Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900

By Adam Zeis on 10 Feb 2010 10:30 am EST

I guess a few carriers were in cahoots on this one, and it looks like they all decided to release OS for the Curve 8900 at the same time. Carriers Cosmote, Globul, Jersey Telecom, Mobiltel and Sunrise have all released an official version. You can hit up the links below to download from any one of them (just delete the vendor.xml file if the carrier is not your own) and get in on the action. Be sure to drop a comment and let us know your findings. Thanks Phillip!

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900


Sweet. Now we just have to wait 11 months before Rogers gets on board.

I must say though, I am surprised that a lot of Carriers don't just drop the 8900, as between the 8520 and 9700 it is unnecessary. I love my 8900, marketing wise it is redundant.

~Shea M.

With exception to the Touch pad, on the 8520 it is inferior to the 8900.

Low-end camera and no GPS on the 8520, is big value to some of us that comes in the 8900 package.

Other things that seem to make the 8900 a better value are support for higher number of video codecs, higher resolution screen etc are the other extras that make it a better go-between 8520-9700.

my $0.02

Can anyone confirm if the lock button is working on any of these official ones? It did not work on the leaked .461 build and I won't move off of .411 if the lock button is not working. Bah.

I don't get it, how can those carriers make it Official if the damn lock button doesn't even work! Like that's not just any small bug...

has this been sorted from 411 i don't like the threaded look

is there any hope of a 02 upadte soon i know vodaphone has 411 why not 02

I hope Orange UK update to 5.0 soon, I emailed them on 18th of December to ask them, and still no reply.

I have an unlocked orange uk, still with the startup logo, etc. I have been upgrading with no problems (with officials and betas), except for the OS´ bugs of course

dropped the 8900 recently. I highly doubt they will ever release a new OS for it. I would love to know if the answer to lock button question above, as well. It's the only reason I didn't try the leaked version of this OS. Thanks!

Sorry... I should have been more detailed... I'm aware that if you set a password it's all good, but was curious if it behaved like in .411 without the need to set a password.

Great! I think I'll need to run that OS on my Rogers phone >.< I don't believe that they will update it in the near future... they don't really care about that phone anyways...

I'm guessing I should download this since I doubt tmobile is gonna push this update. Is it worth it? Can anybody tell me the bonuses to downloading this? Also, I've been hearing about lock button issues will I be able to use it like I do now and simply just press it without using a password?

Hasn't this already been released? I've already got .461 on my 8900.

Maybe mine is a leak, was the lock issue fixed?

Having issues opening the dl link after it has been downloaded on my mac. It opens as a textedit. any ideas? Which download will work the best for att?

with the leaked version and this one.? Someone let me know if there's any difference so i can know if i should install or not......ohh yeh, i hate the fact that Tmo dropped the 8900 and takes so freaking long with everything. I'm still trying to get vvm to work.

The current DM for Mac only allows upgrading with internet connection. I use bootcamp instead and have windowsXp in my macbook. With this you can upgrade anytime using any official/leak version.

I too would like to know the difference between this and the beta version. Anyone know if they've sorted out the lock button?

It's gettin serious. Leak one, drop one, shoot it out.... How bout .462? I hear that one was pretty sweet? Or one of the new 5 series? I'm not picky.

So I tried to update the software, but my desktop manager keeps saying there's no action required. Having install the leaked .461 a couple weeks ago I don't know how to replace the leaked with the official...Help plz!

avuong07 said: "So I tried to update the software, but my desktop manager keeps saying there's no action required. Having install the leaked .461 a couple weeks ago I don't know how to replace the leaked with the official...Help plz!"


I'm not sure there's any reason to replace your beta 461 with this official one. I have the same question, though. I've been running 461 since it leaked, and it's been fantastic on my 8900 -- better memory and battery life, virtually no lag at all when running multiple apps. All in all, excellent release.

From all I've read in the past, a numbered release remains unchanged, whether it's a leaked beta or official. So 461 "beta" should be identical to 461 "official". I would try downloading the official version and doing a file compare against the beta, but that wouldn't be conclusive unless it did it COD by COD. Different vendors may have subtle differences in content and provisioning built into their version of the release, even though OS COD's may be identical.

Can anyone else comment on this from a position of knowledge (as opposed to opinion / hearsay)?

@avuony07 -- if you really need to do this, you can always use something like BBSAK to first back up your apps, wipe your 8900, then load the new OS.

really like to know if there is a difference. The mind makes you feel the need to want the official version just because its the official version. But i can also relate to your explanation.

I agree 461 was a great release. The only problems I have and I'm sure many bb users here have the same problem is the lock button. Having a dedicated lock button that is completely useless drives me CRAZY! I understand you can enable the password or hold down A to put it in standby, but it's just not the same. One other problem I notice with the 461 is that I sometimes have trouble opening an sms text. Several times I have to do a battery pull to get it started again. The last problem I have with the OS is WIFI, before I installed the leak a couple weeks ago my wifi would automatically connect to my saved home network. Now I have to manually connect it.

