Official List of BlackBerry Devices to Get OS 5.0 Update

Official List of Devices Supporting OS 5.0
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Oct 2009 07:17 pm EDT

Been wondering if the BlackBerry Smartphone you already own will be getting the OS 5.0 update everybody keeps talking about? We knew there would be a cut-off somewhere down the road of older device models and it turns out we were pretty spot on with our hunches. but now we officially know which devices are getting the update thanks to a new knowledge base article on BlackBerry's website. Keep reading to see if your device made the cut.

Supported BlackBerry Smartphones with BlackBerry Device Software 5.0

  • BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8200 series smartphones
  • BlackBerry Curve 8330 smartphones
  • BlackBerry Curve 8350i smartphones
  • BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphones
  • BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphones
  • BlackBerry Storm 9500 series smartphones
  • BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphones

So what was the ulimate kill point? Memory. According to the article:

In order to optimize the BlackBerry smartphone user experience with BlackBerry Device Software 5.0, BlackBerry smartphones must have more than 64MB of memory to support this version of BlackBerry Device Software. BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 is targeted to be supported by Research In Motion on the above noted BlackBerry smartphones. 

In the case of the BlackBerry Curve 8330, it looks like having to wait a year to get the device after the Curve was originally released paid off. The Curve 8330 has 96MB of flash memory vs. 64 in the Curve 8300, 8310, 8320. I could see it being easy to get mad if you currently are using a BlackBerry that won't get the update (especially if you recently picked up a Curve 8310/8320), but really, it just doesn't make sense to upgrade to something that'll bog your device down. At least the Bold 9700 and Storm2 are just around the corner if you're thinking it's time for an upgrade. 

** It seems the new BlackBerry Curve 8520 is missing from the list above. It will for sure get the OS 5.0 update as well - they must have left it off by accident. But once there's one mistake... who knows. **

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Official List of BlackBerry Devices to Get OS 5.0 Update



The 8900 is a typo on Kevins part. It will get it. There is 5.0.314 floating about for the 8900 right now.

I need help with the forum wont let me register and I thought I already was there but im not and wont give me option to log in ! I keep getting a redirect erro! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to post here i had no where else to go!

Looks great on the curve 8900 by the way great job!!!

We did a forum update today. Your old saved login cookies won't work with the updated verision.

- Make sure you're logged out.

- Clear your cache, clear your cookies, heck clear your browser history and once done even close the browser just for good measure if you're having issues

- Open the browser back up, head to crackberry and you should be able to login just fine now.

So RIM is still sucking up to Big Red. RIM should have binned OS5 for the 8330 and just left it for the 8530 thats just been announced.

In case you didnt know. the 8330 is for sprint. so is the 8330m. so i dunno how RIM is sucking up to Verizon but you may continue to believe in your own delusions.

Sprint is not the only carrier with the 8330 and according to the RIM website there are many carriers including Verizon

Okay so big deal other carriers including Verizon have the 8330. I still dont care because the Original Poster that claims RIM is sucking up to Verizon is still wrong. I would like to know how RIM is sucking up to Verizon if sprint also has the 8330.doesnt make much sense considering it was a memory cut-off and not a carrier decision

A Blackberry and Verizon Rep told my son that he Storm OS update will be released tomorrow 10/25/09 at 6.00 pm. He called all excited, since he is now on his 3rd Storm. The RIM rep told him how great the Storm 2 is. .I am sure glad I invested several hundred dollars for RIM to Beta sub-standard = to 1st generation smart phone. Don't I feel special that the Storm 2 is an improvment; however if it can go two weeks with out a battery pull it is an improvemnt.

Thank you for saying what has been on my mind. And wouldn't it have been nice if the Storm2 had a more powerful processor like the iDevise?

I go 1 to 2 months between battery pulls. My average memory is around 15-18mb free at any time. I have 50-55 apps on my phone at any given time.

I have had the storm for 2 weeks now and it does a battery pull about 3 times a day any clues anyone?

