Official OS for the BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 released by Appalachian Wireless

BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 OS
By Michelle Haag on 21 Jun 2011 08:57 am EDT

It's been a really long time since the BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 saw an OS update. I mean, a REALLY long time. Well that streak has ended as forums member lyricidal let us know that Appalachian Wireless has officially released OS It's available to download from the link below, so dust off Desktop Manager and give it a go! Of course, be sure to back up your data before you load it and if Appalachian Wireless is not your carrier you'll need to delete the vendor.xml file. Let us know in the comments or in the forums what changes you find!

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 released by Appalachian Wireless


Some of us still own that piece of crap you speak of. And I for one still don't have any complaints. And I believe many would agree that any update, is something to look forward too! Especially after being neglected for so long!

Very true. And some of us still like the formfactor of the Storm2 more than the Torch 9800. SurePress tech was damn good and all it needed was OS6. Hopefully You I labs can compress or replicate the newer OS' onto the phone as it is. The Storm2 rocks. F the haters.

Seriously, I love my Storm2, including SurePress. Not sure why people call the product back when it is their opinion.

Mine is still working just like it always has. I haven't had one issue with my storm 2. It does exactly what I need it to do. And I for one LOVE the clicky screen. I'll wait for others to test this out though.

When I first touched the 9530, I thought the click was odd (which it kind of was on the 9530). The storm2's click is pretty much perfect, and I absolutely love it. It is a shame that RIM seems to be going away from it.

The click is so loud that I CANNOT USE MY BB IN A QUIET MEETING ROOM. How dumb is that? Why not disable the click through the software (touching the keyboard causes the letter to pop up without clicking).

it is a piece of crap, although I like the click when pressing large buttons.

Extra moving hardware = increased Rates of return and Verizon recall

I can understand someone's complaint about it in a quiet room, but that's a software issue. The phone does NOT need to use the tech. If you recall, there were apps that didn't need to use the SurePress technology, such as SnapTu and others.

This all just comes down to RIM and their lack of vision. In my opinion, SurePress CAN and SHOULD return. Simply add the on/off option in the OS. Storm2 was very different than the Storm1, Kingbernie. The second rendition was nearly flawless. The only problem I saw was that the OS and processor were outdated, but it was able to just about anything any other BlackBerry on OS 5 could do.

I found it odd that in the past year, the 9530 has had more updates than the 9550. Glad to finally have an update. The only issue (really annoyance) I have with the current, 1015 version is that annoying blinking black bar while playing MP3's with album art. I'm hoping this version addresses that. I won't know until next week, because I'm on vacation and don't have all my update tools with me :)

The only thing this phone needs is a better browser. The freezing/lagging OS is a pain in the ass, as is the 12 minute reboot time. I can actually live with it, because it does what I need it to do. I can't go to AT&T, Spring or Trash-Mobile, because NYC is brutal for anyone who doesn't use Verizon. This is the only touch Blackberry out, so I'm here. Droid looks good, but I can't type on that type of keypad. Same with the iPhone. I was weened on LG VX9800. Storm 2 is closest you can come while getting the screen size.

WOOT an update for my Storm2.. ill let ya guys know if it works im on Bell so lets take a stab at this...

It's really annoying just how many people trash the Storm2. It's a pretty solid device and one of the best looking BlackBerry's out there. We have been neglected for a LONG time, glad to see the update!

I was a long time Palm guy. Started with a pager and a Palm, to a regular phone + Palm, and to the first Palm phone and later to Palm 650. With the long delay in the webOS, I made the jump to the Storm 1. I had the 650 for over three years and it was time for a new SmartPhone. The first cool thing about the Storm was it was a World phone. I took it to London, and Tanzania and it worked like a charm. Something I couldn't do with the 650. It did take about a week to make the transition from the 650, but the biggest thing for me was all my data (notes, calendar, contacts) all transferred over. I'm a tech and at one time traveled a lot. Have all my tech notes in my phone is such a plus. search and there is the answer. So much better than bring a lot of paper in notebooks.
I upgraded to the Storm 2 (much better than the Storm 1), but was so sad when OS6 came out and a phone less than a year old couldn't use the new OS. :(

My current contract is up in December and I look forward to the coming new touch screen BB phones. Currently I have Blackberry Travel loaded (love it), Pocket 10C SE (love it), Facebook (ok), YouVersion Bible (love it), Yelp (good), Kobo, Kindle, Kayak, Blackberry Traffic (good, not great), BeWeather, Aces Solitaire (fun), Aces Cribbage (ok), Frazzle (fun), SwooshSudoku, Catan Poynt, Visual Voice Mail, ScanLife, A lot of music, a lot of pictures, and still a lot of memory.

