Official OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 Now Available for Download from Sprint

Sprint OS
By Adam Zeis on 16 Feb 2010 01:22 pm EST

Just last week Sprint released OS for Tour users through Desktop Manager, and today it has finally made its way online for download. The latest 5.0 OS for the Tour 9630 can now be downloaded from the BlackBerry Software Downloads page for those of you who didn't already grab it elsewhere. The install will work if you have a Tour on another carrier as well, just be sure to delete the vendor.xml file before trying to update. For a walkthrough of upgrading your device OS, check out our BlackBerry 101 article here.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 Now Available for Download from Sprint


Downloaded 5.0 from desk top manager today. Took 3 hours !!! But worth it. Everything is faster. Yes you do have to redownload some apps but worth it. Don't know bout battery life yet will let you know in a couple days. Do it !!! Predictive text is back ! More menu options , like a new phone. And yes works with sprint. No more laggy surfing.

besides the stamp of approval from the carrier, what is the difference between this and the leaked .419 build?

There is no difference at all. In fact, so far, it appears that .419 might have a faster browser, though this might be a temporary condition while the phone adjusts to the new OS. If you have .419, there's no need to upgrade to .484 at all, especially if you are with Verizon. I only upgraded so I could have Sprint's 'official' release.

Only if you download it from the Desktop manager. I just did mine and it took like 2 hrs.
So far so good no problems.

Is there still the same bugs as mentioned last week or did sprint fixed them with this release? Maybe someone could create a hybrid OS 5 with the 484 build.

Does BB release OS 5.something updates for the older phones? Before my tour I had a Pearl 8130 and I never saw a OS 5 release. I would imagine that they're just focusing on their newer phones at this point.

The 8130 would slow to a crawl if 5.0 was on it. Even the VzW 8330 (which hasnt had 5.0 released for it) doesnt handle 5.0 all that well.

It works...but hour glasses quite a bit.

My 8130 slowed to a crawl with the older OS' on it, hence the reason why I had to dump it for the Tour. Am hoping the new Pearls don't have the same issue.

This phone, the 8350i is just over a year old and in Canada was only released in 1st quarter 2009 (4th quarter 2008 for US market) and was confirmed by RIM for the OS 5.0 update so this is one of their newer phones.

You're right, my apologies for that. I was confusing it with an older Sprint/Nextel BB (I think it was an older Curve that also had an 'i' in it) that I was looking at when I got my Pearl in Oct 08.

@awesomedeals88 It sounds like it is the same exact file as last week, otherwise it wouldn't be .484. The only thing that's different is that users can now download it directly from Sprint/BB vs. having to wait for Desktop Manager to push it to you.

Personally I'm staying away from this release and sticking with my .230 hybrid with the .191 radio file. Too many people have complained about horrible battery life with this new release (among other things).

The battery life is at least as good as .230, although I would say better. The mistake people always make is to expect marvelous battery performance immediately, which won't happen while the OS is getting acclimatized to the device. I take my hat off to everyone still running .230, even with the texting bugs and the media player bugs. You have earned my undying respect.

Maybe it's because I'm running a hybrid, but I have no issue with texting or media player bugs. The one annoying issue though is that while transferring data onto my micro SD card, the connection with the computer often gets broken. Had to get me a cheap media card reader to circumvent this issue.

I am surprised you never got the bugs with .230. When texting, most times, I couldn't reply to texts immediately by pressing the 'r' button, or what have you. I had to exit the texting screen, access my contacts list, click on the person's name, and then it would allow me to text them. It was maddening. And with media, there was no automatic progression to the next song on any playlist. The media player usually stopped after playing one song, and you had to click on the next song manually. Irtehun's v7.11 hybrid gave me amazing battery life with .230, but it didn't resolve the issues I just named.

In regards to the texting bug you mentioned:

(a) I always used to use the menu options when I was on OS 4.7, so I guess that's why I never noticed that bug about pressing R for reply.
(b) With the threaded text messaging in OS5 I can just reply right away underneath since it all shows up like an IM/BBM convo without needing to hit R, no?

As for the media player bug, again, it's something I've never noticed because I guess it's all about how we individually use our BBs. I usually just listen to podcasts that are 2 to 3 hours long. Although I can see how if the media player didn't automatically go to the next track that could get annoying quick.

How long does it take for your phone to get use to the OS? I downgraded back because my phone would die after one 20 min call. But I did not know that it needed time to adjust. There were probably about 6 or 7 battery pulls after I downloaded before I noticed the bad battery life. This may convince me to upgrade back up if I know it can be fixed. :)

It usually takes 2 days for my phone to become acclimatized to any new OS, based on battery performance. When I first downloaded .419, my battery was completely depleted with 6 hours of use. After 2 days of battery pulling (allow about 30 seconds to pass before reinserting battery), I am now at about 20 hours of light to moderate use without having to charge the battery.

