Official OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 from MTS Mobility

By Adam Zeis on 21 Dec 2009 01:55 pm EST

This one popped up in the forums earlier today, and Storm 9530 owners everywhere are rejoicing. The latest offical OS update comes from MTS Mobility in the form of OS This is an official release, so get out those USB cables and update away. No notes on what is new/different in this version, so drop a comment and let us know your findings.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 from MTS Mobility


i hate being work when this stuff comes out...gotta wait till I get home to install this. oh well, hopefully it's worth the wait!

i have updated several OS's but either i'm having a blond moment something isn't working right bkuz i can't seem to download it.

i saw in this forum earlier, that you must remove the old OS from Add/Remove programs in Control Panel... Then go to Program Files/Common Files/Research in Motion/App Loader folder and delete the vendor file..
download the new OS (.419), then run the Loader (application loader wizard from the same folder I mentioned.. it should work fine then....'s an update to the device software that your BB needs to operate. It gives you more features and better performance in most cases. For instance, originally, you got sms/text by date but in OS 5.0 it's by contact/person or in other words threaded(IM style) text messaging. Before you had to find different files by their individual application that accesses them. Now, you can access/remove/edit files by going into your app folder, finding the 'files' icon and searching all of your device and/or memory card files in one simple application.

Does this help you?

Hi...the OS is just ur operating system, so it basically like upgrading windows to windows always wanna try to update to the new officials whenever they are released...ENJOY!!

With this being a Storm 1 official OS 5.0 release, is it safe to say, that previous OS 4.6/4.7 devices will be getting their official OS 5.0 releases soon after?

I have downloaded the new software but it is not showing up on desktop manager as an update. The files are on my computer, how do i go about putting it on my phone without DM?

It won't update because it says I do not have sufficient space...should I delete some of my apps? Someone help PLEASE :)

Just used lyricidal hybrid dat gives me in my about screen an I live it but I like having an official

#1 - What are "Pop-Up Keys" and #2 is this O/S upgrade worth it. Little nervous since it's an MTS update and I'm on Verizon.

Have you ever used an iPod touch or iPhone? Pop up keys are basically like when you’re typing on those. A little bubble above where your fingers are so you can see what you’re typing.
As for downloading it even though you’re on Verizon, as long as you delete the vendor.xml file, you should be ok. no nervousness necessary! :)

How the hell did you get it on your phone!!??? What is the process? I can't find out how to get it on without DM.

Navigate to your Loader directory, and remove Vendor.xml

The default directory is:

64 bit os: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\

32 bit os: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\

Good luck!

Me three. that last Vers. that shows is
Not 674. Grrrrr. I need this one bad. I could not use 5.0 cause i have a unlocked 9530 with Tmo and i can't make phone calls.

Don't forget to delete the Vender.xml file and follow the other normal steps for upgrading to an unoffical OS.

I was going to downgrade and upgrade to see if it helped but not sure that will help if most people are getting them. Pretty annoying though huh, seems to just be on your outgoing messages (the white part of the thread)?

Go to options/sms text and change the conversation type to stripes... it helped me.. try it and see if it works

listen i had the same problem most of you are having, the update did not appear on DM, i dont know why it doesnt automatically detect it...

nevertheless i used Apploader instead of DM, it told me if i wanted to downgrade so i clicked 'yes'.. it now says on my phone.. make sure you delete Vendor file and youll be fine

Hope this helps a little...

Computer/C:/Program Files/Common Files/Research in Motion/AppLoader Look for the Vendor.xml file in that folder and then delete

I deleted my Vendor.xml file, but when I go into the Desktop Manager, while it's listed, I cannot proceed with the upgrade...?

It says, "No software update is required for your device."

Is to run the apploader.exe file it is located in the same folder in which you deleted the vendor file. Running apploader.exe will install the new software on your device. Once the new software is on your device you can downgrade or upgrade as you wish through DM.

this verson rocks the roof. the pop up keys are back and they work really well.!! the os is way faster less loading time and work with all my old apps
wooooohooooo so glad i found this early.
just a bit late to blog but better late then never lol

I'm hoping someone can help me with this...I downloaded the new device maneger...I then go to the RIM folder in my programs, yet there is no vendor.xml file anywhere to be found...I'd really appreciate some help on this....Thanks

vendor file is in:
program files\common files\research in motion\apploader
delete that and then once you are in there click on the loader.exe and upgrade your os that way. Much simpler and does an auto backup for you

See thats real strange because I don't even have a sub folder named apploader...and nowhere in my folder is there a vendor.xml or even a loader.exe???

i dont see any pop ou keys when im txting .. also i started with App Memory on 34 and now im on 31 ..

