Official OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 Now Available from Sprint

By Adam Zeis on 10 Feb 2010 04:19 pm EST

Hot off the presses - Sprint has become the next carrier to officially launch OS 5.0 for the Tour 9630. Reports are flying in that the download is currently available via Desktop Mananger for Sprint Customers, and devices will be upgraded to OS This leaves Big Red as one of the few carriers to still not drop an official 5.0 for the Tour. No download link listed just yet, but it should pop up on the BlackBerry Software Downloads page in the next few days. So what are you waiting for Sprint users?! Plug in and get upgrading!! Thanks Thomas for the screencap.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 Now Available from Sprint



The Browser is much faster and really there are no bugs to speak of besides the notification email with every reboot which is included in as well. The Browser on the Sprint official reminds me of the slow browser speeds of 4.7 which I completely hated so slow. Thanks for your effort Sprint but I just downgraded back to .419

How do you downgrade back to .419. I like the new snazzy look of the upgrade BUT I've noticed my battery is terrible for some reason and it used to be awesome with the older version (I even have a Sedio extended battery). Also, Im not happy how the left side key button cant be set to lock the phone anymore!

Seriously, I've been running a 5.0 hybrid for weeks now, and it works great, but I cant wait for Big Red to drop the official 5.0 OS. I understand they want to test the software and everything so they can avoid issues down the road, but how many more carriers will release this before Verizon does?

If you want 5.0 go download 5.0.419 from the other carriers who've released it! These versions are not carrier specific. I've had 5.0.419 on my Tour for over a month and it works great.

I was wondering where the link for the .419 was located and is there a big difference in the one your running or the .484 that Sprint has released. If you still have it would you mind passing along the link?

OMG, now can you tour users STFU lol, well at least half of you, we still have to hear the whining from the vzw side...

...whining about the Tour owners whining about the release of 5.0 is nothing more than... all together now... "more whining". Having said that, I'm glad this OS 5.0 saga is coming to an end. :-)

I'm sooooo excited for this. I've downloaded the unofficial version of 5.0 on my curve which ended up freezing all the time so OFFICIAL version is GREATTTTTTT NEWS! Downloading as we speak :D

Ojosverde on Twitter

Sorry I am gonna continue the whining - the saga aint over till VZW releases 5.0, which I am sure will come right before the release of the 9650

I second this, it'll probably drop a day before the 9650 launches, why let all us 9630 owners have the joys of 5.0 before the new Tour comes out. Damn you Verizon! Damn you and your reliable service and slow OS updates...

I was expecting Sprint to release .419 like everyone else. .484 sure is a pleasant surprise. My install is done and my Tour is rebooting. Yay!

About time, I have been running .416 and was happy with it so hopefully this is even better! Maybe this means the Tour 2 is on its way soon (Fingers Crossed)

DAMN IT!!!! i left my phone cord at home and im not goin back in this blizzard. guess ill see the update tomorrow

i and a few others noticed that with .419, photos that were taken came out looking grainy. is that still an issue with this build?

yea, i know... i was trying to do an OTA download of the OS, too, but it doesn't work that way for now. The DM download is rather fast ;-)

Sweet, I've wanted to update with other vendor versions but was having trouble with the process even after removing the Vendor.xml(s) and other non-essentials. I just plugged in my Sprint Tour for syncing and it poped up with the update and is currently loading the new version. wish me luck!!

.419 is for SaskTel, a Canadian wireless provider. .484 is for Sprint. So technically, if you have Sprint and you install .419, it's not official.

I noticed this post and decided to check for any updates for my sprint curve 8530 and there is a wireless update for!!

i'm not doing the wireless update coz the last one i did took two damn hours. NO. i'm doing it via dm :) g-d is good for making this wonderful os

YESSS ! .. i have no BB Tour, but this can only mean that the Tour 2 is that much closer :D

it will be my first BB xD been waiting since Octoberrr!

i and a few others noticed that with .419, photos that were taken came out looking grainy. is that still an issue with this build?

