Official OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 Now Available from Sprint

By Adam Zeis on 10 Feb 2010 04:19 pm EST

Hot off the presses - Sprint has become the next carrier to officially launch OS 5.0 for the Tour 9630. Reports are flying in that the download is currently available via Desktop Mananger for Sprint Customers, and devices will be upgraded to OS This leaves Big Red as one of the few carriers to still not drop an official 5.0 for the Tour. No download link listed just yet, but it should pop up on the BlackBerry Software Downloads page in the next few days. So what are you waiting for Sprint users?! Plug in and get upgrading!! Thanks Thomas for the screencap.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 Now Available from Sprint



Can no longer combine msgs, has anyone found a fix?

I don't like the separate sms & msg folders and see no reason why they don't give you the option to combine them, Like it was before. Other than that, I like the upgrade & install was very easy w/ DM, 1/2 hr tops.

You can combine sms & message folders. Click on the message box, options, inbox settings, other message types. If all are checked, they all go to the same box.

I have actually noticed this version to be quite stable. Most of the "bugs" that seem to be creeping up are with incompatible apps or with permissions.

The trick to not lose messenger is when you load the program in DM to check the box for BBM to be loaded with it. This has to be done manually or it won't load it. I think it looks at BBM 5.0 as some 3rd party app for some reason. Hope it helps

For those that are downgrading to hybrids yo DO KNOW that this is goingto be the next OS hybrid makers piggyback from right? Quit your bitching. We wanted a official 5.0 for the tour and we got one.

Anyone on Verizon can load 5.0.419 from any of the carriers that have released it. These versions are not carrier specific (as far as I know). I've been running .419 for over a month with out any problems.

Stop crying about Verizon! If you want 5.0 find it and load it.

I tried connecting to DM and it didn't tell me there was new software to download. So I went to the Sprint site and they're only showing 4.7.1 available for download.

I was about to reply and then I saw your screen name! Haha. I was about to give you your own advice about how to upgrade without DM ;)

ive been using it now for 2 days and it works great. had 5.419 and lagged real bad, esp on text. only bad thing is battery. it is killing my battery, i am a heavy user and barley make it to the end of the day. other than that, its great. Quick pull dont give me no more errors but wont restart in middle of night inless i click ok. ;(

still getting blackberry email too every time i restart.

working apps installed:
quick pull
google maps
visual voicemail
google mobile app
bb messenger
hippo mobile
pandora blurts
google sync
wells fargo
windows live

When I connect to DTM, I do not have any updates. When I check for updates, the DTM says there are none. No info on the sprint page, no info on Blackberry. I have upgraded before with no issues. Am I doing something wrong?

Why hasn't this been leaked yet, its publicly available to people who are on sprint, so why hasn't anyone put it out? Why do we wait for sprint to release the update on the website? Just curious.

i just called sprint right now after waiting a few days for it to show up on my desktop manager, but it isn't. i tried it on a few different pc's and also went to and tried to get software update directly from but it still only shows 4.7 for Sprint. Also, sprint rep just a moment ago said that they only have 4.7 out for the 9630 tours. Anyone else having same issue where dm isn't prompting for 5.0 install? thanks.

I too contacted Sprint and they replied with a similar response; OS 5.0 isn't availble for Tour 9630 yet.

These idiots in Houston also told me that 5.0 was not available, even after showing them the Crackberry reports AND it was loaded on my BB Tour. One problem I'm having is getting my desk top manager to acknowledge the upgrade. When I plug in the phone the DM vanishes from the screen and will not acknowledge the phone.

No lie and it is an official release. Mine showed up in my DM, however my sister's did not. Same problem as you. She went to a web site that somehow got DM working and she was able to install 5.0. I deleted the text she sent, but after googling it I'm fairly sure the page is:

Has anyone noticed that in the media options that there are now appearance, position and font scales? I don't see anything different after choosing them though.

Has anyone figured out how to 'combine' the text and email folder? I don't think it can be done. I can set things so the sms and mms 'notifications' don't come combined but no way to combine inboxes. Also, bbm notifications are combined with email notifications.

After a few days of tinkering, this is what I've come up with on the conclusion of this upgrade. Note: I was still using the official 4.something something (I don't remember) and never tried any leaked version because I don't believe in leaked programs (don't judge me or hate me on that comment. I've just seen more damage than good from those from my friends)


1. Battery pull (hard reset, quickpull, etc.) is a lot faster. It used to take me 7 min, now it takes 3.

2. SMS msg are now threaded and looks like BBM. I just have to make it a habit not to use it like BBM or else I'm going to annoy people with multiple texts.

3. Response time is a little better. There's no lag feel that I had before.

4. Trackball seems more responsive than before as well.

5. Media seems to load faster for me (ex. thumbnail images)

6. Faster connections to programs. When I use Sprint TV or iheartradio, there isn't a lag like there used to be. When I use the Tether app, the connection seems faster as well.