The page isn't redirecting properly

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

Keeps giving me this error!

are you hearing any release date rumors for the newest models, like the bold, and 8900? considering that the leaked bold and 8900's numbers being right up there with the "official storm" build, i'd guess it can't be too far off hopefully.

Didn't really expect the 8310 to get an update, but it is a little disappointing nonetheless. The 8310 is an okay phone, but it really is time to up the game with something more modern. Sucks if you just got one in the last few months though.

Hopefully the official for the 8330 will be far less buggy.
Read and replied to using the beta
It's a good day for for this CB member.

What is the memory requirement going to be for OS5 for the 8330 as compared to OS4.5? My post-battery-pull memory remaining is 27 MB, with 5 MB eventually leaking, so I just want to make sure it doesn't take up too much space. I guess it's time that I delete Brick Breaker, a game I haven't really been playing anyways.

What a joke. OS 5.0 isnt even that big of an upgrade and its supposed to require more memory?? As if the BlackBerry OS can get any more pathetic when it comes to memory management and leaks.

My 8830 World Edition is my last BlackBerry, I'm sorry.

My 8130 is my last Blackberry. The BB OS is stale, tired and truly behind. The sooner Android hits VZW, the better.

dude, dont give up so soon. My 8830 sucked too, but jus went to TOUR and it is soooooooooo much better. None of the problems I was having, plus the new OS is so much better! Give it anopther try. MY family got the curves, gen 1...even those were better than the world edition.


The list isn't credible. The 8520 isn't even shown yet OS 5 has already been leaked for the device which shows that it's been developed. If they can omit that device so easily who's to say what else on the list is a mistake.

Well, my 8130 has been a tireless warrior. Maybe it's time to retire her so I can get on board with 5.0. That sucks!!!

I keep one in my laptop bag @ all times. When I brick my storm I just fire up the pearl. Thank you RIM for this warrior.

Another 8130 Samurai here. I will keep her by my side (in my desk drawer) while I attempt to learn the ways of 5.0 on a new device.

By old 8 series I presume you are talking about 87XX's? If you have one of those and you are interested in the stuff 5.0 has to offer, time for an upgrade.

It runs fine as is even with BBM 5.0

Why cripple the device...almost like when people install new windows OS with the min requirements. You know you will upgrade your memory, video card, etc.

Threaded SMS is worth it alone, better multimedia (e.g. can play video over BT) better profile options (vib+ring), browser is better at JS and can handle sites such as MLB Premium, newer alarm clock from 4.6 and up, shortcuts like hold bb button to bring up app switcher, camera is faster...

On my 8520 (4.6.1), I can set vibrate and tone. :D

Edit: oops, do you mean older bb don't have it yet on its current os?

so even though I want threaded sms, it isn't a big deal.
I am still on 4.5.077? and when I last upgraded, it wasn't the best (verizon official os upgrade) so I am staying put.....

I'm curious to see when this update will roll out. I had the leaked version of 5.0 for my Curve 8900 a while back. It was really buggy for me though, so I downgraded.

They say select there going to be list of which ones will roll it out? Im a 8900 on Tmobile.

a buddy of mine is on his 100th storm..(ok maybe i exaggerated) and he called in to vzw and told them he wanted to pay the ETF and go to AT&T for the iphone bc the storm was a piece of crap. (but in all reality, this NOT what he was going to do)... he demanded them cancel his contract and they sent him to retention hahaha he argued with them and they offered him a tour..he didnt want it. he insisted he pay the ETF but they wouldnt let him..they told him a few new deviced were coming and if he would wait, then they would put him on a new device other than the while that might seem you think he could get away with getting a Storm2?? and if it does work..i know what im doing to get one hahaha

if they really offered him a tour he should have went with that. highly doubt he will be getting a new storm2 for free.

im def psyched on this finally rolling out. ive had the leaked .230 on my tour b4 then downgraded, and just finished upgrading again in anticipation. was there any word which exact liek upadte file it is? is it gonna be the same as the storm update ( or something)?

When you say have more than 64 MB of memory, do you mean Application Memory or Media Card???

Excuse the silly question, but I'm sorta new to this!


