Official OS For The BlackBerry Bold Released

Official OS For The BlackBerry Bold Released
By Bla1ze on 23 Aug 2009 10:45 am EDT

If you are not wanting to wait around for AT&T to release OS because you have an itchy upgrade trigger finger, then OS might just be the fix you were looking for. Telecomunicaciones Movilnet C.A. has made it available for users to download - check it out if you do so wish.

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Official OS For The BlackBerry Bold Released


How can a company with CDMA technology have an update for a GSM device...?

They don't sell Bold yet because they are in a transition from CDMA to GSM, but they are walking very slow in this way...

I guess if you're impatient, then DL this. But I'll wait for AT&T's release on tuesday (ABOUT F'ING TIME!!). .282 has been OK...battery life is terrible on .282 and can't wait to upgrade.

downloaded and installed on my ATT bold. no issues what so ever. Lets hope this corrects some of the major OS issues i have been experiencing as of late.

I've tried installing it, loaded without issues using the program that should be used to, still running (438)... god i hate at&t...

movilnet isn't switching to gsm, they are both a cdma and gsm provider. it's also owned by the venezuelan government

Don't waste your time. Go straight to AT&T's website for, which includes the Visual Voice Mail for the Bold, and others soon to be released.