Official OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available

By Adam Zeis on 10 Sep 2013 10:24 am EDT

What the?!

As if the leaked Playbook OS wasn't enough, it (oddly) appears that there is an official update for the BlackBerry PlayBook today as well. As spotted in the CrackBerry forums, the update is to and looks to bring some small fixes including an Adobe Flash security update. It's sitting at 396MB so it should have more than a few tweaks packed inside but most likely no major changes outside of that. 

So if your PlayBook is charged up and ready to go, check for updates and you should see this one showing. If you do install it be sure to hit up the forums and let us know if you spot anything new.

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First thing I will update when I get home!

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Hopefully after installed the leak this update can bring back video chat and all the other apps that are missing..

Young Z

I wonder if BBM messaging and voice will ever come to the PlayBook. It would be ironic if iOS and android tablets were to get BBM messaging and voice, but not the PlayBook.

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The PlayBook is end of life. Some mantainance updates but I would be really surprise they had new features.

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It's ironic.... the early adopters of PlayBook and 'first' users of what became BB10 will not enjoy BBM on their tablet.

As many posters have suggested, many of these users have or will 'move on'. So... everybody wins.

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Please don't include me in that "everybody wins".


BBM is now available on the PB through Bridge. :)
I would have loved the same for SMS, but...


BBM will be available in Android/iOS phones, not tablets. So the PlayBook will not be alone without BBM.


BBM is available for IPADs...


The update brings BBM to the tablet.


Hopefully Android player got updated to Jelly Bean in this update, this will kinda bring the playbook back to life since will now be able to sideload any android app.


Nor did it fix the problem with Stellarium that got introduced with the first release of PlayBook o/s 2.1. Dang!

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Isn't Stellarium open source? I wonder if someone can fix it and re-release it. I miss that app.


Fat Fat chance

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Eurgghh these always come out just as I'm about to work haha

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Same here, read about this the minute I got to work for my 12 hour double :/

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You got it by 4 seconds...

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Wow the guy who put "1st LOL" 4 seconds before my comment just deleted his be afraid of the heckle and jeers LOL

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No the mods removed it.
I couldn't resist when I saw nothing.
While I was following up with my real comment it was removed.
Now I'm sad lol


Quality over quantity.

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No but seriously, notice any changes??
I'm so glad to get one last update.
Now maybe some app world credit as a way of saying sorry we sh*t the bed with the playbook.



Posted via Harry


It's the same version leaked by Berry Leaks. Cool to see it officially being released and supported by BlackBerry. Interesting that it came out after the leak though, I think I remember seeing the build date of this being in July. So it's been sitting for over a month.

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I would say it's been "sitting" for over a month. It's probably been in "testing." :)


not the same version,,, missing apps, vid chat, etc., are NOT missing in this release...


It can't be the same version. I installed the leak the other day and still had a 27mb update today. Same version number, but something is different.

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."


The 27mb is the missing apps;


That is the time Thorsten pulled the plug on BlackBerry OS 10 for the BlackBerry PlayBook. I'm going to download the BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.1 update in a few minutes.

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LOVE BlackBerry. I knew they wouldn't forget!

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.


If they were sorry they would give us additional features, many of which were promised, that would make the playbook reasonably functional. BBM coming to ios, but not playbook? What a joke

Posted from BlackBerry Z10


As I understand it, it is not coming to the iPad either.


I don't use iOS so I don't know for sure, but can't you load iPhone apps onto your iPad? Won't it just be smaller or look stretched out?


As far as I know, developers can choose on what devices it will allowed to be installed. There might be some way around this (ie jailbreak), but I wouldn't know.

Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

Aleij Barb

I have an iPad, and have installed a few apps that are only available to iPhone/iPod (Gold & Chocolate). It's 50% smaller, but you can stretch it out by pressing the "X2" button. So It's likely BBM can work on iPad too.


BBM isn't coming to PB, cry cry cry.

Honestly, I'm sick of hearing people bitch about this. It's worse than BB renegging on promises.


Haha. I much prefer listening to you bitch and complain.

Well done!

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You can choose not to read whining posts but you can't choose to live in world where BlackBerry keeps it's promises.


Coming to iPhone, not iOS

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Just when everything thought it is dead...