According to our business VzW Rep. the upate will occour on the 28th along with the release of the Storm2... How much true to this there is, I don;t know. Only time will tell

Uhm, so I'm hoping the 8330m is included, and not just 8330 devices. I'd be greatly upset if it isn't, because I just bought it about 3/4 months ago.

Threaded SMS is good, not perfect, Threaded SMS with sms photo id would be perfect. Def moves a lot faster than 4.7, virtually no lag. 5.0 bbm runs better with 5.0 software. i like being able to click the clock and my singal status to bring up options. tried runing a few apple themes but the default theme seems to look and run the best so far. auto text remembers the way u type and will recomend your berry slang witch is great.

Can't wait ti get an offical version as well as my 9550 for free. I have literally had 15 storms since feb. have a trouble ticket that got past tier 3 and into switch support so they offered me a 9550 with no contract extension. it will be shipped on the 28th. just picked up a pair of bluetooth stereo head phones from frys for 25 bucks its gonna be a great berry week!

Is the OS 5 update free for the listed BB devices and can it be done directly over the air? Thanks for any feedback.

Been trying to log in for a while and it won't work, I've cleared my cookies, history and such but I click on log in and it brings me right back to where I started.

Somebody help me.

Believe me, you would not want OS 5 on the 8300, 8310, or 8320. It's slow as molasses as it is with 4.5.

At the same time, from a more capitalistic point of view, I'm sure RIM will welcome the Curve owners, 8800 owners, and anyone else holding on to a "out-of-date" BlackBerry to go ahead and buy a new one.

Everyone will have to decide where RIM falls in. I suspect it's a little of both. ;)

I know it's never fun having to shell out the cash for a new phone but it's also not very fun having a phone that has run it's course. I had the Curve 8330 for 6 months but new the Tour was coming out so I saved up for it and got the Tour and have not regretted it one bit. I knew when I had purchased the Tour that the Storm2 was coming out so again I started saving up $20-$50 a paycheck and am planning on buying that one as well. It may not be fun forking over the $ but it's not hard saving $20-$50 every check either. Save yourself the heartache and just save up for an upgrade. Skip out on fast food and you'll have that money in no time!!!

I went to the verizon wireless website and in the search bar typed in blackberry 5.0 and the result was the storm I wonder if that means its coming sooner than we thought...hopefully

I am SOOO hyped for the Storm 2 release and im
wondering if the 5.0 OS will prevent me on getting it
for free with an upgrade.
Does anyone have any info on this?

If I have already installed the leaked .323 on my storm, should I re-upgrade to the official OS? Are they the same exact?

Knowing Bell Mobility's track record when it comes to releasing software updates for RIM devices, I imagine we probably won't get an official OS release till Q2 2010 or something ridiculous like that. Till then .238 will have to do.

wat exactly will i be seeig wit os 5.0 i have the 8520, wat improvements do os upgrades give? this my first bb

With the announcement of what devices are getting the update, the official 5.0 must be right around the corner! I can't wait!!!

just got done uploading to my strom... was running leaked verison but now I don't mind waiting 3 more days for my storm 2!!!!

Will the 8330 upgrade work with other 83xx devices?? Ill try when it comes out bcuz I have the 8310 for at&t nd I rlly want an upgrade :(

Will the 8330 upgrade work with other 83xx devices?? Ill try when it comes out bcuz I have the 8310 for at&t nd I rlly want an upgrade :(

Will the 8330 upgrade work with other 83xx devices?? Ill try when it comes out bcuz I have the 8310 for at&t nd I rlly want an upgrade :(

according to the source, they say that depends on the provider, meaning that we have to contact tmobile in my 8900 case for an upgrade... uhm so what should i ask them when i call them :(

Good day! its 3pm here in the Philippines. I am using a Blackberry Curve 8900 since july 6 (my bday) of this year. So far i am happy with it except that i miss my Palm Treo threaded messages with comic smiley icon that sum up all your messages in one HEADER displayed on screen. Otherwise i am enjoying the mobile site (not necessarily the APPLICATION per se-- i seem to be prevented by BLACKBERRY.COM just because i am not enrolled to BIS).