Hopefully this has some fixes to the .419 let's get to reporting on changes yall I've got to get home to get this downloaded and updated then I will let yall know as well

I'm with you Chris! that Essex should drop any day now...we may have to wait for VZW to issue 5.0 first.

This has just made my day-- just what I needed to hold me over until 9650..... i have a short attention span though-- so I'm only good for like another 3 or 4 days....
Come on Sprint-- don't stop the momentum....

i would upload the files to megashare but i have no clue on how to do that, this is actually the third time i have ever upgraded my os. lol

About damn time. I'm gonna get this as soon as I get home. Anyone wanna draw any conclusions to the official 5.0 release being related to the 9650 release?

Although, does anyone know, or willing to provide a link, of what was changed from this version from v419. I have had it installed since MTS released it and really don't want to upgrade unless its worth my while, since my BB is running great.

Yea, as soon as MTS mobility dropped the official OS 5.0 I loaded it up and I have to say its been working awesome, no porblems whatsoever.

I creamed my pants a little when desktop manager loaded and said the update was available.. I've been all smiles since.. Even with the blizzard

Ohh man that would be an epic day.
Just out of spite for all the vzw fanboys saying we have the smaller carrier so rim doesent cater or care as much about us.

Told a friend through a BBM conversation that Sprint is not getting the Tour2. Says its buggie and they would not approve it.

IDK, I seen screen shot of the conversation, so the conversation happened, if it holds any water is the question.....might be why VZW has yet to drop it.

You do realize that RIM releases the OS and each carrier approves it, thus making it official. This update wasn't written for or given to Sprint. RIM made it, and Sprint said ok. VZW can do the same, they just haven't.

I'm sure that almost no one on this board is running the original version.. the last release I had to switch back because it wasn't jiving with my contact alerts.

I have two questions if anyone can help me from the old version to this version:

1. Does it handle your contact alerts (ringtones and vibrate patterns for specific contacts under all sound profiles) or does it screw them up and make everything the default tone?

2. What happens to your old text messages? Does it convert them to the conversation format or are they like archived or something?

there's no conversion involved, the threaded SMS is just a new way that the BB shows and organizes your texts.

you won't lose anything as long as you backup before you install (which should be automatic, but you should save your own backup file first just in case)

I downloaded 5.o today and all my contacts kept the ringtones I had assigned to them. Don't know if it makes a difference but i I plugged into desktop manager and followed prompts from there.

I was running the leaked .419 and my desktop didn't notice the new update. I had to download the original software and install it. Now I'm in the process of getting the official update. OHHHHHHHHH I can;t wait!

I can't wait for my device to be finished updating. Almost there. I've been looking towards threaded text messaging !! If it didn't get released I was going to run a leaked version. I guess my patience paid off.

Download failed.. Maybe they pulled it? And I hope we do get the tour2 1st..I have blackberry envy with Verizon

Hey guys - can someone please tell me where to get this upgrade??? everyone continues to say they are upgrading but i can't find the link. -thanks

why is it that bbm ALWAYS get deleted? thats so stupid. also

1) memory is improved
2 better reception i think
3) trackball improved-not perfect though

is there a link somewhere for non sprint users like there was for OS this way i can just delete the xlm file and go

Verizon is always the LAST to get OS updates! Could be a good thing....IDK, but regardless it's pissin me off! Then if you call CS, nobody knows anything. Sad!

I have a Verizon Tour and downloaded via the link from (rbracht) which by the way thanx for putting up the link. Checked all modules and they all check out with Haven't noticed much difference seems just as fast as .419 signal is good so far. Will try to report more later

i and a few others noticed that with .419, photos that were taken came out looking grainy. is that still an issue with this build?

ok we fixed it. just plugged it back into the mac and it took forever for BB desktop manager to recognize the phone did not have an OS then gave me the option to reinstall one.

I had installed for a few days and then got this update. I installed and was still getting the blackberry registration email after a battery pull. I did a wipe and installing it over. Is this still a problem with the official sprint os ?

i and a few others noticed that with .419, photos that were taken came out looking grainy. is that still an issue with this build?