Z10 STL100-2


It's still dead until they actually improve the product.


An MR, by definition, is an Improvement. Quit crying millennial

Posted via CB from my LE


Tell me how it has improved the product then? Does it provide more functionality? I have used a BlackBerry long before you got your first Razr and yes based on your take on things I can tell that you were one of the douches that thought you were the man with your flip phone half hanging out of your pocket. Now you have a obsolete tablet that gets a security update and want to justify to yourself that you didn't waste your hard earned street walking money. Well you did get screwed because there will never be any functional updates to the PlayBook.


Brutal my dude...

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Wow. Why is there always an old technically challenged guy with marital problems venting on these sites. Go navigate back to the porn sites you were looking for when you stumbled upon this article.


Why is there always a 13 year old boy on these sites thinking a porn comment is shocking? Go back to bed so you can wake up in the morning and get to 8th grade on time.
Maybe reserve your comments for when you save up enough of your allowance to actually go buy a PlayBook.
If you think making a comment is venting your sad little world is going to get a lot worse if you make it to high school.


I for one am glad they decided to make this official.

It fixes the (minor) keyboard lag issue, so that's good.

I sure wish they could restore the bridge functionality we had with BB7. Dam_ that was sweet.

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I stopped using my PlayBook because they didn't include those other bridge features with BlackBerry 10.

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BlackBerry Bridge was the cat's meow until BlackBerry OS 10 was released.

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Jason Savard Lapierre

download the blackberry bridge app on you z10 the playbook has the bridge incorporated in the system


While bridge does still exist, it is but a shell of its former self

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Native bbm needs to come to the PlayBook! iOS and Android will get it, why not the PlayBook? Paid full price for this thing on release day :(

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Because 10 people still have a PlayBook


Since I own 5 BlackBerry PlayBooks and bought 2 BlackBerry PlayBooks for family members your claim means there are at most only 3 other BlackBerry PlayBook users.

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Didn't they sell 100.000 PlayBook's during last quarter?

From the Z...


Officially over 2.1 million Playbook owners world since its launch with the 62% of them purchasing the playbook during the last 4 quarters of 2012. That should give you an idea of the size of the market, it may not be massive but it is more than the size of some world countries which is not to be laughed at. It is a big enough market to be successful in as a niche tablet. In my house we have 4 (2 x 64GB, 1 x 16Gb and 1 x 32GB) we also have Z10's x 2 Q10 x 1 and numerous old bolds and torch phones.

Richard Johnson28

Where are they buying them from? All the places the playbook app has listed say that they don't have any.


It's 11. You forgot to include me.

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You missed me too. That's 12.

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I'm number 13 and the PB I bought my grandma is #14!

Mohamed El_Prince

+ 1 here too !! i can't go anywhere without my buddies the playbook and the z10 !! keeeeeeeep going blackberry


15 and 16 here, me and the wife.


Me too, me too. I don't care about BB10 on my PB. Would have been great, but that's not why I bought it.


Damn. Loving it

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Gotta agree with beantownwindsorite, sad that they can bring BBM cross platform but not to their own tablet. Anyway, an update is an update, so no complaints I suppose

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Installed and running, not sure what the updates are.

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Updating right now! Sweet...


Nice! Will update mine tonight

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In before "Is this BB10?" lol


Just downloading now but because I already had the leak installed, it's only 32 MB.


Nice to see
Need to charge up and update

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Wow! Super good news!



yeah saw it a few min ago... word


Best day ever!

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Would really love the bridge functionality with the Z10 that we had with BB OS7!

Z10 / PlayBook / IPad Mini / Lenovo IdeaPad

Jason Savard Lapierre

got to download blackberry bridge on your z10 and voila


You must have never owned a legacy device with your PlayBook. Bridge is not the same on BB10 as it was on BBOS.

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Just when I thought I was out... They pulled me back in!


Waiting for a new 10.2 leak. For a moment a thought this was for the BlackBerry 10. :p

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Good to see them pushing out this update. Now we just need a few more things tweaked this year... Like full bridge with BB10. :)

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Downloading now! Things are looking up for the Playbook. Mine is a 64GB PB. Update size for me is 397MB.

