen preference screen looks diff. than it did before, but now im missing the key indicator option under screen/keyboard options. I dont get it, guess im still a rookie......please help....

My Computer > C: > Program Files > Common Files > Research In Motion > Apploader > Double Click "Loader" Application. Big thanks to cash, Windows 7 users may have to right click on the "loader" application and choose "Run as Administrator" before proceeding with the install. Once you access the program, Just follow the on screen intructions.

Any Questions:

The big misunderstanding that i came across and im sure many others have too, is that you DO NOT have to select "add" and add the update in the app loader. the app loader should recognize the new device software. Now that being said..... for some reason i had to download the file like 7 times before i got it to work. Once i downloaded it I opened it under administrator and it installed on to my computer. Before it'd want to install BB Desktop manager. Im not sure what i did different, but i finally got it. I did the steps everyone else told us to do and it worked perfectly. A pretty important part of the step by step is the 1st step!! install the software on your computer after downloading it!! - that would have helped. : )

Hey everyone, I to was having a problem installing the new update to my 9550. I would get the message that there was no software available for my device. After about five times, I reloaded the desktop manager right over the existing one and the os is loading as we speak. Go figure.

Downloaded and updated on my Storm 2, looks like some good changes towards removing lag. I used to get some delay when locking/unlocking the phone, but now it's literally instant with 0 lag. Locking it doesn't bring the phone to a new screen either, you stay on the home screen and simply get the "phone is locked" box, may seem like a small change but its something that was bothering me for a while.

I'll keep an eye out for any other tweaks I notice.

Nis519 I get the same thing. I had .451 before and now with .517 the lock screen is just the home or app screen depending on rotation. I've tried multiple themes and still no go. Aint that big of a deal because over all the OS is great all apps seem to work and this is the only bug I have found. For those running Win7 just go to "User accounts" and change the "Account Control Setting" to "Never Notify" and everything should run smooth and after your done change the setting back. I updated threw BBSAK and did a clean wipe before also.

Phone is working better than ever. Better battery life, browsing is a lot faster and seems to load pages much faster. Keyboard much smoother and not getting the "sticky keys". This seems like a winner!

so when I go to DM and try to upgrade it is telling the that it is not compatable..... what do I do now??

Has anyone had any issues with the BBm on this OS release.
I am on the verizon network. I was able to install the OS with no issues. Every feature works great but the BBM. The main app will not open but I can recieve and respond to BBM messages sent to me through the message folder. I am on a BES also but do not believe that should cause issues.
Please help!!!!

It worked fine initially then went to crap. I have reinstalled BBM twice also.

Hello, for those having loading issues, after you delete the vendor file, unplug your internet connection and proceed to load the new OS after than. I also had the same issue initially, but once I unplugged the internet connection from the PC, the OS loaded without any issues. I'm on VZW.

Do not use DM! Go to Programs>common files>RIM....make sure vendor file is deleted. Then click "apploader"(with the icon of a little blackberry in it) This should bring up the installer. Plug your phone in and it should recognize it. Then start the process. Should work. It did for me. Desktop manager won't see this OS.

If anyone has upgraded from .451 (or the previous leaked OS, I forget the version) to .517, can you post a summary of enhancements? Here are a couple of items I've gleaned in the posts above...

Is Documents to Go truely gone?
Looks like Mobile Banking is operational again. Anyone on Verzion able to confirm?
New or previously taken pics now blurry. Confirmed or hoax?
Is the bug in SMS (menu pop up when trying to respond) still there or gone?

Adding that I'm weighing whether the upgrade is worth the trouble or not.


The doc to go are on mine and works fine. The pictures look fine and now can open one and scroll from there. voice rec software is new!!better voice tone. works great and there is no beep after voice waiting to speak name the mobile or home. Also names mobile, mobile 1. key board has great feel. lock works great and if locked before putting in blacberry cradle it unlocks the screen. bedside clock mode work better. no fade switching between home screen and tools screen. browser faster. new typing tools added when replying from text keyboard hides first and shows icon at bottom also group sms contact icon shows well at bottom.... yes Its worth it.. hope this helps. was using verizon .320 OS u might want to dail back os and then install.

