Official OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available

BlackBerry PlayBook OS
By Adam Zeis on 22 Apr 2011 08:57 am EDT

A new update for the PlayBook is now available OTA. OS is ready to go, so if you haven't already installed then get to it. I love how easy it is to update the OS on the PlayBook and honestly wouldn't mind having a fresh OS update every day. If you don't know how to update, be sure to check out our walkthrough. This one has a few fixes, so if you find anything new be sure to hit the forums and discuss. Here's to a new build tomorrow - keep em coming RIM! Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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Official OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available


Good to see they are really pushing updates all the time for the PlayBook. Hoping this is how it will be for the new devices when they are out soon. Woooo!

What's best about PlayBook OS updates is that we'll never have to wait the weeks/months for carriers to test and then approve an OS as they do with phone updates. They all come directly from RIM.

I agree the OS updates are seemlessly easy to install and to keep them coming! Hopefully we'll see an update to BRIDGE rather shortly as well!

I agree. Love being able to update OTA.
I don't see any reason to pay extra for a 3G/4G version and the accompanying data plan. :(

Love my PlayBook so far, and with the OS updates I know it's just going to get better and better. Good job RIM!

I was watching the install.. said it was installing BBM. I got really excited, then looked on the device and it wasnt there.. :o(..

is anyone else having problems with media sync'n music.........such as album art not coordinating and some media not sync'n

p.s. posting from playbook, and loving it just glitches and all my dreams about it are not quite reality,YET!!!!!!!!

This was the perfect time!!

I JUST was coming to the site to read how to update the leak through DM, and now it isn't a leak anymore!

PB not yet available in my area, but am dying to see if gmail video chat works on it. I don't want to know now, I want to see if it does or doesn't for myself. LOL

I bought my Playbook yesterday. And one of the things I noticed after charging, powering up and installing the previous version of update, is that if I powered off and tried to power back on again. The Playbook wouldn't get beyond the playbook logo and the flashing wallpaper. I had to call the Blackberry tech support to figure out that I needed the update to get the playbook working again.

I am not sure if the new update is being automatically delivered over wifi for the new customers that purchased playbooks today.

Anyway the previous version is causing a lot of problems for customers. Hopefully, customers are getting the new version.

dont blame rim for your clumsiness you probably forgot your pb inside the case turned on thats y u have a corrupted os because of heat... go to download desktop software. from you can update. at first the unit wont be detected turn it off while unit is connected and turn it on again.then update your os... goodluck!

Didn't notice anything obviously different. My main request for future updates would be to increase the performance of BlackBerry Bridge so that it is as fast as native apps on the PlayBook. I'm sure we'll be seeing a new OS every week.

Hopefully in about a week I'll have a PlayBook too :)

I'm glad to see RIM's PlayBook developement team is hard at work on the updates! It's also nice to see the updates rolling thru nice and easy instead of hearing the normal "we've released it to Carriers, so hurry up and wait" BS that would be if it was for our BlackBerry smartphones!

please help. for some reason since day 1 when im on bridge with my torch, when i get new email all it shows me on the PB is the exclamation point. i still havent seen any folder saying how many new messages i have. anyone seeing the samething i am? please if anyone knows the fix, id appreciate it thanks

You always have to have your phone nearby whenever you are checking email on your playbook as the bridge needs to "reach" your email from your phone. I also discovered last night when I used the steps to perform the update (which were excellent instructions btw), you then need to re load thebridge between your phone and the playbook all over again. This will be a pain in the you know what as it took me once again another 20 minutes to get it to bridge. It saw that there was a playbook bridge but the connectivity was not working until I relaunched the steps to get it to work.

I just did the OTA update for the OS and the Bridge connection came up automatically. I didn't have to re-establish the connection manually. You only have to re-establish the connection if you follow the update process that wipes the Playbook and does a clean install.

Connected PB to my laptop via bluetooth, hoping i would be able to stream my music from my PB to my laptop. There is no such option. When from my laptop I looked under Services for the PB, it says there are no services, which explains why I can't stream music that way. It also explains why Blackberry Bridge is not working for me. Could it be that for some people buletooth services are turned on and for others it's not?

The bluetooth drivers for streaming audio aren't available yet. BT support is currently only works for tethering, Bridging, and keyboards and mice.

Hopefully this new release, or one coming in the near future, will complete the BT stack so audio support works.

Keep it coming, RIM!!

whoa wait.....what about bluetooth headphones? i was most excited about being able to listen to music and movies off the PB w. my BT headphones. im getting mine today hopefully that works if not really hoping it comes in that mammoth update that is apparently coming

Updated - Nothing noticeable on this new update.... I still can't open Bridge browser... stops half way or get error message "Cannot Download Corporate Files"... Anyone else getting this message?? Is this ATT blocking it? Does anyone have a work around to fix this?

Also, paired with my car Pionner BT radio, connects ok but NO services are available!!! WTH?

Another issue, when sync-ing music... transfer is REALLY slow!! Took over 1 hour to transfer only 320 songs!! iTunes to iPod does that in a few minutes!

Excited about all these updates, but hope to start seeing the good stuff soon!

I understand ATT as of a few days ago has blocked use of the Bridge with the Playbook. It's supposedly because they don't want Playbook users accessing their already stretched 3G data network.

if it took over an hour, i hate to break it to you but thats your computer not your playbook. Whenever you transfer alot of songs at once, its ur comp that has to do the work

greatness10: That could be a reason, but why on the same computer, transfering files to my external HDs, or using iTunes to my iPod SAME or Larger files transfer lot faster? I'm posting the issue because it felt a bit out of the ordinary.