Trusted Member


Dammit. I just loaded the leak version which, since non-regional, didn't come with video chat, podcasts, etc. I also had to battle the issue where wiping it post-install removed all apps but the browser. Four days after that they release the easy to install official version!

Well, despite my complaining it's great to see support for the PB! I still use mine every day.


Still using Bridge and indeed it work fine. No issues with Bridge.


An actual update. Very well, I shall go download it.


This was a pleasant surprise, I went and downloaded it right away.


Please bring back bridge functionality with BB10!

What on earth were they thinking when they took that away? I bet most of the people who ran out to buy playbooks are the same people who ran out to buy BB10 devices when they first came out. BB has a diminishing user base and the majority of their decisions lately seem to be focused on angering their biggest fans.


I agree, we really don't have bridge, just tethering. I took a customer service course in college and one of the main points was that it is easier to keep a customer than it is to get a new one and it is even harder to get a customer back that you have lost.


Wondering why a July 26 build is first leaked and then released so late.

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Tomas Carrillo

Would be it possible to sideload BBM( android) on PlayBook?

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Of course.

The question will be IF it will work or not.

I would "think" that if BlackBerry had an Android version of BBM working, that creating a port for PlayBook owners would be pretty simple matter - because it so easy to port an Android app right.


From yesterday's podcast one of the panel members tried to convert the APK file and side load it on both the Playbook and z10 without success. :(

Tomas Carrillo

Maybe the official BBM could work, or updating the Android Player in the PlayBook. I'll wait to see what happens.


Great news. Updating now

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Nice unexpected tuesday surprise.

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Nice,and Twitter is back!!!!


You mean the twitter launcher?

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Right? What a crappy thing that was. Might as well have just left it off. Same with the YouTube "app" on BB10. No need for Web links, thank you.

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it's almost like a trick... the funny thing is those sites are bookmarked already in the browser... yet they feel the need to trick you into thinking that the twitter icon is a native app. the android twitter app works pretty well on the playbook though.


Alright!!! Now berry add BBM before it is released on Android or ios

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No joke!, 397MB. What a pleasant surprise!

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Inching ever closer to PlayBook OS 3.0


Glad I waited and didn't install a destructive leak.


Heh. Charging the PlayBook now.

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Awesome !

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Downloading now. Thanks for the heads up.

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:) been wondering if this would be released after the leak

Kobe Barksdale

Oh goodness, gonna have to update mine today

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Noticeably snappier, I love it!! Who said PB is dead?


Pretty much everybody including Thor.


I still use my BlackBerry PlayBooks and the BlackBerry PlayBook dedicated to professional use allows me to write research articles and develop software remotely via BBSSH Pro or the web browser accessing cloud services.

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Nothing is forgiven until they at least update Facebook on the PlayBook...

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Yes, WTF is with that, seriously the fb app is pathetic and half baked!?!

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I deleted my Facebook account over a year ago and have no regrets. So much data available to so many people!


Smart man

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Release Notes:
Software update v2.1.0.1753
Sept. 10, 2013

Includes the following updates for all models of the BlackBerry PlayBook (Wi-Fi only and 4G/4G LTE™)
Adobe® Flash® Player security updates to ensure customers remain protected from these issues
Resolves issues where some users were unable to either purchase or upgrade apps within the BlackBerry® World™ storefront

Updates for the 4G/4G LTE PlayBook are subject to carrier availability.


Yay!!! My PlayBook is not forgotten.

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Yes happy and can't wait to get home tonight.

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Wahoo! Installing now!

Powered by Z10 on via DTAC 3G


I love my 3 playbooks


BBM will come to Palm before the PlayBook. :(

It's hip to be Squircle


iOS7 update? Whoops, wrong site :p



Get off my lawn!

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This is awesome! I hope this isn't the last one but something tells me it is...2.5 years and my PlayBook is still going strong! I use if everyday!

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No BB10 doesn't eq. no more updates ... just sayin' ;)


If you had 1753 from the leak, this does add the missing apps. Yay!


I'll blow the dust off it and see what up

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biggest BlackBerry fan

I'm so confused.... BlackBerry let's go all out with the new products and updates then in November we will break up the company and sell it piece by piece? WTH....


