Official OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9000 Released

By Bla1ze on 9 Feb 2010 11:09 am EST
Official OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9000 Released

Here we go with another official carrier release of OS 5.0. No folks, it's not from AT&T it's actually from Zain Kuwait. OS as we seen leaked not that long ago has gone all official like, so if you are wanting to grab the download you can do so from their BlackBerry download website. By the time AT&T gets around to releasing 5.0, we'll be wondering where OS 6.0 is at I'd say.

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Official OS For The BlackBerry Bold 9000 Released


It's obvious that, from the beginning, when at&t had so much trouble with the Bold 9000 before even releasing it months and months late... they haven't cared about this device. Although I've enjoyed my time with it from the week of release until now and never had much trouble with the service, I think this will be my last Blackberry on at&t. Whether this means a new device on at&t or a Blackberry on another service, I don't yet know.

Dear ,

BB Bold 9000 is there any official os 5.0 release for Qtel Qatar ?.

Qtel Network Showing €00Qtel-CJH*D, also missing Key Lock Icon



Why wait for the official AT&T build? Why not install this official release?

I've done this prior usually from Rogers and it's worked perfect.

Gonna download it and see if the lock works, and see what else is new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll make a thread about it

By the time ATT released 5.0 for the 9000 the 9650 will come out and I will have switched already.

Actually, I wonder which will come out first, L O L!

That is why ATT is holding of on an official release, because of people like macneil S4 that will go for the upgrade instead of waiting around or installing another carrier's official version. Not saying that there is anything wrong with that, just a bit ticked off carriers will do something like that to make the extra sales. And watch, when it becomes official for att it will be the same damn version that are now floating around with oversees carriers. Same thing goes for the tour 5.0 from verizon. You all will not see that drop till way after the tour 2 drops!!!

That is why ATT is holding of on an official release, because of people like macneil S4 that will go for the upgrade instead of waiting around or installing another carrier's official version. Not saying that there is anything wrong with that, just a bit ticked off carriers will do something like that to make the extra sales. And watch, when it becomes official for att it will be the same damn version that are now floating around with oversees carriers. Same thing goes for the tour 5.0 from verizon. You all will not see that drop till way after the tour 2 drops!!!

Ah finally something "official" even if it ain't from at&t! Just loaded it up on my device...lets see how this baby runs.

Can anybody that has updated to this version confirm whether this update includes functionality to "LOCK KEYPAD" as the leaked version is missing the Keypad Lock functionality & icon etc.

@racker1 usually I do the updated no matter who they from, just didnt trust it with my 9000 with all the 5.0 glitch reports...

@rizzo how the hell is it our fault? Because I wanted a new berry to play with? ATT is too damn lazy. Ive already talked to a high end ppl in their corporate office a few times about the 9000 OS and they had sh!t to say about it. Plus I wanted something a little smaller for my 511 taclite pants pockets when I need to use em and for when I'm out having a late night bmx session. Its not good hitting your BB 9000 with bars doing hardcore tricks while its in your pocket ;)

I am trying to upgrade my OS for my Bold 9000 (running 4.0) and I cant seem to get it to work. i have downloaded the software and when i plug my bold in it recognizes the update for 5.0. when i click next it loads for a minute and then it tells me "no software update is required for my devie". what do i do? ive been trying for 2 hours already and im goin nuts! lol please Help!


I used to have that problem and it was so frustrating. Try gonig through Loader.exe instead. Close down BlackBerry Desktop Manager and just open up Loader. I have Windows 7 and it is located here:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader

Let me know how that goes.



you have to delete the vendor.xml file from within the following directory:

windows 32bit
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader


windows 64bit
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader

(Also you can run loader.exe directly from within this folder to update os, instead of through device manager)

if it has worked it takes around 30 mins to install and reboot up and if it hasnt it takes about 10 mins to do nothing lol

I just tried the latest build, still puts it in stand-by mode. Anyone else have any luck?

I've also notice a drop in app memory from the previous leaked .464 build... about 5MB.

