Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8530 from Virgin Mobile Canada

Virgin Mobile Canada OS
By Adam Zeis on 15 Nov 2010 02:50 pm EST

BlackBerry Curve 8530 users get a treat today with this latest OS. Coming from Virgin Mobile Canada OS (what a nice round number) is ready for download. If you're running an 8530 you may want to give this one a go. Be sure to drop a comment letting us know how its working for you as well. As always, use caution when installing a new OS.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8530 from Virgin Mobile Canada


I wonder if this will fix crappy battery issue that the 8530 has. OMG it has to be one of the most unreliable phones in the blackberry world when it comes to battery power.

I am in process of loading this right now, I will be sure to note anything I notice....including battery life.

Upgrading from .973

EDIT: After about 8-9 hours of use, everything seems good, and issues i had in .973 seem to be working in .1000

Been running since this morning with no issues. Thought I had an issue with deleting email, but I was wrong. n Sender sent the same email twice.

How long until the Curve 8330 get's an OS update? Constantly I see OS updates for all the other models, but still none for the 8330

That phone is over three years old, has it occurred to you that the OS is as good as it is going to get? Unless an OS 5.x etc, I wouldn't hold your breath.

werd like seriously bro....


LIKE REALLY AN 8330 ???????


Well, if you don't want to change phone, then you can breathe new life into your 8330 with the Boost Mobility OS 5 for 8330 (if you haven't already).

(Ooops...replied to the wrong post...)

Should be...I just used the same method to install this version on my Sprint 8530.


Should be worth it...seems like those things that didn't work in the .973 update do work in this update. It's only been a few minutes since I've loaded the update on my Sprint 8530, so I'm still looking for other changes.


so i installed it on my Verizon 8530 and so far so good.. seems like may be a little faster, more responsive, but havent really noticed to much in the way of changes... looking forward to what others experience

Ok, one thing i did notice is that the clock has changed... I now have to clocks on same screen, one (smaller) shows the time in your home time zone and appears that the other one will show the time in what ever time zone your in if you are traveling... If that is the case, that is pretty cool

Is this on the home screen?? I don't see you have to be out of your "home" time zone in order to see this feature??


Its when u have the clock display on. I have mine on analog clock and the are the same but the smaller on in the upper left corner is based on your home time zone. The large one is based on where u r at. I changed my home time zone and u could see the difference. Pretty cool

Last time I jumped on the leak band wagon. Turned out that the 973 update was a pos. Ill wait to see the list of gripes for the 1000. And GO!

One problem I heard of a lot on .973 was that the little lightning bolt didn't show up while charging. Has that been fixed w/ this one?

Lightning bolt is there but I didn't have that issue on the last OS. What hasn't changed is when I plug into wall to charge, it won't jump to the clock face display. (Wouldn't with the last OS either)but it does when I plug it in on the USB to my computer.

My lightning bolt actually worked after the .973 update, but it hosed my bedside mode. Both the bedside mode and the pulsing lightning bolt are working in this version. However, bedside mode isn't working with my CB Holiday 2 theme, but that is likely a prob with the theme and not the OS.


Correct. I had a halloween theme on there and it took away they lightning bolt. Once I removed the them it returned.

I deleted the vendor file and tried installing but I keep getting "One or more modules could not be resolved" error. running v5.0.0.654 any suggestions. Tried searching but results came up for other devices, is it the same for this device?

Ok, here is the layout for how i did it and it worked well:

Mine - Verizon 8530 Curve

1. Open up Desk Top Manager and back up Blackberry. Then disconnect and shut down DTM.
2. Download OS from link. (i downloaded to desktop)
3. Double downloaded file and run to open program
4. When finished - locate your vendor.xml file (search for vendor.xml or C drive, programs files, research in motion, app loader, then locate and delete the vendor.xml file ( i had to search it to locate it.)
5. Now plug in the blackberry and locate and run the loader.exe file (again had to search it.. loader.exe in search. is also in the same location as the vendor.xml file you deleted.
6. Follow the wizard and let it do the rest.
7. After install and restart, open up DTM with Berry plugged in, restore latest back up but select to restore data only, this will restore all your contacts, messages, email, sms etc.

Hopefully this will help and is understandable. Only second or third time i have ever walked someone through a procedure like this...:-)

Disclaimer - please follow at you own risk, i will assume no responsibility for anything that could go different than you want.. sorry had to throw that in there.

I still can't find any loader or vendor files anywhere on my hard drive. Am i doing something wrong? Do i have to use a different web browser to do this? It's just not working and I'm getting a tad frustrated.

I have VZW and worked great. But did you happen to see the warning once the OS was installed? I didn't pay no mind to it and just clicked ok. Opps!

One of the most notable features of this update is the increased battery life. All I can really say is WOW!!! My phone came off the charger around 7am this morning...actually it was technically yesterday morning. Normal usage all day long between work and personal use. Also spent three hours in a data center with less than ideal reception. I also intentionally turned on the GPS as well as bluetooth for an added load on the battery. It is now 1:25am (18.5 hours later) and it just now extinguished its second battery bar. Amazing, considering what a battery hog this phone was when it originally came out.


I've been trying to load this op system onto my blackberry and I can't get it to work. How did u get yours to work? I have a Sprint 8530 as well and I'm getting frustrated. Am i downloading it in the wrong browser or something? i just don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Make sure that you have you computer set up to show hidden files just in case. From start menu (i am running XP) open the search box, under the tools menu in the search box go to folder options, then the view tab and make sure under hidden files options, select show hidden files. Then search all files and folders in the search option, select C: drive for location and in the box that says all or part of the file name type vendor.xml and then search.. after it locates that file (confirm the path is in the c:programs files/research in motion folder and delete the file, then when ready to install the software, do another search for the loader.exe file, when finds it in the path confirm it is the right file(by location) and click it to run it.

I really need help with instaling the new os on my sprint 8530. I tried the directions in somw of the previous comments,but they didnt work.

Nevermind about the help. I finally was able to get it to work. Now i am just waiting for my phone to come back on to see the differences.

So I downloaded the new os for the 8530. Everything has been going fine until I get a facebook notification. There is no option for my to set up notification sound for my facebook application. I remember when I had the regular os there was an option. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Does anyone have a mac computer that they are using to download this? I downloaded it but it couldn't find a vendor file, whether I searched the hard drive or just a specific spot, the computer couldn't locate the it.

I have a Mac, but you have to run it on a PC (unless you're running a MS Windows emulator on the Mac) since the update is wrapped in a *.exe file.


While it did work correctly right after the update, my bedside mode has since stopped working. I believe it stopped working after I tried switching themes for the first time. Tried changing every setting imaginable to get it going again without success. I may try loading the OS again (downgrade/upgrade) to see what happens.