Official OS Released for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 from Bell Mobility

Bell OS
By Adam Zeis on 18 Jan 2010 12:59 pm EST

It looks like Bell Mobility is the latest to jump in on the official 5.0 fun. The tip line was on overload this morning with reports of the official release. OS is now available for download for the Storm 9530 from Bell Mobility. Glad to see that the update has finally landed for Bell users, and hopefully more carriers will drop 5.0 for other devices in the near future. This is an official release, but as always use caution when upgrading your device. Hit up the link below to download. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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Official OS Released for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 from Bell Mobility


works great on Verizon. Been running it on my Storm1 for over a month. Use with Shrink-a-OS for best results.

One of my favorite improvements that I noticed over the past month or so is the fact that I can seek and skip around when watching streaming video (youtube). Overall media player stability seems improved

Youtube didn't work when i'm upgraded to the official 5.0. so youtube works is what youre saying. says its not compatible with the storm or 5.0 period. if youre saying it work i will try to upgrade tonight. confirm that please.

I have been running this for quite some time myself and have found this version to be very good with battery management. My memory is also holding up better with this version.

* Why do people with the Tour keep posting in all the releases for other platforms? Does it make them feel better to complain to others that don't have that phone? I just don't understand the reasoning behind it.

I downloaded the update but its not recognizing it on desktop manager. Does anybody know what i need to do?

Does anyone know if an update for the storm 2 on Verizon will be getting a update soon. Seems like every version of th blackberry has gotten theirs.

About time! Great to see Bell finally decided to realse an offical OS 5.0, I'm currently using a Bell unit and couldn't wait any longer so I updated to the offical MTS OS 5.0 last month!

Went to install this on my Storm through the Desktop Manager (I am a Bell customer) and now My Storm is fried and it wont boot up. Anyone else having this issue? The red light keeps on blinking off and on. Please Help if anyone else has had this issue... I realy do not want to call Bell India (a.k.a. Bell Canada) for Support.

Yup this happened to me last week when I went to reload my contact list. Just disconnected and got the red light flashing. Telus has now ordered me a new one. Scared to upgrade the phone.

I just installed this Bell release on my girlfriend's Storm (Telus) and its running like it was released by Telus!

This is the same update that MTS came out with a couple of months ago. The problem with this OS is that your speed dials will not work. I just recently downgraded to verizons .328 and the speed dials work fine but the popup keys are gone.
Some have said that their speed dials worked but as for most including myself, they never did. Its definately a stable OS so if you don't mind not having your speed dials work I would reccomend it.

YAY i was laready running .419 but i decided to give my device a wipe and load the "official" .419 so now my device is fresh and crisp!!

YAY i was laready running .419 but i decided to give my device a wipe and load the "official" .419 so now my device is fresh and crisp!!

YAY i was laready running .419 but i decided to give my device a wipe and load the "official" .419 so now my device is fresh and crisp!!

YAY I was already running .419 but i decided to give my device a wipe and load the "official" .419 so now my device is fresh and crisp!!

Since we already have .419 I was hoping they would come out with a higher release. Bell just seems to wait and see what others release now and say ok that works and release it.

huh ??? the link takes you to the Bell DL, but nowhere is there !! it's all

I just installed 419. I was using a Lyr hybrid with no problems. Now my browser does not work. Just a blank white screen. Anyone else get this??

Hello Crackberry nation, I'm curently running so I installed this new os on my pc, deleted the vendor file, desktop manager has the new os and when I go to upload it onto my storm, I get a message saying; no software update is required for your device. Can someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong, should I wipe before?


There is plenty on the forums how to correctly load an OS WITHOUT using Desktop Manager.... DM will only load the latest OS that your carrier has... IT wont load leaked,Hybrids or other carriers OS's So folks you need to search and learn how....

