Official: OS For BlackBerry Curve 8530 Now Available From Sprint

By Bla1ze on 28 Dec 2009 02:30 pm EST
Official: OS For BlackBerry Curve 8530 Now Available From Sprint

Any BlackBerry Curve 8530 owners out there not happy with their current OS can now head on to the Sprint BlackBerry download page and grab the latest official OS. is what is up for grabs over there which is a few notchs above the release OS and still ahead of Verizons official which is still at

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Official: OS For BlackBerry Curve 8530 Now Available From Sprint


Why is it that after every 5.0 release for a device Tour owner have to jump in a complain. We all get it...its a bummer an official update for the Tour hasn't been released but I don't think we need to hear about it every time. Heck I have a Tour and I'm sick of hearing people complain :)

And where is AT&T's offical 5.0 OS for the bold 9000?

I guess the $300 we spent a year ago isnt worth much these days.

Screw AT&T.

talk about my mind playing tricks on me... i forgot for a second that sprint had the 8530 and almost had to change my pants thinking this said 5.0 for the 8350 LOL

:: sigh ::

it seems like everyone but us 8900 users are getting official releases of 5.0 OS's, when on when will our day come! lol

sometimes you just have to take matters into ur own hands well i started with the 8900 with Tmo US back in february and when all these 5.0 this 5.0 that were comin out i felt like, WTF! wat about me? well for Xmas i bought me the Bold 9700 and i gave my 8900 a leaked 5.0 for being so good to me for all of 2009 and let me tell you, it works fantastic its like a low grade 9700 without the 3G =]

Yes the Sprint version was released with this version, or at least that is what mine came with. I think Verizon was one build under.

This phone just came out and already has an update for OS 5.0! The Sprint 9630 has been out since July and we're still waiting! WTF?

It's not really an update, it's what the device came with but fact is others can now grab it such as VZW users who do not have this version available to them.

People the 8530 from Sprint was released with OS 5.0 and the exact version is This isn't any update to the Sprint 8530. Just an official release of the OS for reload purposes if needed.

i like how prejudiced yall are. what about us 8330 users. the oldest and longest selling model that refuses to die.

I wonder why each carrier provides different updates even if they are the same devices? Every time I read OS updates, it is pretty much in the device level, not carrier specific. Yes, I have Tour and want to complain as many but I will shut up at the moment lol

Would I like to have an official 5.0 release for the Tour 9630? The answer is hell yes!!! Is it the end of the world that I don't have one yet? Not even the slightest. I have been running .230 for at least 2 or 3 months now with no problems so honestly while I would indeed like an official release ill get by with the leaked version just fine til then.

Will this work if my 8530 is on Verizon?

Also does anyone know what this fixes? I am looking for a threaded text messaging fix. I'm tired of only being able to "preview" the incoming text, then clicking it to open and its blank. I have to delete it and get the person to resend it.

the only reason i check this site so religiously. hopefully they'll hold up that offer that it will be out before this year is up.. pfft.

/ i got rid of my tour no more bb for me got a new htc hero better phone tired of waiting for os update and bb is comiong out with crap latley all phones look alike. they got to cchange it up. htc hero is an awsome phone. would not buy anothor bb ever again. android is the way to go . tons of free apps *
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I think that this is just a slap in the face to all other carrier. Just because we aren't getting this kind of love. With my blackberry 8900 I want a actual release 5.0 not none of this beta crap they keep coming out with and I have to mess with it just so that it will work. Protest I tell you all protest.

which is the only reason i check this site so religiously. hopefully they'll hold up that offer that it will be out before this year is up.. pfft. its already DEC. 30th.

rim said they will be rolling out the OS 5.0 they never said releasing them by the end of the year, still I would love to see it

i have the officail 395 from sprint came on phone is anyone else having trouble with the texting on this os. when i text the box comes up half black i can send but cant read was on phone with sprint did a hard reset worked for a day now acting up again anyone have any ideas on how to fix this issue, thanks

Question: If I have a Koodo Blackberry and I install an OS on my phone from Verizon or Sprint, will that cause me problems with my current provider?