I have AT&T, I installed it, removed the xml file and it works fine for me. Some of my apps are obviously not working with the 5.0 but heck, it works. The only thing is that I had to install it from the loader.exe instead through the Device Manager. Hope this helps all of those on AT&T.

Good Luck to all

What apps aren't working for you? I have the follwoing and
they work flawlessly:
Berryweather 2.1.40
Blockberry 5.78
Documents to Go 2.0001.016
Gmail App 2.07
Google Maps 3.2.1 minus the GPS feature (inaccurate)
myWireless 1.1
Opera Mini 5
Pandora 1.1.3
ScoreMobile 1.3.1
Stitcher Podcast Radio 1.2.11
UberTwitter 0.945
Viigo News 3.1.490
WikiMobile 1.33
Yahoo Messenger
Google Talk
Blackberry Messenger
Blackberry App World

Actually the only App that is not working is the game DrugLord Wars. Maybe I have to pay for it again for me to get it to work. Other than that, all my other apps work. The only problem I came across was the left convenience for which I used to use to lock the keypad. I no longer see the option to assign "lock" on the list. Someone mentioned that it works using a different method of getting to it but I still don't see the option to assign convenience button to lock.

You must set a password first and then it'll work. I currently use the left convenience key to lock my device.

So i download the OS then go through all the procedures, then delete the vendor.xml in apploader. But when I try and install it from loader.exe it doesn't recognize the 5.0 os....
Can anyone help me?

Please disconnect from your internet connection. Else it will check with your carrier and come back to tell you that you dont need an upgrade. It should recognize the os 5.0 once you disconnect your laptop from the internet and try installing

I've installed a couple of the early beta leaks without a problem; however, I have not been able to get any of the official releases to install. I've tried installing connected and disconnected from the internet, through Desktop Manager and Loader.exe, Vendor.xml deleted, uninstalling and reinstalling in Windows 7, and rebooting in between to see if that would make a difference. I have been unable to get the official Bell or Zain-Kuwait releases to install on my Bold and it's driving me nuts. Anyone have any other ideas that might help?

Does it have anything to do with using windows 7?? idk thats my guess i haven't tried installing on my other pc's with windows xp...

Mirror RS (Link will be expire at Feb-2011) :

Hi all,
is this one any better than Bell's 411.
Had numerous issues with and ended up downgrading to 4.6
Anyone tested it yet? How does this one compare?

Haven't tried this on my 9000. Have the 411. Phone keeps crashing when battery has one bar left. Thinking of trying the 464 or downgrading to 4.6 until better OS 5.0 variant is released.

.464 is way better than .411. I had the same issues with the blackberry restarting when low on battery. Plus more app mem with .464. Only issue is the lock speed dial going into sleep mode, but i use alt+ent now

There is no keyboard lock option in this release! No icon and no way of locking the keypad unless you use standby mode

Why did they release this version!!!

The device CAN BE LOCKED under this particular version. You just cannot use the preferred method. Go to SETTINGS-OPTIONS-SCREEN/KEYBOARD then scroll down & select either the right or left convenience key and then select LOCK. Afterwards, you'll be able to lock your device with the convenience key you selected.

Yes, I did upgrade. I've used every known leak there has been for the Blackberry Bold 9000 (AT&T) and am currently running OS version As for the lock feature I described above, have you set a password, yet? I apologized for that omission. It does not lock without a password being set first. I know many of you like having it lock and then only hit the * and menu key to unlock it. You can't do that with this version. My apologies for the omission.

This is a very good OS update. All of my apps work and the OS is stable overall. Yet, it is not perfect. The minor annoyances I am having are with the GPS being inaccurate and the VERY SLOW reboot. It should not take 4 minutes to startup from a reboot or a battery pull. The lock function is nonexistent to me because I lock my berry with my left convenience key. Despite these minor annoyances, i would still recommend berry BOLD 9000 users to upgrade to OS

time will tell but I am happy to report that my Lock icon is still there! The whole process took less than 30 min (not including the download). A few apps needed to upgraded but other than that... as the title says... so far so good!

