Official Google Voice Application for BlackBerry Launched Today via Googles Mobile Site!

By Bla1ze on 15 Jul 2009 09:21 am EDT
Official Google Voice App Launched Today!

Over the past week or so many of you have gotten your Google Voice invites and activated them joyfully. Today though, Google brought us even more love by officially launching their own native Google Voice application for BlackBerry devices. Until now, there were a few options to use with the service such as GVDialer, but this comes from Google itself so it is at the very least a must check out to see how it compares to GVDialer.

Not sure what Google Voice is? Well Google was kind of enough to set up a huge feature page for use all with some great videos that explain the services in detail. Be sure to check it out (drop your feedback in the comments) and if you haven't already-- sign up for a Google Voice invite today as they are going fast.

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Official Google Voice Application for BlackBerry Launched Today via Googles Mobile Site!


I wish Voice was like Gmail with the 100 invites. I've had this since it was Grand Central, I went in and purchased a great number that is easy to remember. I've had friends that have been waiting for 3 or 4 weeks for their invite.

So how does this work.. if i forward calls to my Tmo 8900 will i be charged by tmo.... what is the cost of using GV?

REJOICE!!! Hallelujah!!

my prayers have been answered.. i've been waiting for this since i got grand central.. YAY!! thank you!!

haha... good.

it was insane that people were paying $10 for GVDialer. Paying for a small app that uses a FREE service was stupid. everyones out to make a buck...

thanks google for stepping in early and putting and end to this.

Its works awesome. And plus SMS is free :) LOL btw if I have have 2 #'s (Home and Mobile) under my Google Voice forward functionality, if someone calls my GVoice # which phone will ring? Home? or Mobile?


They will both ring. i have my work number and my cell tied to my GV number, and they both ring. Pick one of the two up and the other stops ringing....

I don't think this works in Canada because I checked a few weeks ago to sign up and there were no local numbers.

yeah ur right

i just picked a memphis, TN number. i only use it for the occasional long distance call :)

GVdialer has a feature that will allow you to set it as teh default call handler. If this had that feature it would be awesome

that would be great if they update this to be able to become the default handler. Also, the Address Book feature in the app doesn't show your GV # on the receiving ends shows your Cell's #. Weird...

the antenna symbol is upside down in the GV app?
Is anyone else having the issue where it won't refresh or load your history?

Hahaha!! Noticed that too.

And yes, having trouble getting the messages to load but I am in a concrete jungle right now. Plus, they're probably getting slammed since it was just release about an hour ago.

i do not like this app it dials an access number not your google voice number. that really sucks. if i use it i cant take advantage of the free calling using my favs

I noticed that too. Haven't noticed if it always calls teh same number, if so I will make that one of my favs

been the same number for me for 5 calls. Hope someone figures out soon whether it always stays the same...

Why cant I access this ? Im getting an error when I click the link as if it doesnt exist ??? did google pull it off or something ??

I actually had an invite a while back for this, and gave it away because there wasn't a blackberry app for it. Anyone have one laying around?

I was so exited when I got the GV invitation then the OS 5.0 Ghost stroke again'GVDialer doesn't support OS 5.0' I contacted GVDialer support and they confirmed it. I found another app. 'Easy Dial' which works with OS 5.0 but doesn't support SMS part, that's worthless for $9.99

It took me only a few Secs to install the 'Official Google GV App' and it works like a charm.............

Free at last..

Now I can send text messages without getting charged by AT&T. I'm assuming that I can receive them for free as well as long as the sender uses my "Google" number. This is really great! we pay for text messages because my wife wanted to have that ability because some of her friends don't have a Blackberry. So, I can trim about $20 off my bill if this thing works!

Also, I like the other services as well. Good job Google!

So I signed up a long time ago on the Google Voice site waiting and waiting, and now it's invite only but there's no love for those of us that have been hounding Google for months?

I don't get it...

I officially love this application. It works flawlessly on my Storm 9530. Contextual menu items allow you to SMS or call straight from the address book. Spoofs caller ID to my GV number.

UPDATE: at one point, Compatibility Mode flipped on for the Google Voice App. I had to disable compatibility mode in advanced options, log out of the app, and shut it down before it fully reverted back. Weird bug.


where did you get the app for the storm? when i went to it says phone not supported! thanks for your help



I want an invite...I will pay for it ! SOMEONE HELP ME !!!!! I feel like a kid thats going to cry :(

I've made a couple of calls using the GV App and it has used the same access number each time. I did a reverse lookup on the number and it came back as a Nextel Cellphone in Queens, New York.

Can someone send me an invite? I signed up a long time ago, but haven't gotten one. cybergoon[at]gmail[com]. Thanks!

wow this app is awesome, doesnt fully integrate like gv dialer, but it works really well and the calls are fast, it doesnt make you dial your own number first. It calls some gateway number and that dials your call and spoofs your number. Awesome! the sms integration is great!