What should I do?!

it seems to be stuck on restore device data

restore progress


its been there for awhile now

any help?!!?! :'(

that happens to me sometimes.
1. unplug your BB.
2. close DM, might have to use task manager.
3. load up DM and plug in your BB.
4. go to restore data.
5. your backup file should be in your my documents folder, labeled with today's date, like this "LoaderBackup-(2010-02-09).ipd"
6. Choose that file and restore all your data.

Finally! I have been jealous ever since my wife got the 8530 that came with OS 5.0. It constantly reminded me what I was missing!

Downloaded earlier today and everything seems to be working fine. Did have to redownload BBM and FB and update a few things. Other than that no poblems. Loving the threaded sms!!

Things like this make me wonder why I even deal with a Blackberry anymore.

It takes forever to download the OS. Then when I finish downloading it, it doesn't even have my old applications. When I go to download the applications, they take years. Then then the application is finally done downloading, the damn thing is unresponsive and I have to do a battery pull.


Observed upgrade off my desktop and did so.. having some issues with not being able to use the desktop manager. Called Sprint and they advised me that they did not have a 5.0 upgrade and told me to revert back to my 4.7 What gives? Don't they even know they have this upgrade?

I'm just happy to have my Tour. Running the leaked .419 and it runs so sweet, startup between 1.5 and 2 minutes. I'm glad to wait for an official release, I just really wanted a strong signal and fast 3G, and thats what I got with Verizon, I can always load the leaked OSs.

Hows the .484 running, and are there any major updates .419 may not have?

Same here. Fast boot up, GREAT battery life and a strong signal! I'll wait to see what VZW has up their sleeve, since some have reported memory leak problems with the Sprint update.

DM has been stuck in the same step for over 45 min I believe...

what should I do?

i dont want to unplug the phone, but should I!?

are you talking about the 'BB Groups' step you stated earlier? i posted an answer. if it is a different issue, please elaborate.

when that happened to me.. it kept running for hours... had to go to Best Buy where I bought it and they told me it was a hard drive crash..I hope it's not what you have..

i doubt its a hard drive crash. try following the steps i stated earlier. the exact same thing has happened to me a few times, on that same step of BB Groups.

it's flash memory so there is no hard drive to crash. The morons at BB don't know crap about BB's. If plugging the device in and trying the reinstall does not work then that means the boot rom has become corrupted. Do a wipe of the device and do a fresh install.

just connected phone to dm and dm took over. Only took 30-45 min to install. really easy. ran through some programs etc. everything seems to running good, so far so good

can you connect back to your desk top manager? I'm getting that it connects then the screen goes out and I can't access anything..

One good thing, VLingo is working like a charm now.

It wasn't working at all on any OS Versions prior to this one.

I'm curious as to any "fixes" that this version resolves. Any idea where we can find it?

I take that back...

Vlingo worked once and didnt work after I had to perform a reboot.

OK, if this is the official OS, how soon can VLingo be around the corner to work?? PLEASE??

I would recommend doing a battery pull after installing it. I was getting the blackberry registration email and even though in my options under messages I had the sent messages hidden they still showed up. After a battery pull everything is working perfectly. I have noticed some minor changes that are very nice to have. Hope everyone is able to download this with no problems. I also have a mac and the desktop manager recognized it.

I've pulled the battery four times now. One time for 20 minutes. Every time I put it back in, I get the registration email.

I just connected my tour with blackberry manager and tried to update. Says there is no updates available. Anyone getting this?

im trying to install it right now and it appears to be frozen...its on the part where it is 10/12 things done and its on "loading applications"....its been goin for like 20-25 mins now....what should I do??

it eventually stopped itself from updating now it is telling me that i have a app error....i dont know what to do..

im downloading from the link posted here. little skeptical of the file size tho. anyone?

UPDATE: Not gonna install this until I get some clarity as to what this is.

UPDATE #2: Rbacht explained in an earlier post. He's already shrunk the OS. Installing now.

i just downloaded OS and autostandby 2.4.1 doesnt work.
it worked fine with .419.
Now when the screen goes black,3 seconds later(what i have it set for) it turns back on but doesnt go into standby mode like it used to,it just waits 10 more seconds and does it all over never stops,just keeps popping back on then off.
uninstalled it,batt pull etc, nothing

any thoughts>?

