Official NBA themes now available for your BlackBerry - We have 25 copies to give away!

Official NBA themes for BlackBerry
By Michelle Haag on 24 Mar 2011 12:37 pm EDT

It seems like this year just started, but already we're into basketball season, and March Madness. The playoffs are just around the corner, and this is the perfect time to pick up your favorite NBA team's BlackBerry theme from Airborne Studios and Cocky Culture. Each of these officially licensed themes has an animated homescreen, a hidden dock (except new devices which use the OS 6 layout), fully customized icons, and include an original team-specific ringtone for OS 5.0+ devices. The graphics on these themes are sharp, from the wallpapers to the icons, and the color schemes match each team perfectly. This is a theme you can rock all year around and proudly represent your love for the team. Each of these fantastic themes is available for $4.99 and they are compatible with just about every BlackBerry out there (OS 4.5 and up)! To see the complete lineup of themes hit the link below and to check out some more screenshots keep reading after the break. 

Contest: If you'd like a sporting chance at a free copy of your favorite team's theme, leave a basketball related comment below. Maybe tell us how you chose your favorite team, or your fondest memory from your high school basketball days. Make it interesting! Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST, one entry per person please.

For more information and to purchase your officially licensed NBA theme from the CrackBerry store
For more information and to purchase your officially licensed NBA theme from BlackBerry App World

Utah Jazz official BlackBerry theme
Phoenix Suns official BlackBerry theme
Chicago Bulls official BlackBerry theme
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Reader comments

Official NBA themes now available for your BlackBerry - We have 25 copies to give away!



Chigago Bulls ( f!!! I always was a fan of them :D. The first game I went too was a game of the Chigago Bulls!
(Torch 9800)

Suns! Born and raised in AZ! Ever since Steve Kerr grad from U of A and was drafted in 88!

9650 running os6

Wooo Amen brotha! Raptor fan for life! I want one for my Torch!!! :D

This is my story on how I became a Raptors fan and my best memory from my high school days. Ok so I was a fan since the 1997 (was born in 91), my dad was a fan as well way before I was born (I was also born in Toronto :D) so he got me into the whole Raptors trend. A few years later I became a die hard Raptors fan and then I tough my younger brother everything there is to know about basketball but unfortunately he became a Rockets fan which he recently became. So I'd say all the guys in my family are basketball-aholics including me.

The best memory of my high school basketball days was when I hit the game winning shot to win the championship for my team which was in 2007. God, that was the happiest and best moment of my high school days and will never forget it :)

Who cares if they've officially been eliminated from the playoffs ... gotta keep the hope alive for next year. Go Raps!

Ha! Officially eliminated from the playoffs - that's the most positive Raptors review I've read all year! They were eliminated about five months ago!
P.s. I went to see the Raps game (a win over the Wiz) last Friday and cheered all the way, so am not hating(!), this comment just made me chuckle :)
P.p.s Knicks theme please if I'm lucky enough to win!

LAKERS please!! EVERY YEAR i look for a good looking LAKERS theme and get stuck downloading a sub par theme with purple stock icons and a lakers logo!! I have to go through winning championships rocking those themes! LAKERS are in the Playoffs for sure so this theme will officially be rocked for the next coming months! PLEASE Crackberry let me get the chance to rock an OFFICIAL LAKERS theme that looks good while the LAKERS 3peat this year! Loyal Lakers fan from the Caribbean here.... been a fan from 91 when i was 9 and got introduced to the NBA and watching the Lakers. They finished 2nd in the NBA pacific that year, won the conference finals, and unfortunately lost the NBA finals against the JORDAN era Bulls (4-1). Still remember it clearly! Mike Dunleavy coach and many greats on the team! Magic Johnson, Vlade Divac ( Vlade daddy he like to parttttyyy haha), Elden Campbell, A.C Green, Sam Perkins, Byron Scott, James Worthy! Lakers FTW....THANKS VERY MUCH!!!!

Nuggets on my Blackberry born in denver have stayed a fan in los angeles all time favorite dikembe mutombo. Its was a hard year for nuggets fans but we are resilient and have succeeded when others predicted us to fail.

No Warriors theme? Lame.

I'd figure if you're going to release something like this, you'd do EVERY team and not leave a couple out.

Whatever, the NBA season is practically over for most teams (the bad ones at least).

Bring on baseball.