** update **
This was through DM! Maybe if I drag/drop through windows, it works faster.. i'll try later, however probably will not update album covers etc if i do it that way...

what i did was plug in my up the drive, copy and paste song/files to the drive...Z drive i believe, and it happens fairly fast. If that takes long though, then its def your computer.

It's to late my playbook is going back to the store!! Last night my playbook crashed and now its just a black screen with a blinking red light .... this is sad ...

why dont you try a different one? chances are,you messed something up during setup process. i am in love with thing, everything just works. posting from it right now

I wish I could but this just brings flashbacks... you know how many storms I had to get till everything was ok? I had to go thru 5 storm 2s .. the horror ... I might give it another chance. The 2 days it worked were good I cant complain A LOT.

i would say, return it and try it again. Storm phones were awful, id agree with you on that, but you can't compare the PB to the storm now.

give it another shot, if it doesn't work, id say bring it back for good, or at least until a bunch of software updates are done.

Bridge operates differently with this update, but it still doesn't work.

I'm giving RIM a couple of more days to get this right, or my Playbook is going back.

While using the Playbook, I find myself putting it down in anger and reaching for my phone.

WHOA! I just figured this out!!! I have been using "Setup" to try to get bridge to work, and that hasn't been working for me. I went into settings (the gear icon at top right), then clicked "Blackberry Bridge" at the left. IT WORKS!!! And I'm on AT&T!!!

uninstall then reinstall the bridge on ur phone. if u are with att then dl the bridge ota. i have not had a single issue with the bridge and think that it works great.

Same thing happened to me. I was trying to use "setup" to get bridge working, then I went through the help menu and it directed me to use the gear icon and it worked smoothly. Bridging now on the Telus network.

Give it time people. It is excellent when internet searching (really fast) plus it has the Flash capability which my friends with the Ipad2 still do not have. I do want the skype or video chat capability which is one main reason I got the playbook. Love the portability but I really think the accessories are too expensive right now. i wish there was a way it could become more business efficient though. Right now - it sucks for business other than if I need to look something up on the internet quickly. There is no GPS functionality that I found (am I wrong?)
I would love for there to be an app to keep track of all my business expenses (i.e travel to and from, receipts etc)

I agree there needs to be an app for travelers (BlackBerry Travel I would think would already be here for PB), but other than that I don't understand your statement about it not being business efficient, I think it's very business efficient and as the head of IT at my company I think the PB is hands above either iPad or Android for business (again once travel apps are released).

Can you explain "it sucks for business..."?


Could someone please Summarize the issues that are there for Bridge. I played with one at the store and connected it with my Torch and it worked. A bit slow for the bridge applications and the bridge browser but i thought that would be the norm as its using 3G on the Full HTML flash enabled websites versus the mobile sites. So is this worth buying or should i wait for a 3G/4G enabled one ?

why would you pay for an extra data plan when you can use the bridge? networks are getting faster and faster, and now, with the intro of 4G, people with berry/playbook will be laughing with the bridge.

The only way the bridge will work it throu the exact steps that Crackberry has given you (if you use the Torch Phone). Don't use the steps that come with the playbook. Go to the Crackberry site and get the Bridge download they give you - especially AT & T customers!

Sadly, I too had my PB brick on me yesterday. After the battery died went to recharge and the PB could not boot up (logo just kept flashing momentarily, then red light came on for a few seconds) and kept looping like this. Even multiple hard resets, and three attempts at doing upgrade from DM failed to revive PB. Spent 2 1/2 hours on RIM tech support in the end they told me to return to retailer and exchange. Hopefully these snafu's get resolved ASAP.

club, I suspect that you simply had low battery. The PlayBook has a monsterous 5300mA battery (actually 2-2150's) so it'll draw more juice than many USB charging sources (computers, headset chargers or even your old BlackBerry USB chargers can supply). Add to that the fact that the big gorgeous display and zippy dual core suck a lot of juice and you end up with a device that won't boot - even when plugged into your computer.

You should use the PlayBook charger or better yet the Rapid charger and save the computer/other chargers for emergency top ups or to help slow down the drsin of juice. Apple uses a dedicated charger for theirs and doesn't give you the flexibility to get in trouble. This is a case of RTFM.

Looks like this latest OS upgrade added the ability to edit and create Task via the bridge. I could not do that before the update.

Loving the playbook, I need the Joe Rogan Experience and in one of these updates! Kobo is also very nice since I have never owned an E-reader. any word when we will see BBM in one of these updates? how about something akin to Facetime?

Downloading was a snap. Could use the playbook thru the whole process except for when it asked me to reboot. That took 2:10 mins. Bravo RIM!

I believe hellnback was saying that after you download it seems to take forever to do the installation part of the update or install for the first time.

Can someone please confirm a few things for me? Since the PB is new I haven't been able to find the answers from my usual goole search.

Here is what I have been trying to do:

1. In an email message I sent myself, as well as ones sent to me by friends and clients I am unable to open a URL link from PB. This seems like it would be a common use so I can't see why it doesn't work. I can't even figure out how to copy or paste. Are these available now? Am I doing something wrong? Will they be added in future OTA downloads?

2. When attempting to login to my GPS tracking site I am unable to get the keyboard to stay on screen unless I turn off BT first. After typing my login and password I can turn on BT, go back to login in page and get in. Same thing happens with my banking site except it never logs me in. These are two features I use daily with my iPad so why not my PB?

3. Downloaded alarm clock from App store but my PB goes to sleep (dark screen) after so long. I assumed I just needed to change screen settings for backlight and/or standby time out but there isn't a choice for never. Is there any way I can get my PB to stay on in the charging dock so I can see the time when I need to ?