Probably because lock/standby doesn't work correctly on this build. Since I have installed it, my lock key turns off the screen but does not require my password upon unlock. Seems to function more like standby. Additionally, my standby key does NOTHING now. I have to use the menu icon "Password Lock" or wait for the timeout not to mention I can't use standby now. Hopefully they will release a new build very soon.

went somewhat weird, however phone's functioning well now. had to do 3 bat pulls. and at some point i had to connect to DM, cause it seemed to be stuck in the blackberry bar screen.

memory seems to be improved by alot, everythingg's smooth. however, does anyone noticed the internet seem a little bit slower than the leaked .419?!

does not work, wtf!?!

actually the lock button seems to put the phone on standby. and the standby button doesnt work...

also password enabled screen isnt functioning

this is craaaapppy

Tried Updating from mac - got error 507.

Wouldn't recognize after replugging. Trying now from PC version of BB Desktop

When my BB screen goes black and I try to wake it up, it gives me the time dial and then goes black again and then finally wakes up!

Also, anyone noticing short battery life? I've already gone down a bar and a half in about the two hour time span. I'm assuming it's because I've been downloading some applications! We'll see how it goes :)

I was coming on here to see if that was just me. I do NOT like the screen going black like that. It looks like it is off. Why did that change?? How do you change it back? I have looked under everything and I do not see anything. That is the only thing I do not like so far. The speed is crazy fast now and I was able to get everything back like I had it so I was VERY happy about that (I am still new to BB, the Tour on the day it dropped was my first). I have not noticed the battery life yet but I will check that out.

Anyone can help with the black screen, please let us know. :)

Mine is getting better, actually! It hasn't happened in about an hour or so!

Maybe it just needed some time to sort itself out :)

I hope yours gets better :(

Mine was going black on the docking thing but now its not so maybe it did just need to work itself out. :). Thanks and I hope WE enjoy! Lol

I plugged in my Tour and fired up Desktop Manager and it recognized that the update is available. Hope this fixes the random black screen I've been getting after my phone goes on standby. Will post any improvements over the Alltel? realease.

I guess with all the hickups people are finding with the quote official releases, I guess I am happy Verizon hasn't released anything just yet. Maybe once all the initial carriers who have released it to their users have it long enough all the bugs will be taken care of by RIM for when Verizon releases it, so we'll get a nice stable release, or as stable as a release can be. I'll stick to for now.

.... this is the BEST news, while in the house during this snow storm/blizzard. Thanks Sprint - don't be so tardy next time, hahaha.... ;-) ;-) ;-)

WOW Thanks for the release but compared with the .419 hybrid this sucks! :/ I was hoping for a good release but I'm still getting registration messages huh? Sprint what's up with that?

Worked from PC BB Desktop Software Update, recognized automatically. Restored everything from Mac Desktop, said 29 things could not be restored. So far, manually reloading BB App Manager (wished it did that automatically).

Nice to see threaded emails as well!!!

Well worth it - Sprint only and not for Verizon Tours.

I installed the new OS on my tour but I realized that my "Lock" button has disappeared from my screen. Any way to get this back?

The only way I can lock the phone is by holding down the "A" key or hitting the "lock" button on the top part of the device itself. Any advice?

Also, now when I lock the phone I see all my icons where before I just use to see my name and a background.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Plugged my Sprint Tour into my laptop and desktop manager checked for & found the update right away. Downloaded and installed without a hitch! Been playing with it for a couple of hours now. Other than reboot times being much faster and freeing up about 2mb of memory I don't see anything different from .419 but it is working perfectly and thats all I really care!

If you are connected to BES this will NOT work for you...I just removed my partnership with my BES server and I am now updating it via DM...Let's see how this goes..

I'm currently at wrk right now sayin YES!!!!!! Can't wait to get home and plug that good ole usb cable in!!!!!!

