Official OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available

PlayBook OS
By Adam Zeis on 3 May 2011 01:22 am EDT

Announced earlier today, BlackBerry PlayBook OS is now showing as an available update. This version brings along video chat, BBM, document editing and homescreen bookmarks. This is probably the best update we've seen yet as far as features, so if you're rolling with a PlayBook then check for the update if you aren't seeing it already. We'll be sure to report back with more when we get it up and running!

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Official OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available


this update is only for blackberry users :(... nothing for us iphone or other phone users....i want bbm!!!!

Don't hold your breath, I have never seen an official statement from RIM that the PB will have native BBM, as far as I can tell it does not have a PIN number so it is doubtful it will ever come.

P.S. I never remember an update on my iPad that had anything for my BB phone....

Actually the PB does have a pin, they start with 500xxxxx.

I bet BBM will be native on it when they get it tied to BBID. If you watch engadget's post on BBM over bridge with a rim exec, they say at the end eventually they will deploy the blackberry "experience" natively on the PB.

OK, When scoping out the new update I just realized my PB does have a PIN, but the rest of my comment stands, I have NEVER seen official word that a native BBM client would be released so if it does come one day consider it a bonus.

downloading, hope the bridge gets faster with this update. Now is good but we always want more performance hehehe

Clearwater, Florida. 1:30 am ET. Download in Progress. Came here to say it's out, but of course the guys here are always on top of the game. :)

just update your Blackberry Bridge on your Blackberry phone to and your BBM to and then you can use your BBM on your BPlaybook

i am with rogers, and have looked thru app world on my phone, and checked for updates. will scroll down and look for link.

Downloaded, installed and already completed my first chat. Everything worked just fine. No issues to report from here. Thanks RIM.

everything working just neat as it was described !
two thumbs up for RIM !
thanks to the world convention in Orlando they have everything so fast on going ! !

It's great to be able to put websites directly on the homepage BUT without being able to organized the applications, and now websites, the homepage - the ALL one - is utterly cluttered and too long. I only have 35 apps and put 10 web pages on the ALL page and the constant scrolling to find something is getting longer and longer and longer. This will only get worse as more useful apps becomes released. I really hope RIM releases an update sometime in the future that will allow the user to create their own tabs (or folders if you want to call them that) so that we can organize our Playbook. The current "All", "Media", "Favourites" and "Bridge" tabs are simply not enough.

I understand your frustration. I use the favorites tab and put my top 10 apps there. I know it's not the same but it works well for me, at least until we can get folders. RIM is playing catch up and it's not doing too bad at it. I'm personally excited about all the new features..lets hope they keep the momentum .

Download stops at 91% (266 MB)....what's wrong??? Tried it five times, it reloads and then stops again at 91%. :-((

Have tried 15 times with no luck, servers must be jammed... well hopefully thats the issue and not something worse

The Facebook app doesn't suck. It's great when compared to the non-existent iPad Facebook app. They're on their second generation and they still don't have a Facebook app.

my wifi connection is really slow, i guess k have to wait up to 3am to finish this update, thanks RIM

Well here are my initial comments:

RIM has been kicking booty the last 12 hours:

-- BBM update
-- Much improved Bridge Update
-- Facebook app
-- Video Chat app
-- SUPER speedy browser

Just...WOW... I wonder what other goodies they have coming this week out of Blackberry World?

You must install the new version bb bridge 1.00.83 and your bbm must be version 5.0.322, and than after that u can play it,, just try it

It crashes my browser when I have messages and BBM open. Doesn't happen with no BBM so I think it's a memory issue. Hope they sort this soon.

when i updated my bridge and bbm i had to search in appworld for them, they werent just flagged for updates, hope his helps anyone looking for he updated bbm and bridge

You can only get the new BBM update from the blackberry app world via desktop manager. It doesn't show up over-the-air.

Not sure if anyone else have this problem,but the notification thing in the top left hand corner is not working for me . any ideas

When i connect to BBM, the BBM can't show out our contact, or can't use the OS 6, any one user like me?can't show out the contact name in the BBM...???

I am happy for all the updates and the new stuff, but video chat is pointless for now until I get some friends to buy a playbook. So far everyone is Ipad crazy. I will not get to use video chat for a while to come so RIM can I have skype. Also I still have bugs with my bridge, wish does were fixed. Where are the 3000 Apps for the playbook?

