Official F1 2012 Live Timing and Track Positioning app now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Official F1 2012 Live Timing and Track Positioning app
By Bla1ze on 10 May 2012 05:47 pm EDT

Time to rev up your BlackBerry PlayBook Formula 1 fans! The Official F1 2012 Live Timing and Track Positioning app has now arrived for the BlackBerry PlayBook and is available for download from BlackBerry App World. Rather than just a port of the Android or iOS version, BlackBerry PlayBook owners will be getting a native application and it's packed with features:

  • Real Time Track Positioning - Displayed on our dynamic and interactive map. You can see the position of every F1 driver on the track at the same time. See the gaps and pit stops as never before!
  • Follow Your Favourite Forumla 1 Drivers - Selecting a driver switches the camera to follow that selected driver around the race track. Watch as they battle for position! 
  • Live Timing Data - Timing data is streamed direct from Formula One Management's technical centre at the race track to the palm of your hand. With multiple timing screens including sectors, gaps and speeds. Watch the sessions like the engineers on the pitwall!
  • Live Leaderboards - Combined with live timing data, scrollable leaderboards display a wealth of data.
  • Download Race Packs - Download race packs after the event to watch the sessions again and again. Perfect for tape delayed broadcast! 
  • Live Text Commentary - Lap by lap live text commentary keeps you updated while the action unfolds.
  • Event Counter & Notifications - A new enhanced Infobase with an event countdown that shows the time to the next session and informs when a session is live. Optional notifications alert you when sessions are approaching. 
  • Keep Up To Date - Easily access a wealth of information with latest drivers and teams stats, race information, standings and latest results. 
  • Complete Formula One Access - Experience each and every Formula One Grand Prix session via the live timing & track positioning feed in the palm of your hand.

Just like the BlackBerry version, it is a paid app that will set you back $20 but it's a must-have for fans looking to get the most Formula 1 content available on the go. Need to see more before you jump in? Jump below to have a look at some more screenshots from the app on the PlayBook. Now all we need is that Ferrari BlackBerry PlayBook.

Purchase the Official F1 2012 Live Timing and Track Positioning App

Official F1 2012 Live Timing and Track Positioning app
Official F1 2012 Live Timing and Track Positioning app

Reader comments

Official F1 2012 Live Timing and Track Positioning app now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook!


Great stuff. Glad the PlayBook is finally being shown some love.

I know the " Where is Skype and Netflix " is coming at any moment from the ones that can't be pleased. Wait for it..................

The F1 live timing app is great and all, and I'm going to let you finish...but I just want to say that Skype and Netflix are the best apps of all time! They are the best apps of all time!

I am a big Fan of Formula one, but i won't pay $20 for this app. this is really stupid. F1 Live from SportsGuru is free and awesome.

Hell Yeah ! I'll pay 20 bucks ! This app is the Official ! Formula 1 app ! You must not be that big of a fan ! That F1 Live app is Weak !


Consider it purchased! I have spent $20.00 on things with nothing to show for this is the official F1 app.......I have been waiting for this one!

I am a F1 fanatic, but will this be much help to me if I don't watch the races live. I have my Tivo just for F1 because it comes on during ridiculous hours here in Cali USA. I would love to be convinced as to why this app is worth the 20 bucks.

I like F1 racing but I sure as heck am not going to pay $20.00 for an app; particularly in light of the fact that you can get all of this information for free on the internet. Maybe if this app gave you material that was unique to the Playbook - not available online anywhere else - I'd consider it. As another poster said, I'd really like to hear from those people who have purchased it as to whether or not the content contained therein is better/different than what is available for free elsewhere.

sure, you can get live timing on F1's website but that's pretty much it. This app provides you with live position on the track of each car and as far as I know you can't get that for free on the internet. If you know where that's available i would love to know. The app also provides other info during live sessions that i haven't seen anywhere else. Previous year's F1 apps were free because all they provided was timing, which as I mentioned earlier you can get on the internet. BTW, for those that purchased this app for their BB, you can download it to your PB without paying a second time for it.

Say what. Doesn't F1 have. No money. Or they just cheap.
This is all so true of RIM.CHEAP!!!!
Never ever had to pay for this app.

$20 is excessive. this should be free. but it is paid on iphone and ipad and and android devices so this is not like only playbook owners feel the pain

I have this app on my 9900 and love it during races, mainly for the live Full Timing. My only problem has been it is clearly made for a tablet as some of the screens aren't much use on the 9900 due to being too small. So now that it is available for the PB I'm very excited but when I view the app in App World there is no download button and I hope I don't have to fork out another $20!

Update your BB app to the latest version and then it should show up in appworld on PB under uninstalled apps. You can install it without paying again.

This is probably the worst app ever on Blackberry App world; it has an average of 1 and half stars from 130 reviews. It is always freezing during races, and doesnt allow multitasking, once out of it, you have to restart it.
Quite a number of buyers requested for money back on this useless app, myself included. I seriously and honestly doubt the veracity of the latest comments stating how good it is in the appworld.
Btw I use a 9900, OS7.1, so no issues of CPU whatsoever.
My advice, use the desktop app or watch the race, and please dont waste $20.

I've no interest in F1 but this sounds like a nice app if you're really into the 'sport'. $20 sounds steep, but maybe the realtime data is licensed & the app cost reflects that?

Nice app, but the live races are usually at 2:00-4:00am in GA so I record them and watch them on Sunday. I don't want to know what already happened with a live timing & scoring app, but it looks like a wonderful app for those in Europe who can watch it live.

I'm having trouble making it work. You have to flip it to portrait mode to even get to the settings screen. But, even though I choose Spain practice 2 as the race I want to watch and I confirm I want to download it, all I can get it to do is run in demo mode, which is a short loop of data that is clearly from the wrong track (cars are slow on straights and fly through some corners).

Does anyone know how to make it show the previous races? A short manual would have been nice. Especially for $20.

Yeah, I have same issue.. If anyone have solution - will appreciate.. If not - the app will be pretty useless...

I'm also having the same problem. stuck in demo mode.. Hopefully there will be a fix very soon.

Also noticed that when i press the "clear local store" it gives a failure notice "failed to copy info base."

and after turning off tips, the tips come back.