I'm currently running .419 on my VZW Tour, is this screenshot thing in the pic above, built-in to the OS? I'm gonna download this and try it anyway. Thanks Crackberry!!!! :D

Using the new OS 464 from Sprint and I notice that my AOL mail icons are back. With .419 it just showed an envelope. I have not seen any other differences yet.

I just love this 5.0 on my tour, it makes it faster than any other blackberry on the market now. Very gud for multi-taskin, all i need now is a flash player support on blackberry!

Yeah, I was freaking out about that, too. But mine had been hidden so when i went to the main menu and went to "show all" it showed up again.

I don't know if that helps.

Bell Mobility is too busy creating cowbell aps instead of focusing on useful things that will benefit their customers.

Tip to Bell --- keep the useless aps for your iphone customers and get cracking on some useful things like OS5 for my Tour!!!

Can someone email a download link to download OS Please. I am a Verizon Customer and don't want to wait until those numed nuts post the official release.


everythings been great. except that opera mini doesn't work the same anymore. you can no longer use the trackball to move around. you have to use the 'q' and 'p' key for everything. anyone else experience this?

oh, and menu, highlight music, and press menu. select 'move to folder' and move it to media. worked for me.

dl'd beta 5, everything is smooth again. thanks. i think that they merged 'standby' and 'keyboard lock' together.

Everything worked perfect...took only 30 minutes to download and be up and working. But like you my Standby/Mute key does not work. The keyboard lock does, but you now can only hit the top button again to get it not be locked, no more * phone...WEIRD....I had .230 before...So I guess we will see, let me know if you get this working on yours?

Not liking the two bugs with this update -

1. Registration message popping up in the messages every time after a battery pull

2. Standby button not all. Keyboard lock button now shuts off the screen and locks.

Hopefully another update is right around the corner that will fix these two issues.

I was jealous because my mom just got the new berry curve with trackpad and OS 5.0 so her text messages looked like bbm chat format and mine didn't. But the upgrade just did it ALL!

My Facebook app is still doing the "no streams" thang I need RIM to hook that up asap. All i can do is update stats.

MY SPRINT TOUR IS STILL NOT UPDATING IT FREEZES on 3 of 12 and downloaded modules 317 of 379 wtf shud i do?

I have been experiencing a wierd issues ever since getting my Sprint Tour 2 days ago. On the box the theme shows the Sprint logo, even when you select the theme it shows it, yet on the software it came with, and now this update, the Sprint logo looks like someone spraypainted it out in MS Paint, can anyone else with the default Sprint theme confirm this, and if theirs works email me the theme file, Thx

got all my apps great...and flixster movie trailers are played in hi or low quality now...

just bricked my phone... DM gave me an error in installation- saying it was unable to install, when my phone reboots it says "Reload Software 507" guess I'm off to the sprint store tomorrow, damnit!

So it seems that a handful of people are getting the registration e-mail (I counted 3 or 4 posts) after every reboot, but the rest of you aren't? Just want to see how widespread of an issue this is before I go and load it onto my Tour.

Yes.. I've also noticed several messages from Blackberry indicating that my handheld has been registered wirelessly. About 5 or 6 times

I'm back on 419. I had 2 missed calls and my phone never showed a sign of them. Then it went for 30 minutes without receiving text/mms messages and then bam! there are like 12 messages shown to have been sent about 25 minutes prior to the time I actually received them. oh, well, 419 had no problems for me.

Update went smooth as silk, and took about half an hour. No big deal. But battery life sucks in a major ugly sort of way. I have a Seido 2600 that is NEVER below half capacity at the end of the day, but after this upgrade, had to actually shut the phone down about four hours earlier than normal for the day because battery was down to one line.

If it doesn't improve, I might have to go back to 4.7.

It should be fine, give it a few battery pulls.

I bet your radio was working OT to update all the apps and what not. Let it settle in, should be ok.