I would think an official release will fix all these bugs. I'm on At&t so maybe I should wait for an official from the carrier to see if there would be any difference before I wipe my 8900. Till then I'll just have to make do with the leak version.

Can someone please tell me why a carrier would release an official os knowing full well that a feature of the phone (lock button) doesn't work with that particular os? Seems stupid to me.

if its good for one carrier its good for them all

i am using the most recent versions of 5.0 for my 8900 and my 9700 and they all work fine... stop waiting for your carrier to release it you will be waiting forever, especially for the Stupid american ones....

I just got off the phone with sprint and was told the official release for OS 5.0 is supposed to be on Feb 19. I can only wait and see if this is true.

sorry'll either hafta use a windows running computer, or partition your hard drive/run parallels to run windows on your mac in order to update your os. it's a total pain in the butt...but i'm loving 5.0.411! wondering if there are any big changes between the two. good luck!

I am not even beat for all this.. I had .411 and my phone was going haywire.. so rite now.. .314 works the best with lessbuggs for tmo.. Its still 5.0.. =)

sorry for being so new to this but, i've never loaded an OS on to my phone. Can i get some help please and thanks!!!

There's a blackberry 101 on how to install an OS on this website. They show you a tutorial and everything just search for it.

I put the leaked .461 on and that whole "needing a password to screen lock" is lame so i downgraded to .348 and LOVE It boots faster battery is good, i got my threaded SMS and best of all i can lock the phone without a password .... I work 4 tmobile and as of now no release of 5.0 is coming ...but tmobile does realease new OS versions for dropped phones ESPECIALLY if we still support them oh and My VVM works on .348 SO IM ALL GOOOD !!!!(call the carrier and make sure visual voicemail is on ur account)

I tried so many stuff and still cant get this damn VVM. Is it only certain 5.0 os's that come with it or what.? I was on .411, didnt have it, im not on .461 and dont have it. I tried .238 didnt have it, so i installe dthe app manually OTA and that just leaves me at a screen basically sying waiting for provision blah blah blah. Can you help?

Ive been holding firm expecting TMobile to be a company of it's word that an official TMobile 5.0 os would be coming. Then blam...discontinued the 8900 Curve. So this was my first 5.0 os I've put on my BB. Took the average hour and 10 minutes, and had to manuver a few things around to make it more like home to me. Everything seems faster, just the lock key no longer works. No biggie since the stand by does. I don't like the seperated SMS/MMS from the emails messages, but I'll adjust. If someone finds a fix for the screen lock key let me know. or PIN/BBM me 24AB62EC.

i just updated my os last night from .411 to 461 working great. i notice the calculator changed. i have no problem with the lock option. with .411 i had a sms issue i could only send txtmgs to 1 person if i need to send to someone else i had to delete previous msg and then send my new msg. i recommend you all to change.

I just loaded .461 on my TMobile 8900, it has some minor tweaks I don't like what's the differenec between it and .411? anyone know?

between .461 and ANY other version - leaked or otherwise! I switched to .461 yesterday and have yet to see the little blackberry clock AT ALL! NOT ONCE! No hiccups - nothing! This version is amazingly crisp. In fact, I have no idea how they could possibly improve on it - aside from the lock button issue; however, even that issue is minor. If locking your phone is important because you put it in your pocket (as I do) then just put it in standby. Why is that not such a big deal to everyone? Seems like a logical and simple alternative to me. My recommendation: upgrade ASAP!

Loving the new update! My first attempt at an os upgrade and with the help of CB I found the process a breeze, so thanks! The only issue I've found is when I take out the phone out of the holster my screen freezes for a few seconds (black screen) it even caused my icons to scatter again! Don't know what it could be but I suppose I can live it!

BB rocks!!!

Yeah to agree with other posts, the lock issue is annoying. I'm sticking to .411 until it's resolved.

are the links bad now? i downloaded the software from 3 of rthe links and everything worked. when i go to my apploader i cant add the new software to the list. it says no compatible. i have the tmo 8900 and deleted the vendor file.

I have T-Mobile and obviously they aren't going to come out with their official release. Is it worth to upgrade to these official releases? Has anyone on T-Mobile tried it? Is the lock issue resolved?

it's absolutely worth the upgrade! The lock issue is not resolved, but it's a silly complaint to begin with. Just put the phone in standby instead of locked - I don't get why that's such a big deal for people? I keep my phone in my pocket - the standby option works just as well locked ever did. This is far and away the best release ever for the 8900!

I get more lag than with .411 (I see the annoying clock often), the lock button issue, there is no google search bar in browser (got google apps anyways, but...) didn´t notice improvement... downgrading now...

Dear All,

I have upgrade from the to
Everything is ok a part the fact that I have lost my lock screen button.
When I push on it nothing appears.

No more lock screen button.

Anyone have experience this issue ?

There's like 5 new downloads from different download agents. Which is the best one to go through>? Sunrise? Globul? Cosmote? Mobiltel an Jersey Telcom. Are these ALL the same download? DOes it matter which one you choose? Been having some problems with the SUnrise version, just wanted to know if anyone has really found out if it really matters which one you download.