Official OS For The BlackBerry Storm2 9520 Released

By Bla1ze on 2 Dec 2009 10:11 am EST
Official OS For The BlackBerry Storm2 9520

BlackBerry Storm 9520 owners can load up on some official goodness today. TIM Italy has made available for download OS for everyone to enjoy just in case you missed it or were not wanting to install the leaked version a little while back. From the reports in the OS forums, the OS is quite good and probably worth a look if you are running anything less then.

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Official OS For The BlackBerry Storm2 9520 Released


I was really hoping that would read "Official OS For The BlackBerry Tour Released" or at least something to that effect.

I get this feeling the track ball issue has put this phone in a bad light. Either VZW or RIM are not happy with the replacements and prob huge loss on it.

My thoughts are though, DO NOT BLAME THE BUYER! You RIM put out a device that was obviously full of defects.

Please, take some time and effort and fix the radio on the TOURS OS 5.0!!!! All we really want is that radio fixed. The hybrids work excellent for 99% of the users!

After going through 3 Tours because of the trackball a rep at a Sprint store replaced the trackball in my newest Tour with a Curve trackball and it has been flawless.


If this is for the Storm2 9520 (GSM version) why did they use the picture for Big Red's Storm2 9550? Will it work on Verizon's Storm2?

I was told by a Verizon rep that December 16th a Verizon Storm 2 Official OS update will be out...Hope she was right!

I don't think so as they currently run different OS's.

All BlackBerry models have their own unique OS builds that are not interchangeable without some modification.

Sure, RIM is pushing to have 5.0 across their fleet of models, but if you look closely, the build numbers are all different.

You know the current Verizon OS seems to work pretty well but new and improved is always a welcome, can't wait.

I'm getting so sick of all these official OS 5.0 for 9700, storm 2 etc. I want an official release for my 8900 :@

You Tour owners whine like 3 year olds.

Did you stop to think that the only phones getting official 5.0 updates are phones that were originally released with 5.0 on them? The only exception is the Storm 1 and we all know why RIM had to do that before the S2 came out.

Stop whining and just wait for the official 5.0 release for all devices.

Well I am sure gald I took a second glance at the post title... I almost instaled it on my Storm 9550! That could have given me a headache for the day...

why didn't rimm want the tour release. isn't it a trackball phone. where as all the new phones have trackpads. curve2 has been released on verizon. so where's the love for curve 1???

Tour is pretty much ready with 5.0 but Verizon is just not approving it yet thats all so its not RIMs fault its big red. Now why they wont approve it is beyond me.

im starting to hate rim because he 9550 has the hugh os bug that dont update the home screen icons and rim keeps updateing the gsm version when the cdma version needs the update fast.

yea i almost made the boo boo of downloading it to my storm 2 9550 as well.o0o0 wells, guess the 16th it is.that is if they could actually stick to a set date for once...:/

Mirror RS (Link will be expire at 17-July-2010) :