7. Profiles seem to be fixed on the whole Beejive fiasco.

8. When I press the lock button, the screen shuts down right away and doesn't pop up when I press the keys. Only when I press the back key does the lock screen show.

1. It has a 'fade in/fade out' effect for every transition. Not really sure if I cared too much for it.


1. After battery pull, the internet browser is gone for awhile. The inbox shows the Blackberry Registration message and after awhile, the internet browser icon comes back. This happens EVERY time with battery pull.

2. Forwarding SMS & replying is a little trickier than before. Usually when you highlight a message & press R or F, you can reply or forward, but you can't on this anymore. Since its threaded, you have to open the message, to reply and you need to scroll to the message you want to send to forward.

3. SMS is still fixed to 160 characters, still no change in that.

4. Despite profile sounds being fixed, the problem with multi-channels is not. When I listening or watching media and someone messages me or some alert comes in, my media will pause or stop until that alert is over.

5. Internet browser still hasn't been updated. Nothing new there.

6. Standby button is now useless. Only time I saw it work was when I pressed it and it worked as a pause button for my music.

7. The phone does not stay locked when you pull it out of your holster. I'm using a Seidio Innocase 360 with the holster that has a magnetic lock. When I pull it out of the holster, the phone automatically unlocks with having to press the lock button.

8. Memory issue. I've been hearing that memory has improved for others, but not for me. I had 10 apps added in there before (no apps installed and uninstalled) and there was 109mb left over. Now, I have 7 apps reinstalled and I'm down to 103mb.

This upgrade seems like a good improvement but it needs some polishing up to do. This is one of those things where you see it as "one step forward and another step back" view. I'm not sure if this is one of those upgrades you desperately need but I could've lived without the update as well. If you do end up updating the OS, you just have to learn new things and I do recommend taking time to learn them. This is my first review and thanks for taking your time reading it.

Con #3: The 160 character limit is universal, and our phone's inability to split them up into multiple messages has to do with being CDMA phones. I've never had a CDMA phone that lets you go over 160 and splits it... however almost every GSM phone I've used does that, smartphone or not. This really isn't a con of the new OS because the OS does not control it.

Con #4: I don't think this is something that will change, and I'm fairly certain it's intentional. I'm sure a lot of people want to know if they get a text or email, even if they're listening to music. You can easily avoid this by switching your sound profile to Phone Calls Only or Silent.

Con #6: Your mute button also silences the ringtone for incoming calls. I believe RIM combined lock and standby functions because they were so similar. I never noticed an improvement of battery life when using standby instead of lock, so it makes sense that they would simplify it. It's rather confusing anyway... I wasted a lot of time googling about the difference when I first got the phone, only to find out they were practically the same thing.

Con #7: Try changing this option to see if it corrects your problem. It will require you having to lock your handset before holstering if you wish, but it's a workaround. Options -> Password -> Lock Handheld Upon Holstering.

I agree this OS definitely needs some polishing... but it's growing on me. Definitely better than the leak I had installed a few months ago!

Thank you for the reply

-My first bb was a pearl for tmo and when I was on before then, I never texted more than 160 character so I never noticed if this was a CDMA thing or not. I know that theres an app to bypass it, I was just hoping stock that it would've been fixed.

-My previous BB was a Curve 8900 and the pearl 8100 I mentioned before that and they never had a problem with playing an alert while I was listening to music or watching video at the same time. I knew since I got this Tour that if I go on Vibrate or Silent that I can listen to my music in peace. At this point, I'm just going to assume this is a hardware issue, not a software. Hopefully this gets solved with the Tour2. If this is another one of those problems with BB's and CDMA models (8130/8330/8830 I never knew if they had problems with the same issues) then I guess there's no hope.

-I never used the standby button but I thought it was a good idea for my review to put it in there.

-Thank you for your help with the lock button but I don't use my password on my lock either.

I also found 2 more con's that I wanted to share

1- I guess this has been mentioned before but I experienced it first hand the other day. Someone I was talking to on BBM msg me back and I heard my SMS alert instead of my BBM alert. When I went back to my friend list, she had a cell phone icon next to her name (just like when someone goes mobile on AIM) and when I replied back, it started to give the 160 character limit countdown. I ended up hard reset and that never happened again.

2- When I view thumbnails of pictures or pictures in 'fit to screen', the quality looks bad now. It looks like the picture was saved in photoshop jpg level of 6 out of 10. If I set it as wallpaper, it looks perfect on wallpaper. If for example open a picture thats 800x600 and when I fit to screen, it looks bad but if I zoom in, it looks fine.

On the upside, I had mention before that speeds has gone up. When I use Tether before, my download speed was around 40kb/s. Now, my speed is around 100kb/s.