Should I wait for a Verizon Release? Will there be one? Running .328 and loving it but I always want the latest OS but dont want to mess around.

OK, I got the new OS and the Pop-Up Keys thing is cool - but where the hell are my Apps? I backed-up, and everything!!!

i am on verizon and it worked for me. after you delete the vender file scroll up to you see the Loader file which has like a old school looking phone pic next to the file name and click on it. if your running on vista you will have to right click and click the run as administrator option or it wont work. make sure that your phone is connected like your using the desktop manager. the Loader file is the setup wizard that will actually do the softwate update for you.

if you use full keyboard, your speed dials will not work. you have to use condensed keyboard. i installed this os the other night and uninstalled it w/ in the same hr, back to .328 if you do a google search you will see that there is a bug in this new os. i'm waiting till something else comes down the pipe line, vzw or no vzw.

Okay, try these steps:

Backup all your information through DM. (Desktop Manager)

Click the link that Crackberry Has supported>Download the
file to a folder or your desktop on your computer. Once done, open the file and run the setup wizard.

Once done that it will ask you to restart Desktop Manager Go "yes" (I always do anyway)

Open Desktop Manager and go to Application loader > Update software and OK. If it finds the new OS > GREAT, if not - here are some other steps.

Go to Computer>Local Disk C> Program Files> Common FIles> Research In Motion> AppLoader.

GO into Apploader and at the bottom of the list/folders you should see "Vendor" file.

Delete that (and just to be safe - send it to your recycle bin when deleting, but dont empty your recycle bin for "incase". I do that anyway, doesn'tmean it's necessary.

After deleting the Vendor file, go (In same App Folder) the "Loader" file, about 5th or 6th from the top, it will look lik ea mobile phone. Run that wizard and HOPEFULLY it finds the update you previously installed.

If it does - great! go ahead run it and install the OS and you SHOULD be good to go.

I am in no way an expert but hope this helps anyone.

Remember, ALWAYS back up your information/files before installing OS' (even official incase).

Bacing up should be done, Desktop Manager>Backup Restore.

Thank you Bell...... Oh wait, this isn't bell. Still waiting on the "best" network in Canada to update the storm OS from .148. Here's a big middle finger to you bell. Now DLing this MTS version.

I downloaded the file,and I tried using the desktop mananger first, but I'm still on .328. And I can't remember how to make the application become a alx file for apploader. Can I have some step by step directions, I haven't downloaded new software in way too long.

I dont know if this anwsers your question, but I posted some steps I did to install the os (installed the os about 5 mins ago) then posted mine..LOl, a few seconds/mins before your post

I don't understand how the application file for .417 becomes a axl files that can be loaded with apploader. Help please...

Hey I'd appreciate it if someone could clue me in on what's new in .419 from .328 I don't want to bother if it's nothing worthwhile... seems quite a few people are having some trouble with this one. Thanks for any/all replies.

yea f--- that... I'm on a bogus Wifi connection, tried 2 d/l the new OS and reached a whopping 8.5 kb/s d/l speed. I guess I'll wait until i get my @$$ back home tomorrow...

hmm there's the pop up keys which are helpful. and seems it doesn't have the annoying dimming of the screen when you change to landscape. and i had more memory! i didn't really have any problems dl and installing it

yay for my carrier (MTS)! From a smaller carrier than say Verizon. About time! they skipped out on .328 and its worth the wait...I took tje .328 from verizon and minused the vendor fiel so I coudl try the 5.0 OS..
This update to .419 is super quick! OS 5 rocks compared to 4..way more app memory too after a boot! and app memory doesnt seem to seep away so quickly!