No-one has officially said the company is for sale or to be broken up, the media have said this. What has been said is that the company have a small group of senior executives looking at the best way forward for the business and these are to include an option to sell parts of the IP or to find an overall buyer potentially or private investment group owners. It does not say they will do this - the biggest trouble with media nowadays is they can become over enthusiastic and drive a company in the direction they want. The reality is what Blackberry is doing is good business sense finally, taking a look at the business now, where they would like to be what assets they have, can they compete in certain sectors what is the company strength and finding direction.

If I was running Blackberry as ceo (and I am ceo of 6 companies so I know what I am talking about) I would look to concentrate on the BB10 Operating System, BBM technology, and keep the Playbook going but look at enhancing this with a new playbook within 18 months running a BB10 system and finally launch a smaller tablet like phone similiar to the mini Galaxy etc... I would not rave about it, I would develop it by talking to existing customers and understanding frustrations and what they love and dislike and then develop the products. I see this is all happening to an extent currently but not in full. It would be a huge error again for blackberry to move away from the tablet for good but they have not said they will, they have kept this open if you read official statements and not media coverage. Don't give up on the company promote it. I forever joke about others who pull out an iphone brick etc... as I stand there typing fast with the Q10 - business is a full circle.

nick canada

Good I still use and love my PlayBook's especially in the car with the kids

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Hands you a dayquil

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If it makes it faster I'll take it. But everything else would be a plus. Can't wait to get home and blow the dust off it and see what it can do.

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Yes it does, no more small squares! even CB's site loads faster and runs smoothly!


Can't wait to get home and update....hope there is some speed improvements. regardless it's nice to finally see an update as I still use my PlayBook daily

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Updating now

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There is still hope!

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Will get it as soon as I get home. Was going to bring it today too.


It added 22mgs to my leak install. Don't know what, but it's still improved...

Darren Clark1

Will dust off my PlayBook, charge it and update when I get home :D

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What the hell...let's do this.

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Just finished installing.. wohoo..
Snappier smoother
I do use my PlayBook every single day
I did upgrade as soon the little red Spark showed up lol
Gonna take for a ride now and see how it runs

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Looks like I will be firing up the playbook tonight! :)

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As long as the browser got updated I'm happy

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Good good news indeed for my PlayBook it's been awhile since I power it up

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Pulkit Kamal

Thinking of those who sold theirs.

Proudly Z10ing. 24F40D3B


Hmm would android bbm be able to be side loaded on this? Heheh

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Great! Time to load this up

Trying so hard to keep my z10 playbook combo as my road warrior system.

Hate to buy an Air book.

Black is best Z10!

Grzesiek Godlewski

What about sideloaded apps? It remain on my PB or... ?

Posted via CB10

Shobhit pathak

they remain. no issues after my update!


Da fuq?

Gonna have to charge her up and get this I guess. Be like the old days :)

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Yup, Rewarding the Faithful and the Hopeful . . Love it!!!



Eff me, this makes me very happy!



I went in first thing in the morning. Downloaded it right away just in case this was a mistake on BlackBerry's part and gets pulled off. =0)

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Graham Ireland

Hey guys I'm in Spain with a Playbook 3G it tells me no update

Tried with and without sim card, any help greatly appreciated

Posted via CB10


Wait for the official release. Not ready in your country yet. Could install the leak but missing video chat etc


I would be leaping for joy, but this isn't an update to OS 10
But I will power it on when I get home and get the update....(just cause, it's BlackBerry)


Backed! Updated! 397mb. All seems good.
Browser seem to scroll much better.

Video chat work fine. Update my wife's PB and called her from my Z10 and all is good.
PB on wifi and Z10 on cellular.

I have been working for the last 5 days and was going to install the leak today.
Wake up and an OFFICIAL UPDATE Glad to see this update, hope for more.
Use my Playbook daily so this saved me some time.

Thanks to the Leaks Team and to BlackBerry.


Thanks BlackBerry you rock. Keep up the good work.


Thank you BlackBerry!!!!

Posted With My Z10 or PB


Finally got update, let try update and see what's difference :)

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My PlayBook seems dead. Refused to charge. I suspect battery issue. Or what do you think? Will someone help please!