I am a huge raptors fan! When the team was created they came around to area schools and had us vote on names we thought the team should be called! I VOTED RAPTORS!

Come on now....I have to jump in this one. I want the number 1 team in the league to be nicely placed on my BB Torch....GO SPURS GO!

Nice theme. Laker fan, born and raised in LA. Fondest memory is listening to Chick Hearn call the games.

Go Magic. Big time fan. I love new arena, is more of a basketball experience than anything. The fan store is amazing and you can get a lot of gear that you will not see anywhere else. I miss the Amway Arena though. go Magic on my Torch.....pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Love the Knicks!! used to go to all the Knicks games @ Madison Square Garden with my dad when I was a kid in the 90's!!!

God the NBA was so awesome during the 90's, especially the Knicks!!

Patrick Ewing
John Starks
Larry Johnson
Allen Huston
Charles Oakley

I miss those guys :( such a classic team!

It's hard for me to answer this contest because im sick and injured for over 5 years now after a car accident, I still love basketball, I can't play it anymore but I will always be connected to my sport, thanks for let me share

Michael Jordan crossing over Bryon Russell to hit game winning shot in 1998 NBA Finals; my favourite basketball memory as a kid.

Knicks fan all my life - been sold a false bill of goods for years. Maybe we will be better....but then again....

Nice! The Lakers Theme would be great on my Torch!
I run a basketball club here on the Central Coast in California - most of our kids (55 total) are Lakers fans - I'd love to show them this. Thx!

I'm a Rockets fan. I still remember the back-to-back championships like it was yesterday. Hopefully, we have a shot at the playoffs this year.

My Story, a fan of the Seattle Supersonics (I live in Cali) went to a few games out there in Seattle and when they moved out to OKC, I was crushed. However, i've grown very fawn of the OKC Thunder, especially with great players like Durant and Westbrook!

I've been a Toronto Raptors fan since Day 1. I even entered the contest to name the team and also tried to win their original jersey in a contest from a local TV station. I have a blackberry Torch and would LOVE a Raptors theme.

I vividly remember (just a couple of years ago) of the most intense, pressure packed basketball game in my high school career. I was a senior. My team was down by two points and I was playing the position of a 2 guard. I was known to be the best three point shooter at the time and my teammate passed me the ball behind the arc. At that moment, there was four seconds left. I try to throw up a last second shot and a girl from the opposing team fouls me. There was much debate about whether I had stepped on the line and the opposing coach tried to tell the referee that I did. I took one look at my coach and she held up 3 fingers. I get three chances to tie and possibly win the game. The crowd was roaring! I step up to the charity stripe, swish the first. In my head, I though, "oh the crowd will shut up now". NO. It got louder than I'd ever imagined. 2nd shot, it looks like its on its way, perfect lining, but skims the front of the rim. My fans and team all let out a big ahhhh man in unison. The ref hands me the ball for the last shot, I put it up and..... it goes in! We go into overtime! In the end, we end up winning the game by two points. This will always be a fond memory in my head that I overcame absolute pressure and guided my team to victory.

I will email you the link to my town's paper if you dare to think that I made this up.

I Love me some Crackberry and the Lakers (Lamar Odom especially) !!!

Let's go Pacers. I'm from Indiana and have stayed true to my team throughout the years, even when Jordan was playing (go Reggie Miller!)

With us positioned to barely slide into the playoffs this year,this theme is definitely what I need to show off my spirit.

warriors fan since run tmc days. they've sucked ever since (save one year with cwebb, pre-pj choke and one year of we believe) yet i stick with them. give me one thing to be happy about as a real fan.

Don't mess with texas!! Especially the SPURS!! Would love a spurs theme on my bold 9000(4.6) to toast title no.5

I've a Celtics fan since I was old enough to watch TV (My entire family of about 15-25 in Springfield,MA Watched the games and so well there I was sitting in my baby seat LOL) Then when I got old enough to reason and follow news and rosters that's when I was done and It was Green always. I could never root for any other team but them! I would LOVE to have a Celtics Theme on my Torch that'd probably make my month! Hahaha

Well, at least it is go to see that I am not the only Sixers fan here. Tried and true after many, many crappy years. Throw me in!

At guard, 6'6 from Norrrrrth Carolinaaaa MICHAEL JORDAN

That's the only part of the story that needs telling.