My battery life is horrible now. One phone call for 20 brings it down to two bars from FULL. I'm not feeling this at all. If someone knows a fix (if there is such a thing) please let us know!

the lock button puts the phone on standby. and the standby button doesn't work.
battery is draining faster then when i had .419 hybrid. :(

Happy to see the 5.0 update finally!, went to do the update via desktop manager on my macbook and it bricked my phone!. Awesome.

So far so good with the .484 upgrade. It still gives you that Blackberry Registration email whenever you reboot but unlike the leak you don't have the disappearing/reappearing browser anymore. And holding the MUTE button no longer puts the phone on standby, but it seems like hitting the LOCK button does as well as apply the keyboard lock....

Send in any changes you noticed as well people!!!

So despite the registration e-mail the browser still shows? Because with previous leaked OS' I'd get the registration e-mails and no browser, which meant I had to reload service books onto my BB in order to get the browser back... kind of a big deal if I'm not near my computer.

If the registration e-mails appear each time but so does the browser (and it works) then it's not that serious an issue.

Ya so when dose storm get new OS. One without bugs. Or big red holding out so we buy the new storm2.
Paying to be a beta tester sucks!
Not my job man.

If VZW customers want the 5.0, then upload it to your phone. Who cares which carrier it comes from? There is plenty of information on this site about updating OSes from other carriers.

An official OS release shouldn't have that many issues being reported. The official 5.0.419(from MTS) for example doesn't give me any issues at all. I guess am going to wait to see if the 5.0.484 gets stable.I guess VZW is making sure their release is VERY stabel hence the wait. Still a big RED loyal customer.

Oh come on with this now...I don't care if its out there for other vendors, as a Verizon customer, I would really like to see it released FROM Verizon sometime this century!

I didn't read through all the comments, so these may have already been posted and/or answered...
I had no problems upgrading through DM, however, here's what I noticed:

BBM had been deleted and I needed to reinstall it from BB App World.

I can no longer find the Lock icon. I'm guessing the Lock button will do the same thing? (However, I think that's wrong, since the lock icon would be "remembered" when my Tour Auto-on'd in the morning.)

Before the update, the Lock button and Mute button wouldn't work. Now the Lock button does something, but the Mute still doesn't.

Was surprised (and pleased) to see all custom ring tones remembered for my contacts.

What's the best way to reboot the Tour? I have been doing alt+shift+del, but is the battery pull the better way?

When doing my reboot (3 times yesterday), each time I got a BB registration. Annoying.

In my experience, alt+shift+del is very similar to a battery pull. I always use alt+shift+del unless I'm encountering a problem that I can't resolve, and usually then battery pulls don't help anyway.

I've read numerous times that if you alt+shift+del and then do it again as soon as your screen lights up, that it's the equivalent of a battery pull.

When my DM shows a update it just shows 5.0.0 how would i know that is the .484 and not the .419 that i have currently on my 9630????????

You know because .419 is already on your phone, and it's from another provider (since Sprint never released .419). DM will usually try to give you the official latest release from your carrier.

When I installed a leak + hybrid on mine, DM would occasionally try to get me to "upgrade" to their latest official release, a version of 4.7 (their latest official release at the time), since it didn't officially recognize the OS 5 leak I had put on my Tour.

Is anyone experiencing an inability of accessing their desktop manager once they upgrade.??? It will show the unit is being connected then the screen will be blank and I can't do anything else...

Registration emails after every restart, my SMS showing up in BBM, Sometimes my SMS just disappears. I used the standby button all the time and now, my finger keeps hitting the button and.... nothing happens. Hey Sprint! Next time you release an OS make sure it works right. VZW don’t be in such a hurry to get some crap that doesn’t work right! Im going hunting for a hybrid now... anyone have any links?

The emails are stupid. Big f*ck up on that one. However, the SMS showing up in BBM was intentional -- people on other sites were actually looking forward to it. I find it annoying as well... Just remove the contact link in BBM, and after you delete the SMS in BBM it won't reappear. Mute button now only mutes (ringtone/music) because Standby was the same as Lock anyway. Just use your lock button. One you adjust to the changes, it's a great OS!