I downloaded gVoice for my storm today and when it ran the first time after immediately downloading, it worked perfectly on my storm. But when I closed it out and then reopened it later on, it's now in compatibility mode (or whatever that is). I turned that off, but it's still not working right. Why do apps do this?!? Why do they work that one time perfectly and then stop working the next few times?

As far as I am concerned, there are no invites that can be sent like there is in Gmail as of yet. I don't even remember signing up to get an invite and actually got one last week out of the blue.

I mean I understand that there are a lot of features, but I mean, aren't most of them duplicates of what the BB already has?

Would love to get an invite buddy5582[at]gmail. Have requested one through google and nothing! Please? And Thank You.

Seems to work OK on my Bold. I've had Google Voice since the Grand Central days but never used it much. Guess I'll use it more now.

Not sure if anyone has figured out a way to use the application in landscape mode rather then portrait. The first text message sent within the app is portrait then when somebody replies it goes into your regular messages folder and you can carry on the converstaion in either portrait or landscape. Other then that not bad for free

I would like in on the fun - if anyone has an invite left I would love to have it... me will luv u long tyme. :p

The most important function for me with the Google App is adding "Call Google Voice" to the contacts menu so I can pick and choice who I call via Google Voice. For example, I don't want to use Google Voice to call Verizon mobile users because of the free mobile to mobile minutes, but I do use it for all other calls. As for GVDialer, I have it setup to auto use Google Voice for all international calls. I could also do that with the Google App, but I may forget or I may not realize it is an international call, where is GVDialer has the option to automatically use Google Voice.

"The most important function for me with the Google App is adding "Call Google Voice" to the contacts menu so I can pick and choice who I call via Google Voice."

GVDialer does this as well

I just wish I could make GVapp the default call handler like you can with GVD. You can set GVD to ask you on everycall, only for international or for all calls. I have GVD set to ask me on every call if I want to use GVD or direct dial

People, someone who already has Google Voice CANNOT send invites like Gmail. You must receive an invite from Google directly.

Here's the thing: the app doesn't allow you to access the contacts you have saved to google. Now I can't keep separate those that have the google voice number and those that have my cell (they all need to be in my bb address book for me to be able to look them up). But, if you DON'T add them to your google contacts, then only the number shows up in the call log of the google app.

I think I understand what you are saying but I am not sure you are right. I use Google Sync which sync my BB contacts with my google contacts. Would that not fix your problem?

I just tried this on Verizon and got a message saying I cannot complete the call to the GV phone number.

Does anyone else have the problem of the Access number disconectting after like 3 seconds.. i can never complete a call...

I do and went back to GVD as dialing an access number sucks IMO.
Something i just don't understand is why do google keeps that Call Back feature?! Thought this was an app and that being an app it should let you dial directly using whether wifi or 3G.

AND...Am i missing something here or SMSs are free even internationally? Just sent 2 SMSs and did not get charged at all :)

You are sort of right. GV users do not have invites to hand out but like me I have several Gmail accounts and I requested invites to each one. One account got an invite before my wife got her's. I forwarded it to her and she was able to use it.

Please, Please, Please...Stop asking invites BECAUSE this is not a Gmail-like process :) Only Google will send invites or if you had an account back in the days with GrandCentral.
Just try to register for an invite via the links provided here couples of posts before. Good luck to y'all!

Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please Pick me pick me!!!

What good is it if 90% of consumers haven't received an invite yet and can't utilize the product.

Thank God i have the application looks great on my screen....I just can't use it.....FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!

Not to sound like an arse, but if you would of read the posts, you'd soon find out that people who already have google voice CANNOT send invites like Gmail. So what you have done is all you can do.

How does the calling part of the application works? is this some kind of VoIP app that uses your data plan? or a call back sevice that uses incomming minutes?

so i tried out the SMS on my storm. it went thru, but it totally showed up as a different name on the receivers end?

did anyone else get this problem?

Not sure what the buzz is about. I see a lot of people do not have the invite so why roll out the app? Is everyone who wants an invite going to get one? Are there enough numbers to register for the masses of people who want this?
My guess is, if you did not get an invite by are S.O.L.

I woudln't necessairly say you're S.O.L. per say. Look at Gmail for example, many people got invites and eventually it got opened up to the masses without an invite. I've heard/read that Google will continue to purchase unused numbers.

See I think there is the issue. Gmail is different than Vmail. With this app you need to register for numbers. How many are we talking? Millions I would guess. This is why I think it is going to take a while. People here requested invites as far long ago as 4 weeks and no response. I think an email from google detaling why they are not invited yet would be nice. I mean roll out the app knowing a certain % of BB users cant use it. Screw the app and get people the invite first.

