Official OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available

PlayBook OS
By Adam Zeis on 22 Apr 2011 03:51 pm EDT

* Update from Kevin: So it seems Adam's PlayBook is posessed. He downloaded the .1746 update as shown above, but it wouldn't actually install on his device. Now he's even seeing .1758 available for download, but same thing, it won't install. So these are updates that are NOT AVAILBLE to all right now. Not quite sure what's going on here. So for now .1710 is still the latest official available. *

Just this morning we saw an official update to OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook, and now it looks like another update is available as well. OS is showing for some users as an OTA update now. I did say I wouldn't mind having an OS update once a day, and having two in one day isn't so bad either. No word of what's new in this version, so check your device for available updates and then head into the forums to post your findings.

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Official OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available


sweet always like updates there always good especially 2 in one day!!!

only prob is i dont see the update yet so wondering if itll come out soon of it that was just a glitch hmm. also wonder what these updates do

I still have but suddenly have appeared icons for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and AOL.

Yea can't see this yet either...will keep checking...I would call you a liar but you have the screen shot and everything...I guess it will come to us in due time...

nothing yet either, will keep checking later on today. something has to come eventually. ill be more excited when the numbers towards the left start to check of the o.s number. i'm sure that is wjen well see new features arrive. but for now just bug fixes.

well you can hold the caps button for 2 seconds and itll stay pressed. but ya no auto cap or punctuation while typing as you can see from this post of mine lol.

hope 1746 shows for me soon!

I'm in Canada and still do not see the update. It might be rolled out by serial number, or perhaps individual devices are assigned to particular servers for updates. I expect within a few hours we'll all see it.

i live next door to RIM and still nothing rolled out goes to prove RIM don't play

I was asking myself the same Look at us though...we ARE CrackBerry addicts...

Back to clicking "Check for Updates"

8:24 am in southern Ontario and no update here. Had V bright and early yesterday morning. Was hoping for it today, even though I don't know what changes it may bring and no one seems to be able to post any

In Winnipeg and nothing showing for me either... like someone said, it is probably a staggered roll out or perhaps a localized update, maybe only folks in the US?

Yea, in the Midwest in the US and no update yet either. Has to be something taged with the SN# of the early devicies or something along those lines.

No update either...yet....BUT is anyone else getting this? I'm still at .1710 but at least 4 times lately I'm had a 3mb update to install...and just now did a 2mb update to install. Each have required a full restart after install, but I'm still at .1710? Thoughts?

Are you deleting some of the pre-installed apps? I think that if you remove say.. slacker radio and then try a OS update it just put that app back on, which is why its only about 2-3mb.
just a guess

You are correct! Thank you so much...figured it out just before I saw your response and was trying to find a way to delete my post so I didn't look to naive on a berry...oh well...really do appreciate the response....and still no update from the west coast....

Hey, Where's Adam? Dude come back.... Where are your follow-up comments? What is the story with the update... :D

still some bugs in the current version.

before we jump on the fw upgrade bandwagon shoud we not be asking what is the benefit of thus new version first?!

downloading the new 'debrick' right now. Was on .1710 so let us see which update does this download install :D

No luck :-( .. after doing all the download (and losing all my customization) it still says .1710..arrrghhh :-D