I downloaded the new OS to my computer, but when I tried to open the BB desktop manager the OS would stop downloading. The message I was seeing was close BB Desktop Manager. I would have the desktop manager closed and would still see the message. Can someone help me with this problem

Any idea how to get them back? I don't see anything in the customized restore that would load them. I've done updates before and have never had this problem.

Just got this to work. Camera is very good. Didn't notice any changes but mine has always been good. I have memo pad, docs to go and everything else. The only problem that I have is with the media player. I was hopping this would be fixed but I guess it wasn't. When I have my BB plugged into either headphones, connected to music gateway by blutooth, or plugged in to sterio, I have to push the volume button either up or down for the sound to be correct. Then once the next song plays, the volume automatically reduces itself on everything but with head phones. With head phones it gets louder after the first song. I have to readjust the volume after every song which is annoying. Other than that, I love this phone and all that it can do.

I have that same issue as well with .451. Another "opportunity" for RIM to fix if they want to access the consumer market.

I found out (through Crackberry of course) that it is Vlingo that causes this to happen! Delete Vlingo and the media player volume issue is fixed. It kinda sucks because I really liked Vlingo, but I use the media player more and I can live without Vlingo. Try it out and see if it works for you.

install went very smooth. will check it out, so far I noticed its very snappy and camera/video camera voom is smooth and 100% now. lovin it so far. sweeeeeeeeeeeet. (only my 2nd os i've ever done so prode :) lol love this site. (so much help here) thanks peeps

I'm willing to help you install this on your phone. Send me an email

Just as a refresher: Do not upgrade through the BB Desktop Manager!!!!!!

NOTE: The software must obviously be downloaded and installed on your windows based PC before the updating process can occur.

Follow these steps:

1. Go to "My Computer"

2. Click on your "C:"

3. Click on "Program Files"

4. Click on "Common Files"

5. Click on "Research In Motion"(here some people are seeing the "loader" application)

6. Click on "Apploader"

Here you will find the "Vendor.xml" file all the way at the bottom...........DELETE IT!!! Keep the folder open.

Your phone should be plugged into the USB port now.

Now, scroll up to the top of the same folder you deleted the "Vendor.xml" from. You should see an application called "Loader" (it has a little phone icon next to it). For Windows 7 users (and some Vista users), you have to RIGHT click the "loader" application and select "Run As Administrator"

The application should begin the updating process. This could take up to an hour to complete. So do not disconnect your phone until the application says "update successful"

Any Problems, Qualms, or............its just ain't workin.... send me an email, i can contact you by phone and......well somehow we'll work it out.




To disable UAC:

1. Go to control panel

2. In the top right search bar, type "user"

3. Look through the results and you will see under "User Accounts" a link that says "Turn user account control (UAC) on or off" click on that and uncheck the box and click ok.

4. Restart your computer

5. Now proceed to the loader, right click it, "run as administrator"

It should work, lemme know if you need help.

Oh! and don't forget to re-enable the UAC after installation.

The bottom four buttons are heavenly to use now, even while lying flat on a table or desk! This OS is just what was needed for the Storm2!

The four bottom buttons were my only complaint about the phones. Everything else was perfect. I've been waiting to see what was going to fix this issue. Some said it was a physical defect others said it was software. After the upgrade this thing is the greatest!! Its amazing how software fixes this. Verizon is sending me another phone because I was having issues with this. Should I send the phone back or get it and do the update??

First timer trying to do this and was getting annoyed because when i clicked "run as admin" on "loader" it wouldnt recognize my bb being plugged in.
and when i didnt run it as admin it would upgrade anything.

emailed Justin and we worked out. :)

works great btw..almost no lag, ever! instant lock screen off and on and omg love the light up keys on full keyboard. browser is faster as well.