The downloads i made which i can successfully use like yahoo,facebook,twitter,my space,google (icon)which directs me to the sites but not really the actual application like the GMAIL ive downloaded it but i cant open it coz THE FEEDBACK I get everytime I try to connect or access the M icon that sits in my blackberry homescreen is--i have to have a data connections. FYI I am just using a wi-fi at home where I also hold my business. Therefore the downloads I have for this email and soc network page don't look exactly like the STANDARD WEBSITE look like the one my friend has who is enrolled in BIS and has a postpaid simcard from our carrier (Globe Telecom - Philippines).

I am just using a prepaid simcard (globe Telecom-Philippines)which according to them,they don't give me the privilege to enroll to BIS.Only those who are postpaid subscribers can AVAIL and are supported(unfair huh?) thats why the downloads i have are just bookmarks of the sites (like facebook, yahoo, twitter, google etc) that just brings or directs me to the sites but the page doesn't look like when you open it in your laptop wherein you will see who's on line etc.

NOW, my questions are:

1. WHEN IS EXACTLY THE ROLL OUT DATE of this O.S 5 (not the beta)? but the CONFIRMED WORKING O.S 5

2. WHERE WILL I DOWNLOAD IT? I ASSUMED here in Crackberry Site that's why i registered. Or is there any other site?Will allow me to download itand me to open and access it after downloading knowing I AM NOT on BIS. I trust Crackberry would be more FAIR.

My concern though is, am not enrolled in BIS? but i am able to download stuff OTA using my wi-fi. AM I ASSURED that once I've downloaded the O.S 5 that i can use it even if i dont have a data connection to BIS since i am a prepaid user? what if its just sit in my homescreen but would NOT allow me again to open coz it will prompt me to have a data connection? HELP PLS ensure that regardless if BIS enrolled or not it should work.

3. WHAT WILL HAPPEN to the info data like messages, files Ive saved in my bb curve and downloads i made using my current O.S of 4.6 ---once O.S 5 is downloaded? ARE THEY GONNA BE DELETED? that would be an ISSUE and FRUSTRATING.
I TRUST installation/downloading of O.S 5 WONT DELETE or clear or my files? ITS VERY IMPORTANT for me to know THE EFFECTS.

FYI, so far the only downloads that's working in my bb curve 8900 using a prepaid simcard and i am allowed to access are the ones i made from The ones I have downloaded from your site (the very first ones) were successfully downloaded but wouldnt work in my blackberry curve 8900 coz it requires me to have a data connection...first sigh :-( the only one working application that I have downloaded from your site is the YOU TUBE.

I WISH, you would PAY ATTENTION AND CARE FOR US also who are on prepaid simcard but using legit blackberry phones. YOu see i cannot just change my prepaid sim as its been with me since 2003 and its the no.known to my friends and clients.

TRUSTING for your immediate attention and action to this appeal and request to ALLOW us blackbbery with simcard prepaid users without data connection to BIS to be allowed to open and use the applications we have downloaded from your site. I REALLY LIKE your list of apps...

Thank you for reading and sorry if this message is kinda long. I just had to give you a background and my sentiments.

ALL THE BEST TO CRACKBERRY...and looking forward to your reply asap. pls email me at


Hi! its me again markeymac. Hope Crackberry would find a way to mediate with to allow blackberry devise user to open/access the successfully downloaded applications from their site without requiring us (blackberry devise user with PREPAID SIMCARD from our respective carrier) to be on BIS.

Looking forward to your update on this.

many thanks,
ms. markeymac

running .314 on my 8900 right now, working perfectly fine. can't wait for the official release!

So we got a list from RIM that is awesome!! Thanks Kevin!!! But now how about a date? I heard three things last night at 7:00 PM eastern time (which didn't happen). I have heard today and tomorrow. Anyone heard anything different?