Go Bulls

Knick fan from the John Starks dunk against the Bulls, the Ewing follow up dunk in the playoffs against the Pacers, to the Allan Houston leaning jumper in Miami. I was at all three! The first two @ MSG and the last one in Miami. No bigger Knick fan than yours truly! LETS GO KNICKS!

My fondest memory was when I was on my highschool basketball team. I was in grade 11, we were forcing the conference leaders TCI at their school. They were 5-0 and we were 2-3. Their star player stole the ball and ran in for a layup, I ran from the other side and pinned it off the backboard. All their fans were cheering for me. I ran back and scored over him. Building went crazy. That was an amazing moment.

P.S. My favourite team is the raptors

Lakers ever since I first heard Chick Hearn announce a game and said his trademark "This game is in the refrigerator, the door's closed, the light's out, the eggs are cooling, the butter's getting hard and the Jello's jiggling."

I'm going with the Celtics because i'm a Beantown fan and I have loved watching them beat L.A. my whole life!!!!!

CHICAGO BULLS your boy Derrick Rose for MVP! DRose dunking on dragic or when drose broke tyrekes ankles. MVP!

I remember watching the NBA Finals in 1994 with my New Yorks Knicks going up against the Houston Rockets at my friends house when all of a sudden the game cuts out for some BREAKING NEWS?!?!

I will never forget that white Bronco cruising down the highway with about 15 cop cars chasing it down while almost choking on my Pepperoni pizza in disbelief.

I honestly feel that O.J. Simpson cost the Knicks the NBA championship that year.


OKC THUNDER! - How can someone not love the former Seattle Super Sonics (which I'd prefer) with KD, Westbrook and Ibaka!

Former Raptors fan, but after being sold out by T-Mac, Vince Carter, and most recently Chris Bosh it is impossible to cheer for them anymore.

Just played in an intramural game yesterday with my friends. Buddy put up a shot to give us the lead with 10 seconds left, only for the other team to take a shot and win it at the buzzer! Now I'm depressed so having a Raptors theme on my phone would cheer me up

everyone is talking about the heat and some other teams that, will come out of the east. but, I tell you that, the Celtic green rules the east always. all roads leads thru Boston.

my sister is always reminding me that her team will be coming out of the east this year(boston). as a die hard Bulls fan, Rose and the rest of the crew will suprise alot of teams soon.

Ohh Yeah its all about them Los Angeles LAkers..........I have so many fond memories of my Lakers...The most memorable would be the parade at downtown LA.....It was sooo packed with people and families and kids and the fans out numbered the police by 30 to 1......But there was no violence and or fights at all.......Laker Love......All day!

I was MVP of my junior varsity high school basketball team in 10th grade. Favorite team is los Angeles lakers and they will win the championship again this season

I have been looking for a sweet Chicago Bulls theme. This fits the bill. My basketball related comment is that I have enjoyed watching the soon to be MVP Derrick Rose lead the Chicago Bulls back to prominence without the assistance of LeBron or D Wade (even though D Wade is a Chicago native.)

I remember watching the Miami Heat and New Orleans Hornets face off in 2004 in a 4-5 seed matchup. I saw Dwyane Wade just absolutely carry the team on his back and remember the announcer calling him "Superman" before Shaq joined him the next season. Then the next season where Wade blocked Amar'e and hit a halfcourt shot to beat the buzzer in the same sequence of events...I decided that I was going to cheer for the Heat as long as Wade was on that team.

Favorite team is the Lakers! I loved watching the games with my dad when I was growing up. Now I watch every game possible. I would love to play like Magic Johnson. He is my all-time favorite but Kobe is my favorite current player.

I am a born and raised Celtics fan. My fondest memory is being at the old "Gahden" with my Dad at the game where they unveiled the Larry "Legend" Bird statue. Go Celtics!!!

I would love to get this theme for the miami heat! I have been a fan since I was a little kid, I remember when the Knicks unfortunately beat the heat in the 99 lockout shortened season in the first round of the playoffs when we were the #1 seed, as soon as allan houston made the game winner I ran away from the TV and started crying in disappointment under my parents bed thinking no one would find me there, my 7 year old self found out how heart wrenching sports can be but it finally was great to see the heat win their first title in 2006 and hoping for many more with the big 3

Portland Blazers!!!! all the way, my best high school memory was i beat my gym teacher in basketball, she through she was better then everyone in the class and i beat by four points!!!