Ya got it over a month ago and that was official then from bell mobility. So how about some thing we don't know.

no idea but i will wait until it comes to verizon before i upgrade my phone. people seem to have problems with their phone after upgrading to it so i'm just going to wait until verizon puts it out so i know i won't mess up my phone

I just installed this yesterday and love it! Have noticed that browsing is faster, screen responds faster and typing is more precise. I also found that it as easier to install if I put a check next to launch desktop manager on finish. I had a hard time finding it otherwise. The blue glow around the buttons is larger as well, enabling you to better see which button your pressing. I usually have tons of errors when I type, but only had to correct once so far. I am on Verizon btw.

Somebody please help me...I've tried os .419 since it was a leak and I still cant get the official verison. I followed all the directions from deleting the vendor to completely removing all previous black berry software...somebody please email me or post help for me...thanks black berry storm 9530 on verizon

Hey, I'm no pro but I only managed to load it by going directly with loader.exe instead of the desktop manager.

Hope this will work for you!

C:program files/common files/Research In Motion/AppLoader/Loader

Hey Crackberry nation,
I am literally new at upgrading my phone OS. I have had my Storm 1 from Verizon for almost 2 yrs now, and other than the 1 OTA upgrade i can recall from Verizon or the ocassional from BB Desktop Mngr, i have never attempted to upgrade my OS, mainly out of fear of not doing it correctly. I followed the steps provided at this link:
and the upgrade installed very easily and quite fast; in about 25 minutes on my laptop. I don't notice any huge differences right away, other than the blue highlight on keys when texting/emailing is much more prominent. I will post more info should i run into problems or discover new stuff, but no problems as of yet as others are reporting. If you are going to attempt, definitely follow the steps in the forums, they are great if your a first-timer! GOOD LUCK!

So my link, which i thought was going to work, didn't populate correctly above. From crackberry forums do a type search > storm os upgrade
The second comment box will bring up a forwarding link that looks like this: How to Install or Upgrade to a New RIM BlackBerry Operating System (OS) with AppLoader |
It works great, but i could just be one of the lucky few who have had no problems. Again, Good Luck!!!

Ok, does anyone know why I can't upload the free ring tones onto my storm anymore. someone told me it was because I updated to the new 5.0 software. Is that true? I used to be able to.

So far the upgrade is functioning great! My phone seems to respont faster to typing and switching from portrait to landscape, but it could be wishful thinking. Major difference i noticed is when i go to adjust the volume up or down while Pandora is running, the song that is playing does not skip like it used to! Thank heaven for that becuase that was one annoying issue i kept having. Seems this OS fixed that; at least on my phone.

is there any difference at all between this official release and the leaked release from a couple months ago? i'm on verizon and the only thing i don't like but doesn't really bother me much is the black lines when you read sms. and the fact that when you use speed dial the tones are on the loud speaker which drives me nuts. so if anyone could let me know that would be great. thanks.

I just installed on my 9530 from VZW and it is working fine. Follow instructions on deleting vendor file and using app loader. Also for fun, I followed this one with the .436 hybrid. Seems to be good.

another feature i have noticed is the text i receive when i have a missed call or voice mail message seems to be a little more detailed. More info such as time, date and call back number. I personally don't pay much attention to them anyway, but i am trying to see if i notice anything specific that would convince most weary people to try the upgrade. Most everything else seems to be the same as OS .328
Again if you're gonna have a go at it and you're on the Verizon network, definitley use AppLoader!!!

i installed new os and its quite flasy and great work.but i have little problem in text messages.whenever i open any text messages it open all the conversation history with one person (thats not problem ) you can scroll up and down to see it all but whenever i scroll up and down big lines like bar code appears on the screen and it makes difficult to read the text...has anybody faced this problem??any suggestions will be most welcomed .everything else in this os is fine im just lovin it..

im using an unlocked storm on tmobile an was under the impression.328 was the best for unlocked blackberrys how will .419 work. .328 works good now should i try it or stay with what i have?