LOL...of course this works for Verizon...come on man...directions have been posted here several times already...and there are whole threads dedicated to upgrading OS's...just look up a few posts and follow directions exactly or go to BlackBerry 101 thread and there are very detailed directions on how to do it...its not that tough...maybe a little intimidating at first but you can do it...I have faith in you

Followed one of the post in here and it is sweet!!!!
If not found in DM go to apploader and delete vendor then click on apploader and follow instructions.

all my apps came back and that is a FIRST for me. Speed dials work fine. Other than that haven't played with it much yet.

I don't feel safe on deleting the Vendor thing cause I have Verizon. Can I just wait for Verizon to release it? They will right???


You might be waiting a LONG time. BTW, the greatest thing that I have noticed about blackberry is that if you nuke your phone you can fix it yourself. VERY easily. Time consuming yes BUT extremely easy.

am i like the only one that can do this. i downloaded the .419 files. but when i go to the apploader folder it still has os when i hover over all the loaderRes10xx files. do i need to delete all these files. can't figure it out...been at it for

If youre having trouble try this... Sorry if someone said this already. I have the storm 2 now but still want to help if I can! If you already saved it and downloaded it, removed the vendor file and still not working try restarting your computer or laptop. Then turn off your connection to the internet. Then open desktop manager, then plug your phone in. That should work. Thats what I do cause I used to run into the same problem. Now it works everytime!!!

Can somebody help me? I don't know what happened but I can't download the os 5.0. I clicked the link but nothing comes out. I need help!

i shut down the computer and internet, but still can't upgrade software. i did everything possible here: downloaded the .419 file, deleted the vendor file, clicked on the loader.exe file. i'm still seeing .328 when hovering over the loaderRes10xx files. any ideas anyone? help...did all i can at my end it seems.

One thing that has been driving me nuts about 5.0... If you had thrown down the near $100 for the Premium Multimedia Headphones with the media controls, they did NOT work with previous versions.


I'm going to go update the forum with this too, I know there probably is only a handful of us about this, but for us it was $100 wasted til this update!

You guys r so awesome!!! I totally followed the directions and I FINALLY installed the new OS!! thanks again and I wanted to wish everyone a Happy CHRISTMAS!!!

Seems somewhat stable. LeSs bugs, memory better, browser seems faster.
So why hasn't vzw released it yet? Oh ya they would rather sell you a new phone than fix this goose.
(spruce goose)

On a Verizon 9530, and this installed without a single hiccup. The last I time I did an unofficial VZW install on my BB, it was a mistake; I'm hoping this isn't a mistake too.

*** After everything loads up I'm at 40.1! A gain of about 3mb over 328. The blue halo is noticably bigger. This looks like a keeper. ***

Thank god. I was almost going to downgrade to the last leaked OS that I have because the Verizon version CONSTANTLY updates when I sync my phone. It updates Blackberry Map EVERY TIME also. Maybe this will be better.

i did everything possible (see earlier post by me on here). Be aware that this os update may not work on your verizon storm. even tho i downloaded the .419 files, and deleted the vendor file, its still reading .328 on phone. be advised, this will NOT work on all storms by verizon.

This absolutely works for Verizon...I have upgraded 4 phones so far with no problems. After you DL'd it did you run the wizard to install it on your pc? If your not sure, go to your downloads folder, find 419 and double click on it(extract files first if u have not done so) accept and run the wizard. Then make sure u delete 328 from your pc...C:\program files\common files\research in motion\\shared\loader files and delete 328 from there. If u do this then it will be impossible to accidentally load 328 back on your phone again. As a matter of fact, delete everything in that folder EXCEPT for 419 that way 419 will be the only OS that will load on your phone. Then hit the back key twice and double click Apploader and look for the vendor.xml file and delete it (should be near bottom). Then look for the Loader on the same page ( looks like a phone) and double click on it then just follow the directions in there and 30 minutes later you'll be ready to go.
When its done the Loader will say loading was successful. Unplug from pc and physically pull out the battery for at least 60 seconds before replacing. Then go into options>mobile network and switch the setting to 1xEV then hit BB button and click diagnostic test then BB button again and click run. This will send your service books and all the other good stuff in one shot to make sure your BB is back online in one easy step. When that's done running do another battery pull. When that's done dial *22899 and hit send to make sure your phone is registered with Verizon. When that's done do 1 more battery pull and your phone will be ready to go.
If you follow ALL these steps you will insure yourself that u will not run into any problems that a lot of people do after loading a new OS. I hope this helps u and anyone else that is having problems.