Miami HEAT! (9780) - I was on holiday in Miami back in 2001, went to a game of the Heat, since then I´m a big fan!

It's almost playoff season and we are rollong after the break.
Great Tripple overtime win this week.
Go LA.
Hope I win, I have the Lakers SkinIt already.

Lakers baybee!. Been a fan since before Magic. All that's missing is a 3rd straight 'ship & this theme!

Let's Go Lakers!!!!!

as a long suffering raptors fan this would be great to win. god knows the raptors aren't winning anything....

Before there was Rose and Noah, Jordan and Pippen,there was Sloan and Love and the first stars, Boozer and Rodgers. We played at the International Amphitheater,Chicago Stadium and The United Center. We made the playoffs in our first year of existence and will do it again this year. I became a Bulls fan in 1966 and 45 years later they are still #1. I love The BULLS,The LuvaBulls,The Jr.LuvaBulls,The IncrediBulls and of course Benny the Bull. I would love to combine my three greatest loves Crackberry, Blackberry 9780 and the Bulls. Go Crackberry, Go Bold 9780 and of course GO BULLS

Bulls for the win! D Rose for MVP! Lived in Chicago all my life and watched all the BULLS great championships! Watching MJ win it all and all the great Bulls teams throughout the 90's was a blast! I would love to rock a Bulls theme that actually looks like it belongs on a BB!

Nice! I'd love a Lakers theme! This way I can rub it in my friends faces that love the Heat. Specially with a background of Kobe dunking on Lebron James! :p

The only theme, is from a Championship winning Team, Lakers all the way been a fan since 84-85 when Magic and bird kept going back and forth with in game highlights thats still talked about today.
LIke kaotik_187 said finding a worthy Laker-themed.....theme has been more than a little despairing but this would be awesome!
If i dont win might have to fork over the bucks and just buy it

Lakers.. on the road to another 3Peat...

been a fan since I was born in 85.. got the tail end of the original show time era.. endured through the del harris era.. and now enjoying the success of the past decade.


Pacers on my Tour!!!

Ever since the Reggie Miller era and scoring 8 points in 9 seconds we have never been the same. But the Pacers are making the playoffs this year baby!

Houston, Magic or Detroit please! I loved Tracy Mcgrady then but now Go Griffin! but I do not like the Clippers logo

Been a Raptors fan for as long as I can remember. Support the only Canadian team, and refuse to jump on bandwagons. Would love to get this

2011 champs already crowned :) We know it already.

i went to the final game last season and it was an amazing final season with the Lakers winning. Definitely one of the best games i ever went to. But was expensive :( . Still worth the cash.

i would love this theme so i can rock it on my new blackberry. Please pick me/!
bb 9700

I'd like one of these for the Indiana Pacers. This year, I think that they are going to make the playoffs and this would be cool to have rocking my phone. I have a Blackberry Curve 9330 with the operating system.

been a Lakers fan since the days of Magic Johnson, he was nothing but fun to watch from day one. Sad his career ended sooner than it should have. He will always be a true sportsman. GO LAKERS!!!!!

been a celtics fan since i was 11. No worse feeling having to deal with the lakers fans at school last year, i was devasted. im only 14. boston celtics forever <3

Great memories of Bernard King till he got hurt then when they won the lottery and picked Patrick Ewing thought we could win some championships but alas that didn't happen

Sixers!! I live only blocks away from where the 76ers play as I grew up in Philly. They are doing much better this year under their new coach and former player Doug Collins.

Thanks CB for the chance to win a free theme.


Gotta go with the Rockets...been a fan all my life. Making a push now...I'd love a Rockets theme! Thanks for the opportunity.

NJ Nets fan. Ever since Jason Kidd was still a kid. Oh, I also like the Nets because they're not the Lakers or the Heat.

My Father was a professional basketball player here in Australia, and retired from playing at 44 years old, as the all time leader in steals, and second in assists. Now is a head coach for the team he retired from.

I'm a New Yorker no matter where I am around the world. Knicks theme for me please.

Would love this theme app! I've been a Bulls fan since 1965 when we lived in Illinois. Back then, there might be a pro game on TV ONCE in a blue moon during the season, but I followed them on my transistor radio every game as a kid. LOVE THE BULLS!!!