Anyone know how to get them back or point me in the right direction? I've done upgrades before and have never had this problem.

At this point your only option is to reinstall them. If you have a backup installed on your computer, you can try that first.

I looked through my backups through the custom screen and can't find my applications. Some of them that I had I had to pay for and would prefer to not buy things twice.

I just got a replacement storm 2 yesterday and updated my os to at 3 in the am. then I find this post and I cant wait to try. I have to tell my BES admin to reset with new pin so I might as well get the latest and greatest OS.

Thanks CrackBerry

Installation was flawless and painless. Here is what I've noticed since upgrading from

- The lock key responds instantly now with no hanging or having to press it multiple times to unlock

- Locking the phone doesn't bring it to a new screen either, you stay on the home screen and simply get the "phone is locked" box

- My AOL mail icon now displays the AOL logo (I assume other providers ((google, hotmail, yahoo, etc.))will as well)

- In various applications, under options, more options appear than before

- The keys respond much better with fewer mistakes than before, especially when texting

- The touch screen is outstanding...scrolling, pressing, etc, are much more responsive and smoother

- Another bug fixed pertains to the SMS and MMS message box. Prior to this update, every time I deleted a text message, the blue bar with "No Messages" would never appear correctly

I'll need more time to determine other advancements in this update, to include battery life as well as other functions.

Overall, this update is a necessity! It has addressed and fixed all the bugs that I have noticed.

Thanks for the assistance, Justin! Everything went like clockwork.

The only complaint I had was with having log back into all the apps. However, anyone would run into after an OS upgrade. It's just been a few months since I had to do one!

Touchscreen much more responsive. I still have issues with the bottom buttons while the Storm2 is lying flat on a table, but apart from that, everything is, indeed, much more responsive.

I go to the link to download the os from blackberry site but when it goes to install i keep getting an error 2349 stating that info copying is different. and i cant get it to install to my computer. can someone help please.

Has anyone noticed a difference in battery life with the upgrade? I d/l last night (flawlessly) and see many new tweaks, including a boost in memory. I have not noticed any dramatic improvement in the battery life and wonder if anyone else has.

not to sound extremly noobish, but i downloaded the file and tried installing...? some error popped up saying error cant read initilization file? did i download it wrong..? or am i just incredible daft

and after that how do i install it?

I've been running this os since the day they released it and tbh I am in love!! I especially love the new popup key indicator... I upgraded straight from .320 so that was new to me. But today I started experiencing a problem i didn't have before. When I'm in the media player, whether on youtube or music/videos, the file pauses and the volume control pops up and goes crazy. It happened a few times today but at random times... Anyone else having this? Fix?

Ps. I have the sms/menu problem now... Wasn't an issue on .320

The upgrade went well. Took me a little time to get the AppLoader to see the installed OS and to place on the phone. Strongly suggest you fully uninstall any previous device software versions. The issue I ran into was a running process on my PC which prevented an unstall from occuring fully. Expand your taskbar and close any RIM apps, uninstall device software (not Desktop software), and then install this load.

Justinva87 has great instructions on Page 3 of this thread, just follow them exactly and you're set.

Mobile Banking and Directv apps (which only work with an official OS) operate, but I did have to re-download Mobile Banking.

The SMS menu bug still exists. Can't believe RIM hasn't read any Crackberry forums and fixed it.

I haven't tested the volume problem with the media player that existed on other leaks. That's where the volume drops between songs and the only way to restore it is to stop and restart the song or pull the headphone plug and re-insert.

The battery life on .320 is horrible, all the leaks and this version have much improved battery life. If you're upgrading from .451 it will be about the same.

The pop-up keys from .451 are still there. And the screen feels a little easier to click now. Changes from the home screen to application screen looks marginally faster/more responsive.

Brower works the same as .451.