We all know that Storm 9530's OS update is scheduled for tomorrow the the OS going to be released for all models listed on the same day or down the line? Anyone know????

is the official 5.0 for the tour out? where can i get it and is it for verizon . appreciate if u could help me out

check out Kevin's review above, as long as your phone is listed above then you will be getting the new 5.0 OS upgrade. As of when well I think that is the number 1 question right now

I can tell you that the new OS 5.0 will require MORE memory. I think it is worth the loss of memory for the upgraded OS. Go to youtube and check out some of the videos from the leaked OS's if all of that stuff is included in offical 5.0 release, then I can't wait!!! 0 199410022

Doc ID: KB17984

That should be the entry that Kevin made.

I'm not entirely impressed with the last bit of that KB article. It basically eludes to the carriers having an option to not support the updated OS. This gives a predicament for those carriers who are expecting Storm 2 and Bold 9700, and they carry all these updatable devices. Do they support the OS (resulting in people holding onto their devices longer), or do they let people lag behind so they pay to upgrade and have the best and latest?

Oh, and those who have had problems posting in the forums, clear your cookies. As mentioned earlier, there were some upgrades that caused some problems with any of your cookies left on your computer. Clear 'em, and then you should be fine logging back in.

So I opened my desktop manager for my pc and found the new OS 5.0 and installed it. Great. But then the BB App World won't open, it can't connect to the BB server!! Also a theme that I've been using for a while now looks different, it's the today version and in the message part of it, it looks like this "N1109.."(not exactly that way but you get what I mean). Then I went on the BB website and checked the available software from my service provider, in my case Telus Mobility, and the supported software is 4.5.169...WTF?? Anybody else having the same issue with Telus? I'm unfortunately downgrading back to 4.5...:-(

I just got off the phone with verizon tech support and she told me the blackberry storm 5.0 was release today and I had to go to to download the new software, that no OTA was allowed for this. I am trying now it did prompt me to download a new application loader. I will let you know how I might out

I tried but no go, it still only shows me 4.7 not the new 5.0 not sure what verizon tech support was talking about but it must not be out at this time but I hope she was right and she told me it was released today


what carrier are you on? I have tried this many time already and the OS 5.0 is not their. I am on Verizon Wireless

This time I got the real information, looks like the first lady I spoke with didn't know what the deal was. THIS OS 5.0 WAS RELEASED TODAY BUT, will not be avaiable for download until 6:00 PM tonight, here is the kicker after asking many reps while I was on the phone no one is sure if it will be eastern time or not. So as of now ACCORDING TO VERIZON TECH SUPPORT the Storm 5.0 OS will be out today at 6:00 PM just not sure of the time zone (verizon corp. is in eastern time zone)

When and which carriers would be great info, Verizon has told their people when. So how about the rest of us out there on the other carriers!!! I tired of my BB its time to switch to an Iphone!!!

That is who I'm with right now and since they are getting the Iphone I wont have to leave. 15yrs with the same carrier and never missed a payment they bend over backwards for you so free Iphone here I come...!

Reading through the fourms here some people on other carriers have already got it since 10:00 PM last night. I understand the whole Iphone thing but here in the States, AT&T handles the iphone and if you look at their 3G map they have WHOLE states without any coverage at all. My buddy at work here has the 32 GB 3GS and he drops calls all of the time, awesome phone but horrible service.

Telus Rocks and teamed with Bell for Service anywhere and everywhere across Canada. Rogers claims to have a better service but they are like At&t... So Iphone on Telus should make the Iphone an even better phone all round. The phone it should have been since day one...!

I don't know if it's just me, but I just got my storm and it already came with and it's not the storm 2, so i dunno?!?

I just got it on Friday, I work at Best Buy and I was due for an upgrade... they asked me if I wanted the Storm or the Storm 2, I got the Storm only bc it was $50 as opposed to $299.. and I love it, the only difference is the exterior design and WiFi as far as I can tell

I guess this is the end of the road for the 8130.It was my first Blackberry phone and my best phone,don't know what I will replace it with on the Verizon network.

I just found out not all wireless carriers will support OS 5.0 and just a few carriers will support that but wait and see in a couple of days from now which carriers will support 5.0 for blackberries

so if they are saying the 8330 is getting the update, would it be ok to assume that they are also gona make a version for the 8330m?

