Official NFL Mobile app comes to BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 23 Aug 2013 01:56 pm EDT

The NFL season is just a few short weeks away, and with the pre-season already in full swing it's perfect timing for the NFL Mobile app. The app is available for BlackBerry 10 devices and will help you follow all of the action during the NFL season. You can get breaking news, live scores, video highlights, custom team news and much more.

  • SCORES – Receive up-to-the minute NFL game score updates from around the league 
  • CUSTOM TEAM ALERTS – Follow your favorite team and get customized alerts – including injury updates, highlights, game start times, entry into the red zone, and scoring plays  
  • FANTASY FOOTBALL– Manage your fantasy team directly in the app 
  • VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS – Watch highlights after the game 
  • PREMIUM FEATURES – Verizon customers can upgrade to Premium Features to gain access to live streams of NFL RedZone on Sunday afternoons, live NFL games on Thursday, Sunday and Monday Nights, and NFL Network 24/7. 
  • AND MORE! – Check team standings, stats, rosters and schedules, play along during Thursday Night Football and A Football life with the Xtra companion, browse the shop, find game tickets, or read expert analysis wherever you are.  

Plus if you're a Verizon customer you can upgrade to premium features that include NFL RedZone during games and live NFL games.

This one is free so it's a no brainer, if you're an NFL fan you won't miss a beat with NFL Mobile. Currently the app is US only but should be available in Canada in time for the regular season. 

More information/Download NFL Mobile

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Official NFL Mobile app comes to BlackBerry 10


i have never been so uninterested in something to the point where I read it, scroll down the page and then spend time to comment on it and contribute nothing to it.

the internet is baffling.

no... people are baffling. and i just made myself part of that machine. dammit.

Wait I though no new app wouod come out for this platform!?!?!


Posted via CB10

Try searching 'NFL' in BlackBerry World and check the All Apps result. It should be showing.

I was able to download and I am not in the US.

Posted via CB10

Yeah looks like it is only available in the US

That sucks for all those not US Nfl fans. Like me. Damnit.

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Agree, it's good business for professional sports leagues. Need MBA now.

Z10 | | VZW

Great news! I just canceled my subscription yesterday. I didn't think this was ever going to come out. Lol

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Blackberry needs to announce Instagram now!!...they need a news changer!!

Come on blackberry announce the Instagram apo NOW!

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What amuses me is that apparently if I lived in Africa or Cameroon or one of a few dozen other countries, I'd be able to get this app, but it's not available in Canada. W.T.F

I'm from Ecuador, so I don't watch Football but I understand how importand this app is for the BB ecosystem, great then, and for the ones that get it hope you enjoy it very much.

Whaaaat? Not available in Canada? This is obviously some terrible misguided mistake that has to be corrected IMMEDIATELY!

PROUD owner of a BlackBerry 10!

week 2 starts today still not available in Canada...on blackberry...but available on every other device in Canada...way to go blackberry.

It will be available in Canada shortly from what I hear. Then everywhere. The NFL knows it has fans all over the world. They will open it up.

HUGE WIN from the first in Germany too!! Only thing we need now is a Gamepass App...and a BlackBerry Video Gateway to connect with TV... :p

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And you could ask the same about a whole lot of other apps. Just be glad that one more major app has made its way to the platform

If you read carefully though, you'll see it has notifications. Pretty sure you don't get those from a website...

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Great job building on this powerful platform. All we need is NBA GAME TIME and life will have a perfect balance.

From my Z10 A.K.A knight Rider.

This might sound like a stretch, but it's not out of the question that the NFL agrees not to promote too heavily in Canada until after the CFL season is finished.

NICE! I don't install many apps but this will be downloaded as soon as it's available in the true north!

Can you imagine if instagram were to be announced?! Although I personally don't use it, I can imagine that would start to turn the tide!!


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I would download Instagram if it was available even though I would never use it just to show user support of developers

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Whoot!! So happy to see this app.

Didn't even know it was coming. Happy Friday!!!

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This is what I call a big name app. Waiting on a WatchESPN and (a working) ESPN app. Throw in AT&T Uverse...I'm good to go.

Im not in the US... and i didnt have any issues to download it... awesome app been wairing for this since i have my z10

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I will not understand why the NFL doesn't do the same thing MLB does. Their (MLB) app is great and you can catch a game if you pay the price. Guess NFL doesn't like money. It's a win for BlackBerry here. Good to see the major sports here in the USA supporting the platform, that's not always been the case.

I would have to agree. And happy to be a Verizon customer. Cant wait to see all my Bucs game on my big screen via HDMI out.

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I'm happy to see another major sports franchise support BB10! I'll probably download anyway just to say "thanks" for them for supporting BB10 (and because it's free. =)

The thing that sucks about this app is that when you try to plug it in via HDMI to your TV, it says "Please disconnect secondary display..." across the screen.. I really thought I would find a use for the HDMI output but I guess not...

Hmmm. That restriction may partially account for the delay to bb10. I was definitely counting on that feature for hotel use when I travel.

