Official OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 from Vodafone UK

By Adam Zeis on 20 Jan 2010 12:53 pm EST

We're seeing a trend of official 5.0 firmware popping up on carriers in the last few weeks and I'm loving it. One thing BlackBerry users crave is a solid carrier-released OS to play around with. Vodafone UK is the latest to offer up a release with OS for the BlackBerry Storm2. This is a decent step up from their last offering, so give it a go and let us know what you find out. Although it's an official OS, always use caution when upgrading.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 from Vodafone UK


Can this be installed on a 9550? I'm getting pretty tired of the landscape keyboard. The bottom row buttons are too narrow. I know later versions fix this.

File name says 9520 but the topic header just says Storm 2?
Fingers crossed that it will work for the 9550

Could you make sure to note this is for the 9520 only, and not the 9550? I imagine The storm 2 forums are going to get inundated with people trying to load this on their 9550s.

i am on Vodafone in NL and get my updates from the UK. There is no testing team in Amsterdam, they are located in Newbury ;)

that OS will not work to your 9550. You can download the Hybrid created by OOK and it will work just like the official OS436.

Is there a simple way to download the hybrid by OOK that will work like the official OS? I have the 9550 and running .428, would like to have the latest and greatest but have not quite gotten hybrids to download for me. and is there a big difference between .428 and .436? look forward to hearing back from anyone please

Lately the crackberry blog seems to be a little late on the news...I thought this place was the mecca of all things blackberry, whats happening? This was reported days ago in the Storm2 forum...and I mean the official firmware too not the leak.