I am a verizon wireless storm user... are u running desktop manager 5.0? if not install.. then check for updates... alot of features require a battery pull but other than that no compliants!

An upgrade adds features to your phone, fixes bugs that might have caused problems in the past. Tries to improve the whole usage of the phone while adding new "features"

I haven't heard anything about Sprint/Nextel, I hope this isn't true for you but I did read on the RIM website that not all carriers will be issuing the OS 5.0 build to their blackberrys. I am not sure how you can find out if your carrier will be issuing the OS upgrade or not. I called Verizon's tech support and asked them.

Did you find anything out? I am also Verizon but have an Alltel BlackBerry 8330. Can we get the upgrade?

anyone know when the verizon 8330 update is coming out? i have checked desktop manager and no updates as of yet

Verizon is releasing the 5.0 OS upgrade to ALL blackberrys at 6:00 PM eastern time (they didn't know what time zone so I am saying eastern time zone) BUT your blackberry must be on the list that Kevin posted above in order to get the OS 5.0 upgrade

5.0.0. update now available for download with dm, plugged phone in and said there was a 5.0 update available, happly updating.

are you sure it wasn't a leaked os you installed earlier? I don't see any update on my DM yet for

I am still not able to upgrade to the 5.0 software...guess I will sit and wait and wait and wait and wait

i dont think the 5.0 that appears on the dm has anything to do wit phone updates as it has been flashing up on my pc for weeks

I called verizon tech support twice today to ask about the OS upgrade for the storm. The fist time the tech rep told me that it was released today and to go to\storm\update to upgrade my phone. The second call because the above didn't work they said it wasn't unti 6:00 PM that it would be avaiable for download and that OTA was not allowed. I asked what time zone and after asking many reps they were unable to confirm a time zone. I am GUESSING since verizon corp is in a eastern time zone that it is 6:00 PM eastern

Anyone in the Rogers network know of any news regarding the release of the OS for the 9000??
I can't wait for it...Hurry the hell up ROGERS!!

it's 6:08PM EST, just loaded my Apploader, Connected my Blackberry Storm & well... what do u know!!!

There is not update!! YET :PPPP

ive been reading 10pm tommorrow nite on other sites for storm so i gues this was all a hoax.if its there kevin will post it so dont stress all in time

Will this clear all the memory on my phone?? I want it so much, but if it clears my memory then I don't want to get it

It will be released at 10pm tonight. The storm for sure will have the update at 10. I don't know about the other devices. I have the tour, so I can only hope it get released for the tour too...

everybody setup ur desktop manager so when it releases it notifies u ok i did mine a few minutes ago, is this the largest update ever? am curious am a month old bb owner

Hi You guys! Just checking in. I did speak to a very nice Tech this evening. I even was disconnected about 3 times going thru the country and each he called back. What I learned is somethings told on here can be be very much off base. I asked first about the upgrade. I have the Tour. I wanted to know about the rumor of the Storm getting the upgrade today, and what about the others. He said the OS Update definitely was approved already. So yes it is ready for delivery. He thought it would have been out since friday. But, it didn't release then. So he said he felt it will definitely be out from anytime now thru the next days or so. He said it will more than likely be for the storm and tour the same time, then the rest if not then, following shortly. He did say that ota air update is possible if you have available memory. Because the tour has more than the storm, so it definitley capable depending on how much you have loaded on your device. He said the size of this update is about like what's on our phones. And that he believed this is so because some people did updates on the older storms before ota. He did say that if you waited for ota you would be behind everyone else already updated by about a month. This is because Rim system would be over loaded, if everyone did it ota as soon as the update was available. So he said you are best to keep check and do it by the desktop software. Now, I asked about the storm2 release! He said they truley dont know the date. They will sometimes walk in for work and there is a new phones being released that day. He said that's so that they will not tell then, people be heated when a change comes along. If they do get wind of a date it isn't far from release. They have been training on it though. So it wont be long. So happy waiting guys, ain't long as it has been for sure.