I Dont' get it. I have tried everything here and I still cannot get the OS updated. I'm not new to this, and I've never had any problems until now. I've even tried to brick my phone and re-do everything and the damn phone shuts down without letting me even wipe it clean. So weird.

Update: Tried the this over and over. Did a battery restart a few times and then re-did the app loader and it finally worked. Can be a little fussy for some reason. Maybe Windows 7, who knows. But it works!

Does this new OS fix the problem where alot of T Mobile customers are getting the NO Channel No Circuit when trying to make phone calls? Is anyone experiencing better coverage because of this OS?!

Well my Verizon storm updated. It says 419. But no pop up buttons in e-mail messaging. What are the other changes (besides .419 note of course) can I expect.

I am not sure that this OS update fixed my issue with DM deleting calendar files from outlook but it hasn't done it yet so, so far I am happy.

NEVERMIND. I forgot the "show screen indicator" was turned off.


Yessss djqstorm, this update DOES fixes the NO CIRCUIT making phone calls issue.
I was forced to run 4.7 until now. I am so excited. Works great. Thanks guys.

I installed this last night and now my Blackberry Maps is working (it didn't work with the 328 build). The menus seem smooth and I like how the letters light up more when touching them. Very nice build!

Every time I upgrade the OS it's like getting a new phone. Thanks RIM (and Crackberry for keeping us updated)!

Funny. My BB Maps was constantly updating every time I turned on DM. I had it deleted from my phone but the software kept wanting to update the files. So far it hasn't done it.


if you follow my direction it WILL work. Let me know what happens. And please...NO IPHONE
Hit me up if u need any more help.

Thanks dude. i have .419 running on it now. like the keyboard pop-up letters and no more of that dimming when going into landscape. seems faster too. thank u very much and merry christmas. byw, i would not have gotten the iphone but would have gotten the droid...att sucks big

I downloaded the upgrade to my Mac, but all I see when I open the file is gibberish. I'm a newbie, so please be kind. Thanks! I used the DM to upgrade to the original 5.0 several months ago...

Cannot download app. to my storm keeps saying not compatible with my device. I have followed all the steps nothing works. WTF. Help !

It is compatible and its an OS not an app. I posted directions a few posts up. Just follow them and u should have no problems.

I followed those directions to the t. still saying not compatible with device. I downloaded from website by the way I'm using windows 7, the download appears as an app. file in my download folder. it did the update thing to 5.0, removed the xml file then back to app. loader and i get not compatible with device.

It must be a Windows 7 issue. Have you guys upgraded to the latest DM? If u haven't that might be the issue. Go to the Blackberry website and DL the service pack for DM. RIM released it about 3 weeks ago to fix issues occurring with Windows 7. Not sure if that wl help but its worth a try. Good luck

I downloaded and installed this update but when I sync with Blackberry Desktop it does not detect the new OS, still stuck on I deleted the vendor.xml file but Blackberry Desktop states I am up to date. I reinstalled twice, same issue. Any ideas before I remove and reinstall Blackberry Desktop? I tried to look through this forum but as usual theres 3000 people asking the same question or commenting on the download speed or saying thanks.

Some people are having Issues and some are having success. Tho I would love an upgrade and who wouldn't. Should pain come with the upgrade. Someone said they're going to buy an iphone and so long to BB. What's so special about this upgrade. I'm hearing they keyboard is more like the iphone. I see an official upgrade might be on the way. Ya'll might wanna wait b/c .328 is not that bad. Not worth beating yourselves down on a monday/tuesday for this. Some MTS employees might be trying to assist you all on getting this upgrade over here but not worth the headache. Alos this is nothing new on unofficial upgrades when you're missing apps after installing. Guess I'll wait.

MTS has been behind on official updates but it's nice they got a good one out. Been using this since Friday and I absolutely love it.

Finally able to install it thanks to the BBSAK workaround. OS 5.0 is the BOMB. Moved up from and it rocks.

donwloaded new OS seems to work great thanks to all the tweeking help on this site. Can't seem to get back on Facebook or App World now. Doesn't seem to want to go on the web

Everything is working good with the new os but it deleted some of my apps like the notepad and some other things. Does anyone know how to get the notepad back?