I'm hoping there will be another update soon of, I dunno, or something. Thank you guys for reading.

Your SMS messages will appear in your BBM if that address book entry is linked with a BBM contact. If you don't want this function, do this. Go to BBM, highlight the contact's name (under Contacts heading, not Chats), press the menu key and select "Remove Contacts Link". A message will popup warning that their PIN will be removed from the BB contact entry, and just click on yes. Without the BB contact link, the SMS messages will no longer be forwarded to BBM.

I had a Windows Mobile 5.1 smartphone before my blackberry that was able to let you type more then 160 chacaters and auto splits them for you and that was a CDMA phones so there are some phones out there on the CDMA network that does let you type over the limit and auto splits it.

I recently updated my Tour, the standby function went away! I dont like its replacement function, and as Im trying to reload my bank app I keep getting "Certificate not from expected source" So Im not able to use this app? other than that It appears to be a nice update I like the changes.

on the update. well almost everything is good, except that now my stand by button doesn't do anything and my lock button now just goes into stand by mode when I press it. anyone else experiencing this problem?

Fairly certain it was intentional on this release, because the mute button still works to silence ringtone/music. Lock and Standby were practically the same anyway... Standby couldn't have saved more battery than lock because it didn't disable the radio or anything else significant. I used both functions regularly and didn't notice any difference in the battery life. The only downfall I see is that you can't impose a password when pressing lock now -- you either have to wait for security timeout or use 'Password Lock' on the menu.

Hello Toad 149, yes that worked however with I still have to hide and move that SMS/MMS icon but I guess I can live with that. The older OS automatically hid that button when the receive message in one inbox was checked. Also, yes dapnumber9, my lock does the same thing or shall we say does not do what it used to do. Also, jimmyzzz10, my bank app does not work anymore either with the same error messages. I think that is one app I am really going to miss. I don't think that issue will be worked out any time soon. No support from my bank, Sprint or Handmark on that one.

I have tried to upload this upgrade on 3 different computers, tried wireless update, EVEN went to an authorized service center and still nothing!!! What is the deal man?

Try going to from your computer. My DM upgraded automatically but my sister's did not, and that's the site she used to get the upgrade to start.

I must say, I'm a little disappointed with some of the bugs. I know it's inevitable with new software/firmware, but it just seems that BlackBerry has more glitches than what I would consider normal. Anyhow, here's what I think so far.

*Registration email after reboot is happening to *everyone* it seems.. personally I can live with it. Hoepfully this will be addressed in the next build.
*Pre-loaded sound profiles (Medium, Phone Calls Only, etc) are now customizable. I didn't think it was necessary but I'm sure others might.
*OS is snappier and lags significantly less. Enjoying this. WAY FASTER reboot time -- so awesome!
*Threaded SMS is AMAZING. And LOOOONG overdue! It's annoying that "Callback Number" appears at the bottom in the SMS window and I can't find a way to get rid of it. Unnecessary.
*It's ANNOYING that SMS chats are showing up in BBM too, if the BBM contact is linked to BlackBerry contact. I don't see how this is helpful to anyone... seems like it's just annoying. If you don't want this option either, from BBM home screen: Menu Key -> Contact Profile. Menu Key -> Remove Contacts Link. You will have to delete any existing SMS chats in BBM, but they will not reappear. You must repeat for each individual contact.
*Mute button is now used ONLY to mute (ringtone/music). This was intentional because Standby was almost identical to Lock Screen. However if you want a password prompt when unlocking screen, you must use 'Password Lock' on the menu instead of the lock button on top.
*Pretty convenient that the OS prompts upon first use to ask if you want to download updated applications for the OS. After install it automatically knew that Facebook, Myspace, etc needed to be downloaded and one click does it all.
*Trackball seems more accurate.
*I liked the Media home screen... sad that it's gone and replaced with a simple folder. Why?!?
*Internet seems faster as well... although this is coming from 4.7. I have no experience with the hybrids. 4.7 was alright and .230 was horrid.
*Completely lame that RIM and Sprint act stupid and know nothing about the release. I haven't needed their support but I've read many other posts about them not having a clue. Also stupid that if you go to BlackBerry's list of providers to download device software, it still lists 4.7 as the latest version.

That's all I can think of for now... I'll share more once I think of it.

well, i had the new OS loaded earlier this week and it reset my convenience key on the left -- which i had set to lock the phone -- now, when i go to select lock, i have five billion apps i can choose -- but NO lock option? Anyone else notice this or can correct my error, so i can lock my f---in' phone and keep my kids from dialing old girlfriends?!??!!!

If you want a standard keyboard lock (keyguard), the left button on the top of the phone is "Lock". It doesn't lock with a password anymore on the new OS. If you want it to require a password, set your left convenience key to "Password Lock".