Unless I am missing something those of you on verizon just load .419 and be happy with it. I ran .419 since it came out with no problems and now I have been on this .484 since it posted yesterday on the blog. Whatever changes they made are internal and you wont notice a difference except one thing. When I was running .419 and was uploading a picture to facebook I could scroll over the upload in messages and get a status bar on the upload letting me know how far along the process was. The same thing for sending pictures through email. Now I only get the status bar on email uploads and not facebook anymore. So as far as noticeable differences .419 is better but again its whats under the hood that counts but at this point I cannot tell any difference other than the upload status bar.

Just updated my Sprint Tour to the 5.0 OS and like the new message thread, more color full and eye appealing. Just wanna know did anyone else get their music player moved from the media to the application folder as a hidden app after update? I couldn't find my music for a few minutes :(

I'm a little late but yes. i am glad you put this here because I was half looking for it half not caring for the past 2 days

Had the 5.0 leaked verison and this one is much better. So far it working good. i had problem with it frezzing every once and while and so far nothing. Vlingo now works and Quickpull is not as buggy. My apps were there, but missing from BB My World list. So i re-installed each app from BB World so i can get updates of future upgrades. Took long time since it wants you to restart phone after every app installed.

I made the mistake of pulling up my browser to do a little reading while my DM was busy loading on the new software. This caused DM to crash midway through the process. Fortunately, when I reconnected to the DM, it figured out what was missing and finished the software install. Lost all of my 3rd party apps as a result and am having to reinstall them. I too have received a number of registration emails from BlackBerry and am getting frequent permissions pop ups. My Auto Standby & Quick Pull apps are not working properly but I think it may just be a matter of editing the permissions. Am still playing with that. Seems to be working smoothly otherwise. Thanks Sprint!

Is the sms freezing fixed? ever since I upgraded to OS 5.0, my sms freezes or locks every once in awhile when I send alot. please let me know. thanks!

Found some real pain in the ass issues from this update from .419

Mute and Lock buttons reassigned, Mute wont put phone in standby (actually does nothing now) Lock locks the screen, turning it off, only way to turn screen on is tapping it again

Shortcuts to dial someone don't work. EX: typing "c" from menu wont bring up any contacts, same issue in address fail

That fuckin blackberry registration on a reboot still happens, not a big issue but slows the phone when you start back up cuz of reloading of carrier apps and browser

PS: If someone else pointed this all out they can go fuck themselves

The mute button still works to silence your phone when it's ringing and to pause/unpause music. One forum member suggested that RIM may have combined lock and standby, which makes sense because they were almost the same thing. (Except standby didn't impose a password entry whereas the lock did... now it doesn't at all unless you use the menu icon 'Password Lock') Doesn't bother me because I didn't notice any battery savings by using standby over lock.

My shortcuts work as they did on 4.7... if I start typing on home screen or menu screen, my contacts pop up. Maybe there is an option that got changed during the upgrade, or maybe it's a problem since you upgraded from .419. Not really sure.

Blackberry registration is a pain in the ass... Total agree!

Just upgraded yesterday. Aside from a lot of my apps losing my registration codes/passwords, there are a few differences that I noticed off the bat.

The first major one is Sprint Navigation. It used to be free. Now you get Sprint Navi Lite, which gives you directions, but not turn by turn. It's now a subscription based service. Gonna call Sprint and see if I can get it reactivated for free, but as of now, it's no better than Google maps (actually probably not even as good).

The next one is for some reason, they got rid of the Media app. There used to be a media app which gave you quick access to the Music, Photos, Ringtones, and Video apps. Now they are all separate on the home screen. You can create a folder and put them in it, but you lose some of the options like file explorer (which is now a separate app).

The last is Opera Mini. I use 4.2 which I loved because the navigation is was so easy. I know there's a newer version out there, but I liked how 4.2 worked. Something happened and the now it's all messed up. To select something, instead of pressing the trackball, you now have to hit the space bar. It also now uses the q and p buttons for some options, rather than just hitting the blackberry menu button. It's now almost impossible to navigate quickly and easily.

Otherwise, seems solid and quick. Hopefully there are some fixes out there for the issues I mentioned.