I downloaded the new OS (verizon storm) was working great everthing fine web fast AND everything....3 hours later wont let me get online nor will it allow me to get on facebook.....did a diagnostic test and blackberry registration : YES connected to blackberry: NO blackberry PIN-PIN: ABORT....ive done a few battery pulls and nothing any one having the same problems? and helpers out there?

So, the "Notes" application is missing, "Nimbuzz" won't sign-in, and "EDOCRAB" will open the camera and then, you have to physically pull the battery. :-(

I deleted that vedor file and tried to install the update and it still would not show an update on my apploader program from my C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader. Then i went back to the update and tried to reinstall it by repairing it. my BB desktop manager reconized it and installed it but when i went to my about page on my storm it showed that i still had .328. I did the same thing over again and it did not work at all. the desktop manager would not show the update. I even tried to unstall the update and then redownloaded the program and tried to update my phone it showed the update but did not install it. I'm on verizon. can any one please help me. i've been trying to update for the past 4 hours! Please help me!

It's junk. Let it go. Ya'll keep losing all these apps and things. .328 is not that bad. wahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Ive downloaded the update twice .419, and installed it twice.When it loads through dm it's still showing version .328! HELP ME PLEASE.

Make sure you disconnect from the internet, otherwise DM cks for most resent offcial US version. Without internet, upgrade is a breeze

So "dfwmike" you are saying that i should disable my wireless card from my laptop before i start my DM and install the new update on my phone? and then it will work?

that should allow you to install .419 without DM cking the most resent official US version. I used to have the same issues, then I found this fix. Works everytime.

ok i have tried all the tips and it will not work when i start the apploader it goes through the process then says no changes made. and in the shared folder then the loader files folder the only one listed is the 419 so im at a loss of what to try next.

atrain826- i got the same problem! I've been trying everything for the past 4 hours! Nothing is working for me right now!

Dfwmike- I tried turning my wireless card off and opened up my DM and it did not show that i have .419 installed i went to the app loader and it did the same thing i have no option for me to install the update. i aslo deleted the vedor file too. what do i do now!?

I can't seem to download the 5.0 version to my BB 9530. I think it's downloaded to my Desktop Manager because it's written in the lower left corner as: v5.0.1. I deleted the vendor file like it's mentioned in the threads but, my DM says "no software update is required for your device". I tunred off the internet and restarted by laptop and BB 9530 more than enough times (I've been at this since 8:13pm ET... I'm determined!). Everything in the RIM file is saved as .dll which I can't open with any program on my laptop. I'm using Windows Vista. HELP!!!


I followed the instructions above and was up and running .419 in about 45 min. Love it so far. The biggest differences I've noticed so far is more memory (close to 7 megs for me), faster controls as far as menus opening and closing, apps running faster apparently. Also the pop up keyboard thing people have mentioned so far. If there's anything else, I've not found it yet but I've only played with it for about 10 min so far. Since BIS is down I can't test the browser's speed. When will verizon get with the program and update theirs?

Tried for hours. Done everything posted in this thread. Just does not show up in apploader. I think this is the final straw with BB. Droid here I come.

Not sure if anyone mentioned this already but there seems so be a new keyboard.

Contacts>New Contact>Work/Mobile here is where the new keyboard pops up. It might not be new but I don't recall seeing it before. I upgraded from .323

The new keyboard is real convenient because i like to add brackets and a dash to my numbers. eg (xxx)xxx-xxxx

Now a manual reboot function would be nice. lol

P means Pause, W means Wait

Useful if the number requires additional input which you can automate

I'm probably the only one, but while all my apps are on my phone, none of the downloaded apps appear in "My World" under the App World program. A minor nuisance for certain but with the update I had to re-enter all my login information including my Weatherbug Elite activation code which, funny enough, can't be accessed without the listing under "My World." (I have it written down somewhere, but dang if I can't find the paper it's written on.)

D'oh- It helps if I sign into paypal first. That did it.