I hardly ever get responses to my questions or comments on here! I feel part of the CB Nation Family now! :). LOL. But on a serious note I did the download Wednesday (or Thursday) when it was posted on here. It took almost 2 hours then the hour to get back to normal. But there were tons of battery pulls (I don't physically pull out the battery, I have the Restart Me thing installed. Is that the same thing?). So I had it all day and night until Saturday night when I had the 20 min call that took it from full to dead. That's when I downgraded. The thing with me is that I'm not on the phone as much as I text, BBM, IM, and FB. I also only have done the official ones so this will only be my third OS (had T1 since July drop). So what do u think? Should I give it another try!?? :)

Thanks again!

There are hybrids out there that use .484. And to answer your question, no, there won't be any bug fixed in this; otherwise it would be a different release number.

If you have Sprint, Blackberry has a Desktop Manager client for the Mac that you can install and automatically update the Operating System. If you don’t have Sprint, you will need to have access to a PC.

This is the same reply I posted above: there is no difference at all. In fact, so far, it appears that .419 might have a faster browser, though this might be a temporary condition while the phone adjusts to the new OS. If you have .419, there's no need to upgrade to .484 at all, especially if you are with Verizon. I only upgraded so I could have Sprint's 'official' release. The two OSs are almost identical, and any changes don't appear to be for the better.

There clearly is a diff. It might not be noticeable, but it wouldn't have a different number, if there wasn't something changed. I didn't have .419, so I can't really compare. But I heard a lot of rumors about texts getting sent to the wrong person in .419, but I haven't had that problem at all with .484. So I suppose if you haven't encountered any bugs with .419, it's worth sticking with it, but if you have, it might be worth switching.

I've used both for prolonged periods, so my opinion isn't based on what ought to be the case. It is based on what actually is the case. I know that conventional wisdom is that if the version numbers are different, then it is a different OS. But conventional wisdom can't be substituted for facts gained from practical experience. I had to check the stats on my phone to make sure that I had actually downloaded a new OS; the changes were so minimal as to be non-existent.

How is this possible given that.484 was just released to the general BB public yesterday, and exclusively to Sprint customers over the last week and a half or so? I'm just curious. I hope you're not referring to Hybrid use, as the experience and performance is completely different than that of an "official" OS. Browser performance, radio signal, etc.; there are quite a few differences that were pretty obvious to me...especially since I started with .419, upgraded to .484 last night, and am back to .419 again. I kept .484 on my phone for about 3 hours.


Jesus Christ, somebody tell me the people @ VZW who get paid to do this are deathly ill or something. Get on the game Verizon.

...if Verizon's idea of a "big update" is making a jump to something like a version.

Then again, maybe we'll be lucky enough to get around the same time as other carriers are offering 6.0

If you already have .419 I would stay away from .484

Since the update:
The browser is basically non-existent.
The lock/standby buttons are messed up.
Every battery pull comes with a new registration message.

Just a few annoyances with the new .484 on Sprint...

Idk y people complain so much about the new update with the top buttons it does what its suppose to now lock locks device n puts it on standby n mute mutes calls n music all newer os r gonna have this and my browser is faster than on .419 even witha hybrid every user is different but I recommend the upgrade n the reg email is ez fix for those who use hybrids they should know

How's that? I always got the registration message with .419 as well, and the lock/standby buttons were changed on purpose; it's not a bug. Browser is occasionally slower, for now. In all, no drastic change, one way or another...

My browser, with the exception of the Sprint page seems to load faster. The "new" sprint page has always been painfully slow for me in either OS.

If you know this was changed on purpose can you explain how it is an improvement on the previous setup? A button is now rendered useless (standby) and the lock button no longer display's that the phone is locked while displaying a customized message.

There never was a 'standby' button. The standby feature was a secondary function of the Mute button. RIM seems to moved the standby feature over it its own dedicated button while making the lock accessible from the home screen.

After pressing the "mute" button it used to display something along the lines of "entering standby mode..." as the screen faded to black. Not sure of the exact wording but it was something to that effect. Either way, I don't really see how taking away functionality of a button completely and putting the 'lock' option on the screen (which it always has been) is an improvement. It's clearly a downgrade or was done in error all together.

I never understand why people depend solely on other people's experience with an OS to decide if they will upgrade or not. Unless you are totally clueless on how to upgrade an OS, why not try it for yourself(just back up all your stuff). There are so many factor that influence each phones performance with a particular OS. I moved from a 419 hybrid to the stock 484 and its working well for me.