Some people requested invites when it was still GrandCentral 2.5 years ago and they just got their numbers a couple of weeks ago. Google recently bought 1 million numbers (according to a news article i read a while back)and C. Walker (head of GoogleVoice) has said several times via twitter that they are doling out the numbers but it takes time to get everything setup. Sign up, be patient, you will get an invite.

I use it pretty much everyday. I give out my GV number instead of my home or cell number and I can route the calls according to my rules. It is a great tool, especially since it's free.

How does the calling part of the application works? is this some kind of VoIP app that uses your data plan? or a call back sevice that uses incomming minutes?

Google should let users choose from different access numbers throughout all carriers so we can all have unlimited free calling!!!

Doesn't let me call out on my Storm 9530. I dial out and it intializes, tries to connect to a 347 access number, connects, then immediately disconnects and nothing happens. Hope they get this fixed.

This is pretty cool and I think will weork well for business apps. Never knew about it but GLAD I do now.

i've had this since it was grand central and they were allowing you to sign up for free for a limited time. honestly i hardly use it. i've gotten some wrong numbers dialed to it but that's it. now that there is an app for it i think i will be using it more. i did a test by calling my house line and it came up my GV number, very cool!

It's cool but clearly in alpha development stage. I am sure they will add more to it.... Now Google Voice, THAT is very sweet!!

I'd signed up for an invite to this too and haven't seen mine come thru.

Anyone willing to spread around some GV free love (sure to bring good Karma!)??

I signed up for an invite this morning, and got it this afternoon. My wife, OTOH, is still waiting for hers. I wonder how they decide who gets one. Totally random?

Also, if someone can explain how to send an invite to another user, I'll be happy to forward one (some? how many does a user get? - I can't find any mention of invites once I'm logged into GV).

This app is beautiful, I just got my google voice invite today and have been messing with it all night at work, its a masterpiece thank God for google!!!

Got an invite straight away... but again. world fail.

Please note that Google Voice is only available for sign up in the US.

Weird that some are signing up and getting instant results. First time I signed up was months ago, and never received invite. Signed up again tonight. We'll see if anything comes in.

This has huge potential. Just wish I could port over one of my existing numbers.... Can't wait to try this out, though.

I certainly hope they update soon though. It would be very helpful if it gave you a notification for when you got a new text or voicemail

Google Voice = I'm in love. I signed up months ago as well using my gmail, but didn't get anything for that request yesterday. However I signed up all my emails yesterday (hotmail and work) and had an invite by the night on hotmail. For those of you trying to get an invite I suggest this route. Texting and US calling work flawlessly so far. Have not tried international yet.

No because invites can't be sent from person to person. Did you read any of the posts in this thread at all? Only Google can send out the invites, so look for the link or Google it and be patient.

can i get an invite?

answer: NO

take 2 minutes out of your seemingly negligible lives and read the previous posts

every other one (thanks to ibsigman's patience which I clearly dont seem to have) states THAT YOU CANNOT GET AN INVITE

stop asking

From the NYT: Google is rolling out voice to all who have signed up. After that is done, they will provide invites for their customers who may then forward to their contacts.

I feel kinda guilty. Every time I asked for one I got it within days. I even screwed up one invite and it went into limbo because I typed my email wrong :(. I couldn't get it back :( I asked again and one came two days later .

I kow you can't INVITE people but I'm thinking you can just send yours along in a forwarded email to someone. When you go into your invite it gives the option of using the address associated with the invite or using a different one.

Now about the Google Voice app....... I'm not installing it because from what i read it uses data?????. GVDIALER is what I'm trying out and it doesn't use data unless you use the call back feature or SMS feature. Voice calls use NO DATA.

OK NO CRACKS ABOUT BLACKBERRIES should have data because I DO have data. Just that I know not everyone has data.

Someone please chime in and correct me if I am wrong about this as I am DEFINATELY TECHNO CHALLENGED and could be wrong ...LOL

I think that it uses the data to initiate the call but the actually call is going through some other number it just takes it about 5 seconds to set the call up and then your golden.

I never signed up for an invite but I got one and signed up. I would like to use it but I don't want to have to use a new number. If I could keep my own phone number I would use it. I am still thinking about it but the new number puts me off of using it.

this blows. still no google voice app for storm or storm2. this is probably what i hate most about google... they push something out but they don't implement changes quick enough for other devices. it's like waiting for the native windows version of google talk to add video. it ain't happenin', probably ever. of the "big hitters" it's the only windows based IM that doesn't include video by default i think.

Im having trouble signing into my account on my Storm 2. The keyborde is not working. Is anyone else having this issue and do you know how to fix it. Thanks

I have storm 1 was having issues too. Keep your finger on the screen the whole time without clickng and slide your finger up and down to navigate. You can't click in the field you have to slide up or down to move from field to Field. Kinda pain in the arse

if your unable to get direct link to app download from storm2, go into your web browser, click options, general options, scroll down and change browser id to Internet explorer, save options, then try going to again. It will give download option.