Hey guys,

I installed 5.0 yesterday on my home computer. it installed fine and when i went to upload it into my phone i deleted the vendor file and it showed up in apploader but when i went to install it a message appeared saying, "only blackberry service users can download this content". (message may be off but something like that.)I don;t get it i am a BB user, it is appearing in APPloader it gives me the option to download the software but when i press "next" in apploader, it says i already have the most recent software. (i only have 4.7 still.) What can i do next?

I can't get anywhere with this upgrade. I can't upgrade it using Snow Leopard, I cannot upgrade my Storm with BB Desktop Mgr. So I tried to download it directly into the device (not using a computer at all) and it download the file, but it will not says it cannot view the file.

I am happy for those who had a successful install job and find this upgrade to be an improvement. But certainly I look for the day when wiz-kid developers put a lot more attention into the installation side of upgrades. It should never be this hard or this awkward. My last BB Storm O/S upgrade appeared on my desktop. I clicked on it and it installed with ease. I don't know why this one is such a pill.


I'm sorry so many people are having a hard time with this because its a huge improvement over 328 despite what a couple people are saying(who obviously have not used it). For those having issues, I posted a few times on page 3 pretty thorough directions and a few suggestions. I hope it helps.

This might be a fix for you because I was unable to load the new OS via DM or loader.exe. Download BBSAK (BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife - it's been mentioned here at Crackberry many times).

After you install BBSAK, launch it and click 'Load OS' button. It will open loader.exe, but for one reason or another, it's able to pick up the new OS.

Report back if this solution is successful.

Thanks for the brilliant idea to use BBSAK. This worked perfectly while DM never worked. Thanks again!!

I had no trouble installing this OS on my Verizon 9530, but Audible (which has never worked really well) now stops after a minute or two and has to be restarted, which makes it unusable, as far as I'm concerned. Does anybody have ideas on this one?

.328 messed up my hands-free Motorola T605, including the track forward/reverse, so I'll be anxious to see if that got fixed.

I hope so, because if not I'll be forced to back to 4.7, which is a shame because I really like the pop-up keys and scrolling features.

is it just me or the camera looks fine but when u take a picture , it turns into lines all over the screen . please let me know if its just me or the new os update

heres a dumb question, whats the difference between the 1xEV and the global network? which should i run?

OS fails to play my MP4 videos that played great in 4.7x OS. Locally recorded videos only are playing fine. All others just hang, I only hear the audio but no video motion. Any ideas, solutions?

As suggested by skimla on page four, I used BB Swiss Army Knife to wipe my device and upload the OS. I previously had the same troubles not being able to load the OS through Download Manager, but by using BBSAK I finally succeeded. Thanks to skimla for the idea, without you I'd still be stuck with the Verizon build.

I just downloaded the 116 MB file, I installed, deleted the vendor xml file, also used the loader but.... keps appairing the version 4.7, also when I ran the loadr again shows nothing to upgrade, what I should be doing wrong?...

Hi Guys ... After reading through all the comments I downloaded the new OS ,and followed the instruction to upload the new software. Its been 2 hours since the loader exe file is stuck on " Uploading RAM Image". I dont know what to do, please help ?? How much time does it take for the os to be uploaded on the device? Is there something that I can do??

SO i removed the vendor xml file and the download failed because of insufficient space on my phone. I then deleted some apps and tried again and now it says there is no upgrade available. . . I re-downloaded the os and tried it over again several times and still no luck. Anyone know whats wrong? I've upgraded my phone several times and have never had any problems before.

I just completed my update, so far so good. I am not seeing major changes. My device is a little faster, memory cleared up some bit, and the blue sensitivity swipe thing is more pronounced which is a little easier. I will give it a couple of days of heavy use before I give my final thumbs up on it! Anybody else download it and notice any changes?

Finally upgraded the OS for the Storm. What a nuisance that was. Thanks for the posts - they sure helped. why do you need to delete the vendor file? Weird!

After a couple weeks away from my car (ah, heaven!) I finally got to try .419 with my Motorola Bluetooth. The remote controls don't work (again) and then there's the problem I mentioned with Audible.

So I went back to 4.7, which really is a shame.

Does RIM read these forums? Is there any way to let them know what sucks about their software? When is Verizon going to pick up the iPhone, because I'm ready to switch!

