Official OS Now Available For The BlackBerry Curve 8530 From Verizon

Official OS Now Available For The BlackBerry Curve 8530 From Verizon
By Bla1ze on 22 Mar 2010 07:27 pm EDT

As we reported a few days back now, the official Verizon update to the BlackBerry Curve 8530 OS has been released. Users can now get all official like with OS Verizon seems to have been dead on with this update while other devices and for that matter, other platforms such as Android, have seen OS related delays. One can only hope that the previously mentioned Tour OS/PTT update goes off without a hitch as this one did.

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Official OS Now Available For The BlackBerry Curve 8530 From Verizon


Lol u can not download a OS via OTA, u have to download to ur computer so you can put it to ur device, if u don't know how to, in the forums are plenty of guides !

Maybe you mean Wireless Update (OTA)? Not sure on this yet .. you can check from your device under Options > Advacned Options > Wireless Update

Oh didn't know about that, but I guess that, it only works when is a OS from your carrier right ?

Have you not heard of the OTA Wireless Updates? You can absolutely update an entire OS OTA. Takes a few hours but it can be done.

Its on the final step of installing it. I have a sprint 8530. deleted the vendor file. Ill post back in a few min to let you know it works.

u can download ota i did mine in less than 40 mins!!didn;t lose any information at all everything went smoothly

Well It worked. phone is working good. browser seems to possibly be faster.. not sure. Obviously I dont know about battery life yet. Maybe I will post tom. But It worked fine and installed without problems. Doing My fiances now.

Has anyone figured out why you cant lock the keyboard with this update? I cant set it for my left convience-key now....thanks in advance.

So does this mean that AT&T will finally get around to pushing out 5.0 for the Bold 9000 and curve 8900. It would like to get my hands on the AT&T release instead of the .411 build. It might mean VVM threw AT&T might finally work.

Umm.... Where did the Keyboard Lock icon go? I can't lock the keyboard with this new update. Piece of shit!

It's gone. I didn't really use it though. I just press and hold mute to put it into sleep mode.

If you hold down the mute button (middle button on the top) it will lock the keyboard, to unlock it you just hold it down again. If you just tap the mute button it pulls up the media folder. So far this update is great!

Yeah, this was a big update file wise. I did a batt pull and I didn't gain anything back. I was at 112,000,000 and now I'm at 96,000,000. It took a little over an hour OTA but everything appeared to go quite smooth.

When I try to run a OTA Wireless update it say I am running latest version. How do I download this update OTA?

Says that I have the current version

Anyone figured out how to do this? My BBerry is synced/managed via my work IT department so I use BES. Wonder if that has something to do with it.

That keyboard lock for the left convenience key was very convenient!!!

In the picture, it says something about the entering a phone number and then pressing ok to send the user...blah blah blah...uhm, do you enter the phone number in the home screen or in the messages screen???

Did anybody else find any minor improvements or bugs??

I'm wondering the same thing. let me know if you figure out a way to downgrade. i've been all over the BB website and found nothing.

not a big fan of not having the Keylock unless I have a password established. I went to options created my password and say the Keylock on the home screen. sad though that this is the only way to see the Keylock. if the password function is disabled the Keylock is removed from the home screen.

in regards to memory, the update did suck up a lot a memory but was restored with a simple battery pull.

with the new update, my apps are seeming to run a bit faster than norm.

if i see any changes, i'll repost.

Did anyone else notice that BBM isnt included in this update either? I had to download again and lost a couple contacts. Losing the keylock on the left convenience key was bad enough but not including BBM?? Seriously???

SOOO, I'm guessing from all of the other comments that it's official... the left shortcut key is no longer able to be used for the keyboard lock??? AHH!! If anyone finds out ANY other way to lock the keyboard other than entering a password every single freaking time you want to unlock it, please let me know!! Also, did anyone find out if there is a way to undo the update?? I'm not seeing much of a difference that is worth keeping it for!! Thanks! :)

Hold down the asterisk (*) key, and it will dim the screen and lock the keyboard. press the mute button (media key on the top) to unlock. Another option is to press and hold the mute key on the top of the phone to lock it. The password is an annoyance, so I do this instead of setting one. Good luck!

Wireless update informed me yesterday this was available. The new OS is 22mb and downloaded directly to the device OTA in about 15 minutues. Wireless update scheduled my device to load the O.S. at 2:00am but you can elect to load it as soon as you download it. When I woke up this morning my 8530 was updated to OS This new O.S. excellent. Everything is much faster and smoother. No lag when unlocking or any of the crucial functions. The browser is much faster also which is a huge plus. The wireless update was easy enough that a monkey could do it.

I was not skeptical about downloading, because I knew there was a reason that RIM decided to update the software. I notice, to my dismay, that I could not set the left soft key to lock the keyboard anymore. However, when I reverted to the old way of holding down the * (asterisk) key, it locked, and would dim the screen. I liked this new change, instead of the old message that would pop up that said 'press * and Send to unlock.' Now, when you press a key on the keypad, the screen doesn't light up. I imagine that this saves battery life. When you press the home, send, back or end buttons, the screen lights up and says, 'Keypad is locked. Press the Mute button to unlock.' You can also lock the screen by holding the mute button. I don't mind this change, and I am willing to accept the compromise of holding the asterisk button. I am not sure if the battery life as improved, but mine seems to be draining faster and faster each day from the first day I got it. I hope to observe an improvement.

Also, a question; If you soft-reset the device (battery pull), it doesn't revert to the pre-update operating system, does it?

Thanks, and I hope this helps.

I was a user of the keyboard lock on the left side key too, but I think I can get used to using the mute button on top. What I am more concerned about is battery life. My battery seems to be draining twice as fast compared to before the update. Anyone else having battery issues?

i recently did the update as well and like most of you i was IN LOVE with that button.....since the update i lost it so i did some research and for only $2.99 you can download this program that works just the same

BEIKS Keyboard lock utility for BlackBerry v1.0

it's great and now my phone is awesome! Battery life is better and all.