There are things to complain about with almost all phones, but my Storm 2 has been all over the US and all over Europe and does what I need. My wife also loves her Storm 2, and my son (15 1/2) enjoys my old Storm 1. I've asked him if he wants a iPhone or Android, or WP7 and the answer has been no. He is waiting for me to upgrade so he can have my current Storm 2.

So to each his own when it comes to a phone. Does it do what you want? Great. If you like the physical keyboard Great. Do I wish the Storm 2 was better, sure, but I also enjoy what I do have.

I only have to wait another month to dump this thing for something that isn't underpowered and nearly abandoned by developers. You'll pardon me if I don't jump for joy.

Well guys, I had to downgrade to my 8330 that verizon told me had a non repairable trackball so I bought the storm 2. We had a love /hate relationship. I loved the phone, It hated me.I had 4 storm 2's in 2 months. The first one died when I did an update on the office computer. Killed the phone. It was less than a day old. The second phone kept overheating badly. I took it back and they gave me another one. That one lasted about two weeks. Took it back and got the third one. It too overheated badly. I couldn't figure it out. So I took it back. The fourth one, thanks to one of the folks on here I managed to save. I read that one of the programs that verizon had installed on my phone was causing it to overheat. Not the the storm itself but the program. Removed the program and voila, no overheating. It was a program to basically reset the phone so you wouldn't have to do the 12 mn reboot.. The phone was working great. I had this one for almost 4 months. Then I was doing the earth conscious thing and recycling my plastics etc and set the phone on the bumper of my truck. Opened the bed took out the recycling and drove away. Unfortunately the storm didn't survive on the major highway it fell onto. Yes I was very dumb. Verizon refused to work with me on a refurb even. told me I could buy another for $449. So I guess I"m back to the 8330 which BTW has no issues with the track ball now.. Go figure. Appreciate your Storm 2 while you have it..I miss mine..

If you still have your Storm1, switch to that. Accidentally brick it...I mean, ONCE it bricks, take it to your local Verizon help center. Verizon will end up replacing it with a Storm2 that should be left in their stock for these scenarios. My cousin had replaced the Storm1 that way.

Am Like retarted. Without Qualms am sure to meet up. Where i come very few people know about updates. Am fortunate to be one of them. still downloading the software i hope it works for real. Till then we will talk more later

How long before Lyricidal has this up as a hybrid? How about BB Tweaks? I wonder if this release has the Wall Charger/Clock Bug fixed?

I'm still on but I haven't had any problems, so why change I guess. It's tempting though...

If only we had a better browser, I'd be 100% happy.

does my storm 2 9550 from verizon need to be unlocked in order to download third party o/s? I deleted the vendor.xml file still cant install software on phone please HELP

I envy those of you who haven't had any issues with your Storm 2's. My university has a BES and I like the security, message handling, notifications, etc. but they're coming dangerously close to losing me as a customer. I, along with 2 of my co-workers got Storm 2's last September -- I was upgrading from a 1, another was upgrading from a Curve and the third was new but coming from an iPhone. I had originally had them in the newer version of the Curve (I make the majority of the tech decisions in the department) but they wanted touchscreens due to the buttons getting smaller. The iPhone convert just couldn't handle the BB (more to do with him than the phone) and went to Android but the other two devices have had annoying issues. There have been times when BBM was impossible to use -- every other form of communicating on the device was fine but you couldn't type a message in BBM. There have been times where the dialpads are impossible to use -- we would either try to make a call or we would access our voicemail through the message center but the keypad wouldn't respond to delete or save messages. Both issues, and many more, would require a battery pull but would not necessarily be fixed even by that. I'm waiting for the day that I have to make an emergency call and can't dial out without a battery pull. Of course, we can't replicate it for any repair person. Today, my coworker's screen died, but only on certain parts of the screen -- allowing for some places that would respond, but not others.

So, we're all thinking it's a POS! I'm not sure RIM can release a suitable replacement on Verizon that will get me to stay with them.

can someone assist me with the installation. I am having some trouble. When I click "download" and it runs, the BlackBerry Desktop Software came up and that was it :(

Hi!I am Hungarian.Just for Jews,only jews language available this OS?I do not buy anymore ever Blackberry.Sorry for bad translate by jewels google translate.