The os seems to be great for the most part but, don't upgrade if you want to use your wifi, its useless on this build as far as i know

To lock your keypad on .464, you need to do the following:

1. You MUST set a password.
2. Once you've done this, your lock icon reappears.
3. You can lock your keypad using:
a. ALT + ENTER key
b. Assign either convenience keys to lock
(Options > Screen/Keyboard > Left/Right Side
Convenience Keys Opens: Lock)

NB: No matter what I tried, cant get the '*' to keypad lock.

Hope this helps.

Ok so i have a Bold 9000 for at&t and am tired of waiting. im also not a pro with commputers. how exactly do i install this. if clicked the link downloaded the .exe file. clicked on that and did the install thing which it claims is successful. i plug in my blackberry, open desktop manager...and, nothing. what am i doing wrong?

cant receive HRT using this build been trying to register my phone but i cant receive that host rounting table

after reading about using loader.exe instead of DM (big thanks to samo8906!). It all went smooth and everything works, yes boot time is a bit longer but I've noticed a big jump in speed while doing my every day thing on my 9000. Only had to upgrade one app(smrtguard) for OS5.
Good work Zain Kuwait!! Doing something AT&T just won't for all us 9000 owners!!

ok so when you download the .exe file, run that and install it. where is the .alx file locate that i can tell the loader.exe to use? it doesnt ask me where i want to install, it just does it.

Loader.exe should recognize that you have installed the update on your PC and began updating your device without any assistance.

yea, but it isnt it doesnt recognize any new updates even when i go directly to the loader.exe and dont use the desktop manager...

I have tried every link possible to download this OS. Everytime I try to download it will get to half way or so and just stop. I have tried from rapid share, Blackberry website but it constantly happens. I don't have any problems with downloads just with downloading Blackberry OS's.

Is there another link I can try or a suggestiong to fix this problem?


Hi guys, just want share with you all, i have updated my os from 4.6 to 5.0. .and now everything works just fine except my ringtones? they are gone. .BBPro_GungHo is there in my folder my i cant seem to play it or to make use of it. .any idea why?

Am I the only one that has had lots of problems with this version! It keeps freezing when I go to BB app world and I tried to install messenger and it was installing and then the screen was just black and I had to do a battery pull. I think I have done like 4 or 5 battery pulls since I installed it tonight!! Which its been about 2 to 3 hours.

and How do I delete the games that are in the games folder and some apps in the downloads or application folder? I tried to find them under the application list and stupid pac man and tetris etc do not show up and apps!!!!

I am trying to install this update. I have installed the software on my computer, deleted the vendor.xml file and used application loader but it wont recognise the update. Any ideas on how I can get this to work as I desperately want to update?

Try to go through AppLoader.exe instead. It is located in your Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader. It should work then, I have problems with Desktop Manager aswell, it doesnt realise the new OS has been installed and can update the device.

I placed this on my Bold and as soon as it senses a signal, it restarted, then restarted then restarted. You get the point, it was a paperweight as all my bold would do was reboot, not for at&t. I had to reload 4.6

I have been hoping and praying for a new OS for the bold.. runs cleaner, faster,and smoother!! very pleased :)

I am having a problem with threaded SMS messages not working properly in .464. The first one seems to work ok but if I get another SMS message from someone else I can't "open" the first conversation anymore unless I reboot the device. Anyone else seeing this? Everything else seems to be working fine. I had OS .411 on there before but I did a full wipe and did not reload any archives/apps at all. Installed everything fresh.

I would reinstall the OS. Be sure to delete the vendor.xml file on the PC and use the Loader.exe in the same folder to install. I have 0 problems with the OS, short of the keyboard lock feature missing.

Since the Lock Keyboard key is non-funcional, just get the Beiks app from the App World. Quick and easy fix til an official release drops, or upgrade times rolls around.

Hey folks, stop whining about the lock thing already! Seriously, I have a few bugs to report. 1) If the device is paired via bluetooth and I turn off that radio, the device will reset. 2) The VDA will quit when it reaches 84% when it scans for contacts. 3) Call quality is affected more when using a bluetooth device, it gets the electronic gargles. Ok, time to check out .509 and see if I install the leak.