Not a lie looked at DM and said 5.0 cause i was just loading the leak. I got bored and tired of waiting. just seeing what would be like cause i got other things to do tonight. But i am still looking forward to the official.

so how do you check the dim well if its pst its like 3 or 4 hrs away for us on east coast. i just checked nothing here

I have been reading these posts and laughing so hard...I am waiting for the os 5.0 for the storm just like everyone else, BUT this whole post/thread is getting childish real fast......I read some people have 5.0 already in their DM, but its not true because when I go to my DM it still says os 4.7.....People STOP talking ish about this OS update and making stuff up that you know is NOT true......Grant it we all live in different parts of the country and world, so if your saying you got the OS 5.0 sitting in your DM and you are downloading it now, take a screen shot pic and post it up for proof!!

I have the leaked Storm OS Will this be a problem when the official OS is installed over it/

everybody go to sleep and maybe santa will deliver the 5.0 for everyone. this is so funny only takes one person lets see screenshots if anyone has it. this is better than tv watching how this got so big all of a sudden might not even happen till thurs or fri.

wat they r seeing is the desk manager update and think its the os update, i have been receiving prompts for a few weeks abt it but i already have 5.0 dm, people its not the os 5.0, u will know when its released

not the phone its the notifier on the desktop manager it can be set so when there is a os release it sends a email to u


haha I know, but yet I'm still here waiting. Probably be like every other RIM launch... delayed. Who even knows about the Tour on Sprint and when they are going to release 5.0

if your looking for more info go to it says storm today and tommorrow and others dependent on carriers so for atorm maybe tonight and tommorrow will be sent to your dm

this os upgrade is frickin' fast! bbm 5.0 is a bit enhanced, sms texting is longer than 160 characters, media player is cool, browser is way faster.

I downloaded the leak a week ago. Will this be the same OS or should I go ahead and re-download the official release?

Honestly, at 1st I thought more BlackBerry users (general public) was going to be sweet. I was wrong. It's only caused me more stress and headaches. 5.0 will be out when it's out... If you're curious if your device is going to get an update to 5.0, try this out... When it's officially released (presuming there isn't already a leak for 5.0 for your device, that's usually a really good indicator wether your device is supported or not) see if there's a version offerd furrrrr yerrrrr F0nEz0Яzzzzzzzzzzzz.

its 9:46 in new watching the yankees and every 20 min or so i check if rim put up its new far got nothing

I dont see an update for the tour yet. But the storm update is indeed there. I checked it on the verizon blackberry software update site:

What BlackBerry model are you using?
Select... Blackberry World Edition 8830™ Blackberry Tour 9630™ Blackberry Storm 9530™ Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230™ Blackberry Pearl 8130™ Blackberry Curve 8330™ Blackberry 8703e™ Blackberry 7750™ Blackberry 7250™ Blackberry 7130e™ Blackberry 6750™

Web-based Upgrade

(Recommended if Desktop Manager is not installed on PC)

Step-by-step instructions for Performing a web-based BlackBerry Device Software upgrade can be found here.

For more information regarding Web-based upgrades and System Requirements refer to BlackBerry article KB16071.

*Note: Devices that are associated with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server or with BlackBerry Professional Software cannot perform web-based upgrades.

Select to download Device Software used with Desktop Manager or VZAccess Manager.

BlackBerry Device Software v5.0 (updated 10/26/2009)

Please enter your 10-digit Verizon Wireless number:
** -** -**


Target Device: BlackBerry Storm 9530 Wireless Handheld(™)
Patch Name: MR3
File Size: 126.1 MB

Please click here for more information.

Next Steps after successful download:
1) Click on Save.
2) Close the BlackBerry Handheld Device software.
3) Double click on downloaded executable file.
4) Click RUN on dialogue box.
5) Choose Setup Language from the dialog box
6) Install Shield will install all required modules on PC/laptop.
7) Allow the BlackBerry Handheld Device software to restart at the end of the installation.
8) Connect device via USB data cable to PC/laptop and device upgrade process will start.

*Note: Approximate Device Software Update Time is 25 - 30 minutes (including device reset at the end of the process).

If you do not have the latest version of Desktop Manager installed on your PC, please click here.


Maybe sometime sooner or later the tour and the rest of you guys update will be up.