Sweet nice app announcement! My favourite time of year is approaching when the Nfl and CFL overlap and it's non stop football!

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Great, but strange, why shortcut like T B or spacebar were not implemented.

Next NFL app must be native yahoo fantasy (just dreaming :-)

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Whoo hoo! I like to see big name apps like this on BB10. I got my MLB app, now my NFL app. Almost becoming an app junkie... almost.

I know exactly how you feel. I've never had so many apps on a phone before. And I find myself regularly useing them all. BB10 will be the go-to platform in due time.

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Finally! I have been keeping my fingers crossed we were going to get this before (at all) the season started! Maybe BlackBerry is still working for app support after all.

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Ok downloaded and using it, very smooth, great graphics and it says notification for your team that you can set. When the Bears game starts tonight I will let you know if the app has to be open for them to work. Here is hoping not!

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Well there are millions of football fans that will enjoy this app on any platform it is available for. Glad this app is no longer one complains "not on bb10" any longer.

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Available here in ME! Love it! Downloaded and works nice but can be improved! Thanks NFL! Please also port NFL Game Pass!

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Is BlackBerry going to let the adult sports fan know what leagues have BB10 apps for their new phones or would that make too much sense?

Love me some hand egg! This better be ready to go for downloading by September 5 for the True north, strong and free!

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Nice want this when it's available in Canada. Now we just need NBA game time

CB10- BlackBerry Z10 -

Thank you NFL, BlackBerry, and Verizon for bringing this much anticipated app to the BB10 platform.

Downloaded, set up, and already used. Cant wait for the season to officially get underway.

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Thank you NFL and MLB for supporting BlackBerry 10!

Come on you other Companies and developers, don't miss the BlackBerry 10 experience. Now is time!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Need this information Canada before September, C'mon man! Thanks NFL, would hope to see it in a few days. ...Go Steelers!! Get well soon Le'Veon Bell...

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

I'm super stoked about the NFL Mobile App finally being released in time for the start of Football season. I must start by saying for many years I couldn't get the App since I was with AT&T okay I was a little bitter. This App is primary a Verizon NFL collaboration. And until the NFL releases it for all carriers there will be those that won't be Happy. But now I'm a Verizon customer so I'm gonna enjoy it.

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The Best App for Football is finally here, if you are a Football Freak (like me) this one is the one that I (betting tha lot of users to) been waiting for!!

#BlueNation #NYFootballGiants #NYFGiants4Ever #NYFGChamps #EliteEli #SalsaCruz #JustinBrickStrongTuck #AllIn #DriveFor5

Loving more and more my BLACKBERRY 10 experience...

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #KeepMoving #TeamBlackberry #BBMCrossPlatform.

I'm MongezaurioBerry

The must Sport Apps required on any mobile platform are NHL, CBC Hockey Night , MLB , CBS Sports , CBS Fantasy , PGA , Score , F1 , WTA Tennis, Stub Hub.
The NFL is a must I was getting worried !!
BB-World does have NFL team apps at 99 cents, which is awesome !!
So BlackBerry World Keep Moving : Fox Sports , NASCAR , UFC, ESPN Apps etc

My Sport Apps:
NHL, CBC Hockey , CBS , Score , PGA , F1 , Gazetta dello Sport , Endomondo, Stub Hub which is all I need for now until the NFL App comes to my list. The Gazetta dello Sport gives me all my Soccer , Giro di Italia and Tour de France news but that is where a good Fox Sports and ESPN app comes in.

This is a beautiful app.

Is anyone else getting the "Linking Your Verizon Account" prompt whenever the app is started? Any idea what this does? I am afraid if I tap "Send" I'll get charged.

Anyone else noticed that you can't check your settings of your league from the app. Also seems like it is running a little on the laggy when in the Fantasy options. Gonna guess it could be 10.2 leak I'm running for that though.

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Was going to buy the premium service, but when I hook it up to my TV it says to unhook my secondary display, until they fix it I won't pay the $5

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It blows. You're better off using the browser. It takes forever to load and unresponsive. Who tests these things?

I'm done with blackberry. Love the phone but it's bad enough that apps are lacking. Now they don't even work right.

I'll be switching to the new iPhone soon.

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This app is great. I love native apps and the NFL created a really good one. Now if ESPN would just step up...

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This app, by default, wants you to permit TOTAL ACCESS to your email and other personal stuff.

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Hi Everyone I was able to get this app here in Hong Kong as I'm from the US this is a great app to go along with the MLB.. Keep them coming....

Why is an app not available in Canada? It's not like there is restricted content as the same content is available on to anyone. Nice one NFL.

every time I open the app it asks to send a text message to verify my account. I have my permissions turned on. Shouldn't I only need to validate my account one time? Any suggestions?

Seems that this app is available in Canada with Samsung......maybe I should switch to Samsung. They seem to know what their doing. Unbelievable BlackBerry!

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It's available on every android device, iPhone, windows phone, PC and xbox in Canada not just Samsung. Usually I can understand why this device doesn't receive certain apps due to Regional restrictions or lack of developer support but this one is just a big fat BB fail.