ONCE AGAIN...Sprint in Houston has no idea what I'm talking about when asking them about the 5.0 upgrade. Even after showing them the article... Am I the only one who's having this problem? After upgrading last week off my DM my phone is not being recognized as being connected by DM is anyone else having this problem?

i just updated my friend's Tour for sprint using desktop manager for mac. VERIZON ?! where is 5.0 for our Tour? boost mobile even has 5.0 for their curve 8330 but verizon doesn't...

Just updated via DTM for Mac. It deleted BBM, Facebook and a few other programs, anything that was released by RIM.

Kinda odd...

I've seen tons of people post about this. And I'm not trying to be a jerk, but does anyone but me, actually look to see what their computer is doing before hitting the next button repeatedly? Because DM posted very clearly that it was removing things. I just hit the back button and fixed that before continuing. I lost nothing.

i thought the new OS was great until i went to lock my phone with the left convenience key -- only to find it wasnt set -- and when I went to set it, Keyboard Lock ISN'T an option -- I called sprint and they told me that they have been getting calls from other users iwth the same issues -- anyone here see what i am seeing or have a solution that doesnt involve creating a password to lock my phone?


thanks -- i actually found it out later that night after just meandering around pressing keys manually ... finding the UNLOCK button was a completely different issue -- ended up using the power off button and then aborting the shutoff. its working, but would prefer a more elegant unlock option -- do you have another way -- and thanks again,

//tour 9630 regards to the ignorance of the sales reps and/or techs at a Sprint store (corporate or indirect), Sprint-Houston doesn't do a good job at providing the training or the information to their employees. I know this b/c i used to work their.

I also had the problem w/DTM not recognizing my 9630, but all it took was to upgrade to the latest vs of DTM. I was running and now running v5.0.1

I upgraded my OS today (via DTM, approx 30-40mins) and hope the performance doesn't change b/c OMG, it is soooo much better and faster. For all of you that use your BB as a modem, see for yourself.... CONNECT and you will notice a dramatic change in speed.

Thanks Sprint (..about time)

I have downloaded this OS, the only problem is, NOTHING!
I have check to make sure that the HTML file is deleated, I have made sure that every time. I get it done, then NOTHING. It doesn't even show the .419 as one of the OS's to pick from. The onlt choices I get are the or the I just don't understand wtf is going on. Please help if you can. Thanks.

Tour 9630 w/Sprint service.

I have upgraded the OS from v4.7.1.57 to v5.0.0.484 last night. The first thing I have noticed the battery power drain must faster than older version. After full charge, 6 hours later, it used 2 bars already.

They better improve this issue.

horrible batt life here too. on 4.7 i could run all day and then some, with beweather updating in the background, browsing, calls, messages, etc.

can't make it through a work day now, and i've shut down beweather to be sure the update isn't draining things...

disappointed. i'll have to look at downgrading if possible.

Os takes around 2 days to settle in also battery pulls help os settle in pull out battery for 30 seconds so phone freshly starts everytime

I have a tour from Verizon and downloaded loaded this from sprint and did everything but it wont show up in the desktop maneger! I dont know what to do I just want the 5.0! please help!

I am sorry but, I had been messing around an got the Sprint OS .484 on my Verizon BB 9630. I don't really know how, I was tring to get a Hybrid added to it and low and behold, I got the OS to go some how. It works , in my opinion, better that the .419. Good luck to all.

So this is the first time i've tried to upgrade my OS for a carrier that is not my own. I deleted the vendor.xml file and went through all the steps that were listed on the BlackBerry 101 page. When the Install Wizard was done Desktop Manager automatically opened and then nothing happened. Why was I unable to download? Someone please help! What did I do wrong???

yea, u can only upgrade through your carrier, not other carriers. so if u rockin verizon tour, u gotta wait for them to release it. sorry it should be available soon

Its great, from the sms threading to the faster web browsing. if u gotta tour, and u rockin that 4.7 os, u need to upgrade to the 5.0 ASAP!!!!

So I deleted the vendor file and the OS is there to be selected. When I select it and click next, DTM says that it is searching again, then tells me that not upgrade is required at this time and wont do anything more. I know it's not required, but damn. Am I doing something wrong or am I just SOL?????

Same problem here. Running .230. Do I need to downgrade to 4.7 to upgrade to this new version? It says no update is needed when I click on .484

There's like 5 new downloads from different download agents. Which is the best one to go through>? Sunrise? Globul? Cosmote? Mobiltel an Jersey Telcom. Are these ALL the same download? DOes it matter which one you choose? Been having some problems with the SUnrise version, just wanted to know if anyone has really found out if it really matters which one you download.

i have the verizon tour and i tried updating the software but next to the software it says *only active blackberry service subscribers are entitled to install this software can anyone help me here? thanks