I updated my Storm 9530. My BB Maps is gone. Do i need to reinstall the OS or is there a fix. If google maps gps works i might just wait till Telus releases their 5.0 OS.

i see it in desk top manager put it say no upgrade avialble to this phone
i need help
delete vsender file too

i see it in desk top manager put it say no upgrade avialble to this phone
i need help
delete vsender file too

getting angry because everytime i go to click download 5.0 OS .. it won't even load the link ... i click and it does absolutely nothing and i'm getting angry i've been trying all day and i'm getting frustrated

for the past week i've been trying to put this 419 os on my phone but i've been having the same problem everyone else is having. I woke up this morning saying to my self this would be the day i could get this thing to work, so i read up on some latest blogs and came across this BBSAK (BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife, and then everything changed free download at

and guess what it worked all you have to do is download it to your computer open it and click on load os it worked so good that i donated money to the app bc it was great try it and let me know if this helped you guys.

When i upgrade to 419 version with Tour 9630 my bluetooth will not enable. Then i keep trying and it resets my device. I tried full wipe, clean install, etc. Nothing seems to work? Anyone know when the next leak or official is going to release?

I have seen the question asked a couple of times but no answers. I'll try again: Is this update loadable using DM on a Mac? Thanks.

I am getting tired of RIM. My phone is worse off now than it was when I got it on opening Storm day. The keyboard auto popup in the text messages is a PITA. My voice dialing, which I use constantly, works about 1 in 10 times and yes I have gone through the supposed training mode 3 times. I am ready to throw this POS in the trash and start over

Just upgraded my Storm from .323 to .419 and upgrade works very smooth, no slight glitching or stalling! All apps and features all restored properly too! Too bad TELUS isn't caught up yet to these better working leaked software releases, there would be a lot more happier BB Storm owners out there! Didn't need to upgrade from .323 but u know how it is, as soon as u hear about another upgrade, always looking to make the phone more faster and slick!!! (btw...u all HAVE to check out the new "KEEN" theme found in BB App World, absolutely ROCKS, best Storm theme so far!!!)

I followed all the steps for this update and nothing, the update had not taken. I had v5.0.0.328 and I still do. I'm at a loss at what went wrong.

Can anyone steer me straight?

This comment may be old, as this OS update is a few months old and probably not all it's cracked up to be anymore, but I have been trying for a couple of months and still can't get this to update. I listened to like 5 different people with 50 paragraph long posts about how to get it to work but it's not working.

When I double-click on the OS .419 file and it installs to my computer, where does it go? Because I can't load the .exe of the OS .419 into the Loader because it says there's an XML error and isn't supported on my device or something.

And some people say to delete the OS from Control Panel, but when I click Remove Programs, there's no OS whatsoever on there so I may just be missing something.

I need this to be a .alx file or something like that and it's just not working, nothing anyone does helps because the steps involve something I don't have, like an OS showing up in Control Panel or an .alx file that came from the .exe when I ran it.

So if someone can actually help, I'd like to know how to do this, and know how 500 people commenting here got it to work when it doesn't.


It WAS a lot easier that I thought, like everyone said. I was thinking I had to press the ADD button at the top of the loader and load the OS, but when I did everything again, it had "update" next to OS in the loader, so I went through the rest of the loader's wizard just to see and it actually worked. So I could have done it a couple months ago when I originally found this post, but I guess I was thinking about it too hard.

Thanks for all the help guys.

To answer someone's thing about listing new things in this OS, I never noticed it in the last one so I think it's new, but I got emails during when my OS was updating (took about an hour) and when I clicked on the Messages icon I had two from the same person that were threaded... I clicked on the person and it went to a new screen with both messages separate from the rest of them... instead of just grouping both of them with the rest of the messages it threads them from the same person.

But I'm liking it already, even though I've used it all of 5 minutes. :)

This shit doesn't work. I use to have and then tried to update to this new OS and desktop messenger didn't reconize it so I downgraded to my original O.S. 4.7 which had a fatal error and lost all of my contacts for my phone book and I can't either of the new 5.0 OS on my phone. I'm about to take a sledge hammer to the piece of junk and buy a iShitPhone which i don't want to support Apple. Please help me!

Every time i try to install the upgrade it stops at the end and says, "cannot create key please verify that you are authorized to validate this download" what do i do? i tried re-downloading it and installing it but it does the same thing.