The OS is brand new... give it some time and the developers of the respective apps should hopefully release new versions to support 5.0.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and predict that VZW will do with the Tour like they did with the Storm and roll out 5.0 for the T1 9630 the same time they launch the successor T2 9650 next month. Again, just my prediction.

Who besideme now that we updated thru sprint lost my pocket day pro (it locks the phone up)lost ezbill maker it now does not know ho i am ,and all my paypal anything cant find its self now,my ebay app,my blackberry app world,am i also the only one that has to ask is it really a smart phone?a stupid phone ad mini notebook cause me less greef in one year than the 9630 and all the cronies in a 10 day period,I am on my 3 phone in 11 days now,13 hours on to sprint 2 hour on to blackberry and half the 3rd part apps blame everyone else.steven

I got the download last week and since i haven't had any real issues.The only real issue is when I'm texting i have my input language set to Spanish and it doesn't give any corrections. otherwise it runs ok for me.

I downloaded and everything is going well. However, my Memo Pad is missing. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks!

so they remove the ability to have my convenience key as a keyboard lock and make the letter A the LOCK key for the keyboard -- and then instruct me to Press the Lock key to unlock -- guess what MAGICALLY happens when I press the A and then the entire fffin alphabet. NOTHING. i get to shut the phone off and bring it back up ... oh, bravo! i hope SOMEONE in the Quality Control Department loses their job over this botch. (on a more productive note: if anyone has similar experience withe their tour and has a solution to share, please do.

Maybe it's time to go Droid?

I am a sprint customer and have the tour. I want to upgrade to the new os version but I have no idea how to do that. I use my desk top manager and it says there are no updates. Can someone please help?

ok so i updated my phone to the new os5.0.0484 by accident lol and i have to admit i love the new look. the new looks of sms is awesome, sms now looks like the bb messenger. but with all greatness comes some glitches, or maybe its just me who isnt familiar with the system yet. when ever i get a regular text,sms, and i dont reply to get i have a green bubble next to the conversation?? its no big deal its just kind of annoying. the green bubble goes away when i reply but i dont always wanna reply. another thing, when is my password keeper!!!!!! i used it alot before the update, had a bunch of passwords saved and now i dont have it!!!! help!!!

i have verizon and im trying to use this new update sprint released but it doesnt seem to be working. i downloaded the 5.0 for sprint and i deleted the vendor.xml file but the DM wont recognize any kind of update or anything. anyone else having this kind of prob? any advice would help. thanks!

Not sure I'm liking this too much, after 2 weeks.

Re-boot time is faster
Internet seems faster
Battery life seems about the same, to me
... that's about it

Cannot stand using the lock function at top! Difficult to press with some cases, the left convenience key was perfect for me.
Phone #'s displayed at bottom of txt msg/conversations, what's the point??
Memory seems to fluctuate, although I have plenty.

It's not bad, but I think I prefer my previous OS (.230?). Just sayin'

BTW, ANY way to improve the speaker phone's sound quality?? Mine sucks soooo bad, the curve(s) is far superior. I hope this can be addressed through OS updates, but so far it hasn't happened yet.

OMG! I updated to the new OS and my bb killed itself twice before finally installing the new OS and now my bb maps is gone and i can't change my ringtones!! i installed the lbs_ribbon but i can't find the icon anywhere despite trying everything listed in the forums!

Anyone else having problems with their display(s)? All my pictures/wallpapers are slightly distorted.. they just aren't as clear as the previous OS.

I thought I damaged my phone but I rolled back to my previous OS and they looked normal again, so I know it's the OS that's causing it. Then yesterday I had to go back to .484 again bc I was getting an error message with .230(updating provisioning status) and it was freezing my phone up. Ugh!


Hi I am in need of help so that I can update my tour but I run on a mac I have downloaded the file but it is no good what can be done or where can I get the proper file from

Does anyone use a mac who has done the new upgrade and if you do can you tell me how to handle this please I have tried to download this thing so many times and tried to upload it but it is not happening for me can please someone help out here

Every since updating my sprint tour to My bluetooth in my 2008 M Benz E63 has been really bad. My motorola H710 bluetooth headset works really bad also. I hooked up my wifes tour with old software and it works perfect. Anyone else having this problem? I hope they get this fixed asap. I use bluetooth all the time...

Where can I download this? I updated to .684 and it was the worst mistake I've ever made!!!!
Anyways, I want to go back to .484 since it is so good and stable and snappy but it is not on the Sprint or Blackberry sites!!!!! They only have 2 versions of .684 and 4.7.1!! WTF?!?!?!?!
Could someone please post the original .484 so I can grab it?

Thanks in advance to whomever does it!!!!!

does anyone no how i can get the os for the tour9630 for sprint? i cant find it anywhere...