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Have you tried hooking it up to your computer via its USB cable? I think theres an issue with Playbook if you let the battery get down to 0% it wont charge. I remember vaguely hearing a fix for it. Try to Google ''How to recharge Playbook with 0% battery'' and see what happens. As I said I remember hearing vaguely here in the forums of a fix. If you can just get a 5% charge into it, then do a hard reboot (hold down all buttons at once) it will come back to life. If you get this fixed never let your Playbook drain below 15%. Let us know how it works out for you my fellow Playbook owner.


Get your self a docking station which is a much better way to charge your PlayBook. Most USB ports do not have enough power output to charge the battery pack from 0 voltage. But the charging dock is much more powerful and can wake a completely discharged device after about 15 minutes. It is wise not to allow the unit to get to zero charge all the time but every other month will help get rid of any kind of battery memory.

As for the improvements after the update on the PlayBook, I noticed an huge difference in how much faster the native email client software was in getting images and in deleting messages. At the time I was using the feature I was connected to a public wi-fi with just 1 bar of connection. I will definitely continue to use my PlayBook for a long time. It has been a great business tool and I use it every day to give presentations and while travelling to get emails from both home and office.

BlackBerry please don't give up on the PlayBook, continue to build applications and improve the quality of the OS.


I had this problem. The position of the cable was wrong. Try placing the logo blackberry up.


Updating right now! So stoked!!!!! Lol

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Woot! I'm updating as soon as I finish reading a few more CrackBerry articles on my PlayBook! :D


Awesome thank you BlackBerry!

I hope the Android player gets updated next.

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Bien mais et a quand la version OS10.2 officiel sur z10 et Q10???????!!

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Comme d'habitude avec bb, seulement "bientôt" qui veut dire en retard et incomplete.

Posted from BlackBerry Z10


Que veux-tu dire par "incomplète"?


Even if its a mild update, I'm happy to see support for a product they are retiring.


Why are folks excited about this? Where are the added benefits? They can't bring bb10 to it, fine, (although I think it had more to do with not wanting to canibolize sales of their upcoming phablet), give us something real. A usable browser, usable bridge, BBM, something. As usual with BlackBerry, I'm willing to meet them more than half way, something that most consumers will not do.

Posted from BlackBerry Z10


Don't be so pessimistic and greedy buddy. People are excited because Blackberry is showing support on a tablet most thought was obsolete. I'm happy and thankful and hope this leads to the Playbook coming back. THANKS BLACKBERRY.

BB Adict

I agree with him. The general tone here is as if BlackBerry is doing us a favour. We shelled out hard earned money to buy their product that they must have known would not be fully compatible with BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry is obligated to its shrinking customer base to do whatever in its power to retain our loyalty.

We are the ones doing BlackBerry the favour, and keeping them afloat by buying their products.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.


Well to each his own and Blackberry is doing us a favor. Lest you forget this is an upgrade for a retired Playbook and that's unheard of. I'm very pleased with the upgrade. Streaming video is way faster and generally my Playbook is running much zippier. Thanks Blackberry.


Nah this is more of a farewell update

Posted via CB10


I don't think they will issue anymore updates on the PlayBook, I hope so but it's just not likely

Posted via CB10


They will continue issuing security updates just like they do on old phones like the Curve 8900.


Awesome! Will update tonight! Now if they would just udpate the Android Player....a girl can dream! :-)


I hope that AU stands for Auburn ;-) hope they eventually return the bridge function and improve FB / YOUTUBE functions.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!


It sure does....WAR EAGLE!!


Good, playbook still alive then !

Posted via CB10


We bought 2 PlayBooks the first day that they were available. I picked up a Z10 (which I love!) on Day 1 as well. Heck, my license plate is BBRY10, and yes I take a lot of teasing because of it.

With all the disappointing BlackBerry news of late, I'm really discouraged. I can't believe it, but I really don't give a cap about the latest PB update! Not being able to Bridge with previous functionality (9990) has meant that I hardly use my PlayBook any longer.

Sorry to say this, but Windows 8 + Nokia is starting to look better every day.

Posted via CB10


I named my cat blackberry... beat that.

Posted in landscape mode lying on my bed, cause portrait mode is too thin to hold upside down with two hands


So what's really new on this update????