Been to the Sprint store in Houston, Texas.. they don't even acknowledge the 5.0 update.. they have no support for it.. what gives?

Open browser, go to bookmarks, wireless web, download applications, gps applications, Sprint Navigation. This will give you the most up to date version that works with sprint and 5.0.

i had the same prob with opera when i updated. someone here told me to dl opera mini 5.0 beta. everything is back to normal. if you like opera 4.2, you'll like 5.0.

My Sprint Nav works the same as it did on 4.7. I clicked on the icon after reading your post, and this is the first time I've opened it since upgrading. I was just asked to re-register, then I went directly into the app and everything was the same. Started a nav route and it gave me turn-by-turn. I would try reinstalling like uphilmore suggested.

I agree about the Media home screen that they removed... I loved that feature and want it back! Very disappointing.

Don't use Opera so I can't really help... but I did see mention earlier in the thread that there is a beta version that may work better with 5.0? Otherwise I'm sure Opera will release a new version fairly soon.

Anyone try downloading Google's mobile app? I downloaded, after upgrading to OS 5, but I am unable to change a lot of the permissions for it that will enable it run. Many of the permissions are greyed out or only have option for deny or prompt. I was able to set the permissions before the OS upgrade. Any suggestions?

I'm with imatthewvogel and Emount007, I too can't find a link on DM or anywhere.I even tried looking on the BB website under my device and no OS upgrade to Any assistance would certainly be helpful.

Has anyone had trouble getting their desktop manager to work.. My dm does not recognize my phone now that I've upgraded... Need Help PLEASE...

i have BDM loaded on a PC & on a MAC,I tried it on my PC first & it wouldnt even open DM & just as I was about to give up I tried it on my MAC & it work with no Prob...So Im rockin 5.0 now

do yall have no connections that you can NOT find any info at all on the tour 9650. i mean its not the iphone..

You people are a bunch of sissies! You want everything to be exactly the way YOU want it. Well, guess's not Burger King. If you don't like the way the OS works, downgrade it! I for one am just fine with it and can look past a couple of glitches like having to delete a stupid registration email when I reboot. But hey, I actually read the comments posted here and in the forums. So, instead of being a lazy a$$hole who posts a comment like, "I didn't read the other posts but can someone help me with blah, blah, blah"...I read and learn how to take care of my device. If you sissy, pansy, candy-ass, couch potatoes would just do a little bit of reading and less skipping to the last page you might actually learn a little something so that you don't have to do 5 battery pulls a day. And people wonder why the experienced CB'ers get so irritated. It's because of blatant ignorance and laziness. I mean come on.

Is it really necessary to be such a grump about this? How do you know it's blatant ignorance and laziness? Maybe some do not have the time to sit and read through 150-200+ commnets. Last I recall, these comments are posted for all to see, not sent directly to you. If it bothers you so much just let it go! You're calling people sissies for complaining yet here you are - complaining. Let it go man!

This thing is cilling my battery!!!!
w/ the Hybrids (4 to 8%/hr drain)
w/ .484 no lower than 12%/hr

Back to the hybrids I go!!!

I rebooted my phone.It began to act slow and kept receiving a registration e-mail. Now my Media folder is gone, beweather is back to a trial version and the background of the icon menu is white, not letting me read the description when I highlight an icon. Everything else works fine (BBM, Facebook, etc). Anyone have any ideas to help a newbie to the site? Haha.

If BeWeather is also BerryWeather

1. Go to and login to your account
2. Navigate to your BeWeather product page showing you own it
3. Click the "Swap to Another Version" link (if upgrading from 4.7 to 5.0)
4. Write down your activation code
5. Uninstall whatever version you currently have on your BB. 6. Reboot.
7. When your BB is back up, find the most recent version of BeWeather you were using only for OS 5.0
8. Install
9. Enter activation code from Step 4.
10. You're ON!

for those that couldnt get it to download I figured out that for some reason the account I was using on my laptop wasnt downloading it so I made a new user account and installed desktop manager then connected my blackberry and it loaded like a charm so try that but it is a active update through DTM