RIM please add zoom to the video camera and while you're add it please add OoVoO, Yahoo Messenger and Skype to the list so we're not just stuck only able to do Playbook to Playbook voice/video calls. Also, Please add a dock like the rapid charging dock that has full size USB, HDMI and SDHC slot, as well the ability to connect and sync with the computer. Lastly, please let us connect external Hard drive, video camera or printer to the PB so that we can transfer/copy/view files on the PB.

the playbook needs to save my spot in video, bothers me that every time I go back to a movie it starts over. I should be able to pick up where i left off

just finished installing, had to do it twice because first time failed. Feeling the BBM a bit less laggy than before, cant video chat with anyone :( haven't seen anybody else with PB here in Venezuela hehehe :P

finally got it to work...for some reason, app world would not have the latest upgrade for bbm or bridge after updating the pb os. i found ota links online. i'm running a 9700 with os 6.

what i would like to see:
folders for everything
able to open all types of files on bridge
bluetooth a2dp!
alt delete
able to close current tab in browser without having to swipe down the bezel
sms in bridge
better bridge browser experience
and more apps of course (skype)

for a first gen playbook only 2 wks out...awesome

I'm with you bro, here's a few others I'd like to see as well:

Ability to open links via Bridge email, Option or an App to remember and store passwords, sms/MMS via bridge, The Dot in Android that lets you mark where you want to delete or alter a word/sentence(its so annoying tapping over and over again to try to get to where you want to delete in a word), wifi connect to printers or a dock that lets you connect multiple devices to the PB via wifi/bluetooth such as a printer, camera, or hard drive. Bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo, car dock for GPS, voice guided turn-by-turn Nav that also doesn't need to be connected to the net in order to get you to your destination. Latly, a dock that rapid charging dock, not that gay one that's overly priced and ONLY charges your PB. I'm talking about one that has function to it, that has full size USB/HDMI out and possibly even a full size SDHC card slot along with the whole syncing to your computer thing.

I don't have a PB just yet and i know that its better then the IPad period!
Its very exciting to see all the great things that got announced yesterday and of all the great things that are to come to BB's and PB's but one thing i remember reading was that the QNX system would do away with hard resets on your device. I also remember reading that the QNX was powerful enough to do and update and automatically apply it with out needing to restart @ all.
Its not like this would change my mind on getting one but i wanted to know if thats something will happen later on as the system gets more "stable" (though is probably as stable as it will ever be )
Anyway. I hope to win one or buy one soon all this RIM news is making me a proud BB owner!! :D

Guys.... I Updated my PB to version, updated my BBM to v. and also got the Bridge Updated version, and Everything while bridged works Perfectlly but when i try oppening BBM on the PB it goes on a white screen, and with a Loading icon..... and i have waited A LOT, i t never ends Loading.... what can i do ?

Also when i connect my PB to Desktop Manager it shows it as a "Unknown Device" and YES my DM is updated to its Lattest Version, i unnistalled DM and im currenttly re downloading it, but do any 1 knows what can i do to fix this ?

Since the update, The USB charger does not work anymore:

- the battery icon does not showcase the "charging" logo
- when I click on the battery icon, the "charging" logo does appear (and disappear when I unplug the USB cable from the pc) but the % of charge keep going down without charging anything...

Anybody does have the same thing ?


it was like Christmas this morning when the update popped up on my screen. keep them coming.
it seems great.

Finally got the Bridge, BBM and PB update and I must say I'm feeling still disappointed. I'm feeling releived about having BBM and the ability to attach files to my emails but so disappointed I STILL can't see my phones files on my my PB thru the bridge. Also, no sms/MMS viewing available yet. The Video camera still has no zoom and although the video call app is really cool, I can't use it with anyone other than people who have a Playbook! Come on RIM give us OoVoO, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Qik and Fring. Also, the Messages app always displays the asterisk even after I've seen all my messages. Another thing I hate is how I have to keep tapping to try to fix a word, please give us that dot mark that Android uses to go to a specific point in a word to fix it and Swype. Another thing, please give us A2DP, the ability to rememebr passwords or an app that does that for us. I hate having to keep entering my passwords over and over even if I hit the back button. Lastly, how about Auto correct and the option to add to Dictionary like my BB phone, universal search like OS7 and the ability to organize websites in folders like in IE and rename them.

Great updates from RIM. I'm glad that I'm not the only one having problems.
1. Can't view attachmentsfrom email thru the Bridge. I've read others are having the same problem.
2. Unable to open BBM. Maybe due to the unofficial BB Bridge for AT&t I have installed. Come on AT&t.

Other than the main reason I purchased the Playbook, (throw my laptop in the trash). I'm only able to rejoice in everyone's else excitement.

I was able to install the update using the desktop manager, however the update removed old link to facebook. I had to wait until i got home to install it. i have no access to wifi at work.
BBM works great though the bridge.

I like and don't like the FB app. I the new app is easy to read. I know how to get to chat, and being able to is fantastic but i miss being able to see who is online at the same time as reading the posts. I would also like the ability to copy and paste.

Also for some reason i needed to delete and re connect the BB Bridge connection on the PB and my Bold. I am running BB OS on my bold and BBM

I am not happy with the Bridge Files app. I can only read PDF and Office docs.
I does not see .txt, .jpg, MP3, MP4, AVI files on either the playbook or on my Bold.
It also completely ignores the hidden attribute on folders.

Still missing from the playbook SKYPE! Yahoo IM and MSM

Overall, i am quite happy with the playbook