Posted via CB10

Jerry Moua

Awesome!! I was really down when the news came that they were abandoning the PlayBook.

Posted via CB10


Woah Heins took his head out of his a$$ and brought our Playbooks back from abolishment . Going to try it when I get home. Will let you all know how it works out. Thanks Blackberry :-)

Dave Bourque

I think they saw how many people downloaded the leaks and decided... " fuck it just officially release it..."

Posted via CB10


I think the leaks are for beta testing. They see us complain about no twitter shortcut, etc., and they fix it. For me, this update is like having a new tablet. I was going to replace my two PBs with a Nexus. Not now.

Dave Bourque

Lol I had the leak installed and this patch brought me back all the apps that were missing.

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It's the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life!!

Posted via CB10


Can't wait to get home and update my BeLoved PlayBook, good job BBRY, keep them coming and we will keep buying.....


Hahahaha let me find it, blow the dust off, charge it and see what we got here! Stupid playbook!

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They best thing to come from the playbook was their fast chargers! LoL!

Posted via CB10


Already had the leak, so this was a short update and the video call is back and all the stuff that was missing, seems to be running alright!!

Posted via CB10


This version certainly solves some of the lag we experienced.

BB10 does really need better bridge capabilities.

Thanks BlackBerry and CB!

Posted via CB10


I loaded the leaked OS with several other .bar files I found and I still have 14MB to go OTA! The only files I did not reload were facebook and the video store.


I just sold my PlayBook and got a Nexus 7 instead

Posted via CB10


That's sad. I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 back in April for all the Android stuff and my wife got herself an iPad mini, but I still use my Playbook daily and will never stop. Its an awesome tablet.


I love my Playbook too. Minus the random browser crashes it been a pretty good tablet. Since I didn't want to deal with the Android player I bought the Nexus 7 last year. Both devices have been great but to bad the Nexus suffered a screen crack a few months back. Sooner or later ill find a good deal on another N7. Gotta have my favorite apps again.


Well I hear the Google Nexus 7, 2nd gen is an awesome tablet and only $225. If you want a really FANTASTIC browser for your Playbook, go to the Blackberry store and download Oragami Browser. Its really fast, fluid and intuitive. It does take a bit of a learning curve as its all swipe and gesture based, but after that its all smooth browsing.


It's a great browser. Fast and I can play videos on it like the stock browser. I couldn't on Dolphin for some reason.


+1 and I had a horrible time with Dolphin too. Since I Found Origami everything else is kind of secondary.


Still no update for the Backlight time out and Standby time out. When are they going to allow us the option to keep the device on all the time!


NEVER. < evil laugh >

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10


Well i hope they do it's so annoying to have the device's screen shutting off all the time


Maybe we should expect an update coming in few days to our BlackBerry phones!?

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I love life!

Posted via CB10


Glad they are still thinking about playbook

Posted via CB10


Yes! Thank you BlackBerry, I love my PlayBook and use it everyday now please update the facebook app.


Side load Facebook. Android app works much better then what we have on the PlayBook.

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+1 Agree the Android app is much better, just sideload it.


Thanks, I've never side loaded a app, maybe now is a good time to give it a try.


The browser and onscreen keyboard are very noticeably improved! :-)


Browser is perceptibly faster and.... wait for it ... or rather don't wait for it
.. the keyboard lag seems to have gone!!!!!

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Currently installing....

My BlackBerry History: 6510, 7520, 7100i, Storm 9500, Storm 2, Torch 9850, PlayBook 64gb, Z10...


Just updated my wifi playbook.when checking my contacts i see all my phone numbers have moved from my htc android phone to playbook.Is this from the update?my phone is android and i dont have bbm or bridge ?


Maybe it is simply the sync from your email contacts if you have connected your email account both on your Android phone and on your PlayBook. Over-The-Air is great with that respect.


Updated and really happy with the new OS. Smooth and snappy also didn't loose my side loaded apps. Great :)

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It's funny how excited people get just because there is an update. My Web works app is still broken because of the stupid hexadecimal keyboard with no decimal.

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Just did the update, the blackberry bridge icons and the folder are now totally gone, BUT, when I look at the set up screen it says it is there. So how do I get the icons back?????

Before the update I had an empty bridge folder :-(

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