I'm on BES, on .451 clicking the lock button would lock the phone AND zero out the BES security timer. Turning the screen back on immediately after would prompt the user to input the BES password. On this load, the screen locks but you can unlock with just the unlock button. The BES timer isn't zero'd out. Also, clicking the lock button now quickly blacks out the screen and makes it rigid. On .451 it would fade to black with a little delay.

Anyone having problem with their GPRS??

It worked flawlessly until this morning when I realized that the GPRS is just not working anymore to receive bbm messages and other things like connecting to msn messenger or to the internet via the browser. However, it works when I set it to 3G.

I quickpulled around 4 times and it is still the same.

Also, when I am in 3G mode and want to convert it to 2G, it just don't want to. Stuck with 3G in the end.

Help please...

Pardon me, GPRS is when you can connect to the BB network isn't it? My current is showing either GSM or gprs, which are useless. Once I change it to 3G, it works. However, when I change it again to 2G it will automatically diverted to 3G.

Is it a bug? Which means that I can't make the 2G to work anymore?


I just did my performed first OS upgrade following all the help here was great! Thanks y'all! I went from .320 to this .517 and it's much more responsive and faster. I'm waiting to see the battery life improvement. I already had the new 2600mAh battery because i needed it to last at least a 12hr shift at work. The larger battery gave 36 to 48+ hours depending on use. I hope this upgrade increases it to more.

Surfing and keystrokes are really great now. I must have missed it somewhere, but where did the lock button go? Is it hidden?

Anyways, thanks for all y'alls help!

Sometimes somewhere last night, the GPRS came alive. However, after I went home and again this morning in the office, the GPRS is just off. U just can't having the Blackberry Internet Service if you are not connected via 3G.

My Storm 2 is an unlocked Verizon, and I have been using this new OS from Monday the 22nd, where this problem started to arise yesterday the 24th.

I would like to know if someone else also experiencing the same problem?

With this new OS and GPRS the battery life was just amazing. After use it heavily for the whole day, at the end of the day there are 2 bars left, which is v good in my opinion since with previous OS it would just dead at around 6PM. That is why I really need my GPRS to work, if not I think I shall return it to the previous OS.

Anyone could help me please?

I did the upgrade( the way Jason recommended. Thanx) And everything is good to go. And Yeah, The web browsing is alot faster. NICE!!!!

I've owned my first BB, Storm 2, for 3 days now. The new OS was released the day I purchased my phone. Very happy now. Do I risk this happiness by downloading a brand new OS, despite the Verizon Manager assuring me, "If we've approved it, it's good."

If I should get it, I saw where Justin said elsewhere not to use the DM. I assume most here are PC, does this admonition apply to Mac users, as well?

If so, is there a Mac version of Justin willing to help a bright green user (of BB, not Mac) go through the Download process? Thanks!


Ok, im a new BB user, and new to doing any of this.. I got through the steps of backing up my phone, backing up the 3rd party stuff with BBSAK, Installing new OS 517.. All that is done, and the phone is working (running fast already it seems, as ive had my storm 2 for only a week, and am coming from whatever the stock os was.. 320 or something)
Anyway, im at the step of "restoring data & 3rd party apps". It says to open BBSaK & click on restore apps.. Well when i open bbsak, there is no restore apps option to click on.. The options are: Reconnect,Screenshot,Factory Reset,Read System,Save COD's,REad Event Log,Dump COD's,Kill Processes,Backup Apps,Wipe Device,Install COD,Remove COD,Clear Event Log,Load OS... Thats it, no restore, am i missing something??

Ive gone and looked in the BBSak folder, and there is a backup folder listed, and it seems to have my apps listed in that folder...

I have no clue what to do now... Please Help..

I did the update yesterday and the only problem I've had so far is that my contact list got all messed up, I had duplicates, mixed info (friends with different persons # or linked to the wrong BBM pin/facebook contact) and it even removed contacts altogether. It also somehow linked to my gmail contacts...

so far the greatest thing since sliced bread. I installed it last night and so far my phone is faster than anything and working flawlessely. and good sir i don't think this will work on ur storm 1. but cant be positive